MMMYT Ch. 3.2: Scared

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Jiang Sui finally walked to the grocery store with a thin layer of sweat on her forehead.

Her long dark eyelashes were like a butterfly with wet wings, hanging weakly.

This summer, there were several cicadas parked on the small tree, making noises and refusing to listen. This year, her body seemed to be moving in slow motion, and she had to think about one thing for a long time.

So much so that Jiang Sui had reached him, but she still hadn’t figured out what attitude she should take towards Chi Yan.

She had a secret in her heart.

Jiang Sui was afraid of this person, very afraid. She couldn’t explain why, but she was afraid of his eyes.

The most embarrassing thing was that when she graduated from college, she still stuttered when talking to him! It was fine when they were far apart, but she felt uncomfortable when they were close.

Jiang Sui comforted herself that he was only twelve years old now, and he was not a big shot, so she had nothing to be afraid of.

She prepared herself mentally, decided to be aloof, and just leave the water bottle back inadvertently before leaving.

Amid the chirping of cicadas in July, Chi Yan turned around when he heard the shuffling footsteps.

The little girl in pink looked at him in horror.

She stumbled with her left foot against her right foot, and the next moment she fell on her face next to him.

The warm yellow hat on her head rolled to the boy’s legs. He glanced at her small hat plainly. The girl’s soft yellow hair was spread over her shoulders.

Jiang Sui: “…”

She clenched her fists and her face turned red for a moment. For the first time, she felt that this nine-year-old body was so difficult to control and so embarrassing.

Jiang Sui gritted her teeth, slowly got up from the ground, and then took off the water bottle from her neck.

When she dropped the water bottle, it hurt her undeveloped breasts.

She resisted rubbing it, remembering that she wanted to seem a little colder, Jiang Sui got into the mood for a second and had a cold face.

Then Chi Yan heard her timidly stammering: “W-do you want to drink water?” The girl’s watery peach blossom eyes were filled with the color of midsummer.

Jiang Sui swore that for the first time in her life, she almost cried out of shame.

She wanted to beat this useless little body angrily.

Chi Yan silently took the water bottle, unscrewed it and poured the water into his mouth.

His lips were chapped and bleeding. Zheng Chun wouldn’t even let him drink water. Chi Yan drank in a hurry. It was so hot in July that anyone else would have fainted. However, this body riddled with holes was stronger than steel, and even if he wanted to faint, he wouldn’t suffer any less.

Nothing was harder than living.

He drank all the water in one gulp without even wasting a drop.

Chi Yan threw the army green water bottle back to her without saying a word of thanks.

His slender eyes were lowered and he was breathing lightly.

Jiang Sui’s face maintained a cold expression, and she squatted beside him for a while to pick up her hat. The boy smelled of sweat. He was so close that Jiang Sui could smell the blood on his body.

Life was so hard.

She took the water bottle, and she didn’t want the thank you of the arrogant boy anyway. Thinking this, she slowly turned around and left.

Chi Yan didn’t look up until she had walked far away.

Under the elm tree, the little girl looked like a little penguin.

But she was also confident and serious, a serious little penguin with peach blossom eyes.

He looked at her with dark eyes for a long time, and the corners of his lips twitched imperceptibly.


Sun Xiaowei had had enough fun and went home humming a song. The summer sun had just set. He took a closer look and saw a thin figure behind the big tree.

Sun Xiaowei was startled and said in surprise: “Chi, Chi Yan!”

The young man’s forehead was wet and he looked at him coldly. Sun Xiaowei had something in his heart and felt extremely guilty. He couldn’t help but lower his domineering tone: “Don’t come over, what are you going to do?”

Chi Yan had grown taller early. He was almost thirteen years old and already nearly 1.7 meters tall. He looked down at Sun Xiaowei, with some blood oozing from his chapped lips. The boy’s voice was like an old and hoarse bellows as he said: “Yesterday plus today, I received two beatings, a total of 143 hits on my body, and I knelt down for six hours.”

Sun Xiaowei took a step back, hugged the football and shook his body.

Chi Yan said: “Your grandfather and your father are both officials. Your grandmother takes care of you at home. She dotes on you, but your father doesn’t. If he knows that you did this, he will not only pay Zheng Chun money, but also an equal beating will fall on you.”

Sun Xiaowei finally panicked.

In fact, if he were older, Chi Yan’s words wouldn’t scare him. He was a second-generation official, while he had nothing! He had no parents and lived with his younger brother at his aunt’s house. But when people made mistakes when they were young, they were afraid of it being known by adults. Even if they just broke a bowl at home, they would like to secretly destroy the evidence and eliminate all traces.

Moreover, Sun Xiaowei saw Chi Yan being severely beaten, which invisibly increased the pressure on his heart. Now he was extremely afraid that his parents and neighbors would know that he not only did bad things but also lied.

Chi Yan estimated that it was almost done and curled his lips coldly: “Starting from next semester, you will buy a dish for Chi Yiming in Class 3 every day. It should last for the entire semester.”

Sun Xiaowei had a few dollars of pocket money every day, and a large sum of money he received during the New Year in his piggy bank. Hearing this, he gritted his teeth and said, “I give him food, why don’t you tell me why?”

Chi Yan looked at him with cold eyes.

Sun Xiaowei hugged the football tightly: “I, I will buy it!”

Sun Xiaowei took two steps back with the football in his arms. Then he thought of something and turned back and said, “You are not allowed to say anything. If you do, I will tell everyone that you were digging through the trash cans to find something to eat the past few days.”

Chi Yan wiped the blood on his mouth and sneered in a low voice with unknown meaning: “Just say it.”

Living in this world, those who were barefoot were not afraid of those who wore shoes.

What was backbone, what? He had long since lost such useless things and was too lazy to worry about it.

Sun Xiaowei saw that he really didn’t care, so he had to say: “Okay, okay, I will buy it for Chi Yiming.”

The sun slowly set and sweat flowed into Chi Yan’s eyes. He didn’t even have the strength to wipe away the sweat, so he could only close his eyes against the tree trunk.

He couldn’t smell the summer wind, nor could he smell the fragrance of grass and trees. He only had the smell of his own sweat in his nose, which was dirty and unpleasant.

Gee, life was so fu**ing fu**ed!

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