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“I’m so excited, I’m going to see my sister soon!” The Jade Rabbit came out of the cage and quickly transformed into his human form. Unlike Xu Maomao, his transformation skills were perfect and he also turned his fur into clothes, avoiding the embarrassment of running naked, which made Xu Maomao envious.

“What does Fairy Chang’e look like?” Xu Maomao was a little curious.

“The best looking fairy in the fairy world, in your human terms, is the fish that sinks, the wild goose closes, and the flower shy of the moon.”

Xu Maomao tilted his head: “Like Xi Shi?”

“Who is Xi Shi?”

Shen Yu took the time to squeeze Xu Maomao’s cat paws while driving and said calmly: “One of the four beauties in the world.” Oh, but she was not as good as his Mao.

“Xishi is too ugly.” Jade Rabbit muttered.

Well, in the human world, zongzi were no longer just zongzi. If you are not careful, you can think of the ugly zombies in tomb robbing novels.

One person, one cat and one rabbit quickly arrived at the West City Gate. Legend had it that the rice dumpling stall was in the depths of the alley, and that the stall would be closed after ten o’clock. Seeing that there were only a few minutes left, they simply changed from walking to running, and bursts of rushing footsteps suddenly sounded in the alley.

Two minutes later, they finally found a breakfast stall that was preparing to close. There were a few scattered green rice dumplings on the stall, as well as bean juice, which was very popular in the local area but made most outsiders shy away. Zongzi with bean juice, let alone how it tasted, it was no wonder that the combination alone caused this stall to be deserted.

Yueye Rabbit gasped and focused his eyes on the stall owner standing behind the stall.

There was no expected fairy sister, but instead what he saw was a greasy middle-aged uncle. The uncle’s body shape was astonishing, probably weighing almost 300 pounds by visual inspection. Because he was so fat, it has covered up his other characteristics, making it difficult for people to notice his facial features. Wearing a big gray apron, he was carefully gathering the steaming rice dumplings with his fat hands.

Yueye Rabbit stepped forward and grabbed a rice dumpling.

The fat man raised his face and said naively: “I have to close the stall quickly, do you want to buy some rice dumplings? They are both sweet and salty.”

Yueye Rabbit didn’t say anything, just took a bite of the rice dumplings with the wrapper on them and murmured: “That’s right. It is indeed my sister’s craftsmanship.”

“Hey, five yuan each…”

Shen Yu rummaged in his wallet and found that there was no change. Finally, he generously handed over a Mao Zedong note[1] and said politely: “Uncle, we want to meet the person who makes these zongzis.”

The fat uncle took the money, put it under the light and took a look at in in a vulgar way. He flicked the banknote again to make sure it was not a counterfeit, and then patted his chest. The fat on his body jiggled due to his movements. And his whole body seemed to tremble.

Just to hear him say: “I made the zongzi, what do you want from me?”

Yueye Rabbit heard this: “You are talking nonsense! How could it be you who made it!”

This was obviously the smell of Sister Chang’e!

The fat uncle scratched his head: “Oh, my wife and I made it together, but she was only responsible for washing the rice. I did everything else, including making the rice dumplings… Why are you glaring at me like that for, young man?”

However, it was not just the Jade Rabbit who stared at him with those cannibalistic eyes, but also Shen Yu and the cat in Shen Yu’s arms.

The fat uncle shrugged, picked up a rice dumpling, untied it skillfully, and then tied it up again with great skill. The technique was so exquisite that no glutinous rice mucus got on his hands at all. After that set of dizzying operations, his fat paws were still clean. And the fat uncle chuckled: “You have to practice this technique for several months. Do you believe it now? What do you want from me?”

“Impossible!” Yueye Rabbit said stubbornly, “The one who made the rice dumplings is Sister Chang’e…”

Xu Maomao let out a deafening cry: “Meow!” Don’t reveal the secret, Mr. Jade Rabbit!

But the fat uncle seemed to hear the word “Chang’e”, and he laughed: “How do you know my previous name?”

Shen Yu asked: “Your previous name?”

“When I was a child, my family had no food, so my parents called me Chang’e, but this name is not blessed, so I changed it to Chang Bao.” The fat uncle patted his belly and made a gurgle-gu-dong sound. “Aren’t I full now?”

Everyone turned silent.

Often hungry…Dark rice dumplings…Sister E’s noble aura that she was determined not to hide…

Yueye Rabbit stared at the fat man, and after a moment he took out a stone from nowhere. It was a Guanghan stone brought from the Moon Palace. It could be used to verify Chang’e’s identity, then Shen Yu and Xu Maomao saw Yueye Rabbit twisting out a trace of blue smoke from the stone. The blue smoke quietly flew towards the uncle and quickly merged into one. This move showed that the Guanghan Stone had confirmed his identity, and he was undoubtedly the master of Guanghan Palace…

Yueye Rabbit rolled his eyes and was on the verge of collapse.

Shen Yu supported him and whispered: “Accept the reality.”

Yueye Rabbit: “…” QAQ

I can’t accept it.jpg!

Xu Maomao: I can’t accept it either.jpg!

The fat uncle looked confused. Although he didn’t understand why the two people suspected that he was not the stall owner, he had to close the stall quickly, so he simply ignored these two strange and idle-looking customers and put away the stove by himself. Then he carried the bulky gas tank to the car, folded the stall and put it into the back of the tricycle. Finally he took off his apron and put it on the gas tank.

The backs of his fat hands were delicate, but the palms were full of calluses. He was also very capable in packing things. He had the simple style of working people. Not only was he down-to-earth, he was also expected to be among the top ten rice dumpling vendors if there was an audition.

It sounded pretty powerful, but it didn’t seem to have anything to do with Chang’e.

The fat uncle waved his hands to them: “If there’s nothing else, I will close the stall!”

“Wait a minute,” Yueye Rabbit’s exquisite heart was broken but he had to stick to it. If Zongzi may still have left some room for change, the Guanghan stone’s performance forced him to accept the reality. He pulled the uncle’s trolley with difficulty and said bitterly: “Chang…Brother Chang Bao, let’s find a place to chat.”

“What do you want to do?”

Yueye Rabbit was so shocked that he lost the ability to speak, so he turned to Shen Yu, who seemed to be relatively calm, for help: Help me.

Shen Yu said nonsensically: “We have a big business and need to order a large amount of rice dumplings from you.”

“How many, how many?”

“It’s more complicated. We may require long-term supply and this needs to be discussed.”

The fat uncle was stunned, showing a look that was covered in dust. It had been a long time since he had seen the admiration in the eyes of an expert, so he hurriedly said: “My home is just behind, let’s talk slowly, slowly!”

“…” Following the fat uncle, watching his fat body pushing a tricycle which was no smaller than him, as the fat on the waist was trembling when walking. Seeing this, Yueye Rabbit closed his eyes in pain.

The graceful and swaying sister Chang’e was actually reincarnated into a fat uncle! If he had known earlier, he might as well have hoped for her to have reincarnated as Xiao Guan!

This was the biggest disaster!

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[1] A 50 yuan note.

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