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Everything must be attributed to Shen Yu’s mooncakes. Because there were so many, and there were only a dozen or so shop assistants so each person got dozens of boxes. They were worried that they won’t be able to finish them all, so they had them breakfast for several days in a row. However, mooncakes were fine if you ate them occasionally, but you would easily get tired of them if you ate them every day.

Xiao Guan was so fed up that she finally couldn’t bear it and roared before leaving work one day: “The Chinese New Year will be coming soon, and there will be big fish and meat during the Chinese New Year. Why don’t we try something new for breakfast?”

Everyone raised their hands in agreement: “Guan Niu, what’s your advice?”

Xiao Guan: “I’ll steam some rice dumplings when I get home tonight and bring them back tomorrow to change the taste for all my brothers and sisters!”

“Hehe, Guan Guan, you have to make salty ones.”

“No problem! They taste delicious. Meat, mung bean and chestnut rice dumplings!”

Shen Yu pursed his lips silently, they dared to look down on them even when he gave them mooncakes = = But there were indeed too many. It was estimated that these female clerks might have gained ten pounds from eating the mooncakes during the New Year.

So the next day, Xiao Guan really brought a lot of steaming rice dumplings to share.

“Come on, come on, come on, let’s eat it while it’s hot~ I haven’t tasted it yet.”

Several people expressed their gratitude cheerfully while taking apart the rice dumpling leaves. After taking a bite, they all said with a grimace: “This is too damn bad. Let’s eat…”

Xiao Guan looked shocked: “How is that possible?”

“Try it yourself!”

Shen Yu went to work a little later than the clerks. When he came in with a puppet cat and a rabbit on his left and right, as soon as they entered the store, the Jade Rabbit raised its furry long ears: “Chi!”

The Rabbit screamed loudly while staring at the rice dumplings in Xiao Guan’s hand with his red eyes.

“Chi chi chi chi!” There is something weird about that rice dumpling!

Xu Maomao was shocked: “Meow?” Could it be poisonous?

“Jiji!” There is a noble atmosphere!

Xu Maomao: …could it be Chang’e’s breath? But didn’t Chang’e make mooncakes?

“Ji!” I want to take a bite, let me take a bite!

Seeing that Shen Yu didn’t seem to understand what he was saying, Yueye Rabbit suddenly jumped out of his arms and climbed up onto Xiao Guan like lightning. Xiao Guan had become familiar with this rabbit after the last few days. When she saw it rushing towards her, she happily wanted to pet the rabbit. As a result, the rabbit jumped up and grabbed the rice dumpling in her hand.

“How can you eat my breakfast?! Rabbits can’t eat zongzi. Sister will feed you carrots and timothy right away!” As a result, the rabbit took a bite of the zongzi and chewed it hard regardless of what Xiao Guan said. No matter how Xiao Guan persuaded it, it still swallowed the zongzi.

“Rabbit!” Xiao Guan was very anxious. Unexpectedly, Rabbit’s red eyes flashed, as if filled with mist, and seemed to be very moved.

“Jiji!” Sister Chang’e’s craftsmanship was unmistakable!

Yueye Rabbit looked up at Xiao Guan in shock while being moved. He wanted to speak directly, but he was worried about being misunderstood, so he winked at Shen Yu.

Shen Yu roughly guessed the possibility from its behavior of grabbing rice dumplings to eat, so he asked: “Xiao Guan, did you bring these rice dumplings?”

“Yes, do you want to try it?”

“Haha, manager, please don’t, I tried it, and it tasted terrible. It was like a dark dish.”

“Oh, you still dislike me for bringing it to you.”

Xiao Guan snorted and stuffed a rice dumpling in Shen Yu’s hand. Shen Yu took it in astonishment and looked at her very complicatedly. Could it be that the clerk he recruited casually was Chang’e?!

Xu Maomao’s cat-like face also widened his eyes in shock. Was Sister Xiao Guan the reincarnation of Chang’e?!

Shen Yu: “You…did you do it yourself?”

Yueye Rabbit pricked up his ears.

As a result, Xiao Guan said: “Of course not, the rice dumplings I make are delicious. I really wanted to make them last night, but…hehe, when I got home, I didn’t want to move and just thought about Ge You.”

“Then what is up with these rice dumplings?”

“No, I bought it from Cheng Men,” Xiao Guan explained. “This is the first time I bought it. That stall is not very popular, but it’s almost the Chinese New Year, and all the out-of-towners have evacuated. It was the only breakfast stall near my home that was open.”

Yueye Rabbit breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Sister Chang’e was not reincarnated into this mediocre bast**d.

Shen Yu immediately said: “Tell me the specific address of that rice dumpling shop.”

Xiao Guan: “What do you want its address for?”

Shen Yu put on his coat and stuffed the cat and rabbit into the takeaway cage: “I think it’s delicious, so I’ll go buy a few more.”

Everyone looked like they were choked, and one of them said with difficulty: “But… Manager, it seems you haven’t tried it yet, how do you know it is delicious?”

Oops, I was so anxious that I forgot.

Shen Yu glanced at him sideways, lowered his head calmly, opened the rice dumpling leaves, and took a small bite. He thought that food like rice dumplings, even if they were pure white rice dumplings without any ingredients, would not be too unpalatable just because of the aroma from the glutinous rice and rice dumpling leaves, but he didn’t expect that his face would turn dark after he took a mouthful of it.

It was really delicious! The glutinous rice was old and burnt, and the meat and mung beans had been soaked in unknown seasonings. It was sour, sweet, salty, and a little spicy, and the five flavors were mixed.

Mr. Jade Rabbit was indeed right, except for mooncakes, everything else made by Chang’e was a dark dish!

Even so, Shen Yu praised it with a dark face and said calmly: “Actually, the taste is not bad…”

Everyone: “…”

Manager, you don’t have to force it, we can all see that you have black lines all over your head.

In the end, Xiao Guan gave the address, and Shen Yu stuffed the takeout cage into the car and drove away.

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