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Although Mr. Jade Rabbit was a guest at his home, Xu Maomao had no time to accompany him tonight because his one million saved manuscripts would be used up in the next few days. His article had been completed as always, but as a responsible author, Xu Maomao would also write many extras to satisfy the readers who were waiting for food, so that night he did not hang out with Shen Yu, but squatted in front of the computer, using speech software to code words.

Because this was his first time in the world, Rabbit had a strong interest in everything in the world, including Xu Maomao’s boring voice coding time, which he listened to with great interest. Xu Maomao’s article involved the background of cultivating immortals. But he hadn’t written for a long time, so his writing was a bit stiff.

Jade Rabbit said: “How about I open up your imagination?”

Xu Maomao asked curiously: “How?”

“Let me tell you some gossip about the fairy world.”

Xu Maomao smiled bitterly. He was writing about cultivators, not pure fairies. However, Mr. Rabbit probably wanted to talk. Anyway, he was not doing very well, so he might as well listen to what he said. Maybe his brain cells would really collide and unfold, so he said: “Okay, then tell me.”

“What do you want to hear, kitten?”

Xu Maomao thought for a while, then asked: “Does heavenly tribulation really exist??”

“Of course, you have to pay a price if you want to escape from the six paths of reincarnation.”

“Have you also experienced heavenly tribulation?”

“Me?” Jade Rabbit shook his head, “No, I directly took the elixir and became an immortal, but most monsters are not as lucky as I am. They have to go through six or ninety-nine thunder tribulations before becoming immortal. So usually everyone will prepare many magic weapons before going through a tribulation… Well, your bone is also a good material, you can just refine it into a very powerful magic weapon.”

Xu Maomao understood, it seemed to be similar to the information he had obtained.

“If you need help in the future, you can ask Mr. Wu Miao in the group for help. His weapon refining skills are not bad.”

Xu Maomao spread his hands, thinking that he might not need it.

“However, it is easy for monsters and beasts to overcome the tribulation, because their bodies are relatively strong, and they can withstand thunder tribulations after hard training. It is much more difficult for humans to overcome tribulations than for us, because the human body is relatively fragile. There are also all kinds of tribulations, it is said that the most difficult thing to overcome is the calamity of love. The seven emotions and six desires are the biggest resistance to their ascension.” The Jade Rabbit flicked its long ears and put on the shape of Amitabha, “So the monks in the world find it the easiest to ascend. The calamity of love is not just about love, greed is also a kind of love calamity.”

“Love calamity,” Xu Maomao’s mind turned to the other side, “Does Yue Lao really exist?”

Jade Rabbit: “He really does exist, Brother Yue Lao is a handsome man.” After saying that, it touched the mooncake bump on its chest, entered the chat group and sent a photo to Xu Maomao, “Look, I took it secretly – shush, don’t tell others.”

Xu Maomao was thinking about who else could he tell when he clicked on his dialogue box. The photo showed a man wearing red clothes while standing in in Yushu Linfeng. The shooting angle was very strange, as if the photographer was hiding in a corner, but you could imagine how hard it must have been for Jade Rabbit to take the photo.

“Um, he’s very handsome.” But he felt distant. Even though he was wearing a cheerful red dress, he still looked cold.

Jade Rabbit corrected excitedly: “Very? How can “very” describe his handsome appearance! Brother Yue Lao is the most beautiful man in the world! You don’t know how many fairies in the entire fairy world like him, but he clearly…” Halfway through the words, it suddenly stopped and seemed a little sad: “Yue Lao cannot be moved. Once he is moved, the entire human marriage will be messed up. This is a bug in the heavenly system that cannot be repaired for the time being.”

So being Yue Lao = die alone?

Jade Rabbit said again: “I can help you look at the red line on your finger. Do you want to transform into a human and let me do a divination?”

Although he was very excited, Xu Maomao still shook his head. Transformation at this time would cost a fortune. One bottle of transformation potion, he now had an hour’s share of the smallest bottle, which was too luxurious.

“Then how about I help you take a look at your partner?”

Xu Maomao’s eyes lit up.

As a result, after Rabbit finished speaking, he muttered timidly: “My cousin warned me not to mess with him. If I have a chance in the future, I will secretly take a look at him to see where his red line will lead… Hehe, maybe his thread will actually lead him to you.” In the mortal world, when you open the celestial eye for divination, you have to cast spells directly on the object being divined. With Jade Rabbit’s skill, it was difficult to completely hide it.

“Meow.” Xu Maomao licked his paws. He was inexplicably confident about this. He always felt that he and Shen Yu were already a match made in heaven. After thinking for a while, he asked again: “I heard that immortals are not allowed to fall in love?”

Wasn’t that how it was shown on TV? If an immortal was moved by a mortal heart, he would be stripped of his immortal status and sent to the human world to undergo labor punishments.

Jade Rabbit nodded: “Of course it couldn’t be done before, but now that the Immortal Realm has drafted the Immortal Realm Marriage Law, it may be possible to legally fall in love and not have to be sent to the lower realm to undergo labor punishments.”

Xu Maomao thought to himself that the fairy world was really keeping pace with the times.

“Do you want to know why?” Rabbit asked again, explaining before he could answer, “Because of sister Chang’e’s resistance.”

Xu Maomao asked doubtfully: “Chang’e?”

“Sister wants to fall in love with that Phoenix man Hou Yi. She would rather abandon her immortality and go down to earth to experience calamity than leave him. The Queen Mother punished her with ten lives of calamity, requiring her to have a strong relationship with Hou Yi in each life in order to achieve perfection. Now she has reached the tenth life, as long as she succeeds in this life, there is hope that the Immortal Marriage Law will be passed quickly.”

Xu Maomao’s jaw almost dropped in shock because of these heavenly secrets.

It seems like I know too big of a secret! But this is heavenly gossip and has nothing to do with him, a mortal.

“So you came…” Xu Maomao paused, “Is it to promote the passage of the marriage law?”

Rabbit nodded: “Yes, but with my sister’s deep love, she should be able to cultivate their relationship to perfection without me. I just came down to welcome her back to Guanghan Palace.”

The topic of Chang’e passed quickly while chatting, and Jade Rabbit told him many other interesting stories, such as Erlang Shen, don’t look at Feng Shen Junlang, but he was actually a big man who picked at his feet, and Marshal Tianpeng was a woman disguised as a man. While, the dragon girls had been collectively chasing Xiao Bailong recently…

Xu Maomao was amazed, and his imagination suddenly opened up. So, he wrote an extra story that the two protagonists flew together and fell in love, and by the way, they gave birth to a pig in a bizarre way. After he finished writing, he looked at it for a moment and suddenly felt that it was too explicit, so he hid it on the hard drive and did not dare to put it in the manuscript box for publication.

Jade Rabbit had nothing to do while he was coding. So, he borrowed a tablet from Shen Yu and read his column with gusto.

Xu Maomao’s column had tens of millions of words and a lot of dark history from his early days. Among them, the three consecutive chapters of his debut novel were all in the ancient style of writing about taking things by force and taking advantage of others. There was a section about aphrodisiacs that was particularly popular in the early years. Jade Rabbit marveled at it and relished it, while recording this section. He decided that after finding Chang’e and Hou Yi, if Hou Yi dared to reject Chang’e’s sister, he would use this plot on them!

Jade Rabbit stayed at Shen Yu’s house for several days. During this period, mooncakes from other brands customized by Shen Yu were also delivered one after another, but without exception they were not what he wanted.

Seeing that the Chinese New Year was approaching, thinking that Shen Yu’s dream of staying up late with Xu Maomao might be shattered by this fairy-filled light bulb, he intensified his collection of mooncakes.

Buying mooncakes in person was too slow and the scope was too small. Shen Yu simply learned to shop online and spent hundreds of thousands to order all the mooncakes available on the Internet. He was also worried about the outage of express delivery during the New Year, and asked merchants to ship goods smoothly to the Nausicaa Pet Shop.

The Jade Rabbit felt bored sitting at home alone as a rabbit, so he insisted on following Xu Maomao to the pet store rather than stay at home. He turned into his rabbit form, hiding his fairy spirit and the red diamond on his forehead, and turned into a white rabbit that was more beautiful than ordinary rabbits. He stayed in the office of the pet store and ate mooncakes in a low-key manner, while Xu Maomao was coding extra stories next to him.

Dozens and hundreds of boxes of mooncakes were delivered by express delivery every day. Yueye Rabbit only ate a small bite from each box, and Shen Yu gave the rest to the clerks as a New Year benefit.

It could be said that all the famous manufacturers in the entire Chinese country had been eaten, but Mr. Jade Rabbit still had not found the target.

But there was a strange law in the world, which said that you couldn’t find anything even if you walk in iron shoes, but sometimes it didn’t take any effort to get it. This meant that some things didn’t appear when you were looking for them very carefully. But when you were about to give up, they would appear in front of you.

They bought almost all the mooncakes they could buy. Unexpectedly, they found Chang’e by accident.

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