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Xu Maomao and Shen Yu were silent. They both wanted to tell Yueye Rabbit: “Chang’e is a fairy from ancient mythology.”

But now that Jade Rabbit and Suan Ni had both come out, the existence of Chang’e didn’t seem surprising at all.

However, Fairy Chang’e lived in Guanghan Palace, not on earth.

Xu Maomao asked Shen Yu dumbly: “Do you think our plane can fly to the moon?”

Shen Yu answered the joke without expression: “Maybe we need to go on Apollo 11?”

“Pfft, then we will become like the man who was the first to land on the moon and take the first step for mankind… Ah, what was that? Alibaba?”


“Yes, and then I would have to be thrown out of the spacecraft, because I might start suffering from hair allergy.”

One person and one cat magically started making jokes, and Yueye Rabbit didn’t understand a word of it: “Hey? Can you speak some human language that this Rabbit can understand?”

Xu Maomao said seriously: “What we mean is that we can’t ask Chang’e to make moon cakes for you, because the entire human race currently has no moon landing plan.”

“Did I say we want have to go to the moon?” Yueye Rabbit rolled his eyes, “Sister Chang’e has been reincarnated and is currently in the human world.”

Xu Maomao said in surprise: “Shouldn’t Chang’e live in Guanghan Palace?”

If there really was a Guanghan Palace.

“My sister made a mistake, so she was punished.” Yueye Rabbit didn’t want to mention it, and quickly changed the subject, “As long as it’s a mooncake made by my sister, I can recognize it as soon as I eat it.”

Shen Yu asked back: “She has been reincarnated, what if she doesn’t make moon cakes?”

Yueye Rabbit raised his hands and said, “What else can she do if she doesn’t make moon cakes? Sister Chang’e only knows this craft, and everything else she makes is dark cuisine. If she doesn’t make mooncakes, I guess she can’t live in the world.”

Xu Maomao thought to himself, does she know that you are so shady about her…

Shen Yu and Xu Maomao barely kept up with the Jade Rabbit’s thinking, and then began to think wildly, which mooncakes must be made by Fairy Chang’e?

Since it was made by Chang’e, it must be delicious. Since it was delicious, it should be very big.

So the normal idea was to start with some of the more famous mooncake brands. Famous domestic mooncake brands included Yao Cundao, Meixin, Tianlun Sandalwood, Yuanzu Starry Sky, etc.

What made the Yueye Rabbit better than other fairy beasts was that it could understand Chinese characters. After Shen Yuluo listed the dozen mooncake brands, he set his sights on the Yuanzu Starry Sky: “Even if sister can’t live in the Moon Palace now, but her instinct must still be to yearn for the stars, so it’s probably this. As for the other names, they are not noble enough. My sister is not the kind of fairy with a down-to-earth style, so we can rule them out.”

Shen Yu then greeted the people from Yuanzu. The advantage of being a rich second generation came again. As soon as they heard that Mr. Shen wanted to eat mooncakes, and he happened to be in City B, they said they would make the mooncakes themselves and deliver them quickly.

What appeared was a mooncake with a very delicate and traditional Cantonese five-nut barbecued pork filling. As a result, Yueye Rabbit just took a bite and said, “It’s not my sister’s.”

Shen Yu was a little curious: “How can you tell the difference?”

“Sister’s mooncakes have a certain kind of flavor. Breath.”

Xu Maomao: “What breath?”

Yueye Rabbit looked proud in the way of saying “tremble, mortal”: “Noble breath.”

“…” Her having noble breath made sense, after all, she was a fairy.

Shen Yu had to change his mind. Maybe it shouldn’t be a big brand, but a hidden private customization studio. Unfortunately, this season, private customization was all about making cakes, pastries and various snacks. Who would make mooncakes for you! Although it was possible to pay a high price for special customization, it would take even Shen Yu several days to contact all the brands.

Because they couldn’t complete Yueye Rabbit’s instructions in the short term, and it had nowhere to go, so it was obvious it had no choice but to follow Shen Yu home shamelessly.

So when Xiao Guan and the clerk saw the fairy-like young man who had been in the office all afternoon being put into the car by Shen Yu with a dark face when they got off work, they all cheered: “The manager wants to take him home for the night?”

“It’s not easy, our manager finally got laid, ah, no, he finally got married!”

“These days, all the handsome guys love to be gay. Fortunately, we have seen through the world… Hahaha!”

If Shen Yu heard this group of rotten people, he would probably wonder who he had recruited.

After returning home, Yueye Rabbit was very excited when he saw the seven-story cat climbing frame in the living room, and said to Xu Maomao: “Kitten, can I climb?”

Xu Maomao was speechless: “Can rabbits climb a cat shelf too?”

“Why can’t Rabbits do it?” After Yueye Rabbit finished speaking, bursts of white light appeared all over his body, and in the blink of an eye he turned into a snow-white rabbit.

This rabbit was so beautiful. Its four legs were strong and supple. Its fur was longer, softer and whiter than ordinary rabbits. Its eyes were like rubies, and there was still a bright red diamond on its forehead. What distinguished it most from other rabbits was that after it transformed, it had clouds and mist surrounding its body, making it look like an extraordinary creature.

Not only Xu Maomao, but even Shen Yu could not take his eyes off it.

The rabbit was probably used to being watched by others and was not affected at all. After obtaining Xu Maomao’s consent, it happily jumped onto the first floor of the climbing frame.

“(*@ο@*) Wow~ It’s so fluffy and fun!”

Yueye Rabbit jumped on it twice hard, and then jumped all the way up. This climbing frame was specially made. In addition to the wire-wrapped pedals, it was also decorated with rounded wood. As soon as it saw the bare wood, its teeth-grinding instinct was awakened and it started to bite excitedly.

It seemed that the cat toys had impressed this Jade Rabbit from the sky. Look how much fun it was having!

When it climbed to the top floor, Yueye Rabbit saw a bag, and curiously plucked it with his paws. However, Xu Maomao shouted from underneath: “Mr. Jade Rabbit! You can’t touch that!”

“Hey, what is it?” Yueye Rabbit was still very polite and immediately retracted his paw when he was told not to touch it, but he couldn’t help but sniff it.

“Ji! This smell is a bit familiar!”

After Xu Maomao heard what it said, he also climbed to the top in two and three jumps, took the bones out and put them on the pedal. Since the first time he brought it home after the Caucasian gave it to him, this bone had been kept well in the bag. Today was the second time he took it out. Unexpectedly, when he saw it today, its appearance had changed a lot.

When he first took it out, it was still obviously gray-yellow, but now it had turned into a bright white, as smooth as jade, but warm to the touch.

“How did it become like this!” Xu Maomao said in surprise.

“Its smell…” The Jade Rabbit lowered his head and smelled it carefully.

“Is it really from the skeleton of some big boss?” Xu Maomao asked in a low voice.

The Rabbit shook his head and nodded again. He smelled it for a moment, suddenly paused, and then leaned over Xu Maomao and sniffed it vigorously.

It said: “It smells a bit like you…”

Xu Maomao said in horror: “It can’t be my bones!”

Rabbit: “I’m just saying it’s a bit like it. Don’t get excited. Besides, even if it’s really related to you, it should be related to the cat you possess. Don’t join in the fun uselessly.”

Xu Maomao breathed a sigh of relief, wasn’t his physical body still waiting to be separated from Oscar’s soul by Black Lightning? But was it related to Oscar? Could this be the skeleton of Oscar’s mother cat?

The Jade Rabbit smelled it for a while and said to himself: “At least he has been dead for many years. Even if it has anything to do with you, it will be of no avail. He should have been reincarnated long ago. Don’t worry about it. But his bones being immortal for so many years means that the original owner of the bones was a person with a destiny, you have to keep these bones well, maybe one day it will bring you immortality.”

Xu Maomao nodded, and suddenly an idea came to him: “What will happen if you practice next to it?”

“Receive twice the result with half the effort.”

After listening to it, Xu Maomao secretly decided to carry it when meditating in the future.

In the evening, Shen Yu made pilaf for Xu Maomao. Considering that there was a rabbit around, he made a dish of roasted carrots in honey. At first, Yueye Rabbit was very hypocritical and shouted that he was a fairy rabbit who only ate moon cakes, but after tasting the first bite of honey carrots, he couldn’t stop himself. He almost swallowed the entire stainless-steel tray on which it was served.

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