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Chen Hua felt guilty and greeted him with a dry smile: “Xiao Ying is back? Are you not injured? Jiang Lan and I were waiting on the shore, and we were very worried.”

After saying that, he kept winking at Jiang Lan: Go and coax him!

Jiang Lan didn’t understand the look in his eyes and was even more puzzled as to why he didn’t notice Ying Qiao’s return at all. Could it be that he was listening too seriously to the story?

He was thinking about something in his mind, and his movements were a step slower.

In Ying Qiao’s eyes, it turned into the little monster suddenly not caring about him.

He was obviously very worried about him before he went into the water.

As a result, everything changed after he left for just a short time.

Ying Qiao stared at Chen Hua coldly, his intuition saying that this bad thing was mixed up in the middle.

He crossed Jiang Lan and gestured to Chen Hua:

Your bonus is gone.

Chen Hua:……

I was wrong.

Really wrong.

But Ying Qiao no longer looked at him. He dried the water on his body and said to Jiang Lan: “I just found three Jinpo at the bottom of the lake. One of them was eaten by the other two, leaving only one head, see if it’s the one you met.”

After saying that, he pulled out a Jinpo’s head out of thin air with his eyes fixed on him!

Jiang Lan took a step back in fright, not out of fear, but out of guilt!

He opened his eyes wide, thinking it couldn’t be such a coincidence, right? Could it be that Ying Qiao already knew that he was the one who screwed off the Jinpo’s head and came to investigate?

Just when he was hesitating about how to answer, he saw Ying Qiao throwing the Jinpo’s head into Chen Hua’s arms and saying to him warmly, “Sorry, I scared you.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be questioning him, Jiang Lan felt relieved and said quickly, “It’s the one I saw before, but when I saw it, its head wasn’t severed yet.”

His expression was so sincere that he just seemed about to hold Ying Qiao’s hand and say, I really am not lying.

Ying Qiao nodded: “Its head was twisted off by its companions.”

Ying Qiao did not doubt his statement and added: “I followed the other two Jinpo to Xunyang Lake and found that they were raising a huge egg at the bottom of Xunyang Lake.”

He told the two of them what he had seen and heard at the bottom of Xunyang Lake.

“There are about a dozen Jinpo at the bottom of the lake. They are feeding the egg with living people and even their own kind.”

He didn’t know what was in the egg. Those Jinpo all fed it with their own blood very religiously, even the black “heart” that was dug out, was also fed to it. Ying Qiao also found four or five human bones in their nests.

Although he didn’t know what these Jinpo were doing, it must not be a good thing.

It was only because he discovered that there was still a Jinpo who had not returned home that he did not act rashly.

“They seem to be preparing to transfer their egg to other places tonight. As long as we find the opportunity to seize the opportunity, we can catch them all.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Chen Hua, his eyes gloomy: “Boss, we’d better rush to Xunyang Lake tonight.”

Chen Hua’s scalp went numb and he laughed dryly: “There are so many Jinpo, why not call a few more people?”

If the little monster was around, Ying Qiao would definitely not be able to reveal himself. Then would it be possible for him to face more than a dozen Jinpo by himself?

Although it was not a big deal, if he accidentally got bitten, it would be very expensive to go back and repair the skin!

Ying Qiao tried to persuade, but in fact threatened: “It’s too late, Jiang Lan and I will try our best to help. These Jinpo are cruel and cunning. If one of them escapes, it will be difficult to find them in the future. Now while they are gathered together, just finish them in one pot.”

Chen Hua’s smile collapsed, and he scolded this petty dragon a hundred times in his heart before he smiled again and said, “Then let’s go now.”

The three of them left the park and rushed to Xunyang Lake.

Xunyang Lake was different from Qingyang Lake in that it was not in a densely populated urban area, but in a remote suburb. Beyond the lake were vast tracts of farmland.

The three people got out of the car and found an open area of water under the leadership of Ying Qiao.

This area was all flat farmland, and farmers had built thatched huts on the field stalks to keep watch, so they hid in the thatched huts nearby. Chen Hua used a technique to hide his aura. Looking from the open door of the thatched house, they could only see the open lake.

Ying Qiao pointed to the place he marked and said: “They are under that water area, and they will probably move their egg to the lake in a while.”

The three of them waited quietly. No one said anything more.

It was already past eleven o’clock in the evening. Jiang Lan raised his head and looked at the sky. There was a round moon hanging in the dark sky.

Today happened to be the 16th day, the time to look at the full moon. A silver jade plate hung in the sky, casting a piece of moonlight.

The waves on the lake sparkled, but it was always calm.

But none of the three were in a hurry, and they all waited patiently.

When the time on the phone jumped to zero o’clock, the calm lake surface suddenly started to move.

Jiang Lan saw large swaths of black hair floating on the lake, and then, graceful figures draped in gauze rose from the water. They formed a circle with their backs to the thatched hut, so only their backs could be seen.

From Jiang Lan’s point of view, the back images of these Jinpo were pasted and copied. They were exactly the same height and had the same long hair. They were formed in a circle in such a quiet and deserted lake, and there was something strange about them.

He counted them, and there were eighteen in total.

The quantity was quite large, but unfortunately they were not edible.

Even though the strong fragrance floated in the air, he still smelled the rancid smell mixed with it.

These Jinpo seemed to be protecting something carefully. They stared at the lake with their white-less eyes wide open, as if they were waiting.

As they watched, a huge white egg floated up from the water.

The white egg floated on the water, looking like transparent white jade under the moonlight. Jiang Lan could even see the human body curled up inside. It was a human body that was more perfect than any Jinpo. The long black hair was spread over the naked body, and the half-covered face was delicately contoured. On its forehead, there was also a black horn.

Looking at the level of respect and piety of these Jinpo, it was obvious that this horned Jinpo was a more unique and powerful existence.

They started hissing again.

The fragrance in the air was also stronger.

Chen Hua handed a talisman to Jiang Lan and said, “Ying Qiao and I are going to deal with these Jinpo. When they are not prepared, you put this fire talisman on the egg and cause the heavenly fire to burn it.”

This unhatched white egg was not dangerous compared to the ferocious Jinpo. Ying Qiao also agreed with Chen Hua’s assignment and gave Jiang Lan a few words instructing him to be careful. The two of them immediately attacked the Jinpo in the lake.

Chen Hua usually used a long sword, but he did not use a sword today. Instead, he took off his human skin as if taking off his clothes and stacked it neatly, leaving only a snow-white body with a hint of darkness on the red skull.

Jiang Lan saw the real form of the Painted Skin Demon for the first time and couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Ying Qiao noticed his gaze, hesitated for a moment, and then transformed into a snake tail. The snake’s tail glided flexibly on the ground and soon slid into the lake. The black snake’s tail stirred up waves in the water.

The ceremony was suddenly interrupted, and the Jinpo all turned to look at the two of them.

Eighteen snow-white faces and eighteen pairs of pitch-black eyes without whites fell viciously on the two of them.

Chen Hua moved his bones and said with a smile: “This way I won’t be afraid of these ugly monsters biting my skin.”

Ying Qiao glanced at him, swung the snake’s tail, and swiped it towards the Jinpo at the front…

The two joined the battle, and the scene soon became chaotic. Chen Hua, as the most powerful special agent demon present, naturally took the lead and rushed forward, tearing off the Jinpo’s flesh with his sharp claws.

Ying Qiao in the back was swinging his snake tail and was doing two things. He wanted to show off his bravery in front of the little monster, but he also had to maintain a certain level of control, not exceeding what an ordinary snake clan member should look like.

It was also very laborious.

Jiang Lan took advantage of the Jinpo’s inattention, quietly slipped into the water from the other side, and went straight to the white egg in the center.

There was excitement in his eyes, and he intuitively felt that the white egg would not taste bad.

He must have a taste.

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Longlong felt bitter in his heart, but he didn’t say anything.

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