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Ying Qiao took a deep look at Chen Hua, stood up and said, “I’ll go down and have a look.”

Jiang Lan was a little worried. Although the snake tribe was good with water, Ying Qiao didn’t seem to be a very powerful person. He quickly gave Ying Qiao the magic weapon that Chen Hua had just given him and told him to bring it with him just in case.

Chen Hua looked at Jiang Lan’s worried face and thought to himself that this little monster was really well worth raising. He knew how to worry about people.

Then he comforted him and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to him if anything happens, it will be to the other party.”

Yinglong was the ancestor of water play, he was already a headache on the shore, let alone in the water.

He was only afraid that if Ying Qiao got into the water and didn’t control his breath, he would scare away all the Jinpo, which would be a big trouble.

Jiang Lan felt more and more worried when he heard Chen Hua’s consolation feeling that he was too careless, but he knew that he would not be able to follow him at this time, so he could only watch Ying Qiao get into the water with a worried look on his face.

He thought that the Jinpo had just had its head twisted off by him, and wouldn’t be coming back for a while…right?

Ying Qiao dived into the lake under the watchful eyes of the two men.

After entering the water, he continued to dive, and after confirming that he could not be seen from the shore, he transformed his dragon tail. Yinglong was naturally good at controlling water, so he was certainly not bad at finding people under water. The dragon’s tail swayed slightly in the water, and after quietly feeling the subtle changes in the water flow, he headed north.

The golden dragon’s tail swayed lightly, but there was no ripple in the lake. The surrounding fish and shrimp seemed unaware of his presence and still swam happily in the lake.

Ying Qiao went all the way north, passed through the water area where Jiang Lan said he met the Jinpo, went straight out of Qingyang Lake, entered the tributary of Xunyang Lake, and walked for a while before finding the place where the water flow fluctuated.

The change from a lake to a river was probably due to the narrowing of the waterway. There were many turbulent currents and jagged rocks on the bottom of the river. The complex river bottom terrain hindered movement, but it was also the best hiding place.

Ying Qiao could feel that among the rocks, there was a body of water with a temperature that was significantly lower than the surrounding water.

With a sharp look in his eyes, he used the rocks to hide his figure and moved forward quietly.

The closer he got to the water in front, the colder feeling became more and more obvious, and there were subtle fluctuations in the surrounding water.

The fluctuation was not very obvious, but it was caught by Ying Qiao. He hid his figure, as if he had blended into the water, and the three Jinpo in front did not notice his arrival at all.

——In a space formed by piles of jagged rocks, there were three Jinpo with gauze covering their bodies and long hair hanging down.

Their bodies were undoubtedly perfect, with graceful figures, extremely white skin, and long hair spread behind them, swaying gently with the water waves. If the water flow hadn’t moved the gauze, revealing the dense bones underneath, this scene would have had an eerie beauty.

Ying Qiao did not act rashly and secretly observed the three Jinpo.

——After the police realized that this case was unusual, they reported it to the Monster Bureau. Before he took the case, someone had already investigated the basic situation. Based on the gnawing marks on several corpses, it was speculated that there was more than one Jinpo.

But he did not expect to see three Jinpo in the tributaries of Xunyang Lake.

The Jinpo lived in the South China Sea and mostly moved around the Nanhai Province. It looked like a demon but was not a demon, and looked like a ghost but was not a ghost. It was a monster that was born from eating carrion and resentment. They had no intelligence but retained the instinct of beasts. They were not social animals either. As far as Ying Qiao knew, Jinpo was an extremely ferocious monster. Not only did they hunt living people, but when food was in short supply, they would also kill each other and feed on their own tribe.

At this time, Jinpo suddenly appeared in the rivers and lakes of Jiangcheng, and even gathered in groups, which was even stranger.

Ying Qiao carefully observed the three Jinpo and found that although these Jinpo were all in the form of beauties, they were not exactly the same, and they were even divided into high and low levels.

For example, one of the Jinpo looked much weaker. There were very obvious signs of broken skin on its neck. Half of its beautiful face was rotten. Compared to the other two Jinpo with intact cheeks, it looked much uglier.

The two Jinpo seemed to be communicating with it, but they talk in human language, instead they made a hissing sound similar to that of a snake.

After Ying Qiao saw them and said a few words, the weak Jinpo suddenly rose up, her long hair like a twisting water snake, as she fiercely attacked the other two Jinpo. From the look of her, she seemed to want to escape.

But the other two Jinpo didn’t seem to be afraid of its attack. One of them grabbed its hair and raised its hand, easily tore off its head and threw it into the rubble like garbage. The headless Jinpo was not dead however. She glared viciously and watched with splitting eyes as her two companions walked around its body twice in a specific posture, then knelt down and started to eat its flesh and blood one bite at a time.

The two Jinpo were gnawing in a very crude and bloody manner. Soon, black, blood-like liquid spread in the water, and Ying Qiao even smelled the fishy smell in the water. He frowned in discomfort but resisted the urge to take action now.

The current behavior of these three Jinpo was very different from the habits of the Jinpo he knew from the data.

If something went wrong, there must be a monster. He had to keep these two Jinpo to see what they would do next.

The two Jinpo were very greedy and devoured their companion’s body cleanly, until only the ribcage remained intact. They straightened up and wiped the blood from their faces. One of them made a few short sounds, and its sharp five fingers penetrated the chest——

Ying Qiao noticed the head thrown aside. The expression on its face changed from viciousness to fear and pain. Obviously the chest was its most vulnerable and fatal part.

The Jinpo took out a black heart from the chest. It was not accurate to say it was a heart, it was more like a piece of black rotten flesh. The mass of flesh seemed to have not lost its vitality and was squirming slightly. The head that was thrown aside and ignored had already died the moment the “heart” was taken out.

The two Jinpo carefully held the piece of carrion and left.

The devoured corpse and head were thrown into the pile of rocks and no one cared about it anymore. Ying Qiao took one look at the head with its eyes wide open and put it away with some disgust.

This thing must be taken back to the research institute for study.

He leisurely followed the two Jinpo, followed them through the tributaries of Xunyang Lake, and entered the waters of North Xunyang Lake.


Jiang Lan and Chen Hua waited on the shore from afternoon until dark.

There were almost no tourists in the park at this time, only the two of them were waiting on the shore covered in night cover.

Chen Hua was not worried about Ying Qiao. With nothing to do, he could only chat with Jiang Lan.

As they chatted, the topic naturally led to Ying Long.

He knew about the little monster Ying Qiao treated as his baby. He and Ying Qiao had known each other for more than a thousand years, and he had never seen him be so accommodating to any member of the monster clan. Now for Jiang Lan’s sake, not only was he willing to conceal his identity and become an ordinary snake demon, but he was also willing to accept these missions in a condescending manner.

You must know that Ying Qiao was the nominal deputy director of Jiangcheng Monster Bureau. But over the years, he had personally handled no more than one case.

It was not that he was lazy, it was that he really didn’t have a good impression of human beings.

Over the years that Chen Hua had worked for him, the two of them had had not only an employer-employee relationship but had also become close friends. He always knew that Ying Qiao was venting his anger on the human race because of Gengchen’s death.

Although he always scolded Gengchen for being seriously ill, Chen Hua actually knew that he respected and loved this little uncle who was not much older than him – even though he never admitted that Gengchen was his little uncle. He didn’t even want to call him that, he always called him by his first name.

Now that he was willing to put aside his grudges in order to coax the little monster, this was actually a situation that everyone was happy to see.

Chen Hua actually wanted to report this to the newspaper for a while, and the evidence was almost found, but he was only concerned about the fragile friendship, so he did not report him.

Fortunately, Ying Qiao didn’t do anything in the end. He just stayed in his villa every day and didn’t care about the world, counting those bright gems and living in a dream.

Thinking of his house full of gems, Chen Hua’s sympathy disappeared again.

His friendship with Ying Qiao was really fragile.

It dispersed when the wind blew.

With a stomach full of sour lemons, Chen Hua began to lie to Jiang Lan, thinking that before Ying Qiao came back, he might be able to get some information in exchange for money.

He first used the stories of several big demons from the special service team to set the stage, and then got to the point: “Do you know what happened when the Jiangcheng Demon Management Bureau was first established?”

Jiang Lan nodded and shook his head: “I’ve only vaguely heard of it.”

When Chen Hua heard that he didn’t know it clearly, his smile suddenly became brighter, and he continued: “Jiangcheng Demon Management Bureau was established not long after the establishment of the Beijing General Administration. Beijing is the capital, the place where dragon veins are rejuvenated. And Jiangcheng is located in the central plains’ central area. The nine provinces are connected in all directions. It is the hub of water, land and air transportation in the inland areas of China. Coupled with the large population, it was once a troubled place.”

Where there were many people, there were also many monsters and demons. Naturally, there were also demon clan members who were disobedient and difficult to discipline.

“At that time, Beijing had a long debate over who to send to the Jiangcheng branch. In the end, it was Taifeng, the god of luck, who shouldered the heavy responsibility of establishing the Jiangcheng Demon Management Bureau.”

Chen Hua had been paying attention to his expression. Seeing that he was interested, he changed the subject and continued: “But although Tai Feng is also an ancient demon, he is actually not good at fighting. With his strength, many people at that time, even the big demons didn’t obey him.”

Jiang Lan became really curious: “I think everyone is convinced by Director Tai Feng now.”

Chen Hua said: “Of course it was not as good as it is now. Now everything is on the right track. When the Demon Management Bureau was first established, most of the demon tribes were still occupying the mountains. They would listen to whoever was the most powerful. There was no way of making them submit to government management.”

“Then how did they become obedient?” Jiang Lan asked.

Chen Hua looked back at the calm lake. After confirming that Ying Qiao would not come back for the time being, he said: “It was Ying Long who defeated those unruly demons. Ying Long and Tai Feng have been friends for many years. At that time, Tai Feng specially invited Yinglong to come out of the mountain, then he was appointed as the deputy director of the Demon Management Bureau. Those big monsters were afraid of Yinglong, so they naturally obeyed him.”

After he finished speaking, he observed Jiang Lan’s expression.

As a result, there was neither admiration nor fear on Jiang Lan’s face. Instead, he showed a somewhat strange expression. His intuition seemed to be different from what he thought.

Sure enough, Jiang Lan hesitated and said, “But the version I heard seems to be different from what you said…”

“What I heard is that Tai Feng asked Ying Long to help him sit in the Demon Management Bureau, but Ying Long went directly to pick out the lairs of several big demons and robbed their treasures, which led to several big demons fight as demons in the gate of the administration…”

He looked at Chen Hua’s stiff expression, paused, and then continued to finish the rest of his words: “I heard that Ying Long and several big demons transformed into their original forms and had a fight over the Demon Management Bureau, and they broke the pot. Many public facilities were almost discovered by ordinary people… Later, the director still paid money to deal with the aftermath, so now the monster code stipulates that monsters with huge original forms are not allowed to transform into their original forms in urban areas, and monsters are not allowed to use their original form unless they fly high in the sky.”

Chen Hua:……

Wasn’t this version banned from circulation? Where did the little monster hear this?

He smiled stiffly: “Where did you hear that? It’s a bit far from the truth.”

Jiang Lan said it was his fourth brother who told him!

Ever since Guangzhou and his entourage became enemies with Ying Long, Bi An had uncovered a lot of dirty information about Ying Long. Jiang Lan was doing nothing in the Dragon Palace every day, so he naturally heard it all.

“I heard it from my friends, but it may not be true.” He remembered that Ying Qiao admired Ying Long the most and wondered if Chen Hua also admired Ying Long too. So, he quickly supplemented: “In fact, Ying Long may not be so bad as the legend says.”

It was just that the more he tried to save it, the darker Chen Hua’s face became, and the vivid expressions on his face became dry.

Chen Hua originally wanted to trick him. It was best to get the little monster to have a good impression of Yinglong, so that he could go to Ying Qiao to claim credit and ask for bonuses.

Who would have thought that this little monster, who looked so silent, even knew about Ying Qiao’s dark history!

He felt a chill on the back of his neck and heard the sound of water by the lake. Turning around subconsciously, he saw Ying Qiao coming up from the lake and looking at him coldly.

Chen Hua:……

Why are you looking at me like that?

It’s not me who said these bad things. How could I know that this little monster is still Ying Long’s black fan?!

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