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It was obviously a simple temple, but after entering, the landscape had a different look, and the space was not as narrow as before, and it suddenly became brighter.

Rather than saying that this was a temple, it was better to say that it was a shrine, bright open flames floated in the air strangely, there was smoke curling up, and chanting in Sanskrit could be heard faintly.

In the center of the temple, there sat a very large, shaggy cat – it was closer to a lion, squatting on a lotus platform that was very small for it. This cat had fiery red fur all over its body, auspicious clouds on its feet, and big paws. He looked aggrieved on being squeezed onto the lotus platform which was not much bigger than its head, in fact it looked a bit funny.

“Master.” The black cat said respectfully, and then presented the canned food that Xu Maomao gave to the big red cat.

The expression of the big red cat immediately changed from a male lion to a greedy cat that had been hungry for more than ten days. It flicked its tail excitedly and said, “Can of rice!?”

With a hook of the black cat’s paw, it deftly opened the lids of twelve cans instantly. On seeing this, the big cat couldn’t wait to stick out its tongue and swept across the twelve cans like a dragonfly. He didn’t know how powerful the barbs on its tongue were, but it finished all the cans in one go.

The big red cat ate to its heart’s content, smacked its lips, and asked honestly: “Is there any more?”

The apprentice said very clearly, “Let’s talk, since you have established your own family, you have never visited much, so why do you need my help, my dear apprentice?”

“Master is wise,” Black Lightning bowed, “This disciple recently met a strange human being.”

“Which Taoist priest was it again?”

“No, he is just an ordinary human being, but when I cast lightning on him, he was able to absorb my lightning.”

The big red cat was so surprised that he almost couldn’t stand still on the lotus platform, “Your lightning belongs to a heavenly inheritance, how could it be absorbed.” You must know that even if it was the big red cat, although it was not dangerous for him to encounter the attack of the black lightning, it would also hide from the lightning, because it hurt to be struck by it even once!

“Tell me carefully.”

After listening to his apprentice’s statement about that day, the big red cat fell into deep thought.

“It’s really weird, maybe it’s something evil!” Big Red Cat said seriously, “Let me go meet this powerful character and see if he can maintain his human form under my Sanwei Zhenhuo!”

“Everything is up to Master, it’s time.”

The two cats began to plan how to act, the big red cat and the black fluffy cat shook their heads and nodded, and finally, the big red cat jumped off the lotus platform, and its huge elephant-like body slowly turned into a man dressed in a suit. He now looked like a handsome man in a big red jacket, black jacket trousers, and a Buddhist bead bracelet on his hand. The big red jacket had the word “Fu” printed all over it, and the black jacket trousers were also full of “Shou”. He looked very happy.

“How about it, is it out of date?” Big Red Cat asked.

The black cat looked him up and down and said with some difficulty: “It’s okay.” His master looked like an outdated country rich man.

“It’s your turn.” Big Red Cat urged.

The black cat resolutely changed into a black suit, but the big red cat disliked it so much: “Don’t wear foreign clothes, I’ll change it for you.” As he said, he saw the big red cat raise his finger, and black lightning appeared on his body.

There was a burst of red light, and the black suit on his body turned into a dark tunic suit in the next second.

“This is my handsome Mang’er!”

After being satisfied, with a wave of his hand, the shrine changed into a temple in seconds.


After Xu Maomao barely mastered the key to the cultivation method one, he customized a timetable for himself. Since it had to be done every three hours, the meditation must be done seven times a day, and the posture must be suitable.

Shen Yu’s house was transparent from north to south, and there were many windows for viewing. One of them was located in a particularly good position, facing the east, which allowed him to absorb the essence of the sun to the maximum extent, and the scenery was also beautiful. You could also see the quiet and simple courtyard below from there.

Xu Maomao started his first practice.

He thought it would be very difficult for him to do the standard cat yoga pose, but after matching the breathing rules mentioned in the tips, it seemed that an invisible force merged into his limbs, making him soft and strong.

After breathing in and out, he sat in meditation for ten minutes without knowing it.

After finishing the meditation, Xu Maomao exhaled a puff of stale air, opened his eyes, and the relatively clean high-level air seemed to have become fresher.

It was a kind of physical sensation. He seemed to feel the changes in the small things around him at that moment, like the frozen snow and the cold air. It made him look forward to the coming spring.

Xu Maomao seriously enjoyed this fresh and rare sense of clarity, then his eyes moved slowly, and he had a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful scenery below.

After appreciating the magnificent Forbidden City, his sight fell on the quaint streets and alleys.

Looking at it, he saw an unusual scene.

In an alley covered with heavy snow, squatted a cat that looked very weak. With its thin, disheveled body shivering, it was looking around tremblingly. Occasionally, someone would pass by and it would open its mouth to call, but even the uncle who was out for a walk with the dog and the cute children ignored it, as if they didn’t see this poor little kitten.

Xu Maomao couldn’t bear it anymore and planned to go down to invite this cat up to keep warm. Anyway, according to Shen Yu’s temperament and his future plan to set up a private pet shelter, he would definitely not question him giving it refuge.

Today, he didn’t go to work with Shen Yu because he wanted to try to cultivate, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t go out. Xu Maomao had already mastered the door-opening skills, so he easily opened the door, entered the elevator, and then went downstairs.

His excellent jumping ability allowed him to easily jump over the wall and head straight for the alley.

Sure enough, he saw the cat in the distance. The cat also saw its same kind from a distance, and instead of being frustrated after being ignored by countless passers-by, it ran directly towards Xu Maomao.

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