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The white light was very bright.

“Change the equipment.” Qin Fan’s tone was a little rough and unhappy, he stretched out his hand and lifted his shirt and took it off, and walked out with his upper body that was more perfect than a male model.

With a bang, the door of the room was closed.

Si Huang stared at the closed door for a few seconds, then turned to look at the room, and found that there were several boxes piled up inside, and a set of unopened camouflage uniforms and firearms were ready on the table.

She took two deep breaths, and her expression completely calmed down. She went to lock the door first, and checked the room to make sure there were no cameras or anything like that before starting to change clothes.


After a few minutes.

Qin Fan, who had been standing outside the door, heard the sound of the door and turned his head to look over, his cold eyes flickering.

The young man was slender, wearing a camouflage uniform that looked very heroic, his leather boots were carefully tied, and he held a sniper rifle in his hand.

“Where’s the hat?” Qin Fan asked.

Si Huang heard that his tone had returned to normal, so she responded naturally: “It affects the sight, I’m not used to it.”

Qin Fan didn’t force her to wear the camouflage hat, “Don’t get shot in the head.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows, “No, look who my coach is.”

Qin Fan paused, turned his head to look at her confident smile, and his depressed and irritable mood before was dispelled, leaving only his heart beating happily.

He stared at the child who was walking forward with a sullen face, really wanting to grab his shoulders to control and fix him, and ask him what he meant? Not repelling but not allowed to touch, it really made people scratch their heads!


Member entrance for Jungle Combat Site.

Si Huang and Qin Fan were in the staff room, monitoring the situation at the entrance.

A lot of people had gathered here, and everyone was wearing camouflage uniforms and carrying the firearms prepared in the club. The ammunition was all paintballs, which would not really hurt people.

This group of people were all fans of jungle warfare. Every time the mountaintop club held jungle warfare activities, they would come to participate. They were very clear about the rules, so they entered the back mountain forest without much explanation from the person in charge.

After they had gone in for about three or four minutes, Si Huang was put in.

The six days were not long or short, but they brought obvious changes to Si Huang, which surprised even herself.

The first time Qin Fan brought her into this forest, she did not feel it was difficult to walk, but it was not easy at all. She had to pay attention to the unevenness of the mountain road under her feet and the branches and vines to avoid tripping. But now she could easily find the most accurate route, and the walking speed was not slow but there was almost no sound. It felt like a duck taking to water, and the skills taught by Qin Fan, as well as the words of warning, were constantly ringing in her mind.

After walking for less than three or four minutes, she found a trace of grass being trampled on, and with a flash of her eyes, she identified the first prey.


Before a man hiding behind the stone could figure out what was going on, he felt pain in his back and knew he had been shot out.

“Who?” The man turned his head immediately, but he didn’t even see a figure, so he had to leave with resignation on his face.

Si Huang, who had moved her position, looked down at the electronic watch on her wrist.

The function of this electronic watch was to display the number of survivors of the current jungle combat game (wargame).


Every time a person was killed, Si Huang would count in her heart. She remembered that she ‘sniped’ a total of 11 people, swiped the neck of 3 people, and dealt with a total of 14 people, more than half the people present.

This achievement satisfied Si Huang, and it was worthy of her non-stop active hunting of prey.

At this time, in the monitoring room of the Mountain Peak Club.

Qin Fan and the others stood in front of the screen and watched intently. There was also the ‘killing’ data of each member on the screen.

Si Huang’s achievements undoubtedly made Su Yu and the others sigh again.

“Look, those two dots are close together, they must be an alliance.” Su Yu pointed to the two red dots displayed on the flat map on the screen. The red dot representing Si Huang was approaching them. She urged: “Control Little bee, go to the scene.”

The so-called little bee was a small wireless mechanical camera, flying at a slow speed and very fragile.

The little bees approached the scene, and a picture of the jungle appeared on the screen in front of them.


Suddenly, two ‘little bees’ were killed.

“What’s going on?” Su Yu asked in surprise.

The man in charge of the computer was checking, “It seems to have hit something… I’ll use another little bee to check… Hmm? Is this a steel wire? Have we prepared such props? This thin toughness is enough to hurt people already!” At the end, anger appeared on his face.

The truth was obvious, this prop was not prepared by the club, and was secretly brought in by the members themselves.

“How big is the scope? The young master is heading here, who knows if the person who made this thing brought any other prohibited props!”

“Master Qin?!”

Everyone looked over together and saw Qin Fan stride out with a cold face.

When they couldn’t see Qin Fan, they came back to their senses. Yang Xian murmured: “Someone is going to be in trouble.”

Several people shook their bodies immediately, praying that Si Huang would not be surprised.


“The one who deliberately made the noise is clearly here.”

Si Huang walked through the woods silently and found that there were almost no man-made traces around, thinking that the last person should be a good player in wargame.

[Your Majesty, do you want me to help?] Five Treasure crawled out of her pocket and asked her in an expectant tone of ‘sure to say yes’.

Si Huang ignored him, looked at the grass in front of her, and stopped suddenly.

But Five Treasure turned out of her pocket and jumped down, before Si Huang could speak.

It wanted to show Si Huang that even a little hamster could help her, didn’t it climb rocks before? When someone was found…



Five Treasure hadn’t run a few meters before landing on the grass, when the grass suddenly exploded under his feet, and Five Treasure was blown out just like that.

Si Huang’s pupils shrank, although she could see that Five Treasure’s body hadn’t been blown up, she still heard Five Treasure’s cry of pain at that moment. Obviously, Five Treasure with a body would also hurt.

How could there be such props as mines in this game!?

Although judging from the reaction of the ‘land mine’, the range and power of the explosion were very small, but a small piece of meat could be blown up by people stepping on it!

Bang – the sound of bullets breaking through the wind was caught by Si Huang.

Her reaction speed had improved in the past six days, and she knew how to avoid it.

When she rolled for half a meter and saw a small crater where she had touched it before, but it was not a color print, her face turned black.

Although it was not a real bullet, it was also a strong rubber bullet. It would be very painful if it hit people, and it could kill people if it was shot in the wrong place!

“Come out!” Si Huang shouted coldly.

There was a burst of laughter in the distance.

There was excitement and malice in the laugh.

As soon as Si Huang heard it, she understood that the other party did all this on purpose.

She quickly ran to Five Treasure’s side, landed on her toes lightly for a few steps, paying attention to the surrounding situation, and finally Five Treasure touched the palm of her hand safely.

After putting it in her pocket, Si Huang approached the direction of the laughter.

Whoosh –

Si Huang dodged sideways, thinking: The opponent’s shooting is very good!

Bang— another bang.

She saw a piece of bark shoot off from the big tree she was hiding behind.

Found it!

Si Huang calculated the hiding position of the other party at that moment, took a deep breath, and rushed out from behind the tree.

Her speed was very fast, she easily crossed the depression of the rolling stone, kept using trees to hide and avoid bullets, her body was as sensitive as a lynx, and finally she saw the sneak attacking figure.

The other party didn’t expect her to come so fast, and his expression was a bit astonished, but soon a faint light flashed in his eyes, and an excited smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

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