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Chu Quan saw Xue Chengxiu when he first arrived. The biggest investor of the crew came to inspect the work. As a director, even if the boss’s current expression was not conducive to the construction of a harmonious society, he still had to step forward and greet him.

“Mr. Xue.” Chu Quan said hello.

“Director Chu.” Xue Chengxiu replied.

Chu Quan was playing a drum in his heart. This President Xue’s expression today was exceptionally cold. What made him dissatisfied? He followed Mr. Xue’s cold gaze and looked over—

Could it be that he was dissatisfied with the scene of the big wedding?

Did he think they spent too much money? Although this big wedding scene was indeed a little bit over budget, there was no need to be so angry, right? He could save in other places and balance the excess expenses, really!

Xue Chengxiu was very dissatisfied with this big wedding scene, but it was definitely not a question of money, but Chu Quan didn’t know, and he was still talking about where he could save a lot of money.

Chu Quan was so frightened by Xue Chengxiu’s face. In the later stage of the filming, he really didn’t spend any money. Under the premise of ensuring the shooting effect, the cost of the set was saved as much as possible. This movie turned out to be the only movie in Chu Quan’s career as a director which did not g over-budget, it was really… gratifying.

However, at this stage Chu Quan didn’t know that he had achieved such an achievement in the future, and he was still working with the chief producer Bao Sheng to make Xue Chengxiu happy.

Bao Sheng felt that his heart was very tired, and his body was even more tired.

He only flew back to the imperial capital yesterday morning. At noon, he received a call from the big boss’ coming to the crew. After finishing the business, he took a redeye flight and flew to the city again. He had slept for less than three hours.

Most people at the top level in the circle knew in their hearts that there was someone behind Yu Siyang, and Bao Sheng was also one of them. Yesterday, when he received a call from the crew, he thought in his heart, where was Mr. Xue coming to explore the crew. It was clearly to visit Yu Siyang, so he specifically asked the on-site producer and Chu Quan to see that Yu Siyang could rest for a long time. If it were not for the heavy shooting tasks and tight schedule, he would like Yu Siyang to take a three-day break.

But this kind of thing could only be known by insiders. As the chief producer, Bao Sheng still had to go back to the crew to serve the big boss.

He was getting older, so he couldn’t bear it for a while, his eyes were red, and he looked a little pitiful, as if he had been wronged by the big boss….

Chu Quan was amazed; this acting must be given full marks!

Xue Chengxiu was also very speechless by the appearance of Bao Sheng, so he had to put away his cold expression. Although he was very depressed, he still tried to be as gentle as possible: “President Bao, you have always done a good job of budget control. I have always been very assured of you, but this time…”

“Mr. Xue, this time it’s my work mistake,” Bao Sheng promised, “Don’t worry, the overall budget would not be exceeded. This single scene is really important, so I discussed with Lao Chu to increase the budget a little bit.” Actually, he was brainwashed by Chu Quan, and inexplicably approved the revised budget.

Xue Chengxiu seemed to accept Bao Sheng’s explanation and nodded: “Mr. Bao, you are an expert and I trust you. I won’t say anything extra. You can do it yourself.”

“Yes, yes. “Bao Sheng nodded as if pounding garlic.

Xue Chengxiu finished this discussion and started chatting about other topics.

——Will he tell the truth that he is jealous? Obviously not!

After waiting for a while, Yu Siyang finished his makeup, dressed in black auspicious clothes and wearing a jade crown, he walked calmly and gracefully among the people, as if a Wei or Jin dynasty celebrity had travelled through thousands of years, and he showed a noble kind of dignity and grace.

Xue Chengxiu lost his voice in the middle of his words and looked at the high-ranking gentry who was approaching him intently.

Bao Sheng, who was speaking with him, also silenced his voice wittily, and signalled everyone to retreat a little bit and don’t surround the big boss.

“Mr. Xue, am I handsome?” Yu Siyang walked to Xue Chengxiu and took a triumphant turn, showing off his costumes in all directions.

Xue Chengxiu nodded: “Very handsome.”

Yu Siyang praised: “You really have good eyesight.” After that, he lifted his hem and sat next to Mr. Xue and took out the script from his large sleeve to read.

Xue Chengxiu opened his sleeve and was curious. Was it possible that there was still a pocket in the sleeve to put things in?

Of course, there were no pockets in the sleeves. The script was actually held by Yu Siyang in his hand, and then he reached into the sleeve with the other hand to take it out.

“Isn’t it all people in costume dramas carry things like this? Silver, tokens, everything is put in the sleeves.” Yu Siyang smiled: “This is more like an ancient person.”

Xue Chengxiu laughed. The bad mood was cured by his lover.

He wanted to pat his lover’s head but seeing the neat hairstyle, he had to give up.

Not far away, several eighteenth-line actors who did not have a serious role in the scene looked at the interaction with envy.

They entered the group almost at the same time, and they only had a few scenes. Some were even not visible. They were very happy to be able to enter Director Chu’s crew, but this person was incomparable, and they were all overwhelmed.

Looking at him, he won the best newcomer award one year after his debut, and he was still the male lead in this big-budget production. As for themselves, there were only a few scenes, and there were a few lines, and the chance to show up required them to PK off a pair of rivals.

It’s true that people were worse than others, and there should be no comparison.

“Chang Ying, you are really amazing. You have taken this role down.” A young actress ridiculed the actor who played Xie Xuan’s wife, Huan Shi, with a slightly loud voice. The eyes of the other actors were attracted.

“Don’t make fun of me. I’m in five scenes. I’m a soy sauce[1] carrier.” Chang Ying still had that playful smile on her face, but she couldn’t wait to tear up the actress who teased her.

This actress and her were in the same company, and at the same time they competed for the role of Huan Shi. In the end, she won. This person had always had nothing to do but to say something sour and disgusting to her, especially annoying.

The people gathered there were all small and transparent actors, and two others had also tried for the role of Huan Shi. One of the important female characters in “The Battle of Fei Shui” was Xie Daoyun, one was Huanshi, one was Xie Xuan’s sister, and the other was Xie Xuan’s wife. They had an important role in promoting the development of the plot. A first-line actress had been chosen to play Xie Daoyun early, so they only had a chance to compete for the role of Huan Shi.

Therefore, this role was simply a major break, even now that the dust had settled, there were still people who hoped to face a situation where the originally selected actress couldn’t act, and then they could replace her.

Chang Ying was not a newcomer who has just entered the entertainment industry. The role of Huan Shi was a chance for her to become popular. She would not let it get away, and she was terrified of these cunning colleagues.

“You’re going to play against Yu Siyang later, why don’t you go and practice with him?” Another actress smiled gently, but the jealousy in her eyes could not be hidden, especially when she saw Chang Ying’s scarlet costume.

Chang Ying smirked: “Later, Director Chu will talk about the scene first, and then we can practice.”

Several actresses were completely jealous.

Actress No. 3 reluctantly said: “You have a role now, maybe you can talk to Mr. Xue.”

Chang Ying: “Haha.”

Climbing the high branches also required one to see clearly that the high branches were not tied up. Xue Chengxiu was famous in the circle for his indifference. Every person who tried to seduce him either disappeared from the circle or hovered on the 18th line. They could just go and think about her being a cannon fodder, she wasn’t that stupid.

Everyone was silent, knowing the careful thoughts of Actress No. 3 in their hearts, but this kind of thing was nothing special, and the seven or eight people waiting for the show here really did not dare to say that they didn’t want to catch up with Chairman of Hengsheng.

Just when the atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward, Chu Quan beckoned her, and the surrounding actors let her pass.

Zhan Heng, Lin Houzhong, Yu Siyang and others were all over there. Obviously, they were going to talk to some of the main actors later. Chang Ying lifted the hem of the costume and went there quickly.

After she left, without knowing who it was, somebody sighed heavily, sounding unwilling.

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[1] Not a significant person.

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