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In fact, the host didn’t listen carefully at first. After all, with his years of experience, no celebrity would tell the truth about this kind of thing on the show, so he was sure that Ji Lin would definitely deny it, so he automatically replaced the last three words of the phrase “unspeakable relationship exists” with “nothing” and said with a smile, “I disappointed the fans. Our brother Ji has been known as a zero scandal insulator since his debut, so of course he and Siyu don’t…”

Wait, did he miss something?

Thinking thus, the host suddenly caught a glimpse of Xu Qingwan, who was sitting opposite him, with an expression as if she had swallowed flies. After speaking, he finally realized something with hindsight.

Fuck, what did Ji Lin just say? It must be “no”, did he admit it? ! This was not the same as what he imagined!

The host was immediately dumbfounded.

He was dumbfounded, and the audience who were watching the live broadcast could only be even more dumbfounded. The barrage stopped for a moment, and then exploded like fireworks.

【Are there any kind little sisters recording the screen? I want to listen to the replay I want to listen to the replay, I don’t believe it! My ears must have betrayed me!

【Who brought up this question just now! Who the hell is it!!!

【When I saw this question, I was smiling, because I could foresee that brother Ji would be teased by Sister Siyu. I was very happy when I thought of this scene, but Brother Ji, you don’t play the cards according to common sense. What! Why did you suddenly admit it, aren’t you in a sibling relationship?!

【It’s an unspeakable relationship, come, read it to me, unspeakable! The relationship between siblings when you have other relations, okay, you both have no leg to stand on

【Standing firmly on my sister and brother’s CP’s side, I burst into tears at this moment. Who said that the CP fans were a cult in the first place, I ask you does your face hurt now?]

The host looked at the dazzling barrage on the big screen and took a deep breath. Then, from the corner of his eye, he saw the off-site director desperately winking at him, telling him to dig more along this line.

Just because of Ji Lin’s words, the ratings of the show skyrocketed in an instant, and the live broadcast website had been flooded with a large number of fans. These people couldn’t wait to send a barrage to express their surprise, and the director had a rough look at it. They felt excited, incredible, but some were desperately clamouring that Siyu was not worthy of their Brother Ji. There were so many people that they almost paralyzed the server. But no matter what, the hot spots of this show were already there, and the final ratings would definitely not be bad!

The host quickly asked: “Brother Ji, what do you mean by this?”

Han Tiantian’s curious eyes kept moving back and forth between Ji Lin and Siyu. Everyone stayed in the crew for nearly three months. She had seen these two people interacting together outside their roles, but the aura between the two did not look like a clandestine couple. Han Tiantian felt that the fans thoughts about the sister-in-brother affection was more possible than this.

Siyu didn’t expect Ji Lin to say this, but she only froze for a few seconds before returning to normal. Forget it, no matter if the blood relationship between her and Ji Lin was disclosed to the public, it would not affect the relationship between the two of them. If Ji Lin really wanted to talk about it, then he could do it.

As for Ji family’s opinion, Siyu didn’t care at all.

When Ji Lin said it, he was actually a little bit nervous. He surreptitiously glanced at his sister and saw that Siyu didn’t have any disgusting emotion on her face. He breathed a sigh of relief, and a hint of ecstasy emerged in his heart.

As a result, Ji Lin’s anger became stronger, and he immediately straightened his back.

Xu Qingwan on the side saw his look and immediately had a bad feeling. Could it be that Ji Lin wanted to disclose Siyu’s identity on the show? No, absolutely not. Now, Siyu was already on her head. Both her resources and her popularity were much higher than her. In case fans knew that she was Ji Lin’s relative, wouldn’t Ji Lin’s fans be her fans in the future? Would they not come to Siyu’s side to support her in a swarm?

In this way, Siyu will have a large number of loyal supporters for no reason, and it would be even more difficult for her to catch up with her! Xu Qingwan’s heart jumped and she wanted to stop Ji Lin: “Brother Ji, you must be joking? This question involves privacy a bit, we should cut it out…”

Ji Lin completely took her words as air and didn’t even glance at her. Instead, the host glanced at Xu Qingwan, and his evaluation of her was once again lowered by a notch. Didn’t you see that someone was about to break big news? What’s the point in you jumping in!

Ji Lin ignored Xu Qingwan to the end, looking at Siyu, with a bit of pride in his tone, and braggingly said: “I have a sister and brother relation with Siyu!”

He finally admitted in front of all the fans. He had long been looking forward to this day, and he finally announced to everyone openly that Zhou Siyu was his sister!

Unexpectedly, the host’s response was mediocre: “…Oh, what then?”

“???” What then, did he not say clearly enough? Ji Lin was in high spirits, but the host’s reaction poured cold water over him, suddenly he felt a little aggrieved, thus aggravating the pronunciation as he stressed, “Real Siblings?”

Moderator: “……” But brother Ji, this material had become outdated a long time ago. Now your siblings CP, are hyping vigorously on the whole network. Even if you emphasize it more than once, it’s useless. What should fans do?

But the host deserved to have many years of experience, and he was very capable of responding to the scene. He immediately laughed and ridiculed: “Unfortunately, I am told Brother Ji that this secret is no longer a secret. Netizens have already noticed this. They have eagle eyes. At that time, they had already seen this relationship between you. This answer is not counted. Later, we will punish Brother Ji to sing a song, okay?”

Ji Lin: “?????!!!” He was telling the truth. Huh? Why did no one believe him?

He stared blankly at the big screen behind him, where real-time barrage flashed quickly, and he finally caught a few:

【Just now, the cultist come out, stand up and get beaten! The Lord has spoken, stamping the true sister-in-law relationship, is your face swollen?

【Our Sesame Custard CP will never give up! Sisters brush up the barrage!

【Hey, I feel distressed to see Brother Ji triumphantly thinking that he had a shocking secret. I guess he certainly doesn’t follow Weibo. Everyone has known about this for a long time, we will wait for the next one.

【What, Ji Ge admitted that they have a sibling relationship? Isn’t this the default for the entire network!

【Brother Ji is really made of custard stuffing. The manga must be based on him. The identification is complete.

【Don’t go ahead, you are also a fan of Koi, right!

“Ji Lin: I am not, I don’t, what I said is true, we are real siblings, why don’t you believe me?

Before Ji Lin had time to argue, he was dragged to the center of the stage by the host and asked to sing a solo in a vague way. After singing, he returned to his seat. He wanted to struggle again: “Listen to me, it’s not what you thought. That kind of sister-brother relationship where we are relatives, don’t you understand?”

The host winked at him: “We understand, Brother Ji is emphasizing that the friendship between you is very pure, just like a family relationship, right? Don’t worry, we didn’t think much about it.”

Ji Lin: “…” No, you guys think about it a bit more!

Siyu smiled and watched the barrage all the time. Seeing that Ji Lin was still arguing, she quietly tugged his clothes, then straightened her expression and nodded: “Yes, we are siblings.”

She admitted openly and frankly, Ji Lin immediately cast her a moved look.

It was a pity that the audience had preconceived notions. “Unfathomable Challenge” had given their sibling CP a sense of existence. Siyu’s new manga “Sesame Custard Filling” had a huge number of followers, and the readers had even developed various theories. “Sister and brother” has become the label of their relationship, and now the whole network had accepted this as the natural default. Even Ji Lin’s powerful female fans had joined the ranks of CP fans, so when Ji Lin said this, fans would just laugh, thinking that this has already been known, and would not take it seriously.

Unexpectedly, Siyu’s acknowledgment only became a strong evidence of “the known thing being emphasized again.”

Xu Qingwan also saw the barrage floating on the screen, she slowly loosened her clenched fist, let out a long sigh of relief, and smiled uncontrollably. Fortunately, even if it was said, no one believed it, so it was useless!

The host smiled and said: “Okay, okay, it seems that Siyu is reluctant for Brother Ji to be punished. Sure enough, the sister and brother are deeply affectionate! Come, let’s pick the next question…”

This paragraph passed in the heart of the host. Although unfortunately it was not the kind of secret relationship he imagined, Ji Lin personally confirmed the YY of netizens on the show. This was also a hot spot. When it was cut out, there was no need to worry about the amount of people watching the broadcast!

The barrage of one fan after another was extracted. But Ji Lin was still in a daze of “who am I, where am I, why no one believes the truth these days”. The host asked him, and he answered mechanically. He was like a wandering soul, but the fans off the screen kept screaming at his rare and cute look. When Ji Lin reacted, his emoticon had been cut off.

Fans’ questions were not boring at all. Most of them are very interesting. So, when everyone answered, the atmosphere was very good, and people laughed from time to time, except for one person-Xu Qingwan.

The reason was simple. None of the questions extracted here were about her. She deliberately showed her arms, but different from her imagination where people would care about her injuries and ask her why the poster was not positioned correctly, no one cared at all.

Xu Qingwan was still smiling on her face, but stared at Siyu bitterly, all the limelight was robbed by her! Why do those netizens always focus on Zhou Siyu? What was so good about her!

However, no one paid attention to Xu Qingwan’s emotions, and because the focus of questions from netizens was on the other three leading actors, even the shots assigned to her were pitiful.

After a round of Q&A, the host drew the last question: “Oh, this is for Siyu again, eh? This netizen asked, I heard that you are a loyal fan of the comic author Koi, and you still have confessed to her in a high profile manner on Weibo. Koi’s comics are now ready to be adapted into a TV series. As a fan, will you fight for the role of the heroine?”

The host couldn’t help but laugh after reading. He had heard about this. Siyu not only liked Koi, but also liked to pull other people into the pit. She was a hardcore fan. He also curiously asked: “Siyu, do you have this plan? If it can be realized, you will have reached the highest state of star chasing!”

The smile on Siyu’s lips froze slightly: “…” No, why did you mention this again?

Fans off the screen didn’t know how tormented Siyu was in her heart. When they saw this question, they all supported:

【Ahh…, sister, you must work hard to win the role of the heroine! I am optimistic about you!

【No need to ask, Sister Siyu will never refuse, she is the first star to publicly confess to the Koi, I think she is the kind of person who is willing to throw her blood on idols!]

【The pit I chase, I must follow it till the end. I kneel to the self-cultivation of a fan]

【What kind of fan love is this moving heaven and earth! Did you see the koi? Quickly, give details to me, fill it in, and pit me! 】

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