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“The Battle of Fei Shui” was a war-based historical film. The main characters were all male. According to the script of Chu Quan and the chief screenwriter, this film would not have a female character, but it was obviously impossible to make it like this.

Not to mention the need to cater to the tastes of the market, just for the fact that all investors wanted to favor their own actresses, “The Battle of Fei Shui” also had to toss several female characters in.

Yu Siyang’s role, Xie Xuan, was assigned a wife. This role didn’t even have a specific name. There was only the reference of “Huan Shi[1]” in the script.

In the arrangement of the role of the Huan family, one was that it was logical to add a female role. Of course, the more important thing was to highlight the contradiction between the powers of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, because the Huan family was Xie Xuan’s wife’s family who had married for political considerations. As soon as this role was released, the overall drama of the movie had become stronger.

There were not many scenes for this role, but there was a big wedding scene. The screenwriter really worked hard to make the story structure compact.

The second day when Xue Chengxiu came to visit the crew was the shooting of this big wedding scene.

The A group had already built the wedding set yesterday. For this scene, the art group went through the available historical data and tried to truly restore the wedding scene of the gentry in the Wei and Jin dynasties.

Yu Siyang got the notice from Tang Hang when he was eating breakfast. He thought they were still discussing the battle before the filming of the Group B, but he didn’t expect that today was actually going back to Group A to shoot the big wedding. He hurried to over the script to find the scenes of the wedding.

Yesterday, for some reason, he didn’t have time to read the script, so he could only memorize lines frantically while eating breakfast.

“Concentrate on breakfast.” Xue Chengxiu frowned and confiscated the script. “A busy mind is not good for the stomach.”

Yu Siyang didn’t dare to protest at all. He glanced at the script eagerly. Seeing that Mr. Xue wouldn’t give him the script back, he had to obediently focus on breakfast.

Zhan Heng took a bite of the bun in his hand and was very depressed: Why didn’t Xiaofeng come to visit him, otherwise he could also show affection out of nowhere.

At this time, a beautiful-looking girl ran to the table where Yu Siyang was, and said quite playfully, “Good morning Brother Yu, today’s scene, please give me a lot of advice.”

“Not when you do not need such suggestions.” Yu Siyang was a little surprised, stood up and said politely.

The girl chuckled, said a few more polite words, greeted Zhan Heng who was also at the table, and ran away.

Yu Siyang was completely ignorant and puzzled, so he asked: “Who is she?”

Tang Hang said: “One of the actors that will play the scene with you today.”

Zhan Hang added: “She is playing your wife.”

After this remark came out, Xue Chengxiu’s face immediately turned black.

“I, I have no wife, Brother Zhan, don’t talk nonsense.” Yu Siyang said in a hurry, because his whole person did not feel safe.

“…Actress playing Xie Xuan’s wife,” Zhan Heng said, fearing that the world would not be chaotic: “She just joined the group yesterday afternoon, and today she has a big wedding with you, hehe.”

Xue Chengxiu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he took it out and caught the notice in the script and read the scene from the beginning to the end.

——Very well, today is the whole day of the wedding scene.

“Hurry up, don’t be late.” Xue Chengxiu patted Yu Siyang on the head, and it only took a second for his face to change from black as the bottom of a pot to normal.

Yu Siyang almost wanted to cry without tears. Why did this sentence sound like “Quickly eat, don’t be late”? Shouldn’t you treat your lover as warm as spring?!

He also didn’t know how it was so coincidental. Mr. Xue squeezed out a three-day holiday to accompany him, but he just had to watch him go film a scene of marrying other women. Just thinking about it, he himself felt that it was so dog-blooded and abusive.

Although he knew this was filming, work, fake, but he still had a guilty conscience, how to get over it? Waiting online, in a hurry!

Zhan Heng avenged his grudge for “not looking young”, and stopped talking wittily, and ate a bite of the bun wildly, his mood simply refreshed.

After the group had breakfast and drove to the set, the wedding scene had already been set up, and the lighting was being debugged. The scene was festive and solemn, and the details were highly restored as per the Wei-Jin period. At first glance, it could be seen that a lot of money was burned.

As soon as Yu Siyang arrived on the crew, he ran to put on make-up. Xue Chengxiu found a place to sit down, his face was serious, and he almost had strangers don’t come near written on his face.

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[1] In ancient China, the wife of an official had Shi at the end of her surname, so for example if her name was Huan Qing, she would be called Huan Shi.

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