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Content Warning; drug abuse

“Hello? Mingjun, how are things going?”

A young man’s voice came from the phone.

Fu Mingjun gritted his teeth and said, “From today on, you and I are no longer brothers, and don’t let me see you again!”

There was a pause, “What? What do you mean?”

“What do I mean…” Fu Mingjun forced himself to wake up and yelled manically, “You didn’t ask me for help, you just asked me to die! Why didn’t you tell me that he… he is a devil! Madman! I understand, it is not an accident that you are there today, you cannot stand up in front of him, you are no match for him! If you want to die, don’t bring me along, I have already done my best for you!”

“No! Fu Mingjun, please explain to me clearly, in the end, what happened!?”

“I almost died!” During those few minutes when he faced Si Huang in person, he really felt like he had walked through the gates of hell.


“Si Hua, I would like to advise you to stay abroad and don’t call me again in the future.”

After saying this, Fu Mingjun hung up the phone and fell straight to the ground, twitching all over.

Country M.

The French Academy of Nobility.

Si Hua maintained the posture of answering the phone for three seconds and was patted on the shoulder by a passing roommate before he came back to his senses.

“What’s wrong?” Someone asked in a pure M country accent.

Si Hua pretended to smile and replied in the same language, “It’s okay, don’t worry.” However, his speech was not standard.

“It’s okay. There’s a dance tonight, do you want to go and have fun together?”

“…I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh, that’s a shame!”

The other party didn’t bother, just shrugged and left.

Si Hua also walked towards his residence, feeling a strong uneasiness in his heart.

Why didn’t his parents even call him during the Chinese New Year? The most important thing was that the money in his card had not increased again!

His purpose in coming to Country M was to seek refuge in the first place. Now that he had almost escaped, why were they still refusing to let him return to the country?

Every time he asked the person in charge around him, the answer he got was that he had not received instructions from the boss, so he could not be allowed to go back.

Along the way, Si Hua called Bai Qinglan and Si Zhihan again, but still no one answered.

Very little news from country Z reached country M. Fenghua Entertainment was quite famous in country Z, but it was nothing when it came to country M. So, of course, there were no reports about it.

Si Hua couldn’t find domestic news on the website, so he called his former classmates, only to find that most of them didn’t answer his phone. The few who did answer were cryptic and hung up the phone within a few words.

When Si Hua arrived at his campus dormitory, there happened to be no one else inside. Si Hua thought of someone and immediately dialed the number. It didn’t take long for him to get through.

“Hey, Jingjing, how are you lately?”

“That’s right, I want to ask how dad is doing lately? Because I’m abroad and can’t come back.”

“Are you okay? Oh, that’s good, then you know what is my mother doing recently? Why didn’t she call me during the Chinese New Year?”

The voice on the other side was silent for a long time, and then what came into Si Hua’s ears shocked him. He kept waiting for the other party to finish, then Si Hua shouted excitedly: “This is impossible! Mom wouldn’t do such a thing, but what about my dad? Doesn’t he care about this? And is there something big happening at my house? When I called other people, they didn’t say anything. Tell me, tell me everything you know!”

After another two or three minutes, Si Hua listened to the words on the phone and suddenly lost all strength in his body. His cell phone fell to the ground, and all he could think of was ‘Fenghua Entertainment was given to Si Huang, and Si Huang destroyed Fenghua’.

How could this be?! This was absolutely impossible! Right! Impossible!

Dad would never give Fenghua to Si Huang, and Si Huang would not be able to destroy Fenghua!

Si Hua trembled and picked up the phone from the ground. Seeing that the call had not been hung up, he quickly said: “Jingjing, tell me, you are joking with me, right? This joke is not good at all.!”

“No! I don’t believe it! This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!” While roaring, Si Hua slammed the phone out.

The phone was smashed to pieces on the ground.

Si Hua held his head tightly, his thoughts already in chaos.

Time passed little by little, and no one knew how much time had passed. When Si Hua came back to his senses, his expression was already ferocious, and there was only one thought left in his mind.

Si Huang must have done all this! He took away everything that belonged to me, and I will never let him go! I absolutely want him to die——!

This side, City H in Country Z.

Jiang Yajing put down her phone helplessly as she heard the voice prompts that the other party’s phone was turned off after repeated calls. Not long after, she read a message sent anonymously.

“Si Hua wants to come back.”

Looking at the content of this message, Jiang Yajing thought of the scene she had just seen in the toilet and Si Hua’s misbehavior in country M. She pursed her lips and replied to the message: Don’t worry about it.

If Uncle Si was willing to let A Hua come back, he would let him come back. If not, she wouldn’t step in to help.

It was obvious that A Hua could do anything for his goals, but how did he change so much? When Jiang Yajing asked herself this, she thought of more things. After coming into contact with Si Huang, her impression of A Hua became different. She saw him as an evil person who complained first, deceived himself and others, hired murderers, lived in debauchery and indulged in wealth and power… The more they came into contact, the more she understood, and the more exhausted she felt.

At this time, Si Huang had already rushed to the H City Hospital and learned that Xu Wanjun had indeed been injected with drugs. Since the amount was not large and he was sent to the hospital early, so there was not much danger.

Xu Wanjun also woke up in the hospital bed and decided to leave the hospital after receiving complete preliminary treatment.

The doctor advised: “We are not sure whether he will become addicted to drugs. It would be better to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days.”

Xu Wanjun shook his head and said calmly: “If I really become addicted to drugs, I will have to deal with it yourself. My forbearance will have to be the same no matter where I am.”

The doctor had no choice but to look at Si Huang and Yu Xi, hoping that they could help persuade Xu Wanjun.

However, Si Huang could see that Xu Wanjun had gained special growth and understanding after this incident. Only he knew the profoundness of it. Faced with his persistence, she just asked as usual: “Are you sure you can do it?”


“Okay, let’s leave the hospital.”


The relaxing time of the New Year passed quickly, and everyone at Huaxing Art School began to be busy again, rushing for the final filming of “Red Moon” in H City.

Perhaps because it was the last moment, everyone felt the urgency of time, so the final shooting was extremely serious, and they got into the mood very quickly.

At the end of the second episode of “Red Moon”, following the filming before the Chinese New Year, Ding Hong and Yue had quarreled and she had left home with Black Cat in her arms, and her cold war period with Yue had begun.

As a result, within a few days, the tabby cat lured the black cat away from home, thereby tempting the silly girl to follow into danger in search of her own pet.

A simple house in a deep alley.

Ding Hong watched her black cat jump in through the window with the tabby cat. She hesitated to knock on the door, but no one came to open the door after knocking several times. “Is there anyone? Is anyone at home?”

Creak – a slight sound, as the silent wooden door suddenly opened, “Meow!”

Ding Hong lowered her head and saw the figure of the tabby cat standing at the door.

“It wasn’t you who opened the door for me, was it?” She laughed but received a psychic “meow” from the tabby cat, and then the tabby cat walked towards the house.

Ding Hong followed him without any precautions.

Outside the house, on the dark blue tiled roof, a slender man wearing a black trench coat sat lazily.

His expression was cold, and his scarlet eyes were looking in the direction of the room. Apparently he had clearly seen the scene just now, but he didn’t make any move.

However, even if there was no movement or even expression, everyone who saw him noticed a kind of restrained concern – as arrogant as he was, even after being dumped, he still paid attention to the girl silently, but nothing happened. Don’t say anything, don’t ask for anything.

Maybe he didn’t bother to ask for anything and felt that what the other party gave was worthless to him, but the fact that the other party didn’t have anything he wanted, but he could still pay for it, made people feel that it was even more embarrassing and valuable when put on him. Their gaze grew more and more focused on him, and they couldn’t help but want to get to know him more deeply. The more they got to know him, the more they felt that this monster was far less ruthless than when they first saw him.

They hadn’t seen Si Huang act for a while, but when they saw her again, they found that her acting skills had not deteriorated at all but had become even more impressive.

Xu Wanjun ordered everyone’s work actions in concise and powerful words, his eyes locked on the small shooting screen.

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