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Content Warning; drug abuse

“No… don’t…”

Fu Mingjun looked beyond Si Huang’s shoulder and looked in the direction of the toilet door.

Si Huang stepped aside, leaving him a straight path to the toilet door.

Seeing this, in Fu Mingjun’s eyes, he thought she was going to let him go. His eyes suddenly lit up and he thought to himself: Was the previous words meant to scare him?!

He ran towards the toilet door as fast as he could, and just as he passed by him, he tripped over his feet and fell to the ground.

“…What on earth are you going to do?” The dull pain in his body was not as bad as the fear in his heart.

Si Huang knelt down next to him, stepped on his wrist with his shoe, then reached out and lifted one of his fingers, lifting it up little by little.

It was just sore at first, but as the finger was pulled higher and higher, the pain became piercing.

Fu Mingjun’s eyes went so wide that they were about to burst, “No… don’t! Don’t!” However, despite his desperate struggle, he couldn’t shake the opponent even a little bit.

The process of breaking off the fingers was slowed down infinitely by Si Huang, making people truly experience the painful process. He watched his fingers being twisted a little bit, but he was unable to do anything.

Fu Mingjun had done this kind of thing before, but he always did it as quickly as possible to see people’s pain in an instant. At this moment, his forehead was already covered with cold sweat. He looked at Si Huang with violently trembling pupils and saw an expressionless side face. There was no pleasure in his torture or frustration. It was as if he was doing a very ordinary thing.

When his fingers were stretched to an impossible height, Fu Mingjun couldn’t bear to scream.


Outside the toilet door.

Fu Xi’s group of people trembled when they heard the sound, showing expressions of surprise and uncertainty.

“No one will be killed, right?”

“What nonsense are you talking about! Mr. Si must know what’s appropriate!”

“Fu Mingjun’s family background is not small. It would be bad if things got too big…”

“That’s not what you said before. They caused this matter first. They’re really not afraid of getting into trouble!”

Everyone started talking softly, but as the screams coming from the toilet became lower and lower, and became more and more hoarse and painful, they slowly stopped talking and looked in the direction of the toilet door frequently. They didn’t know if they should go check it out.

“Why don’t you go take a look?” someone suggested.

Fu Xi immediately said: “Young Master Si said you are not allowed to go in. Without his words, can you go in and try?”

It must be said that Si Huang’s prestige in Huaxing Art School was very high now, whether it was a student of the same level or a senior student, they were all very polite to her. Everyone knew that Si Huang had a good temper, and they were not afraid to joke with her on weekdays. However, whenever Si Huang became serious, everyone had a tacit understanding where they dared not resist her words.

After everyone heard this, no one dared to knock on the door.

In the toilet at this time.

Si Huang had already broken off Fu Mingjun’s third finger. Fu Mingjun was in so much pain that he almost fainted. For a moment, he felt so afraid that he shouted hoarsely: “I don’t dare anymore, I don’t dare anymore. Oh, please let me go! Please… I beg you… I will compensate for Xu Wanjun’s losses…”

Si Huang stopped when he touched his fourth finger and looked down at the young man’s tears. His face was mixed with snot and blood, and it was extremely dirty.

“Does it hurt?”

Fu Mingjun trembled and did not dare to answer.

Si Huang picked up the needle and said, “It won’t hurt soon. Isn’t that what you said to Xu Wanjun when you used this thing?”

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Fu Mingjun burst into tears and shook his head desperately.

Without any hesitation, Si Huang injected the half tube of potion into his body, “After we get out, do you know what to say?”

These words made Fu Mingjun see hope, “I know! I know!”

Si Huang stared at his eyes carefully. They were full of fear. This strong fear had overshadowed negative emotions such as resentment. He had even lost the courage to look at her.

“Some people can’t be messed with,” Si Huang said softly, “Don’t mess with me again, okay?”

“Yes!” Even if someone forced him to mess with him with a knife, he won’t ever mess with him again!

Si Huang nodded, stood up and went to the sink to wash his hands, then opened the door quietly and walked out.

The toilet door opened, and Fu Xi and the others saw Si Huang’s figure. They each looked through the crack in the half-open door to see what was going on inside. When they saw Fu Mingjun lying on the ground, everyone’s expressions changed, and they looked at Si Huang. Their eyes were filled with a little more awe, and all the questions they originally wanted to ask were swallowed back into their stomachs.

“Everyone is here?” Si Huang didn’t seem to notice the complicated expressions on their faces and glanced at the group of young men from Jingfu University who were gathered together.

Fu Xi responded: “Yes, they are all in there, no one is missing.”

Si Huang took out her cell phone and dialed the police station, “Hello? There was a fight at the Gaoxiang Hotel, and the main culprits were a group of students from Jingfu University….”

Everyone heard her explain the time, place and incident in a calm tone, but the people who committed the crimes in her words were all from Jingfu University. As for the students from Huaxing Art School? They had turned into brave young pioneers. After she finally hung up the phone, everyone knew that this group of students from Jingfu University were going to stay in a solitary confinement center for a few days to reflect.

Many of the young men at Jingfu University showed expressions of resentment and dissatisfaction, but none of them dared to take the initiative to refute.

“Master Fu!” someone shouted at this time.

Everyone turned to look and saw Fu Mingjun walking out trembling and holding on to the wall. His face was covered in blood, and he looked scary and pitiful. Based on his current image, no one dared to say that he was the perpetrator, and more or less everybody would call him the victim!

The hotel manager came late and was shocked when he saw Fu Mingjun’s appearance. He quickly came over and said, “Master Fu, what’s wrong with you? Who did it? I’ll arrest him immediately. He must be handed over to the police.”

Fu Mingjun was a frequent VIP member of this hotel, and so the manager had some friendship with him. He was also afraid that if something happened to him, he would take it out on the hotel, and he would have to bear the responsibility himself, and his manager’s position might not be guaranteed.

“I… I brought it on myself.” Fu Mingjun said tremblingly, “I will go to the police station to confess the crime myself.”

“What?” The manager was stunned.

Others present were also stunned, and the group of students from Jingfu University looked even more disbelieving. Someone inside shouted: “Master Fu, don’t you have something to do with the bureau? You’re so afraid of them! You actually…”

“Shut the hell up!” Fu Mingjun roared angrily, and his vision went black again. The hand holding the wall almost lost strength, “Whoever keeps f**king talking nonsense, I will destroy him!”

The young people from Jingfu University were confused, but no one dared to offend him anymore.

Fu Xi and other students from Huaxing Art School looked at all this with magical eyes, until Si Huang’s voice sounded, “It’s almost time, I’ll go back first.”

Everyone looked and saw that Si Huang had already walked out of the crowd and taken Five Treasure and Liushun in his arms from Zhang Nianmeng and walked to the elevator.

Yu Ling quickly followed.

After she left, no one else at Huaxing Art School was interested in staying any longer. Zhang Nianmeng took the lead in handling the follow-up matters, and everyone left one after another.

“…Master Fu, they have all left, how about we leave too?” Someone from Jingfu University whispered: “We can’t really wait for the police to arrest us, right?”

Fu Mingjun: “Being detained in the police station for a few days, or a beating, which one do you choose?”

The man was stared at with his ferocious eyes, so his face changed drastically, and he was speechless.

At this time, the manager had called the medical staff to give Fu Mingjun some simple first-aid.

The middle-aged doctor first bandaged the wound on his head, then shook his head when he saw his fingers, “I can’t do anything about this. You will have to go to a regular hospital.”

The manager immediately asked someone to drive him to the hospital, but Fu Mingjun refused, now his mind was getting more and more confused, and hallucinations were gradually appearing in front of his eyes. He knew that this was the medicine in the syringe taking effect. Going to the hospital was the best decision at this time. However, he thought of Si Huang. The previous scenes in his mind were like a trip to hell. Si Huang was the most terrifying evil ghost in hell. He did not dare to resist the evil ghost’s order.

Everyone looked at him with completely incomprehensible expressions, and at the same time wondered in their hearts, what kind of fright did he receive to make a normally fearless person look like this?

Fu Mingjun shook his head, trying to make himself more awake. He used his free right hand to take out the mobile phone in his pocket. His trembling fingers almost failed to hold the phone several times.

Then he found the number he wanted in the phone book and pressed it. After about three or four rings, the call was connected.

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