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“Do it! Who dares to hit my brother!”

“Let’s go, let’s go, who the hell is doing bad things during the Chinese New Year!”

The boys had all drunk some wine, and their tempers easily flared. When they heard that Xu Wanjun was beaten, they all rolled up their sleeves to help.

Si Huang and Yu Xi also stood up and walked out with Fu Xi.

Fu Xi led the way by running and they arrived in front of the public toilet on this floor not long after.

The toilet door was closed, and there was a group of young people outside. Seeing Fu Xi’s group approaching aggressively, their expressions changed a little.

A well-built young man in his twenties snorted with a half-smile: “What are you doing? Want to fight?”

“Open the door!” Fu Xi was not as reckless as before. Thinking that Si Huang was here, and they were all from Huaxing Art School, he didn’t want to make things worse and affect Si Huang’s future and the reputation of “Red Moon”.

In the eyes of the young man, this attitude turned into showing weakness and cowardice. He raised his chin, and his expression became even more arrogant, “Open it if you say so? Dangle in front of the paper, or you will be killed!”

Fu Xi blushed with anger, and clenched her fists tightly, “Don’t think we are afraid of you…”

“No, you come to beat me~” The young man laughed.

The group of university seniors around him also laughed.

A figure was very fast, and somehow it arrived in front of the young man and kicked the young man in the abdomen with its long legs before anyone could realize.

With a sound of “Bang!”, the young man who was so arrogant and proud just now hit the door behind him. He felt so much pain that he couldn’t stand up for a long time.

People on both sides were stunned and silent when they saw the slender figure who kicked the person.

Si Huang twitched the corner of her mouth, showing a half-smiling expression similar to that of the young man before, but she stunned others by her extraordinary charm and evil spirit, “I hit you. Now I’m asking you, can you open the door?”

The group of boys from Jingfu University looked at each other, but no one said anything or moved away.

“F**k! Why are you standing there in a daze? Hit him! He is a big star, so he doesn’t dare to make a big fuss! A bunch of brats, am I afraid of them!” The young man who had fallen to the ground shouted angrily.

This sentence woke everyone up, and people from both sides took action almost at the same time, and the brawl between the students of Huaxing Art School and Jingfu University started. It didn’t take long for the boys at Jingfu University to realize that this was not a group fight. It was just abusing a sc**bag, okay? However, they were the scum who were being abused!

No one, no matter how tall and big the college student was, could withstand Si Huang’s punches and kicks. What’s more, they couldn’t even hit him.

The students at the Huaxing Art School also noticed it. Slowly everyone slowed down and watched Si Huang with wide eyes walking freely among a group of Jingfu college students. He killed one person in one step, so handsome!

“What are you doing! Stop!” The security guard arrived late.

The guys at Jingfu University looked at them as if they were their biological fathers, d**n it! If you don’t come again, everyone would have been ruined!

“Brother Security, it’s them…” the young man shouted, wanting to be the bad guys who filed a complaint first. As a result, he was only halfway through shouting when he was kicked again by Si Huang, causing him to fall to the ground and almost lose his breath.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you kid…” The security guard’s expression darkened, and his words changed when he saw Si Huang’s face clearly, “Are you that Si Huang!?”

Fu Xi and the others showed nervous expressions, oh no! Still found!

On the contrary, Si Huang himself looked calm, pointed to the door of the public toilet and said to the security guard, “Open the door.”

“Ah? Oh oh.” The security guard took out the spare key, but he couldn’t open it no matter how hard he twisted it, “The door is broken or was it blocked from inside? How about this, I’ll call for professionals.”

“What professionals! When you guys come, we don’t know what will have happened to Brother Xu inside!” Fu Xi shouted dissatisfied.

The big security guard showed a surprised expression, “What’s the matter? Isn’t it just a fight.”

Fu Xi’s face was tangled, and he couldn’t bear to look directly at him, cursing inwardly: Was it just a fight when you have to lock people in the toilet and beat them? It turns out it’s not that simple! Uncle, are you too kind or stupid?

“Get out of the way.”

Si Huang’s voice sounded.

Fu Xi and the others consciously stepped aside.

The group of fellow prisoners at Jingfu University who had been severely tortured did not dare to disobey him.

When everyone got out of the way, Si Huang took two steps back and stared at the toilet door.

Everyone vaguely guessed her plan. The students at Huaxing Art School looked surprised. Those at Jingfu University were gloating and waiting to see her make a fool of herself. The security guard shouted directly, “What are you going to do? This material is very good, it’s impossible to be knocked open.”

As a result, Si Huang ignored him, took two steps to run up, and kicked the door panel with all his strength.

“Bang!” The sound was so loud that the ground seemed to shake, and a group of people present were dumbfounded, staring at Si Huang and the door in disbelief.

He didn’t look like a strong figure, how could there be such a lot of strength!?

Fu Xi suddenly felt that his face was hurting again, and he was a little lucky. The time he helped Si Hua plot against Si Huang, it seemed that Si Huang was merciful in beating him! Otherwise, with this strength, he could be killed with one punch!

The toilet door swayed, Si Huang pushed it open, glanced at the broken mop stick, then looked up and saw Xu Wanjun and Fu Mingjun inside.

Xu Wanjun’s face had several bruises, his hair was wet, and there was a lot of water on his face. These were not the most important… When Si Huang saw a syringe on the ground, Xu Wanjun’s arms with sleeves rolled up, and a small needle hole that was still bleeding, it made her face turn into ice.

“How’s it going? Brother Xu, are you okay?” Fu Xi and the others walked in after him.

Si Huang calmly ordered, “Yu Xi will take Xu Wanjun to the hospital, while the others stay behind with the people from Jingfu University. Don’t let anyone escape.” Fu Xi and the others hadn’t sensed anything wrong yet, but Yu Xi noticed that Si Huang was in a bad mood, so he immediately walked over to help Xu Wanjun up, and then felt Xu Wanjun’s abnormally cold temperature and the shivers all over his body.

A huge wave of anger hit his mind, and then he suppressed it. Yu Xi thought of Si Huang’s words. The most important thing now was to send Xu Wanjun to the hospital. As for how to take revenge on Fu Mingjun? To make Si Huang angry, it was courting death!

“You all get out and don’t let anyone else in.” Si Huang ordered Fu Xi and the others again.

This time, even Fu Xi and the others noticed something was wrong. He said cautiously: “Well… Si Huang, just let us teach this guy a lesson. Isn’t it inconvenient for you?”

Si Huang turned around and smiled at them, “It’s nothing inconvenient.”

Fu Xi and the others suddenly felt cold all over. They didn’t have the courage to say anything else, so they all walked out according to her instructions and closed the door for her.

There were two people left in the toilet.

Fu Mingjun looked confident, “Tsk, the slave got a slap in the face, and the master is here?”

Si Huang strode over, and in a few steps, he was in front of Fu Mingjun, reaching out to grab his hair.

“F**k!” Fu Mingjun struggled instinctively but found that he couldn’t get away. His scalp was pulled painfully, and he was dragged forward.


His head was grabbed and smashed against the wall door.

This sudden severe pain made Fu Mingjun’s whole mind go blank and he was confused.

However, this was not the end. Fu Mingjun’s forehead came in close contact with the wall three times in a row, each time with great force. Soon Fu Mingjun could taste his own blood.

His eyes widened, his head felt dizzy, and then he heard a calm question, “Are you awake?” In an instant, severe fear filled his heart.

“…Qing…Qing…” Before he could finish his unclear words, his head was dragged towards the sink again, and his head was pressed into the sink filled with water.    

“Woooooooooo!” He struggled desperately but felt that the force on his head could not be shaken at all, the water choked into his throat, the air was getting less and less, and he felt that he was on the verge of death, “No… woo!”

When Fu Mingjun thought he was going to die, someone pulled his hair and lifted him up again. His eyes were flushed and his face was watery. When he opened his eyes again, he looked at Si Huang with horror and fear in his eyes.

“Tell me, should I break your hand or break your leg?” Si Huang asked calmly, bending down to pick up the syringe on the ground. There was still half of the potion left in it, “Or use this to prick your place?” That was the key point of the man’s eyes.

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