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The caller was Qin Fan.

She pressed the answer button, and a man’s wet and hoarse voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Happy New Year.”

It was like a salty sea breeze blowing on your face, a little sticky and rough, but impressive.

“Happy New Year.” Si Huang also congratulated, thinking that he must have drunk a lot of wine, such that the smell of alcohol could be heard in his voice. Normally, the man’s voice was very magnetic, but his speech was monotonous and cold. So, it was difficult to appreciate the beauty of his voice.

“I miss you.” The man said in a low voice, so calm that he didn’t seem to be talking about love, but simply expressing his inner feelings. “It will be more interesting to celebrate the New Year with you.”

Si Huang’s lips curled up, and her tone did not hide her joy. “Then let’s spend the New Year together.”


“The time is now 11:21, let’s wait until 12 to end the call.”

“…” There was about two or three seconds of silence, and then the man’s low, melodious laughter came from the phone. It could be heard that he should be laughing very happily.

When Si Huang heard this, a trace of pity appeared in her heart. Listening to the indulgent laughter, one could imagine that the man’s expression must not be restrained at this moment, and she really wanted to see what his bright smiling face looked like.

She didn’t know if there was a connection between the two minds, or if Qin Fan had the same idea as her, but the man’s voice came over the phone, “Turn on the video, I want to see you.”

Si Huang agreed to this request.

As soon as the video started, Si Huang was amazed.

Unlike her, the video camera not only focused on the face of the man, but half of his upper body also appeared on the screen.

He was not in the room, but probably outside. Behind him was a house that looked like a courtyard but quainter. At this time, the lights were brightly lit over there, and the place where he sat was dimly lit, but it did not prevent her from seeing his face clearly. He had messy black short curly hair, a handsome face, and was only wearing a dark-colored dress like an ancient robe, exposing a large area of his chest.

His skin was not white, but the sexy and healthy honey color looked more like honey in the dark, frozen into lumps, tempting people to lick it.

Si Huang’s eyes caught Qin Fan’s attention. He looked down at his body, thinking that there should be nothing dirty on his body after the bath he just took, “What are you looking at?”

Si Huang replied indifferently: “Looking at you, isn’t it cold?”

The winter in the capital was about the same temperature as that in City H. Looking at the background behind the man, there was a layer of snow on the roofs of the houses.

“It’s not cold.” Qin Fan laughed, “This is a hot spring.”

So that’s what happened. Si Huang looked at his smiling face. It must be because he drank a lot of wine and soaked in hot springs. His aura had softened a lot, and he had become a lot gentler. This smile was not bright, but it highlighted the man’s handsome facial features that were usually difficult to notice. There was no pressure from the imposing manner, but he still had the packaging of temperament. He was really good-looking like this.

“I really enjoyed it.”

“I’ll bring you here next time.” The two of them chatted with each other. When the 12 o’clock bell rang, they both suddenly came to their senses, and thought more than half an hour had passed without them realizing it?

The two of them said nothing in a tacit understanding, and both looked a little lost.

Si Huang was distracted and thought that this was the first time she had talked on the phone with someone for so long. Looking back on what they talked about, it seemed that there were no important and clear topics at all, from hot springs to food, Beijing University, and playing games during the New Year. Wait, it was all meaningless chitchat. She was so stunned that she forgot the passage of time.

She raised her head and looked at the man in the video on her mobile phone. Her silent look seemed to be reflecting on him, and she couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s the Chinese New Year…” Looking at the battery of the mobile phone, there was only 4% left. It would shut down if there was no power.

Qin Fan came back to his senses, “Well…” He opened his lips and was about to say something.

“A Fan, so you are here.”

A long-haired woman in cotton-padded pants and cotton shoes walked towards him.

She had a good figure and looked to be tall and slender. Unfortunately, her appearance was not captured in the camera lens of his mobile phone, so Si Huang could not see clearly. She could only see a section of beautiful black hair, which was very shiny.

“I just went to your room to look for you. As soon as I saw no one, I knew you had escaped again.” The woman’s tone was naturally friendly, “What are you doing here?”

Qin Fan turned the phone sideways to prevent her from seeing what was inside. “What’s the matter?”

“You actually have secrets that you don’t want others to see. It’s nothing, I just haven’t seen you for a long time and I wanted to talk to you.”

Qin Fan didn’t respond to her but said to the phone: “It’s time to go to bed. Good night.”

“Good night.” Si Huang squinted and turned off the video call.

At this moment, here in the capital.

Pei Zizhen stared at Qin Fan with a gossipy face, “Who were you calling? You can also say good night to someone!”

“It’s none of your business.” Qin Fan stood up, his open clothes opened wider due to his movements, and a large amount of skin was exposed, that figure was good enough to make a woman with weak concentration scream.

But Pei Zizhen seemed unaffected. She cared more about the person who changed his attitude than his figure. “It’s none of my business. Everything about you has something to do with me.”

“Don’t follow me.” Qin Fan said coldly to her. With a glance, the tone contained disgust, but not disgust.

Pei Zizhen had an expression on her face that said, “You’re sorry for me, why am I so pitiful?” and she tried to continue to follow. What she got was an even more ferocious glare from Qin Fan, so she stopped in desperation and watched him strode away.


The New Year passed very quickly, and it was very lively outside. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, Si Huang received an invitation to a class reunion.

The party was being held at a famous hotel in H city, and they specifically requested Si Huang to bring Five Treasure and Liushun with him.

Putting on the clothes for going out, Si Huang put Five Treasure in one pocket, hugged Liushun in one hand, got into the car driven by Yu Xi, fondled Five Treasure’s head in the car, and said with a smile: “Your popularity is so high now.”

These words made Five Treasure very happy, and he put on a look of course, but forgot that his hamster face was the stupid and cute face of a chubby meat bun anyway, “Squeak!”

After about ten minutes, they arrived at the agreed hotel, there were a lot of people who had already arrived at this point, Si Huang and the others walked over as low-key as possible and arrived safely in the box that Zhang Nianmeng and the others had reserved.

In the box, Zhang Nianmeng, Lu Ningning and Huo Yuzhi had already arrived, and Xu Wanjun and Jiang Yajing were also inside. Seeing the tabby cat next to Jiang Yajing, Si Huang knew that she was treated the same as herself… and asked to bring pets.

Noticing her gaze, Jiang Yajing stood up and shouted with a smile, “Boss.”

“Wow! Our most handsome, richest and greatest boss is here!” Huo Yuzhi shouted booingly when he heard the voice.

Everyone also laughed, but all kinds of teasing was not too much, so Si Huang responded with a smile, and then deliberately said to Jiang Yajing with a tigerish face: “Look at what you did.”

Jiang Yajing secretly laughed, it was just that Si Huang’s angry look was too fake, “You’re the boss, I didn’t call you wrong.” It was indeed right.

After Fenghua Entertainment was destroyed, a small number of celebrities signed contracts with Fenghuang Entertainment, and Jiang Yajing was one of them.

“Don’t do this, it’s not working time now.” Si Huang sat on a sofa, his lazy posture and lazy tone made Huo Yuzhi and the others howl again.

It was just that everyone was joking verbally, no one really dared to play seriously in front of Si Huang. When Si Huang threw out the Five Treasure in his pocket, their thoughts immediately turned to this silly little thing.

The pursuit and caress of the girls made Five Treasure feel both benefitted and aggrieved, what did you say? Uncle Five Treasure is the cutest!? That’s for sure, okay? Seeing that you don’t look very good, and your eyesight is still good, Master Five Treasure will give you a little touch! … So who is it, where is your hand touching!? Let go of Uncle Five Treasure, can Uncle Five Treasure’s ass be touched casually? ……ah! You unashamed little girls! Don’t turn over me, don’t look at me… What a cute little hole, it’s so shameless!

[His Majesty–! Save me quickly!] Finally Uncle Five Treasure sent a signal to Si Huang for help.

Si Huang looked innocent with poor signal reception, ignoring its pitiful little eyes.

Time passed little by little, and classmates came in one after another. Everyone sang, played games, chatted together, or played with pets kindly provided by Si Huang and Jiang Yajing. The atmosphere was very lively.

With a “bang” sound, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open with great force. Fu Xi shouted anxiously with an angry look on his face: “Brothers, come out, Director Xu was beaten by those bad guys from Jingfu University!”

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