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“Xiao Huang? Xiao Huang!”

Grandma Yu’s cry woke up Si Huang who was distracted, and when she looked up, she saw Grandma Yu approaching her eyes, “Why are you so absorbed in thinking, grandma has called you several times.”

Si Huang responded, “What’s wrong?” As soon as the words came out, Grandma Yu immediately returned to her smiling face, which seemed a bit treacherous to Si Huang. Then what she said confirmed that Si Huang’s feeling was correct.

“The fans under your Weibo are all falling out, saying that Xiao Yu posted so many photos, but you didn’t post any of them. Such a New Year greeting is very dishonest!”

Si Huang twitched her brows, and listened as Grandma made the final decision, “So grandma decided to take a picture of you, put this on quickly, and sit on the sofa!”

Grandma Yu handed over a bright red cloak.

Which adult wore a cloak during Chinese New Year? This was simply a child’s plaything.

Seeing Grandma Yu’s elated expression, Si Huang couldn’t bear to refuse.

Tying up the cloak, she sat on the sofa according to what Grandma Yu said, and there were also two small ones on the sofa. The black cat Liushun was wearing a small red coat, and Five Treasure was also wearing a miniature cloak.

At a glance, Si Huang knew that Grandma Yu’s girlish heart was on the rise again. She was as naughty as a five-year-old little devil. No wonder some people said that the older you live, the naughtier you became.

“Hurry up, get your poses right, grandma is going to take a picture, there is only one chance, even if the picture is not good, grandma will still send it out.” Grandma Yu threatened.

Si Huang knew that she was deliberately making fun of her. Although she was confident in her appearance, even if she looked like this, she would not be too bad, but… It was also very interesting to make grandma feel embarrassed occasionally.

Si Huang narrowed her eyes and smiled.

She stretched out her hand to hug Liushun to her lap, Five Treasure who was beside her immediately became upset when he saw it, quickly climbed onto her shoulder, and stared at Liushun condescendingly.

With the sound of the camera shutter on Grandma Yu’s mobile phone ringing a second before, Si Huang had already made her pose and expression.

In the frozen frame, the young man in black T-shirt and long trousers leaned against the sofa, stroking the black cat on his lap with one hand, and laying the other casually with the other. The crimson cloak was spread on the sofa, which should be a disharmonious decoration, but was caught in her field control frame.

Her sitting posture looked casual and lazy but revealed a natural noble and elegant temperament, her chin was slightly raised, her lips were raised in an obvious smile, but her eyes were full of coldness and arrogance, like a young king. However, the young king had three cat whiskers painted on his face, and a hamster wearing a cape stood on his shoulders. The hamster stood like a human, with its chin raised high, similar to its owner.

After seeing it, Grandma Yu’s eyes were filled with red hearts. Although it was true that she wanted to tease her precocious grandson, this photo still won her heart. Who could combine coldness and cuteness so well? That was her Xiao Huang!

With the intention of showing off, Grandma Yu immediately sent this photo to Xiang Zhen, Qin Fan and other friends, and finally sent it to Si Huang, asking her to post it on Weibo.

Si Huang took a second look and then really posted it under the supervision of Grandma Yu, and introduced the new member of her family to fans-Five Treasure.

Just as Grandma Yu expected, after seeing the photos, the fans all came to praise and show cuteness. There were many fans from the elderly mother support group expressing their desire for such sons and grandsons. Grandma Yu felt complacent and happy, and glanced at Old Tie next to her: Look! I am so discerning that I recognized such an outstanding grandson.

Tie Lao, who had been ignored by his wife all day long, said silently that he was also glanced at, his wife finally noticed him, and he was very happy.

Among the many comments on Weibo, Si Huang suddenly noticed a new comment, because the ID name of the comment turned out to be ‘His Majesty’s most handsome, most cunning and most adorable Five Treasure’, and this comment was: “Your Majesty, hurry up and verify my identity!”

Si Huang was stunned for two seconds, then turned to look at Five Treasure, who had fallen off her shoulder and was struggling to dance on the tablet. Then she saw the tablet interface under its feet, which was really the Weibo interface.

“Squeak!” Five Treasure also looked up at her.

Si Huang couldn’t help but laugh, and then went to pass Five Treasure’s identity authentication application.

At this time, Yu Xi’s voice came, “Si Huang, what’s the matter with Five Treasure’s identity verification?”

Weibo’s identity verification required the confirmation of at least two people, and obviously the second one Five Treasure found was Yu Xi.

Si Huang replied: “Just for fun, you can pass it.”

She had already spoken, and Yu Xi naturally gave it, but he thought to himself: I didn’t expect Si Huang to have such an interest.

For the fans in the Weibo, her behavior was one after another of surprises, with constant twists and turns.

“Pet Weibo? Your Majesty actually opened a pet Weibo just for new members!”

“What the hell is that name? Don’t tell me that the operator behind the scenes is Your Majesty. I don’t read enough and don’t lie to me [laugh cry] [laugh cry]”

“I’ve decided, I fan Five Treasure! Don’t ask me why, it is Your Majesty, he is so willful!”

On this day, not only did the fans of the newly opened Fenghuang Entertainment official V surge, but also don’t know when, Five Treasure’s Weibo has also skyrocketed in fans, and it probably won’t be long before it could also become a Weibo favorite pet, a star hamster.

The first day of the new year was successfully over. At night, when Si Huang went back to her room to take a shower and went to bed to get ready for bed, the phone rang.

The author has something to say:

Then there is the serious plot preview: after the Chinese New Year, His Majesty, who has abused his scumbag parents and mothers, will leave the H city dungeon and start a brighter star journey! While continuing to be handsome! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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