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“You are the third party!” Yuan Mingxu stood up and said angrily: “It was you who interfered in our relationship! It was you who ruined our relationship! He liked me before! Yes, your appearance changed everything! You are the third party between the two of us!”

Yan Qingchi was simply stunned. He couldn’t help but applaud Yuan Mingxu and praise him for this passionate outburst. It was the first time he had seen someone who was so arrogant and confident that he could mess around and confuse right and wrong and even beat him up. Yuan Mingxu really opened his eyes.

“Awesome, what you said is really great! Yuan Mingxu, if there was an award for confusing right and wrong in this world, I would definitely award it to you. What you said is simply wonderful. Were you moved by it? Do you think it is right? Are you feeling wronged? Feeling unwilling? Feeling regretful? Do you think I am not a human being and Jiang Mochen is not a good person? Are you really living in your own imagination? Isn’t it good to open your eyes to see the world? You also came out of nine years of compulsory education. But your three views are really distorted. If you’re like this, won’t you be afraid of your teacher hitting you on the road.”

“Let me sort out this timeline for you and tell you what a third party is.” Yan Qingchi crossed his legs and crossed his arms. “Before you went abroad, Jiang Mochen liked you, but you didn’t like him. You liked Zhou Yixing. Neither you nor Jiang Mochen made this relationship clear. You just got along as friends. At this time, you didn’t establish a romantic relationship. On the contrary, almost everyone knew that you like Zhou Yixing, but Zhou Yixing doesn’t like you. Therefore, the three of you were three one-way arrows on this relationship network. No one had established a relationship with the other party, and the three of you were still single. And you yourself kept saying that you and Jiang Mochen are friends. Although this statement is shameless, it is still barely valid. Then, you went abroad.”

Yan Qingchi looked at him, “I married Jiang Mochen after you left the country. He cut off the single arrow towards you and came to me and wanted to marry me. I agreed and we got married. So we have a legally protected marriage, we became a family, and we became a double arrow. Then, you came back, you jumped around desperately, even if both of us ignored you, you still had to go around, just trying to get up right in front of me, but you’re going to beat me up and say I’m a third party? Do you know what third party means?” Yan Qingchi took out his mobile phone and searched Baidu for him, then threw it on the coffee table in front of him, “If you don’t understand, just read it. This is free teaching, no fees, just saving you from using words randomly and embarrassing yourself in the future.”

Yuan Mingxu lowered his head and saw the dazzling black font of Baidu Encyclopedia on the webpage opened by Yan Qingchi. Author: The meaning of a third party in Chinese law is a person who abandons the three moral values, relies on his own personal preferences, arbitrarily interferes in the emotional life of others, and destroys the original family relationship between husband and wife.

He looked at the words “original family relationship between husband and wife” and felt it was extremely dazzling. He was not the third party. How could he be the third party? What destroying family relationships? He didn’t need Jiang Mochen and Yan Qingchi to divorce, how could he be the third party!

“I don’t want to ruin your family relationship. I just want to get along with him the way we used to.” He tried hard to explain to Yan Qingchi, “I never wanted you to get divorced or for you to have emotional problems.”

“How about it? Get along like before? He should protect you? Take care of you? Help you with things? Solve your problems? Then what you need is not Jiang Mochen, you need a 24-hour caring butler. You really don’t want us to divorce, you just can’t bear to lose Jiang Mochen, this spare tire who is rich and powerful and is gentle and considerate to you, but you also need to think about it, can it be the same when you are alone and as a family? He and I are married, so naturally his thoughts have to be on me. If you get along like you did before, then who am I? He spent a lot of money to buy a decoration for his home? Do you think you are even speaking human language?”

Yuan Mingxu looked up at him and his eyes were a little sour, “You are so powerful, and you always speak the truth, so why bother arguing with me on this matter? Even if he still gets along with me like before, it won’t pose any threat to you, right?”

“Didn’t you just think that Jiang Mochen would never marry someone like me, and now you think I’m too awesome? Your attitude changed too quickly, but it’s useless. I already said I’m a different kind of firework. Do you think I can agree with you? Moreover,” Yan Qingchi said helplessly, “I have told you eight hundred times since you came in. It’s not that I don’t want Jiang Mochen to get along with you the way he used to, it’s that he doesn’t want to, so you don’t have to pretend to be pitiful in front of me, you should instead go find him, do you understand?”

Yuan Mingxu looked at him without saying anything.

Yan Qingchi leaned on the sofa with a calm look, “Don’t look at me like that, we are love rivals. If you look at me like this, it will only make me gloat and think that you will have this day too? After all, I am so hard-hearted and a person who doesn’t know how to show mercy to those weaker than me.”

Yuan Mingxu still looked at him, the corners of his eyes turning red.

“Is there anything else? If nothing else is there, you can leave.”

Yuan Mingxu didn’t speak, just stood and looked at him stubbornly.

“What, what else do you want to tell me?” Yan Qingchi asked him.

Yuan Mingxu looked at his calm and indifferent expression and felt that Yan Qingchi was playing tricks on him. He was sitting there with his arms folded across his chest and his legs crossed. His temperament was elegant, but as for himself, he was acting like a clown under his feet and seeking a compromise in front of him, thinking this he felt irritable and angry. While he just kept looking indifferently, only occasionally making fun of him to show his disdain and contempt.

The jealousy and resentment in his heart were like slowly burning flames, eating away at his reason and emotions bit by bit. He sneered and looked at Yan Qingchi indifferently, and his tone was cold, with the vicious and cruel words coming from his heart.

“Who do you think you are? You are just a random person who he got married to hastily after I left. As you said, he loved me wholeheartedly at that time. If I had not left, how would you have the right to speak here now?”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “But you left.”

“But he liked me.”

Yan Qingchi sneered, “What did he like? Do you just say like verbally? Has he kissed you? Has he hugged you? Has he held hands with you? Has he ever driven a car on the mountain with you? Have his parents and family met you? Did he even really say he likes you?” Yan Qingchi smiled contemptuously, “How much is your so-called love worth?”

Yuan Mingxu said forcefully: “How do you know he didn’t?”

Yan Qingchi: “Oh. That’s just right.” He raised his chin and pointed at his mobile phone. “Didn’t I throw the mobile phone in front of you? Give him a call and talk about the intimate actions between you in those years. It should be so stimulating to me. Don’t worry, he won’t answer your call. But if you use my mobile phone to call, he will definitely answer.”

Yuan Mingxu unconsciously looked down at the phone, clenched his fists, and his heart skipped a beat.

Yan Qingchi saw his momentum weakening and sneered, “You still want to fool me with your tricks.”

Yuan Mingxu was stimulated by him, so he reached out to pick up the phone from the coffee table, and pressed the lock screen. Then he realized that he couldn’t open it.

Yan Qingchi stood up and took his phone. After unlocking it with his fingerprint, he handed it to him, “Want to call? If you want to call, call. After the call is over, if you don’t say anything, I can help you. Let’s listen together.”

Yuan Qingchi stood up and took his phone. Yuan Mingxu looked at him, his hands shaking unconsciously. He wanted to get the phone, but he didn’t dare to reach out. He was afraid that Jiang Mochen would deny it in front of Yan Qingchi and that he would be slapped in the face. In that case, Yan Qingchi would definitely embarrass him by laughing at him in front of Jiang Mochen.

When Yan Qingchi saw that he didn’t answer, he put down the phone again.

“Yuan Mingxu, this is the first time we have talked, and I hope it will be the last time. To be honest, neither of us likes each other very much. You don’t like me, as you think I have taken away Jiang Mochen who belongs to you. I don’t like you either. You are not pleasing to the eye, and I think it is a bit annoying that you are always jumping around in front of me like this. You keep saying that my appearance has affected your friendship with Jiang Mochen, but Jiang Mochen has so many friends, why are you the only one who is affected? You really feel like you have any points? There are, right? Because you also know that you were special in his circle of friends, and you even enjoyed this special treatment, am I right?”

Yuan Mingxu did not speak.

“You told others that Jiang Mochen protected me all the way and gave me a lot of resources. Of course I admit that he is indeed my guide in this circle and has helped me a lot, but he has helped you too, hasn’t he? He has given you advertising resources, taken you on magazine covers, and recommended you to different film and television crews. You maliciously spread rumors about me, saying that I don’t have to work hard at all, and when you look down on me, don’t you look at yourself in the mirror? What’s the difference between you and me? It’s just fifty steps and a hundred steps. Even in terms of quantity, you are still the hundred steps between us.”

“So you are jealous?” Yuan Mingxu said indifferently.

Yan Qingchi shook his head, “You underestimate me.” He looked at Yuan Mingxu, “I am a casual person by nature. If he gives me resources, I will continue to do my best to maximize the resource conversion rate. If he doesn’t give it to me, I won’t want it, because even if I can’t make a name for myself in this industry, I can still go to other industries. You may not believe it, but I believe that if I go to other industries, I can also make a name for myself. I know myself very clearly. I know that I am a very good person. So whether Jiang Mochen likes me or dislikes me, I will not go to all the trouble and use all the tricks like you, just for a person who no longer belongs to me, there is no need for this.” He said.

“Since there is no need, why are you so guarded against me?”

“Because you have to rush to appear in front of me. You see, when you didn’t appear in front of me before, I never looked for you. Isn’t it?”

“You just don’t feel pain when you stand and talk now. After all, I was just like you once.”

“Why do you always use sarcasm to talk about things?” Yan Qingchi said with a smile, “The reason why the past is the past, is because it is gone. You didn’t cherish your past, that’s your problem, but no one needs to pay for your past. Why can’t you face the fact that Jiang Mochen is married? Face it that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you now. Is it difficult to correct your mentality and then retreat to the position you should have? You are so stubborn and keep emphasizing your past and living in your past. Don’t you feel sorry for yourself?”

“It’s just a casual marriage. It doesn’t even have the most basic love. You really take yourself seriously.”

“You have opened my eyes to the world. How can you still live in your own imagination? Just now, didn’t I tell you that Jiang Mochen likes me so much that he wants me in life and death, but you insist so should I tell you that not long after you left, he forgot about you and fell in love with me at first sight, crying and shouting for me to marry him, and he has to send me WeChat messages every day when I go out to record a variety show. If he doesn’t video call me for a day and ask about what I think, he won’t be happy?”

“You are talking nonsense.” Yuan Mingxu said angrily, “He is not that kind of person.”

“That’s for you, not for me. If you don’t believe me, ask him another time if what I said is right. Oops, I forgot. He is ignoring you now. You can’t ask him anymore.”

Yuan Mingxu bit his lip. Gritting his teeth, he felt that the anger that had just subsided rose again.

“Don’t be angry,” Yan Qingchi looked at him, “Don’t you like Zhou Yixing? Why, you don’t like him now?”

Yuan Mingxu didn’t expect that he would ask this question at this time and was speechless for a moment.

“You still like him,” Yan Qingchi smiled, “So why do you have to waste time on Jiang Mochen? If you ask me, you can just wait. You see, Jiang Mochen liked you before and you didn’t care about him, but now when Jiang Mochen likes someone else, you started chasing him again. The same principle is thus proved. Sometimes, there are always some people who are habitual and mean. Maybe, when you chased Zhou Yixing, Zhou Yixing ignored you, but now seeing you chase Jiang Mochen, Zhou Yixing should come back and chase you. If you turn around at this time, wouldn’t you two be together?”

Yuan Mingxu was speechless by his proof of the same reasoning.

Yan Qingchi finally concluded, “So, if I were you, I would never talk to Jiang Mochen again. When Zhou Yixing comes back to be with you, tell him that you were indifferent to Jiang Mochen before, but now I have made it impossible for you to reach up. Didn’t you ignore me? Now, I won’t ignore you either. This is called ruthless revenge! The reason why the white moonlight is a white moonlight is because it can be seen but cannot be touched. You are like a cheap man now. Jiang Mochen is like a piece of cabbage on sale. Jiang Mochen must not think that you are cheap and look down on you. Isn’t this just like the movie of a great director, where we don’t need to be paid but are willing to pay for the performance, and the director of a bad movie gives you money to film, but you still dislike him for coming to disturb your rest, isn’t that true?”

Yuan Mingxu said nothing.

Yan Qingchi looked at him as if he was thinking about something and felt that this conversation should almost end here. “Finally, as the narrator, Yuan Mingxu, Jiang Mochen asked me to give you a message.”

Yuan Mingxu felt a little confused for a moment. But still looking at him excitedly and expectantly, he asked, “What are you talking about?”

Yan Qingchi looked at the expectation in his eyes and felt that after he said this, Yuan Mingxu would probably feel aggrieved and sad again, but he always faced Yuan Mingxu. After all he had a hard-hearted character, so he just stated calmly: “Jiang Mochen said, this is the first and last time you appear in front of me, and there will not be a second time. Also, the most important thing for a person is self-respect and self-love. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Don’t embarrass yourself too much.”

Yuan Mingxu was stunned. He looked at Yan Qingchi in disbelief.

“Do you know why he didn’t tell you directly?” Yan Qingchi asked.

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