MMMYT Ch. 2.2: Kneel Down

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After Jiang Sui finished her meal, Chen Caiqiong took her to her breakfast restaurant. In the early morning of 1997, the sunshine was shining softly, the aroma of soft steamed buns was wafting in the air, and the tall trees were sparkling green.

Chen Caiqiong’s breakfast was almost sold out, so she sat in the store picking at the soles of her shoes.

She knew that little Jiang Sui was so well-behaved that she didn’t need to take care of her at all. She would often behave well just sitting there and would help her thread threads clumsily.

Jiang Sui raised her eyes and looked towards the courtyard.

On this mild summer morning, her old neighbor Uncle Zhang and the others had come over.

Uncle Zhang shook his head: “The woman from that family abused the child too much. What the hell is this?”

His wife answered: “Isn’t that right? Instead of giving her nephew an education, she even hired him out to help Zheng Chun. Who in the courtyard doesn’t know how Zheng Chun is? Now for a few bowls, that boy has suffered enough.”

Jiang Sui was startled.

Chen Caiqiong, who was holding the soles of her shoes, smelled the gossip and quickly asked: “Old Zhang, what are you talking about?”

Zhang Zhiqiang pointed to the north and answered her: “I’m talking about that boy from the Zhao family. He broke Zheng Chun’s bowl when he was delivering goods yesterday. Zheng Chun asked his aunt to pay for it today. How could that woman from the Zhao family be willing to force him to kneel down and apologize.”

Jiang Sui couldn’t help but look to the north of the compound.

Kneel down and apologize…

He was Chi Yan, the man that no one dared to provoke in the future.

Chi Yan was just a name to her before, but it became clear at this moment.

Chen Caiqiong clicked her tongue: “Oh, then he should admit his mistake if he broke the bowl.”

When Zhang Zhiqiang heard this, he was very angry and didn’t bother to talk to Chen Caiqiong. Seeing that his wife still wanted to argue with Chen Caiqiong, he quickly pulled his wife away: “Forget it, forget it, why are you arguing with her.”

Chen Caiqiong put down the soles of her shoes and originally wanted to say “poof” at the couple, but when she saw the little girl, she retracted her move.

She also wanted to be someone else’s stepmother. But Chen Caiqiong wanted to go see the “fun”, so she asked: “Suisui, do you want to go and see it?”

In the past, Jiang Sui would shake her head because her father didn’t want her to run around for fear of her falling.

But now Jiang Sui nodded: “Go.”

Chen Caiqiong held her hand, but thinking of her walking slowly, she just picked her up again. The nine-year-old dumpling was small and looked thin, but her whole body was limp.

Jiang Sui felt uncomfortable, but she could only endure it in her current situation.

Before they even got close to Zheng Chun’s grocery store, they saw a group of people surrounding them from a distance, as the people pointed and whispered.

At this time, a woman’s sharp voice came: “Zheng Chun, don’t be too dark-hearted. Anyway, Chi Yan knelt down and apologized. If you want money, if you want someone, just take it to him. His daily wages of eight yuan, let him give it to you. You have to pay him for moving the goods. You have to give me his wages for the past few days!”

Zheng Chun was not a good person either: “F**k you, you still want money, believe it or not, I’ll beat you to death, you stinky bitch!”

“You dare!”

They were getting more and more noisy and more and more people were coming out to watch the fun. The crowd was chattering, judging the right and wrong of this scene.

Jiang Sui stood slightly taller in Chen Caiqiong’s arms, so she could see the boy kneeling in front of the grocery store at a glance.

During the hottest month, his back was wet with sweat.

Jiang Sui suddenly shrank.

Chi Yiming once said that his brother had a hard time when he was young.

But only now did she truly understand how painful it was.

Chi Yan’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and the sweat flowed down his chin and into his gray-blue clothes. The two people around him kept arguing, while many people around him were watching the farce.

He knelt in the center of the crowd in humiliation, his straight spine slightly bent since last night.

The quarrelling woman hit him on the head from time to time.

He was twelve years old this year, which should have been his most lawless age, but people kept pushing against his immature body and spine.

Jiang Sui looked at his thin cheeks. His lips were chapped and blood oozed out of them, while the traces of sweat on his cheeks were obvious. There was an indelible scar on his brow bone. She didn’t know when the injury occurred.

The beating last night failed to bring him down, but today he was still forced to kneel down and apologize.

Jiang Sui’s eyes trembled, and she saw his eyes. The dark eyes were long and narrow, slightly drooping, and so dim that there seemed to be no light inside.

When she came, Jiang Sui also felt a little regretful. She repeatedly told herself not to meddle in other people’s business. After all, she should no longer have anything to do with the people surnamed Chi, whether it was the cold and arrogant Chi Yan or the little pervert Chi Yiming.

But on this summer morning, she couldn’t help but be moved by Chi Yan’s dead eyes.

He was only twelve years old!

Chi Yiming once said, my brother hates you, so he never looks at you, smiles at you, or talks to you.

Chi Yan also said coldly that her staying away from him at any time was his best reward.

How much did you hate her to say such things? She obviously didn’t do anything.

She respected Chi Yan’s intention at that time and only bowed politely from a distance to thank him for helping to find a kidney for her father.

Thinking of this, Jiang Sui bit her baby teeth that had not yet been replaced.

She turned her back in Chen Caiqiong’s arms.

Leave it alone! The men of the Chi family were not easy to mess with. He was lucky enough to survive and later he even helped force her to marry Chi Yiming.

At this time, a sparrow jumped up lightly on the branch, tilting its head to look at her.

Jiang Sui suddenly turned her head, and the girl’s voice was crisp as she said: “Stop arguing! He’s not the one who broke those things!”

The crowd fell silent, and the boy kneeling on the ground slowly raised his head and looked over.

At that time, the summer breeze was gentle and the sun was shining, as it fell to the ground.

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