MGSGW Ch. 272

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“You took other people’s things, who are still treating you to dinner, but just peeling some crayfish made you feel wronged?” Yun Ting didn’t even raise his eyebrows this time, but he was naturally talking about Qiu Feng.

“No grievance, no grievance. I won’t feel wronged even if I work as a cow or a horse for my second brother and second sister-in-law!” Qiu Feng immediately put on plastic gloves and started working.

Only Lin Mumu could understand the riddle between them.

By taking someone else’s things, Yun Ting meant that Qiu Feng took the credit for Lin Mumu’s bear-hunting.

Such a wonderful thing, and with the participation of Shao Yun, Shao Qiu and Shao Xing who were famous in Yanjing City, it would naturally spread.

In particular, the Chinese Martial Arts Association also wanted to study bear skulls. Every time the teacher gave a lecture, he would mention how the sharpshooter Qiu Feng could accurately shoot through the eyes of the big black bear in a tense atmosphere.

The ancient Chinese archery had a long history and cultural significance, and could still be passed down. For example, Qiu Feng.

In short, because of Lin Mumu, Qiu Feng’s reputation had almost been blown to the sky recently.

Qiu Feng was already good at shooting when he was in the special forces, including archery. Now that he had this reputation, he couldn’t sit still.

It didn’t matter to Lin Mumu, but Qiu Feng would still feel that he had taken Lin Mumu’s things.

Yun Ting looked for an opportunity to ask Qiu Feng to make amends because he was familiar with Qiu Feng and treated him as one of his own, giving Qiu Feng an extra chance to stabilize his conscience, lest he feel uneasy.

“How can one meal be enough for this kind of thing?” Qiu Feng was a little embarrassed.

“Then you can treat me to a few more meals. I don’t have any objection. If you beat the rich, you will get nothing for free.”

“Okay, I’ll treat you to crock pot chicken next time. I was just invited by the Chinese Martial Arts Association to renew my title. In a month, I would be getting a lot of income for nothing.” Qiu Feng said cryptically, and only Lin Mumu and Yun Ting understood. What he meant was that he shouldn’t take the money, it should belong to Lin Mumu.

But Lin Mumu was too embarrassed to take other people’s money, except for Yun Ting’s.

It was Yun Ting who made the final decision: “Didn’t the third child set up a charity fund? If you have too much money and have nowhere to spend it, just donate it.”

“Okay, let’s do it like this.”

Qiu Feng nodded, otherwise he would be in trouble with Lin Mumu. It was a bit embarrassing to just get such an appointment and have extra income after becoming famous for someone else’s merit.

Compared with Yun Ting, a guy who was good at business and investment but didn’t like to socialize, Qiu Feng was much worse financially. It could only be said that he had a lot of money, but he was not at the point where he could buy a house or a store casually. Therefore, Yun Ting and Gu Qi never asked him to donate.

Now that they had this deal, everyone was happy.

“I’m telling you, next week I’m going to your Yanda Physical Education Department to teach those little brats archery.”

“It won’t be next Tuesday, right?” Lin Mumu asked.

“Hey, how did you know?”

“So you are the mysterious martial arts master!” Chen Fangya looked adoring.

“It’s no longer a matter of the physical education department. We have all been notified to go to the square to watch.” Lin Mumu responded calmly: “It turns out that we will be watching Fourth Brother Qiu.”

“Uh-huh.” Qiu Feng went crazy: “You…, is it a pain in the ass to be this big? What are you doing with so many students?”

“We at Yanda University have a long history and profound cultural heritage. We like to promote ancient Chinese culture. It’s not like you don’t know.” Lin Mumu looked at the extra shrimps on the plate.

Anyway, it was Qiu Feng who was being watched and not her man, so Lin Mumu was very calm.

Anyway, Qiu Feng had excellent mental quality, even if thousands of alpacas (also known as grass, mud, and horses) trampled on him in his heart, he still had to peel crayfish with the same hand speed.

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