MMMYT Ch. 2.1: Kneel Down

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Jiang Shuisheng hurried home with Jiang Sui in his arms, and quickly closed the window that he had not had time to close.

Jiang Sui sat on the bench and smelled the light medicinal fragrance in the air. The compound she lived in when she was a child was in the old town of R city. The compound was very lively, with many families living there, and it was like a small world in itself.

Jiang Shuisheng was in the business of buying medicinal herbs and had a lot of medicinal materials piled up in the backyard. In 1997, every pound of medicinal herbs could be resold for one or two cents. Thus, Jiang Sui spent her childhood surrounded by the fragrance of herbs.

She was a premature child, and her mother died giving birth to her. Jiang Shuisheng loved her so much that no matter how hard it was to make money, he still insisted on using all the money to treat Jiang Sui’s limb incoordination.

The heavy rain outside was beating on the tiles of the courtyard. Jiang Shuisheng looked at his daughter’s bruised face and felt extremely uncomfortable. Jiang Sui was very pink and cute when she was little. If she hadn’t become sick, she would have been the most beautiful child. How would she get hurt like this every day?

Jiang Sui saw it clearly and said softly: “Dad, I will be fine in the future.”

She was telling the truth, but Jiang Shuisheng only comforted himself saying that his daughter had become sensible. So, he nodded quickly: “Suisui is right, it will be fine.”

After the father and daughter finished eating, Jiang Shuisheng went to sort out the medicinal materials. When it rained, his first reaction was to bring his daughter home first, and the pinellia pineapples he just bought were still piled up under the eaves, and he was afraid that they would sprout.

Jiang Sui slept on her small bed.

The sound of wind mixed with the sound of rain at night made her heart beat violently. She closed her eyes but couldn’t fall asleep. She was afraid that this was a dream, and when she woke up, her father would still be lying weakly on the hospital bed with various tubes inserted into his body.

The rain drifted in through the window and sprinkled on her upturned face, stinging her wounds a little.

Jiang Sui covered her cheeks and finally couldn’t hold back her sobs and cried loudly. It was so good to be back, so good! At that time, she was afraid that as soon as she opened her eyes, her father, who had dedicated his whole life to her, would have died in pain.

The trees wanted to be quiet but the wind did not stop; the child wanted to be nurtured but could not feel the love.

It was great to be back, it was really great.

She was nine years old now. It happened to be the month of July in the summer of 1997. Little Jiang Sui was in fourth grade at Sunshine Primary School. The school was still on summer vacation. Her father was young and strong and was not yet diagnosed to have advanced liver cirrhosis by the hospital, so there was still time for everything.

The weather in summer was changeable. It was still stormy last night, but it cleared up at dawn.

The sun shone on Jiang Sui through the glass window, and she sat up suddenly. Jiang Sui quickly looked down at her little hands and the familiar yet unfamiliar small room around her. Fortunately, it was not a dream.

She was worried and got out of bed to look in the mirror.

A round mirror with cracks reflected her appearance at this age. Her face was miserable and bruised from falls. Only a pair of watery peach blossom eyes could give a glimpse of her future beautiful appearance once she grew up.

It was amazing that her little face wasn’t disfigured after being tortured like this.

Jiang Sui opened the window, and the air after the rain had a slight smell of earth.

She feared that she had imagined the incredible thing of going back in time, so she got up very early.

Jiang Shuisheng was pushing his bicycle and was about to go out. When he saw his daughter opening the window, he pedaled on the bicycle and said, “Suisui, daddy is going out to harvest pinellia today. I asked Aunt Chen to take care of you. You eat the porridge and eggs on the table first, she will come and pick you up later.”

Jiang Sui nodded: “I understand, goodbye dad.”

Jiang Shuisheng left on his bicycle.

The old horizontal-bar bicycle jingled as it walked around the alley. The red lanterns under the eaves were swayed by the wind. Jiang Shuisheng turned around the bend and disappeared.

Jiang Sui walked back to the table with her uncoordinated hands and feet. This was a defect she had had since birth. Her thinking was a little slower than that of children of the same age, and her behavior could not keep up with the commands of her brain, so she could fall on flat ground.

Sure enough, there was an egg and a bowl of porridge on the table.

Jiang Sui took a small spoon and ate it slowly.

She looked at the eggs and sighed. Even during the poor years of her family, Jiang Shuisheng had not let her be short of eggs and fruits. He just hoped that she could grow up healthily.

She was so slow that when Chen Caiqiong walked in, she was still biting into the egg in a delicate manner.

Chen Caiqiong’s eyes flashed, oh, she saw this child eating eggs every morning, so she felt that the Jiang family’s family background was pretty good.

Jiang Sui raised her little head. She paused and was stunned for a long time before calling out: “Aunt Chen.” When she was nine years old, her voice was as soft as a kitten’s.

Chen Caiqiong nodded with a smile, her small eyes almost too curved to see.

“Suisui, eat slowly. After you’re done, Auntie will take you out to play.”

Jiang Sui buried her head.

She was only thinking about her father, but now that she saw Chen Caiqiong, she felt that many things could still be done. For example, Chen Caiqiong, her former stepmother.

Chen Caiqiong was 31 years old, the same age as Jiang Shuisheng. With a round face and a fat body, she had never married and later became Jiang Sui’s stepmother.

Jiang Sui knew the reason. She often fell and suffered bruises and always sported a swollen face. Jiang Shuisheng had to go out to buy medicinal herbs no matter whether it was windy or rainy. So, the family needed a woman who could take care of her.

Chen Caiqiong often helped take care of Jiang Sui, so Jiang Shuisheng finally married Chen Caiqiong.

But after marriage, Chen Caiqiong became stingy and mean. When her father was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, she immediately clamored for a divorce. The honest and kind Jiang Shuisheng naturally chose to let her go.

Little Jiang Sui initially thought that Aunt Chen was a good person who was willing to take care of her. So, she was well-behaved and sensible and was always afraid of disturbing Aunt Chen.

But later she accidentally heard that Jiang Shuisheng gave Chen Caiqiong a large sum of money every month.

This woman did not bring happiness to the family but made her father’s burden even heavier and harder.

Jiang Sui would not let her become her stepmother this time.

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