YYGMC Ch. 89.2: Three Cuties March into the Department

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Lu Xiaoqi pointed to his lips: “When you like just kiss me, and stay close to me, Gungun, okay?”

Mo Gungun looked at Lu Xiaoqi’s lips.

Lu Xiaoqi looked at him intently.

Mo Gungun thought for a while, then came closer and gave him a kiss.

Lu Xiaoqi didn’t want to squander this atmosphere, so he planned to help the young man gain more enlightenment at this time.

Lu Xiaoqi: “In the future, whether we are happy or unhappy, let’s kiss each other once in the morning and once at night, okay?”

Mo Gungun was shocked at first.

But after thinking about it carefully, he felt that it was quite interesting, and also that he was looking forward to it, so he nodded and accepted.

Lu Xiaoqi touched the young man’s head and said, “So good.”

Mo Gungun rubbed against him with an affectionate and trusting attitude.

Lu Xiaoqi patted the panda boy: “Gungun’s first performance in the finals today was great. I really liked it.”

He smiled sweetly, and Mo Gungun’s eyebrows arched.

Mo Gungun: “I also think my performance today was pretty good. I don’t know if the audience will like it.”

Lu Xiaoqi guaranteed: “They will definitely like it. Don’t worry, I will always be with you.”

Mo Gungun agreed obediently, shaking his head happily.

Lu Xiaoqi looked at the young man and saw that he seemed sleepy and said, “Okay, Gungun, let’s go to bed first, okay?”

Mo Gungun looked at him blankly.

Mo Gungun: “But I want to stay with the big monster.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s heart felt like it was hit hard by a hammer, beating very fast. He stared deeply at the boy and kept smiling for a while.

Lu Xiaoqi then readily agreed to his request.

As for what Xiao Huang had discovered, it could wait until the panda fell asleep.

Mo Gungun was indeed sleepy. He yawned a little, and soon fell asleep happily leaning on the big monster.

Looking at the young man’s rosy cheeks, Lu Xiaoqi lowered his eyelids to cover up the deep and terrifying possessiveness in his eyes that was almost stinging. He lowered his head and kissed the young man’s cheek gently and then kissed his forehead carefully.

Mo Gungun muttered something in a low voice, but he couldn’t really hear what he said.

Lu Xiaoqi touched his head funnily: I wish you sweet dreams, and I will protect your safety and happiness throughout my life.

Finally, he patted the little guy to sleep, and on the other hand, Xiao Huang also finished fooling Xiao Hong.

Xiao Huang flapped his wings and flew out, until he was face to face with Lu Xiaoqi.

Lu Xiaoqi gave a signal with his eyes, and Xiao Huang followed him with some understanding. The two quietly left the master bedroom and entered the study.

In the study room, the atmosphere was stagnant.

There was still scarlet color in Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils. He looked at himself in the reflection of the glass and frowned.

Xiao Huang was beside him, his expression equally solemn.

Lu Xiaoqi squinted: “Tell me.”

Xiao Huang: “Your situation, if I remember correctly, is called a blood curse.”

Lu Xiaoqi narrowed his eyes: “Blood curse?”

Xiao Huang nodded: “Thousands of years ago, this was an evil curse that could cause the cursed person’s body to fester and his soul to be broken.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes narrowed.

Lu Xiaoqi: “How long can this continue?”

Xiao Huang pondered for a moment: “The blood curse has several stages. The first stage is when the desire soul leaves the body, which is when your soul is divided into two parts, and the part of the soul that is composed of desires leaves the body and wanders outside for about a week. The second stage is when the soul is completely divided into multiple segments. During this period, it is probably similar to so-called schizophrenia. The physical fitness reaches its peak and still keeps increasing in this stage.”

“Next, it’s the decadent stage, and I don’t think you would be willing to hear it. Each stage lasts for about a week, and it depends on the physical fitness of the specific person.” Xiao Huang flapped his wings: “Because you saved me and Xiao Hong, even more because you gave us a place to stay, but I don’t know how to repay you, so I can only tell you what I know as much as possible.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes were stern.

Xiao Huang’s expression suddenly became serious: “Find the one who put the curse on you as soon as possible and ask him to lift it for you or kill him.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s voice was hoarse: “Schizophrenia.”

Xiao Huang nodded: “The most troublesome part is this stage. When you go crazy and when your soul is out of your body, your body is like a puppet.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils shrank suddenly: “You mean…”

Xiao Huang: “Yes, your body is a puppet. The person who cursed you can completely control your body.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils shrank: “How long do I have?”

Xiao Huang pondered for a moment: “With your ability, three days at most.”

Lu Xiaoqi pursed his lips tightly, three days.

On the other side, Li Wenrao looked at Lu Xiaoqi, who seemed to have no influence at all on the stage, and his expression became gloomy.

Li Wenrao looked at the master.

The master was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, squinting and thinking about something.

There was an abacus in his hand. After fiddling with it a few times, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Oh, don’t be in a hurry.”

Li Wenrao didn’t know what to say.

Li Wenrao: “Master, what is about to be done is the last report of the year. If he cannot be made crazy and make mistakes before then, then he will definitely become the heir.”

The master smiled and turned his head, his pupils similar to Li Qingwen twinkling with an evil smile.

Master: “What are you anxious about? What you should be anxious about now is over. Lu Xiaoqi is unable to win, so don’t worry.”

The master looked at the sky: “Don’t worry, I hate him more than you do.”

As he looked, the master showed hatred in his eyes, as he touched his own eyes.

These eyes were beautiful, but they were not his.

His eyes could see ghosts, but they were destroyed by a man. He must make it difficult for him as well.

But it was precisely because his eyes were destroyed that he gained something from that man.

And he cursed him.

The next day, Mo Gungun sat up and went to eat breakfast only to find that the floating island had changed.

Mo Gungun sat on the rocking chair, staring blankly at the insect corpses coming in and out, and then at the ghosts leaving in a hurry.

Did something happen yesterday?

Xiao Hong leaned his chin on his shoulder. “What are you doing?”

Mo Gungun shook his head.

Xiao Hong pouted: “I wanted to help just now, but everyone rejected me, saying I didn’t know how.”

Mo Gungun tilted his head and listened patiently to him.

Xiao Hong was a little aggrieved: “Tell me if I can’t do it, I can still learn. Do they think I’m getting in the way?”

After saying that, Xiao Hong felt even more aggrieved: “Xiao Huang also went out in a hurry. And ignored me.”

Mo Gungun was stunned for a moment: “Xiao Huang’s magical object is with me, he shouldn’t be able to go far.”

Xiao Hong shook his head, “Xiao Huang brought the possessed magical object to the general. They might have gone out.”

Just when Xiao Hong was complaining about being looked down upon, Xiao Huang came over.

Xiao Hong watched him coming from a distance, immediately put aside his grievances, and jumped forward happily.

Xiao Hong: “Xiao Huang, where have you been?”

Xiao Huang held his hand: “Come on, I’ll take you to a place, and you need to help me smell it.”

Xiao Hong was puzzled.

Xiao Huang didn’t say much. He nodded politely to Mo Gungun and asked, “Can you give me Xiao Hong’s cup?”

Mo Gungun took out the cup blankly, and then the two spirits held hands and flew away.

After he saw them flying away, Mo Gungun looked at the sky, completely confused.

Overnight, the entire territory became busy, and it seemed that he was the idlest one.

What on earth was everyone doing?

Unable to keep up with everyone’s thoughts, Mo Gungun was dumbfounded.

Until he saw Lu Xiaoqi come back.

Mo Gungun instantly forgot his depression and ran over: “Big monster, what are you doing?”

Lu Xiaoqi touched his head: “Going to the military headquarters.”

Mo Gungun’s eyes lit up: “I’ll go too. Come on.”

Lu Xiaoqi wanted to refuse, but when he saw the little guy’s cautious and eager eyes, he couldn’t refuse at all.

Bringing a panda into the military headquarters was not what a marshal should do.

However, Lu Xiaoqi coughed lightly: “You turn into a panda, get into my pocket, and I will take you there.”

Mo Gungun was overjoyed when he heard that he could enter the military headquarters. Naturally, he would do whatever the big monster said. He turned into a panda without any hesitation and was carefully stuffed into the arms of the big monster.

Feeling the familiar warmth, Mo Gungun smacked his lips happily.

He still didn’t know why these people were so troubled, but he would be safe if he followed the big monster.

Lu Xiaoqi entered the military headquarters. He frowned and thought deeply along the way: There are many people who were his enemies, but there were not many who really wanted him to live a life worse than death. The most important thing is that with such a conciliatory action, there will be even fewer people. Lu Xiaoqi also brought Xiao Huang and Xiao Hong to the military headquarters. Normal people couldn’t see these two little guys at all.

The panda and two spirits were placed in the pocket, with three pairs of bright eyes looking at everyone around them.

In comparison, Xiao Hong and the little panda were much simpler while looking around.

Xiao Huang’s pupils, on the other hand, contained more of a hint of curiosity and scrutiny, and he might have more on his mind.

Three little cute creatures were sitting in a row, all of them chubby.

Wherever Lu Xiaoqi looked, the heads of the three little guys turned in unison.

A pair of furry little paws and two pairs of small and tender hands pulled at the edge of the bag, and when the fierce ghost following him looked at this scene, he suddenly started to bleed.

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