YYGMC Ch. 89.1: Three Cuties March into the Department

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In other words: the point still lied in who was the assassin.

When Mo Gungun realized it later, his expression changed: “Explode and die? Bid Monster, where are you uncomfortable?” He transformed into a boy, and his Panda eyes turned red. He held the corner of the big monster’s clothes tightly and sniffed.

All Lu Xiaoqi’s attention was attracted by the crying panda.

Mo Gungun looked at Xiao Huang with tears in his eyes: “What should we do?”

Xiao Huang covertly glanced at Xiao Hong and Lu Xiaoqi. After two seconds of silence, he said, “It’s enough to find the assassin, but the death by explosion as mentioned before is also a very rare possibility. Most people will not have any impact. Those who die by explosion are probably mentally weak.”

Mo Gungun was stunned for a moment.

Lu Xiaoqi stared at Xiao Huang meaningfully. So, Xiao Huang shook his head impassively: “Everything else depends on the situation. Most of them are just mentally weak, so you don’t have to worry.” After saying that, Xiao Huang shook his head again, “The conditions required to explode and die are too harsh, and he shouldn’t meet them now, so he should only have a bit of bad luck.”

Xiao Huang’s face remained unchanged as he told a lie that could be exposed at the first glance.

In fact, Xiao Huang admired Lu Xiaoqi in his heart. He could smell the smell of blood curse. If he didn’t stop it in time, it was not impossible for him to explode and die. The person who had cursed him must have been extremely vicious because the curse was designed to absorb the energy and blood of the cursed person. It could be said that Lu Xiaoqi must be struggling and suffering every moment now.

Mo Gungun looked at the man, still uneasy.

Mo Gungun: “Is it really okay?”

With the panda’s wild intuition, he always felt that the word “curse” seemed unusual.

Lu Xiaoqi touched his head, “I’m fine, don’t worry, I will handle it.”

Xiao Huang looked at it for a moment and nodded to Xiao Hong, who also looked nervous: “It’s okay, as long as the assassin is found, it will be easy to solve.”

The problem was that they couldn’t find the assassin.

Xiao Huang added in his heart that the most important thing about this kind of situation was the lack of clues, because the cursed person would not know who caused it until his death. It was just that he saw Lu Xiaoqi’s thoughts and almost felt the same way.

Then he would not tell Mo Gungun and Xiao Hong that Lu Xiaoqi’s situation was particularly bad.

If it continued, the outcome would surely be tragic.

Mo Gungun looked at the man and grabbed the corners of his clothes with both hands: “Big monster, do you still feel uncomfortable now?”

Lu Xiaoqi showed a little smile: “It’s nothing.”

Mo Gungun’s cheeks bulged, and the already plump cheeks suddenly became rounder.

He’s really cute, Lu Xiaoqi thought to himself.

As his fingertips traced the young man’s pink cheeks, Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes became darker and darker, with blazing flames burning in his eyes.

This boy belonged to him, and nothing would happen to him.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils overflowed with a hint of scarlet, but it only appeared briefly and then disappeared.

Mo Gungun’s eyes widened, he had caught it.

He moved closer to Lu Xiaoqi, his dark pupils widened, and his whole body was almost pasted to Lu Xiaoqi’s. Lu Xiaoqi’s hot breath hit his face, like a feather with a small hook, making people’s hearts itch unbearably.

Don’t get excited.

He felt a slight increase in heat in his body, but it felt very strange, so he just thought he was hot.

Licking his lips subconsciously, Mo Gungun couldn’t help but glance at the other person’s lips.

The distinctly pronounced lips were slightly angular. The color was neither dark nor light, they seemed a bit dry, and looked soft.

Suddenly he thought of the kiss between the two people before this. For some reason, Mo Gungun’s whole body became dry again. There were two red splotches on his face, and his whole body felt light and airy.

At that time, the big monster’s mouth was soft.

Mo Gungun swallowed secretly: “Big Monster…”

Lu Xiaoqi also felt uncomfortable. He felt the natural attraction from the young man. The charm that he unconsciously exuded made the mature man unable to resist, especially when the young man stared at his lips. When he was swallowing his saliva, Lu Xiaoqi almost couldn’t help but react.

The little guy really not knowing what he was doing was the deepest temptation in Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes.

This taste of temptation was even stronger than taking a jar of medicine.

Mo Gungun kept looking at Lu Xiaoqi.

Lu Xiaoqi also stared at the boy.

The two people faced each other, their breaths intertwined, and the atmosphere instantly changed from a supernatural revenge novel to sweet romance.

The ghosts hiding in the dark: “…”

Xiao Huang: “…”

Xiao Hong: “Huh?”

Xiao Hong leaned over and whispered in Xiao Huang’s ear: “Why have they been looking at each other for so long? Is there something?”

Xiao Huang was stunned. He touched Xiao Hong’s head, looking at him like he had a long way to go.

Xiao Hong became even more confused. He scratched his face out of confusion. “What’s wrong with me?”

Xiao Huang shook his head, with a hint of doting “love” on his face. He was a little relieved and at the same time… A little upset.

Wu Er, who was hiding in the pendant, raised his eyebrows: “How could Gungun care about this ugly thing?”

Wu Er didn’t understand why he would look at this huge and ugly thing for so long. If it were him, he would have vomited long ago.

Wu Da wiped his face.

He remembered that his ancestors had a book, which said: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

He guessed that was true.

Thinking of this, the Wu brothers became depressed again, how could their little Gungun, fall in love with such an ugly guy. When it came to appearance, Xiao Hong may be more in line with the aesthetics of their race.

Xiao Hong seemed to understand. He whispered in his ear again, this time a little louder.

Xiao Hong: “Aren’t their eyes tired?”

Xiao Huang shook his head.

Xiao Hong frowned: “If it were me and Xiao Huang, I would just kiss him. I think I would be happier to do that if we were so close.”

Xiao Huang was stunned, and the smile in his eyes had a little more meaning.

The distance between Mo Gungun and Lu Xiaoqi, who were looking at each other, was getting closer and closer. His eyes flashed as he listened to Xiao Hong’s words, and then he stepped back at a loss. His cheeks were already red, and he scratched his face with a guilty conscience.

Mo Gungun didn’t understand what happened to him just now.

He just had that little impulse where he really wanted to kiss the big monster, and he really wanted to get close to the big monster.

Mo Gungun touched his hot cheeks, feeling embarrassed and uneasy: It’s not like he didn’t kiss him before, but this time he was too, too embarrassed.


Mo Gungun wished he could find a crack in the ground and crawl in. He was so shy that his whole body seemed to be on the verge of turning into smoke.

But Lu Xiaoqi was the opposite.

Lu Xiaoqi stared at the panda’s shy look, his eyes avoiding him, and the little flame that was eager to try started burning even more.

Lu Xiaoqi’s heart was beating wildly, and he clenched his fists in disbelief.

Little guy, is this getting enlightened?

He had been looking forward to it, hoping that the little guy would get enlightened, but on the other hand, he was extremely frightened.

He hoped that the little guy could understand his feelings, but he was also afraid that the little guy after understanding his feelings would give him a negative answer. If he refused him, he didn’t know if he could bear it. And every move of the young man just now sent a signal to Lu Xiaoqi that he also cared about him and even liked him.

Even if the degree of love was not deep, it was enough to make the insecure marshal ecstatic.

Lu Xiaoqi’s gaze was full of aggression, so hot that it seemed to burn out a person’s soul.

Faced with this kind of look, Mo Gungun wouldn’t think much about it before.

But this time, Mo Gungun was even more embarrassed. He twisted around and didn’t even know where to put his hands.

Mo Gungun glanced at the big monster secretly and took another furtive glance.

Lu Xiaoqi’s deep pupils seemed to be brewing a storm, as his unfathomable pupils stared closely at Mo Gungun.

Mo Gungun was like a small boat caught in the storm, so he was a little nervous.

Stretching out his hand and grabbing the culprit’s arm, Mo Gungun blushed and asked for help: “Big monster.”

Lu Xiaoqi turned over and tightly wrapped Gungun’s hand, and the warmth was transferred from the palm of his hand to Mo Gungun’s body: “Gungun, what are you afraid of?”

Mo Gungun shook his head. He was not afraid, but felt very, very embarrassed.

He didn’t understand how this emotion came about, but he couldn’t face the sight of the big monster.

Finally, Mo Gungun whispered: “I don’t know. I really want to get close to the big monster, but I also feel that….”

The previous sentence was enough.

For Lu Xiaoqi, just hearing this sentence was enough for him to be satisfied.

Lu Xiaoqi breathed heavily, and under the boy’s blank gaze, he hugged the little guy directly, and held him in his arms with two steel-like arms.

After holding him in his arms, Lu Xiaoqi realized more clearly what the boy meant to him.

He couldn’t let him go.

He even had no way to even think about this possibility.

A silver lightning symbol flashed in Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils, and his body suddenly felt relaxed.

“Hey…” Xiao Huang seemed to have discovered something and looked at Lu Xiaoqi in surprise.

Lu Xiaoqi glanced out of the corner of his eye.

Xiao Huang’s eyes flashed, and he nodded to Lu Xiaoqi.

Lu Xiaoqi lowered his eyes, let go of the boy, and held the boy’s shoulders with both arms, “Gungun, just be close to me, and leave the other things to me.”

Mo Gungun thought for a while and felt that the big monster was right.

Mo Gungun nodded heavily: “Okay.”

So, under the dumbfounded eyes of the ghosts, Mo Gungun gave himself away easily.

The evil ghosts were heartbroken and hated iron for not becoming steel[1].

Xiao Wen: “Boss is too naive. Maybe we should teach him a lesson about human nature.”

“An old fried dough stick wanted to bully the old driver but the tender tofu of the novice, tender cabbage, was eaten by a wild boar.” Sun Xiaoquan snorted: “It’s really an old cow eating young grass. He’s shameless.”

After scolding, Sun Xiaoquan immediately returned to normal, lowered his head and preached to the ghost baby: “What dad said just now is not right at all, you can’t learn it.”

Xiao Wen: “…”

Professor Ghost couldn’t accept it when he heard this. He approached Sun Xiaoquan and criticized him about the so-called teaching by words and deeds, as a result, Sun Xiaoquan was stunned and could only get scolded by Professor Ghost, as he had no ability to fight back.

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[1] Not fulfilling expectations.

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