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He really wanted to go to the island?

Wasn’t it Yan Yan who wanted to go?

Ji Juechuan’s expression changed again and again, but he couldn’t say anything to deny it.

He had to admit that what he just asked was a bit too much, as if he couldn’t wait for the island trip.

Ji Juechuan paused for a long time before asking in a stiff tone: “You don’t want to go?”

If Yan Yan didn’t want to go, how could he be so concerned about this event where he didn’t forget to discuss cooperation with people even at the class reunion?

Yan Yan didn’t expect that he would throw the question back and blinked a few times.

He worked so hard in this event just to get the first place prize, but he didn’t pay much attention to the island tour.

However, the weather had been so hot recently. It would be nice to go to an island to escape the heat. Maybe he could even edit an island travel vlog.

Thinking of this, Yan Yan nodded and answered Ji Juechuan’s question: “I want to go.”

Ji Juechuan’s tense expression relaxed a little.

He knew that Yan Yan definitely wanted to go to the island.

Yan Yan didn’t notice Ji Juechuan’s relaxed look. He was staring at the island pictures on the event page.

He hadn’t been to an island for a long time. In the past summers, his parents often took him to the island for vacation. He also learned some diving, but due to physical reasons, he stopped learning halfway through.

After transmigrating, he could feel that this body was much healthier than his previous body. If he could go to the island this time, maybe he could try diving again.

Thinking about this, Yan Yan began to look forward to the island tour even more.

He clicked on the island tour promotional video on the event page, watched it for a while, then shook Ji Juechuan’s hand, his eyes sparkling, “Honey, can you surf?”


Ji Juechuan used to have many interests when he was studying. Surfing was one of them.

Yan Yan’s eyes suddenly brightened when he heard him say yes. He had always wanted to learn to surf, but he didn’t dare to try because he was afraid of falling, so he thought people who knew how to surf were very good.

He didn’t hide the envy in his heart. He grabbed Ji Juechuan’s hand and moved closer. He raised his long eyelashes and said, “How did you learn? Did you fall a lot when you learnt? And did it hurt?” Yan Yan looked at him with admiring eyes. Looking at it, Ji Juechuan’s vanity suddenly swelled, and he suppressed the curvature of the corners of his mouth that wanted to curl up.

He coughed lightly and replied calmly: “I taught myself.”

As for falling, it was definitely inevitable when he first started learning it, but Ji Juechuan hesitated and avoided Yan Yan’s eyes, “I didn’t fall much, it didn’t hurt.”

Sure enough, after he finished saying this, Yan Yan looked at him with even more admiration.

Ji Juechuan looked calm on the surface, but what he wanted in his heart was to find time to practice surfing again to avoid making mistakes in front of Yan Yan.

He could almost imagine Yan Yan looking at him with stars in his eyes while he was surfing.

The corners of his lips curled up, and he felt a little happy.

When Yan Yan heard Ji Juechuan say that the fall didn’t hurt, he became eager to learn to surf again.

Just thinking about being seen with his white body while surfing made him curl his lips, feeling a little embarrassed.

If I start exercising from today, I wonder if I still have time to build some muscles.

He remembered that there was a gym at Ji Juechuan’s house. When he had time, he might as well do some exercise.

What Yan Yan didn’t know was that his ideas coincided with Ji Juechuan’s.

Ji Juechuan also had his own private gym in the company. He used to go to work out after work. But since Yan Yan moved in with him, he spent a lot less time at the company and didn’t go to the gym very much.

If he wanted to surf in front of Yan Yan, he would have to show off his figure. He hadn’t done much exercise during this period, so he would definitely not look as good as before.

Thinking of this, Ji Juechuan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Lu Ji, asking him to send someone to clean the company’s gym. He would use it tomorrow.

When Lu Ji received this message, he felt a little strange.

Ji Juechuan has not used the company’s gym during this period, why did he suddenly need to use it again?

Although he felt strange, he still replied “understood” and then went to contact the relevant person.

It so happened that his father sent a message to him at this time, saying that the weather was too hot recently and that he would take his mother to the island for a few days, so that he did not have to worry.

Lu Ji stared at the word “Island” for a while, and suddenly understood why Ji Juechuan suddenly wanted to exercise.

I bet my boss wants to be a peacock in front of his wife.

Lu Ji clicked his tongue twice, but thought it was somewhat meaningful.

After chatting with Ji Juechuan about the island tour in the car that day, Yan Yan became more interested in the activity.

After he returned home, he made an appointment with Ling Chengxuan’s dubbing studio for a live broadcast, and then released a preview of the live broadcast theme on the live broadcast platform.

Ling Chengxuan also did some pre-promotions, which attracted a lot of attention and caused a slight increase in Yan Yan’s fans.

After a few days, the popularity of Yan Yan’s videos had been increasing, but his ranking was still third.

He went to the event page and took a look at the two accounts in front of him and found that they were all participating in the event as a team, but everyone in their team had posted many videos, and the total number of likes would thus still be equal even if they were divided equally among everyone.

After hesitating for a while, Yan Yan went to the anchor who was teaming up with him and asked him when he was going to upload a video.

The person on the other end just said “I’m doing it” in reply.

Yan Yan thought for a moment and replied:

[If you are too busy, I can help you edit the video]

This time the other person did not reply again.

Yan Yan didn’t pay attention. After closing the chat page, he scrolled down to read the private messages sent by fans.

While he was reading and replying, he suddenly saw a fan sending him a video, with the words “cp sugar” written on the cover.

“cp sugar…?” Yan Yan read out the words in a low voice and started the video, feeling confused.

Cheerful music played, many pink bubbles popped up in the middle of the screen, and then a line of words appeared:

[Looking at the swallows and wanting the sweet moment in the river]

While Yan Yan was stunned, the video continued to play.

He saw that the clips in which Ji Juechuan accidentally appeared during the live broadcast were cut into the video, with pink filters and cheerful sweet songs added, as if it were a love documentary.

When the video finished playing, Yan Yan still hadn’t come back to his senses.

He didn’t understand why anyone would waste time like this.

He and Ji Juechuan’s video was edited for a while, and apart from the inappropriate background music and pink filter, the editing had turned out to be pretty good.

After turning off the video, he almost opened a second video sent by a fan.

The tone of this video was darker than the previous one, and the background music was an English song. But for some reason, he always felt that the atmosphere of the video was a bit ambiguous.

Yan Yan only looked at it for a few dozen seconds before the tips of his ears turned red.

The video always slowed down or enlarged some normal shots, making them look particularly wrong.

For example, the scene where he was drinking water from Ji Juechuan’s hand and him sipping from the rim of the cup was enlarged. The scene where he accidentally turned on the live broadcast while sitting on Ji Juechuan’s lap and his eyes widening as he tried to sit up was also cut. It was put in slow motion.

What was even more outrageous was that in the scene where he was wearing Ji Juechuan’s shirt, they had also given a close-up shot of his collarbone.

Yan Yan blushed and quickly turned off the video.

He sat in front of the computer and took a deep breath, then he closed the computer and stood up.

Today’s video had been edited, and he was going to the gym to do some exercise to divert his attention.

Yan Yan went back to his room, changed into sportswear, and went to the gym on the third floor.

Ji company.

At noon, Ji Juechuan received a video from Lu Ji. It was a video cut by him and Yan Yan’s cp fan.

He sat behind his desk and watched the video in silence, tapping his finger on the screen a few times.

Mr. Ji: [Are there any more?]

The message was withdrawn.

Mr. Ji: [?]

Lu Ji suppressed a laugh and sent the cp name he searched for today. Then he didn’t receive any more messages from Ji Juechuan all afternoon.

He took a look while delivering the documents and found that Ji Juechuan was staring at the computer intently. If he hadn’t seen the headphones in his ears, he would have almost thought he was looking at work documents.

Just when Lu Ji was about to take a look, Ji Juechuan’s cold eyes swept over him, “Is something wrong?”

He quickly shook his head, “It’s okay.”

But before leaving, he looked back strangely.

Why did it feel like what Ji Juechuan was watching was not the pink CP video he sent, but a video with a darker tone.

Did he like this style?

In the evening, Ji Juechuan came home and saw no one in the living room or room.

He thought Yan Yan was not at home, and just when he was about to send him a message, he saw that the lights on the third floor were also on.

Ji Juechuan didn’t think much and went straight to the third floor.

After he went up, he saw that the gym door was ajar, a little light was coming out, and he could hear a little noise.

When he opened the door, he saw Yan Yan standing on the treadmill, wearing light and breathable sportswear and shorts, panting lightly while running.

Seeing him come in, Yan Yan was startled for a moment, then turned the treadmill to fast walking mode, after some time it slowly stopped, then he jumped off the treadmill and walked towards him.

The black hair on his forehead was wet with sweat and stuck to his fair forehead. His face was stained a bright red due to exercise, and his eyes were bright.

“Husband, why are you here?”

“Came up to see you.” Ji Juechuan didn’t dare to look at his face for some reason, and turned his face to look away, “Why did you suddenly want to exercise?”

Of course Yan Yan refused to say that he was doing it because he was afraid that he would see his thin figure, so he casually said, “I wanted to relax.”

“Did you warm up before exercising?”

Yan Yan was slightly stunned. He had never done any serious exercise before, so naturally he didn’t remember to warm up.

“Didn’t you do it?” Seeing his reaction, Ji Juechuan frowned, “It would be easy to get hurt like this.”

“Then what should I do now?” Yan Yan blinked and took Ji Juechuan’s hand, “Honey, you tell me what to do.”

If it weren’t for the sweat on his body, he would have been stuck to Ji Juechuan like they were early in the morning.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes darkened, then he lowered his eyes and glanced at his body covered with a thin layer of sweat and gave a low “hmm”.

He raised his chin towards the cushion next to him and lowered his voice: “Go sit there and I will help you stretch.”

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