TBLF Ch. 64

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Qi Ying didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with this name. Maybe the fan filter[1] is too thick, and she thought that whatever he said is correct.

She held the cage in both hands and raised it to her eyes, her big eyes were soft, and she looked at the little hamster who was only a little afraid and shrinking in the corner and said hello in a soft voice: “Hello, Ji Xiaorang.”

Ji Rang: “…”


He regretted it.

But the matter is now done, there is no room for change, the boss can only admit his fate and whisper: “Okay, go back, I’m leaving.”

Qi Ying nodded obediently, waved to him, and promised: “I will take care of Ji Xiaorang.”

Ji Rang: “…”

That’s it, that’s enough, don’t talk about it.

Back home, Yu Cheng and Wu Yinghua were still watching the TV series. Wu Yinghua sighed: “This Xu Lusheng is too miserable. Why can’t Nie Qing treat him better! I am so angry!”

Yu Cheng said: “Who made him so bad and help the murderer fight the lawsuit? Nie Qing is a policeman, okay, of course he has to stand on the side of justice. Alas, I say, can you stop playing like this when watching a TV show, or else? You go in instead of Nie Qing?”

Qi Ying heard them quarrel and sneaked into the room with the cage, only to be discovered by Yu Cheng: “Ying Ying, what’s that in your hand? Didn’t you go to buy ice cream?”

Qi Ying had to turn around holding the cage, and whispered, “This is the little hamster sent to me by my classmate. He is busy studying and asked me to take care of it. Can I keep it?”

What is a big deal, it’s not like it is a cat and dog that will bother them, so Wu Yinghua without looking back said: “You can raise it, don’t let it run out.”

She said happily.

Back in the room, she put Ji Xiaorang on the desk, thought for a while, took out her mobile phone and searched for the requirements for hamster rearing, while reading and writing them down one by one in her notebook.

After searching, she folded her two small hands under her chin, laid on the table and talked to the hamster with big eyes, softly saying: “Ji Xiaorang, Baidu said you would like a bigger cage, I will buy it for you tomorrow.”

The little hamster was a little scared at first, but now she didn’t know if it smelled the sweet fragrance on her body, but he leaned in slowly, his small eyes squirming and cute.

She stretched out her little finger and touched its head, her eyes curled with a smile: “In the future, we will live a good life together.”

While playing with Ji Xiaorang, Yu Cheng knocked on the door outside and asked her after pushing the door: “Yingying, has your brother been stimulated at school recently?”

Qi Ying wondered: “No, what’s the matter?”

Yu Cheng said: “He closed the door and memorized his homework in the room as soon as he came back today. He seemed to work very hard.”

Qi Ying: “Is this bad?”

Yu Cheng: “Very good, but I suspect that he was dropped on his head by someone. Forget it, let’s drop it, it saves a lot of worry.”

Qi Ying: “…”

At school the next day, Qi Ying happily shared with Yue Li about raising a little hamster. As a result, Yue Li got goose bumps: “I am most afraid of rodents!”

The topic ended there and then.

She originally wanted to let Yue Li accompany her to buy a cage after school, but now she couldn’t make it difficult for others. After class, she ran to class 9 to find Ji Rang, and asked him softly: “Can you accompany me to buy a cage for Ji Xiaorang after school? I also want to buy toys and hamster food. I also want to buy a roller for it so that it can step on it to play.”

Ji Rang: “…”

Why was he suddenly jealous?

No, he can’t be jealous of a mouse that is not even as big as his palm.

When school was over in the afternoon, Qi Ying even wrote a list of purchases, read it to him as they walked, and said: “Don’t worry, I will take good care of Ji Xiaorang.”

Oh, I’m so sorry, why didn’t I send myself over?

He took a taxi to accompany the little girl to the pet market, picking out the items on her list along the way. She probably thought his son has inherited her aesthetics, and even the small basins were pink.

The two people stood on the side of the road to take a taxi holding large and small bags.

When they were hailing a taxi, a black Maserati stopped next to them. When the window of the car was lowered, the short-haired woman with sunglasses poked her head out and asked with a smile, “Little handsome guy, do you want to take a ride?”

Ji Rang: “…”

This woman and Chen Fengzhi were a natural match, as both were mentally sick.

After asking, she took off her sunglasses and waved to Qi Ying gently: “Hey, little sister, I’m seeing you again.”

Qi Ying obediently smiled at her.

Ji Rang frowned: “When have you met?”

Ji Qian beckoned: “Get in the car first, don’t let it stop for a long time. During the rush hour, the car can easily be hit, also don’t let the little girl stand on the road for a long time.”

Ji Rang glanced at the interface of the car that had not been able to hail a taxi for five minutes, thought about it, clicked Cancel, and pulled Qi Ying into the car. As soon as he sat inside, he asked Ji Qian in a bad tone: “When did you meet?”

Ji Qian smiled: “Your tone makes you sound like a little girl.”

Qi Ying pulled off his sleeve and said softly, “We just happened to have seen each other in the hospital.”

Ji Qian looked back in surprise: “Ah, can little sister speak now? Are you all healed?”

Qi Ying nodded obediently: “I’m cured, thank you sister.”

Ji Qian smiled brightly, but Ji Rang still calmly asked her, “Why are you around here?”

Ji Qian pretended to be surprised: “Don’t you know? I followed you all the way.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Ji Qian didn’t continue this topic, and smiled and asked Qi Ying: “Where does little sister live? I’ll take you back.”

Qi Ying reported the address, Ji Qian entered it in the navigation software, and waited to drive on the right path before slowly saying: “Just now at the school gate, I saw you chatting with little sister so happily, so I didn’t bother disturbing you.”

Ji Rang said coldly: “So you followed us? What were you doing near school again?”

Ji Qian glanced at him through the rearview mirror and deliberately said sadly: “Sister missed you, can’t I come to see you?”

Qi Ying felt that this sister’s younger brother was as uneasy as his own. She tugged Ji Rang’s sleeve and said to him in a low voice and earnestly: “Don’t lose your temper, be polite to your sister.”

The big guy who was full of irritable aura suddenly wilted.

Ji Qian suppressed a smile for a long time, and thought silently in her heart: Good boy, finally letting me find your weakness.

She remembered that she had previously misunderstood the relationship between him and Yu Zhuo. It turned out that this kid was only planning to create a harmonious relation with his brother-in-law.

As he drove, Ji Qian asked about Qi Ying’s situation at school, and talked about some random things. When she took Qi Ying home, she took out her mobile phone and added her WeChat account.

She smiled and said, “Yingying, you can talk to me at any time.”

Yes, the title had changed.

Ji Rang carried the stuff with Qi Ying all the way to below her building before turning back. He didn’t want to get in Ji Qian’s car, but she asked him, “What’s the matter with the suicide you said?”

This fucking Chen Fengzhi, couldn’t he keep anything quiet?

Ji Rang got into the car with a grumpy face.

Ji Qian turned around and said, “He told me yesterday that I thought it was you who had a problem, and I was shocked. But then, he said that you were consulting for others, so I wanted to come and see you.”

Ji Rang was not angry: “What’s so good? Am I missing arms or legs?”

Ji Qian glared at him: “Is it not okay to care about you? I’m your sister, who should I cry with if there is anything wrong with you?” She paused, sighed, and said, “I also want you to accompany me to eat a meal.”

Ji Rang frowned: “There is another problem with your project?”

Ji Qian pouted.

Ji Rang looked at her speechlessly: “Ji Qian, can you do it? How many times have you approached me this year? Can’t you just run your hotel honestly? Why are you messing around with anime games?”

Ji Qian wasn’t happy anymore: “What messing around? That’s my dream!”

Ji Rang looked at her unable to say anything.

Ji Qian started the car: “I told you that you don’t understand, let’s go to eat.”

The restaurant she was looking for this time was a private kitchen. The decoration was very ethnic, and the taste was heavy, but neither of them had any taboos. Occasionally eating this kind of heavy special dish was quite exciting.

Halfway through the meal, Ji Qian’s cell phone started ringing non-stop. She glanced, did not answer, turned it on mute, but the screen kept flashing, as if the other party was determined to blow up the phone if she kept on not answering.

Ji Rang looked annoyed: “I will help you pick it up.”

Ji Qian made a move: “You can’t handle these bad old guys on the board.” She glanced at the flashing screen, wiped the corners of her mouth with a piece of paper, “Rao Mo’s call, I have to answer it.”

She turned on the hands-free, but she didn’t forget to pick up the dishes, “What is it?”

The young male voice was too anxious: “Why didn’t you answer the phone? The board member is about to lift the office on his head, and they are calling your dad to file a complaint.”

Ji Qian laughed: “Whatever, they can do it, my dad hasn’t interfered in the company’s affairs since a long time.”

Rao Mo was speechless at her words: “Manager Ji, you didn’t get any money back from your last investment. Why are you so impulsive this time? Is that three million small change? Ah? You should at least discuss it with us.!”

Ji Qian said: “What is impulsive? My old princess’s anime game is going to be developed. Can I not invest in it?”

Rao Mo felt ashamed: “The last time it was a game with your husband as the protagonist, the time before that it was an advertisement endorsed by your husband, and the time before that it was your old princess’s game. Do you know right or wrong in your mind?”

Ji Qian didn’t take it seriously: “It’s just right to spend money on my husband.”

Rao Mo: “Yes, yes, it is justified. Last month, you were on the Bund and gave your husband a day and night screen to wish him a happy birthday. But Mr. Ji, your husband is a paper idol[2], no matter how much you smash it. He won’t agree to marry you!”

Ji Qian was angry: “It’s your shit! Are you the chairman or the secretary of the chairman? Quickly solve those old men for me, and tell them, I guarantee this animation will definitely be popular and definitely make money!”

When the words fell, without waiting for Rao Mo to respond, she hung up the phone quickly.

Ji Rang: “…Are you still chasing that Bai, Bai what?”

Ji Qian: “What is Bai? That’s your brother-in-law! Eat!”

Ji Rang: “…”

Chen Fengzhi is so pitiful, he can’t even fight hard to be a paper idol.

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[1] The tendency of fans to think that their idol is always right.

[2] Somebody who could not like her in reality.

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