S&E Ch. 8

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Occurs in a certain period after the beginning of the protagonists’ relationship…

Zhou Ningxu returned from a business trip and received Lu Shuang Yi’s express delivery downstairs just as he was entering. A large package of things, sent by the publishing house, was probably a sample book of a novel published by someone.

The outer packaging was somewhat damaged. When Zhou Ningxu went upstairs and attempted to open the door, the book suddenly fell out of the package. He picked it up, closed the door behind him, and flipped through it.

The thick eyebrows couldn’t help raising slightly.

Lu Shuang Yi heard the door opening, poked her head out of the bedroom, and saw someone standing at the door reading with a playful expression.

Before she could express a warm welcome to that someone, she first saw the cover of the book the someone was reading…it seemed to be…

Shuang Yi was suddenly horrified. He could read other books, but this book…

She immediately rushed forward: “Don’t look, don’t look, give it back to me.”

Zhou Ningxu cooperatively returned the book in his hand to her.

Lu Shuang Yi hugged the book before she breathed a sigh of relief. Then Zhou Ningxu said leisurely: “Lu Shuang Yi, why does our dialogue appear in your novel?”

Lu Shuang Yi blinked.

Zhou Ningxu continued: “The dialog we had during sex?”

Of course, this conversation was copied from when they were having sex!!!

You still need to ask!

Lu Shuang Yi laughed: “Hahaha…”

Zhou Ningxu passed her and dragged his luggage to the living room. Lu Shuang Yi followed him with a guilty conscience, “Just three sentences, would you mind?”

“What do you think?”

It’s over, it’s just a matter of time.

In fact, she had really only used three sentences. The sex scene behind it is completely different, and he just saw the conversation!

Lu Shuang Yi decided to brush her lower limit. She had never been ethical about flattering Ningning to gain some benefits!

“Don’t be mad, it’s like this, the hero and the heroine must have some conversation… But as soon as I started to write that, I thought of…”

Having said that, Shuang Yi intended to blush, but… why is the heroine able to be shy when she wants to be shy, but it is so hard for her to be shy?

Shuang Yi’s acting skills made her anxious, but the lines are never a problem for the writer!

“Anyway, as soon as I wrote that, I was always thinking of you, I couldn’t think of anything else, and then I used the few words you said before I knew it…”

Lu Shuang Yi was good! You could say it was nasty, but it was too promising-Shuang Yi speedily gave herself a compliment.

However, Zhou Ningxu’s expression was not clear.

Shuang Yi continued to pander to him, while serving tea and handing water, and violently stepped on her own ethics, “Readers praised me for writing very well this time! The male protagonist spoke very fluently…cough, especially emotional! The male protagonist is all powerful! This is all because of your good teaching! Ningning, you are the best!”

Zhou Ningxu choked.

“You flatter me.”

He put down his teacup and looked at someone with a flattering expression, “Why did you get up at noon today?”

Huh, is it safe?

Shuang Yi immediately showed her merits: “Why! You are coming home today. I must welcome you grandly. I got up early. I washed and scrubbed the floor. I did two hours of housework, hard work?!”

Two hours?

So, you could imagine what his home is like when he was not at home these days. Zhou Ningxu praised her against his will: “Yes, very hardworking… Then are you tired now? Shall we go back to the room to sleep?”

“…Why, what sleep?”

“A very powerful kind of sleep?” Zhou Ningxu’s voice was low and sultry, as if he was moaning in a person’s ear, but his sitting posture was still so tall and upright. The tone of inquiry and discussion was like a business negotiation.

He thought for a while, “Well, the living room scene you wrote later is not bad, let’s try it too?”

…… She wrote the two scenes a hundred pages apart, but he actually saw them! How rascally are your flipping hands! By the way, this kind of shameless remark said so seriously, really made one…

Made people unable to parry, okay?

Shuang Yi jumped up angrily, “…I’ll draw the curtains!”

More than an hour later.

A dimly lit living room.

Zhou Ningxu’s lazy voice sounded, “Where to go for dinner at night?”

“Wherever, I’m running out of strength, I want to go put on makeup…” Shuang Yi replied weakly, lying on his body.

“Where to make it up? Let me guess, here?” Zhou Ningxu smiled, half hugging her, with the other hand sliding down her back, “It’s still early, we…”

The word early suddenly reminded Shuang Yi, and she suddenly woke up from the state of weakness.

“Oh, it’s miserable, I blame you. I promised the readers to update the chapter at 6 o’clock. I have to write three thousand characters first!” Then she put on her pajamas and jumped off the sofa and ran.

Zhou Ningxu quickly caught her with his hands.

Shuang Yi turned her head back solemnly, “Ningning, in broad daylight, don’t be addicted to flesh/desire.”

Zhou Ningxu: “…”

A minute later, there was a sound of typing in the room.

Zhou Ningxu got up helplessly, put on a pair of pants at random, and went to the study. Turning on the computer, he was about to send a few work emails. Suddenly he remembered what Lu Shuang Yi had said before. With a thought, he searched for the title of Shuang Yi’s newly published novel.

Soon he clicked on a green website, the page looked very lively, and when he opened it, he saw a large comment.

Reader 1: Oh, big sex scene, it’s really hopeless, the foreplay is well written, the male protagonist feels great, but the real sword is still not good, the male protagonist actually only did it once.

Reader 2: Upstairs +1, you should write a clear essay, this will ruin the image of a powerful male protagonist, so it’s better not to write it.

Reader 3: That’s right, even if it’s not hundred rounds each night, at least three or five times has to be there. Compared to the male lead of the tortoise next door, it’s really weak.

Author’s reply: Mine is more realistic!!! Men in reality are so weak!

Men in reality are so weak?

Very good, it turns out that if you are considerate, you will be suspected of functional problems.

Zhou Ningxu smiled and closed the web page and closed the computer.

Don’t think about updating today, Miss Lu.

This is the last time “Sun” had been updated. She promised everyone compensation but Xiaobai had no time to write it out yet~~~

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