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After closing the door, Lu Chengyu raised his head and glanced at the direction of the door. Then he retracted his gaze like nothing else. He got up and poured a glass of boiled water for Yan Mu: “Drink some water. It will be much easier when you finish the drip.” Although he didn’t know. Zhang Zeyun just saw his intentions, but he could detect that the other party was not malicious.

Yan Mu took the cup and took a sip of the tasteless plain water, “I’m fine, you go back and rest first, I heard that you seem to be going to the TV station tomorrow. It’s not good to be late.” Although there were so many words, his sight was looking at him very tightly.

“I made an appointment with the TV station at eleven o’clock in the morning. What’s there to worry about?” Lu Chengyu pulled the quilt over him. “It’s boring at home by myself. You are just spending time with me. You don’t you think I’m an eyesore?”

Yan Mu’s mouth moved, and he said hurriedly, “No, I’m afraid it will affect your rest.” After a while, he asked, “Are there many people who praise you for being considerate?”

“There should be few people, right? “Lu Chengyu thought about it carefully, and said seriously, “I am actually very lazy. I can do it with a small amount of work. If someone asks me for help, I may not be willing.”

Aren’t you specifically here to take care of me?

Yan Mu was holding the water cup, and his mood became a little better for some reason. He looked at the smiling person in front of him and suddenly said, “Since you live alone, I live alone. It is better for you to move in with me and cook together. It’s also easy.”

He regretted it as soon as he spoke. Perhaps the other person’s smile was too gentle, and he couldn’t help but express his thoughts. However, such an idea could not be made known to the other party.

The ward suddenly became quiet, Lu Chengyu saw Yan Mu frowning, and suddenly smiled: “That’s not good, I’m so lazy, if we live together, boss, you might really dislike me.”

Yan Mu talked but he did not mention the matter again. It may be due to fever. He felt a little dizzy in his mind, and he didn’t know when he fell asleep faintly.

Lu Chengyu stood by the hospital bed and looked at Yan Mu who was sleeping. Because of the lack of the usual seriousness, this cool face looked softer. He sighed, looked at the drip that was being depleted too fast, so he adjusted the speed of the drip, lowered his head and took out his phone to continue reading the novel that he hadn’t finished reading before.

The plot had come to the climax, and the heroine had not appeared, but the hero’s master almost lost his life for the hero. He looked at the words the master said to the hero, and he always felt that something was wrong.

What does it mean that even if I die, I don’t want you to have trouble?

Is that what a master should say to his apprentice? He touched his chin, but the master’s friendship with his apprentice was also very touching.

After reading the novel for a while, Lu Chengyu awakened Yan Mu when he saw that the fluid was almost infused.

He touched Yan Mu’s forehead, and the temperature had already dropped, “Does it feel better now?”

Yan Mu looked at the caring face in front of him: “It’s okay.”

“Then. Okay, I’ll ask the nurse to remove the needles for you.” Lu Chengyu rang the bell and got a towel to wipe Yan Mu’s sweat that had emerged as a result of the fever lowering. When the nurse came to remove the needles, she also said the same.

After leaving the hospital, Lu Chengyu sent Yan Mu home. This time Yan Mu invited him to sit at home and he did not refuse.

As soon as he entered the door of the villa, Lu Chengyu finally understood the true meaning of the word mansion. Not to mention anything else, the lamp hanging in the living room must cost at least more than 100,000 yuan. And the sofa, the coffee table, you only needed a glance to know that they belonged to expensive brands.

Trying to maintain the elegant and calm expression on his face, Lu Chengyu cut an apple for Yan Mu and said, “Can I borrow your kitchen?” Although he didn’t like cooking, he still had good cooking skills. This was all honed in the previous life. Yan Mu had been on drip for the whole night. He hadn’t eaten yet. He couldn’t let the patient go to bed hungry, right?

Holding the peeled apple, Yan Mu walked to the kitchen door to watch Lu Chengyu’s skillful washing and chopping of vegetables, then he saw him cooking porridge and a smile gradually appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“You can eat it later,” Lu Chengyu noticed that there was a figure at the door, turned his head and said, noticing the smile on Yan Mu’s face, and the hand that turned the vegetables slightly, then turned his head and turned the pot a few times. “I only fried a few side dishes. You are still recovering from a cold, so you can’t eat too meaty food.”

“Well,” after Yan Mu helped arrange the table, Lu Chengyu quickly brought out the food.

After the two had eaten together, Lu Chengyu got up and left. Yan Mu didn’t keep him because he knew he couldn’t keep him.

Watching Lu Chengyu get into the car, he stood at the gate, looking until the car lights were no longer visible.

After leaving Mingchong Community, Lu Chengyu’s expression became a little serious. He thought for a while, parked the car aside, took out his mobile phone to log on to YuYu’s Weibo account, and posted a Weibo.

“Yu Yu: The boss with facial paralysis standing behind me and smiling, he is actually quite handsome. However, why do I think this smile is not quite right?”

Sister, I am the queen: PO master, that is the boss who is crushing on you. Ah, hurry up and accept him and get together.

Guru Lu: Your Lady Queen is right; the boss is interested in you.

Lu Chengyu swiped it, and there were a few more comments below, but looking at the comments that were together, he got a bit confused. When he died in the last life, he never heard which gender Yan Mu was fond of. He did not have interaction with women, let alone men. He doesn’t have that great a charm yet.

Could it be… Boss X is cold?

Coming to the conclusion that he thought too much, Lu Chengyu threw the phone aside and started the car again. Recently, he still went to internet a little less, otherwise his mind would be crooked along with these girls.

What a pure brotherhood between him and his boss, he even said he wanted them to live together.

What would they do together, chasing sisters together?

Sure enough, no matter what questions were asked on Weibo, he would always turn to the three words “together” in the end, and he almost didn’t recognize these three words.

He’d better go home and have a good night’s sleep and get to the TV station on time tomorrow.

“A Book of Life” on the Imperial Variety TV Station is a program with very good ratings in the station. It was broadcast live every Saturday at 11 am, and then rebroadcast at 8 pm on Tuesday night. The host He Guo is a strong host with more than ten years of hosting experience. He has a good style and works hard. He has almost never had any scandals, so he is very popular with the audience. After so many years, he has also won the title of Brother He.

The subject of this live broadcast had recently been considered well-known in China. He read the profile of this young man named Lu Chengyu a few days in advance and determined the topic of today’s conversation. However, the other party’s determination not to enter the entertainment circle still surprised him a bit.

Now he didn’t know how many young people have sharpened their heads and walked toward this circle. This Lu Chengyu actually went the other way. But after he inquired carefully, he felt that he was not so surprised again.

After Lu Chengyu rushed to the TV station, he called Yan Mu and made sure that there was nothing wrong with the other party before rushing into the elevator with the reception staff to the dressing room.

When the makeup artist saw Lu Chengyu, he showed a polite smile. After the two parties introduced each other, the makeup artist said: “Mr. Lu’s clothes are very decent, but I may need to do your makeup and hair for you.”

“Thank you. I chose a set of clothes specially today. Fortunately, it caught the eyes of the master. At least, I was not ashamed.” Lu Chengyu smiled, “Then please help the master to put on makeup for me. I can choose this outfit. The makeup is really difficult. I don’t know anything.”

The makeup artist laughed: “I don’t dare to be a master of Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu’s appearance is very good, so it doesn’t take much time to put on makeup.”

Many entertainers in the entertainment industry look glamorous on the surface. But due to long-term makeup use, many people had poor skin. So, every time makeup was done, makeup artists were also very embarrassed. If the foundation is thin, they were afraid that it won’t cover up the acne or acne marks, but it looked unnatural under the light when it is thick. A good foundation like Lu Chengyu is what makeup artists liked to encounter.

The hair and makeup were quickly fixed. After Lu Chengyu thanked the makeup artist, he followed the assistant director to the studio. After entering, he saw that the host had arrived, but the audience had not been put in yet.

He Guo was in position, and he naturally had a good hand in inquiring about the news. He knew that Lu Chengyu had a close relationship with Mu’s grandson, and he had a good relationship with several officials in Beijing. This time Lu Chengyu’s affair with the prince of the Liang family was such a big deal. Lu Chengyu had nothing to do with it. Instead, the Liang family was so messed up that he couldn’t get up. He would not believe it if it was said that there was no other person’s work afterwards.

Therefore, when Lu Chengyu appeared, he stood up with a smile, shook hands with Lu Chengyu, they introduced each other, and began to talk about the entire program flow.

Because it was a talk show, only a general direction had been determined. After the show started, it still depends on the self-exertion ability of the host and guests.

Lu Chengyu could perceive the kindness that He Guo had radiated towards him. He was naturally very polite. The conversation between the two parties was very pleasant. After the recording and broadcasting was about to officially begin, Lu Chengyu got up and went back to the backstage. After the show started, he still needed to be in the audience and come out with the applause.

At 10:50, all the on-site audiences entered the venue, the lighting engineer, sound engineer and other staff were all in place. The director started counting down. As soon as the show began, He Guo began to talk about the opening remarks, and then the guest Lu Chengyu was brought out.

After a round of applause, Lu Chengyu walked out with grace, greeted the audience first, and then greeted He Guo. After he sat down, the conversation officially started. There was no problem in the whole process.

“First of all, please allow me to introduce the handsome young man in front of me. All must have known him at the scene and in front of the TV. He is the grass-level scholar of Q University who was very popular on Weibo some time ago. He has a high rate of contribution in the movie “Flying Birds”. Everyone applaud again to welcome him.”

Lu Chengyu got up and bowed to the applauding audience. After saying thank you a few times, he sat down again. The audience was very grateful.

He Guo looked at the boy’s performance on stage, and suddenly thought he was like an old artist who had been in the entertainment industry for many years, but the other party was obviously only a young man in his early twenties.

It’s no wonder that people who can be so close to those second generations in Beijing, would know how to get along with others best.

In Yan Mu’s villa, Zhang Zeyun and Zhuang Yu sat on the sofa, watching annoying advertisements on the big TV screen. Zhuang Yu couldn’t help saying, “Brother Mu, it’s almost eleven o’clock. What’s so good about this ad?”

“It’s started,” Yan Mu pointed to the TV with a serious expression, where the head of “A Book of Life” was placed. “Don’t make trouble.”

Zhuang Yu turned his head and looked at the screen, just in time to see Lu Chengyu coming out from the backstage, wearing a small snow-white suit, really suited to a little girl’s taste of Prince Charming in the eyes of the little girl, and he smiled as well. Very inviting.

He looked at Yan Mu and then at the TV screen. It turned out that they were sitting here and waiting for a long time because of this sensational show that would be re-broadcast?!

Brother Mu, you are already depraved and hopeless, do you know?

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