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“We all know that Mr. Lu, you are a high-achieving student of Q university, and there are even pictures of your graduation on the Internet. Many friends on the Internet like you very much and even call you a male god. About everyone’s high evaluation of you, what do you think about it?” He Guo started with Lu Chengyu’s academic qualifications, but it was easy to arouse the favour of mother-level audiences. After all, who doesn’t like boys with good grades, looks, good behaviour?

“I thought that many friends would grit their teeth with hatred,” Lu Chengyu smiled, “Because sometimes I will urge them to do homework or go to work well on the Internet. Usually, many people call me a god-student in the comments. It is all heresy.”

He Guo followed with a smile: “But everyone still likes you very much. It is said that you have achieved excellent results since childhood. I don’t know if there is any learning method that you would like to share. I believe that there are still many friends in front of the TV who are interested.

“Everyone is not interested in learning methods, but they have no choice but to learn. As for how to get better academic performance, the most important thing is to be serious in class, usually read more and write more, there are not so many shortcuts to learning,” Lu Chengyu stood on the table. He took a sip of the cup and smiled at the camera, “Don’t blame me for being forced to read and write in the future. Brother He asked me to say this.” He Guo laughed in cooperation and confessed his sins to the camera.

He put down the cup and replied: “But I think that academic performance does not represent everything. Even our ancestor’s thousands of years ago knew that a sentence is called three hundred and sixty lines. You cannot use performance to define who is bright and who is mediocre.”

“Mr. Lu’s words are very reasonable, personal ability is more important than performance,” He Guo chatted with Lu Chengyu for a while about education, and then brought the topic to the point. “Flying Birds”, after all, this movie has become a big hit recently, and it can also increase the topic of the show.

“You are an employee of Huading International, how did you end up in this movie?” He Guo turned his head and looked at the big screen, which began to show the footage of Lu Chengyu getting off the car in the movie. The handsome appearance aroused the youth of the scene. The audience applauded.

“I happened to meet Zhang Shuo and the screenwriter at a casserole specialty restaurant. At that time, they couldn’t raise funds, and they happened to be next to me saying they were going to disband. I couldn’t help but persuade them with a few words. Later, when the film funding was in place, they couldn’t find a suitable actor to play this role. On the day they went to visit the class, I was arrested.” He tilted his head and looked at the big screen, just in time to see the scene where he wiped his hand and threw the handkerchief. He touched his nose a little awkwardly, obviously not comfortable with watching his performance.

“You played this role very well,” He Guo said, “Many movie fans say that you made this person alive, and even the male lead Gao Boyang said that he was brought into emotions by your role.”

“Nothing so exaggerated,” Lu Chengyu smiled politely, no pride was visible on his face, he retracted his gaze on the screen, touched his chin, and said in a joking tone, “It’s probably my face that can play cheap roles easily.” He Guo was amused by these words and nodded: “Yes, everyone likes your acting skills and thinks you are handsome, so that’s why you have been given the title of a male god.” The audience was suddenly amused. Lu Chengyu smiled politely holding his cup of water.

At this time, someone has posted a post on the Haijiao forum, saying that the guest of this issue of “A Book of Life” is the male god Lu Chengyu, which aroused a lot of interest.

The enthusiasm of Prince Liang’s bullying had not gone down. “Flying Birds” was also being screened. Lu Chengyu was currently very popular. It is a pity that he does not participate in any TV shows. Even the “Flying Birds” crew recently participated in various variety shows But there was no Lu Chengyu in those shows either.

Now, he finally appeared in a live talk show like “A Book of Life”, and of course everyone became interested in this show.

After finding the webcast address, many people went to watch, and soon there were many people leaving comments below the post.

15L: My blood tank is almost empty. How can a male god smile so beautifully? How can a male god be more attractive than in a movie!!

20L: In a show like “A Book of Life”, he can still be so handsome. I’m sure my male god is handsome.

22L: The look of the male god holding a water glass is really beautiful.

24L: You idiots, even if Lu Chengyu falls in front of you, you will still feel that he is good-looking.

27L: On the 24th floor, people like you don’t appreciate the beauty in male gods.

31L: Male gods also have to eat and drink and use the toilet. Where is the beauty inside? Maybe this male god is still a man with a stubborn look inside, let us see if you will call him a male god after seeing him like that.

32L: Upstairs you won’t understand. The main reason why a male god is called a male god is that he is handsome. Even if my male god is a man who is stubborn, he is also a handsome man who is stubborn. Do you understand? (_)

There was a lot of excitement on the Internet. Yan Mu sat in front of the TV without blinking his eyes, and even forgot the two people sitting next to him. Zhuang Yu picked out a banana from the fruit plate on the coffee table. After peeling the skin, he ate it. Watching Lu Chengyu on TV smiling and behaving elegantly, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Xiao Lu is on a show for the first time. But the performance is really good.”

Zhang Zeyun glanced at him, then at Yan Mu, and said with a faint smile: “If he doesn’t have this ability, why would Brother Mu let him be an assistant?”

Zhuang Yu wanted to say that it was because of Yan Mu. Brother fell in love with this person, but before he could say anything, he remembered Lu Chengyu’s usual deeds. Not to mention anything else, he said that the movie was very profitable, but Lu Chengyu was able to shoot it without his support. The Liang family that confronted Lu Chengyu did not end well in the end.

Lu Chengyu was not a simple ordinary person. After thinking for a while, he said: “Yes, if he is not capable enough, Brother Mu… how can our brother appreciate him.”

Although they are the so-called second generation from official families. The rich second generations, are not fools, so they have their own rules for what kind of friends they make and what kind of people they are close to. Lu Chengyu became acquainted with their brothers in a short period. This is one of his skills.

It could not be because of his looks, even if someone came better-looking than Lu Chengyu came to them, they would not take it seriously.

This is probably the so-called personal charm. He threw the banana peel on the coffee table at random, remembering that Mu Ge didn’t like people to throw things around, so he hurriedly collected the peel and threw them into the trash can. As a result, when he watched Yan Mu secretly, the other party didn’t notice his movements at all but instead focused all of his attention on the TV.

“Did the things that happened some time ago have an impact on your life? Others knowing about your family’s affairs, or… because of other people’s malicious things, do you feel troubled?” He Guo had been hesitant to raise this topic. But after thinking about the effects of the show, in the second half of the show, he finally decided to bring it up.

As soon as this question came up, not only others were interested, but even Zhuang Yu couldn’t help but straighten his ears. He wanted to hear what Lu Chengyu thought.

Lu Chengyu in front of the camera guessed that He Guo might bring up the matter, so he was not surprised when he heard the question raised by He Guo. The smile on his face faded a bit, and then he reached out for the glass of water in order to conceal his emotions and then he said, “The influence may be there, but people around me will not have any special opinions on me because of this. But there is one more troublesome thing. Just these days, whether it is a colleague or an uncle security guard in the community, they like to stuff me with something. The walnuts in my house can be piled up into a hill. I am worried that I will not be able to eat it and waste everyone’s good intentions.”

“It seems the people around you love you so much, that’s why they care about your body.” He Guo knew Lu Chengyu had no intention of mentioning his parents’ affairs to show how lonely and helpless he was. On the contrary, he increasingly felt that this young man was someone who was destined to do great things. Because people who do big things never like to say how miserable they are, but love to work hard for themselves. Those who like to tell people how miserable they are anytime, anywhere, are just there to kill others’ sympathy.

“Because there are so many good people in this world,” Lu Chengyu smiled, “That’s why so many people care about me.” He Guo agreed: “Be kind to others, and others will treat you kindly. Mr. Lu said there are so many good people around him. Then in the eyes of these people, you are also a good person.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, without accepting or opposing, but said: “After all, there are only very few bad people in the world.”

The court channel has always liked to report on the positive and bright side, so Lu Chengyu’s words made the program director very satisfied, and he also gave Lu Chengyu some nice close-ups.

“Have you seen this picture?” He Guo pointed to the big screen. Inside, Lu Chengyu was standing in front of the police station with blood still on his shirt. Yan Mu held him with one hand, but his brows were frowned, making him look better than ever.

They were followed by Zhang Shuo, Qu Lingbei, lawyers, and police. The scene looked a little chaotic, but there was an indescribable sense of solemnity.

Lu Chengyu slowly shook his head: “I haven’t seen this picture.”

He Guo smiled and said, “Some netizens praised your boss as a good boss who moved the country. This is because you don’t want to be an actor but insist on doing it now. Is this one of the reasons for this job?”

In front of the TV screen, Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun looked at Yan Mu together. Yan Mu took a calm look at the two of them, and reached for the teacup on the table, only to touch them twice.

“My boss is a very good person. I don’t wish to become an entertainer because my major in college was economic management rather than acting. Performance is not my biggest hobby. But having such a good boss makes me willing to work hard even more.,” Lu Chengyu thought for a while, “For me, he is both a boss and a friend. This is the greatest luck in my working life.”

“Hey !” Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun looked back again and saw the original cinnabar teacup held by Yan Mu Duan fell to the ground, and the tea splashed all over the floor.

“Hands slipped,” Yan Mu blankly took two tissues and wiped the back of his hands, then continued to stare at the TV.

Zhang Zeyun: “…”

Zhuang Yu: “Brother Mu, your socks are wet.”

“Well, it feels cool.” Yan Mu nodded, still not looking away from the screen.

Zhuang Yu opened his mouth and suddenly became speechless. It is only ten degrees Celsius today. Do you need to pour herbal tea on the back of your feet to cool it down?

“In this way, you are the Maxima and he the Bole[1],” He Guo smiled, “You have the ability, he has the foresight, and you complement each other.”

“I don’t dare to think that I am a Maxima, but I believe I should be considered a hardworking horse,” Lu Chengyu smiled at the camera, “Even if you are not a Maxima, as long as you are diligent, you can still be a Maxima.”

After the interview, Lu Chengyu and He Guo had a friendly farewell, and the two took a photo together as a souvenir.

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[1] A Chinese tale where Bole a horse trainer made Maxima a regular horse into the world’s finest steed by recognizing his talents. Just like Yan Mu recognizes Lu Chengyu.

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