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When he got out of the TV station building, Lu Chengyu saw several assistants approaching a beautiful woman. He had a meal before taking a few steps to the side.

When the beautiful woman passed by him, her pace slowed down, she turned her head to look at him more, smiled at him, and talked to the staff who came to the reception.

Lu Chengyu couldn’t help but glance at this woman more. He felt that the actress was a bit familiar. After getting in the car, he remembered who this female artist was.

Isn’t this Liu Qiyan, who will be very popular in the world in the future? Now also the reputation is not small. The TV series she filmed last year was the champion of ratings throughout the year. Many TV stations have broadcasted it. But even so, the ratings are still very high at the same time every time it is broadcasted.

This woman can be regarded as capable and outstanding. When he was an assistant agent, he knew that the young artists in the circle were envious and jealous of Liu Qiyan, but he had nothing to do with her. Some people even asked cyber gunners to smear her reputation in major forums, saying how she got the upper hand by rolling the sheets, and how she was inconsistent.

But despite this slander, even after a long time, not many people believed it. On the contrary, many people called Liu Qiyan the Yan Ye, saying that she looks good and has a queen style. Even if she wasn’t this kind of people, it will be difficult for her.

And this Yan Ye was the only person who had a scandal with Yan Mu in his previous life. Although this scandal had no picture and no truth, many people did not believe it, but this woman is the only one who has had a scandal with the president of Huading International.

From a man’s point of view, a woman like Liu Qiyan is indeed a stunner, but from a buddy’s point of view, Yan Mu and Liu Qiyan are not in line with each other and are inappropriate.

Realizing that his thoughts were running a little far away, Lu Chengyu wiped his face. He didn’t have a partner, so he became worried for Yan Mu first.

It’s not that people have no object to worry about, but they don’t know which object to choose.

As soon as he walked out of his imaginary world, he found that his cell phone was ringing, and the caller was Yan Mu.

He plugged in the earphones, while he drobe the car out of the TV station’s parking lot and answered the phone: “Boss.”

“The show is over?” Yan Mu looked at the steaming soup in the pot, “If it’s over, come here for lunch. In the morning, Zhuang Yu brought two soft-shelled turtles. I used them to make the soup. It’s almost ready now. Come and taste it.”

Zhuang Yu, who was gnawing apples in the living room, looked at the time. It’s already twelve, when will Brother Mu have lunch?!

Lu Chengyu originally wanted to find a restaurant on the side of the road to just eat something to fill his stomach, but when he heard Yan Mu’s words, he remembered Yan Mu’s cooking skills and immediately agreed. When passing by a well-known cold dish restaurant in Beijing, he still bought some cold dishes.

When Lu Chengyu arrived at the door of Yan Mu’s house, it was already half past one and a half. After he rang the doorbell and saw Zhang Zeyun opening the door, he smiled and said, “I let everyone wait a long time, sorry.”

“I didn’t wait long,” “Zhang Zeyun turned sideways to let him in, “Besides, you have a job and there is nothing you can do.”

“It’s okay, we were not hungry,” Zhuang Yu put down the half-eaten apple in his hand and wiped his mouth. Xiao Lu, you were so handsome on TV today.”

“Brother Zhuang watched the show?” Lu Chengyu’s eyes changed slightly, then he smiled and bent over to change slippers, brought cold dishes to the kitchen, and saw that Yan Mu was stirring the top layer of turtle soup. You said, “Boss, I bought a few cold dishes. Have you cooked? If you haven’t, you can make fewer dishes.”

Yan Mu had heard the conversation between Lu Chengyu and Zhuang Yu just now in the living room. Thinking of calling Lu Chengyu after the show and pretending to not know that the show was over, the expression on his face was a little stiff, and the oily soup dripped on the back of his hand, but it didn’t hurt.

“Boss, aren’t you afraid of being burnt?” Lu Chengyu saw the soup dripping on the back of Yan Mu’s hand. He reached out and took the spoon and bowl in his hand and put it aside, “Rinse with cold water.”

“It’s okay.” Yan Mu was calm. He wiped the back of his hand with his other hand, turned around, and peeled the potatoes. After peeling one potato, he said, “I watched your show in the morning for a while. It was good.”

Lu Chengyu took a few plates and plated the cold dishes he bought. After loading the plates, hearing Yan Mu’s words, he looked back at Yan Mu, who was looking down and trying hard to ccut vegetables, he said, “Did the boss see the section where I praised you?”

“Yeah.” Yan Mu was careless, while he tried to cut the potatoes in half at once.

Lu Chengyu smiled upon seeing this.

Zhang Zeyun, who had already walked to the door of the kitchen and was ready to help, stopped and looked at the atmosphere between the two in the house, shook his head helplessly, turned, and went back to the living room to sit down.

“Didn’t you say you went to the kitchen to help?” Zhuang Yu gave him a puzzled look.

“I want to help, but I don’t want to be a lightbulb. With Xiao Lu there, I’m not going to join in the fun.” Zhang Zeyun raised his eyebrows too much and turned the TV station to the news channel.

After hearing this, Zhuang Yu glanced towards the kitchen, shrugged, and stopped asking. Anyway, Brother Mu has taken care of Lu Chengyu now, and Lu Chengyu is also a good person. If they are willing to get together with each other, it is also their fate.

Suddenly, his brows frowned: “Zeyun, do you think that Elder Mu will agree to it?” While young people accept this kind of thing, they are still a little surprised, let alone people of Elder Mu’s age.

“Elder Mu has three sons but only one daughter. This daughter died when she was thirty years old. He has three grandchildren: two granddaughters, but only one grandson, Mu Ge, would you be reconciled if you were him?” Zhang Zeyun frowned. Then his brow wrinkled, “But now it’s not whether the old man can agree, but whether Mu Ge can chase people successfully.”

“That’s true,” Zhuang Yu sighed. “Xiao Lu has a house, a car, and savings. He looks good and has a high degree of education, and he is good at doing things. This type of man shouldn’t be less popular. There are a bunch of people who call him male god on the Internet. Now, Brother Mu doesn’t have the means to pursue people. I think it’s mysterious.”

“Things have not reached the last step, and no one knows the result,” Zhang Zeyun played with the remote control in his hand, “Sometimes any means or language is no better than the word “sincere”. The more popular people are, the more they value these two words.”

Zhuang Yu glanced at Zhang Zeyun and said nothing, but he was still a little worried. If others can’t see, touch, or even not know, isn’t it a waste of sincerity?

The food was quickly served. Zhuang Yu took a look at it. Turtle soup, green pepper and potato shreds, oyster mushroom meat slices, small green vegetables, homemade tofu, and a few cold dishes, although they are all very common dishes, they had the taste of living at home. Can’t help but feel that Mu Ge and Xiao Lu have such a natural taste.

“Mu Ge and Xiao Lu work together to cook together. The speed is really fast.” Zhuang Yu went to the kitchen and washed his hands, sat down at the table, reached out and grabbed a piece of the dish, and was full of praise.

The four of them sat around the table. Lu Chengyu ate two bowls of rice, drank two bowls of soup, and ate a lot of vegetables. Zhuang Yu was dumbfounded. How long was he hungry?

After Zhuang Yu waited for Lu Chengyu to put down his chopsticks, he said with emotion: “Xiao Lu has a good appetite.”

“They said that after eating in the morning, I will not look good when I’m on the camera, so I only eat now.” Lu Chengyu yawned and rubbed his neck, “I won’t participate in any shows anymore.”

“Many people in the circle may not be able to be on this show. You still dislike it.” As Zhuang Yu said, he saw Yan Mu get up and go upstairs.

“It’s not disgusting, it’s just making people nervous,” Lu Chengyu sighed, “Don’t look at me acting very relaxed I was afraid of saying the wrong thing from start to finish, and I was so nervous that I drank several sips of water.”

Zhuang Yu stretched out his hand. He patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“Zhuang Yu iss right. You acted very well, and you look much more natural than those stars,” Yan Mu walked downstairs and handed a piece of digestion tablet to Lu Chengyu, “Hungry for so long, and eat so much. It’s not good for the stomach.”

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu smiled and threw the digestion tablets into his mouth, and chewed them into his stomach, “Boss, if you say yes, then there must be no problem.”

Zhuang Yu was touched. Touching his nose, he decided to clean up the dishes on the table, he would rather wash the dishes than see the innocent appearance of Mu Ge in front of his crush.

It was a test of his ability to control facial expressions.

Seeing this, Zhang Zeyun also stood up silently and followed to clean up. Although he hated washing dishes, doing things like being a light bulb is very unpleasant.

“Are the TV stations easy to get along with?” Yan Mu heard that the TV station had bullied newcomers or ordinary people, and somehow he thought of Lu Chengyu.

“No, we were good,” Lu Chengyu lost his smile, “this circle will mostly not do things that will easily offend people, not to mention they know that its Boss Mu who is behind me.”

These words although it was a joke, Lu Chengyu knew in his heart that there must be a serious reason for the people on the TV station to be so enthusiastic about him. Otherwise, no matter how miserable and pitiful he was, people like He Guo would not be so kind to him. You know, many big names in the circle are in front of He Guo, and they must respect him as Brother He.

Yan Mu’s complexion changed slightly, and he immediately said: “It’s because you have done a good job that they will be polite to you. How could it be my cause.”

“What’s wrong with having a boss who can cover me,” Lu Chengyu said with a smile. “I’m like a fake tiger, what a good thing.”

Yan Mu saw that he didn’t mind this kind of thing, he was relieved, and coughed dryly, “You’re not a fake tiger, you are very good.”

Lu Chengyu laughed again. He didn’t know why he feels that he is less and less scrupulous in front of Yan Mu, is it because the other party has fewer words and expressions, which makes him feel very reliable?!

On the Haijiao forum at this time, Lu Chengyu’s pictures in “A Book of Life” have been screenshotted by people who like him and put them in the post. Many people praised that male god is so handsome and has no bad sides. The remnant of the brain powder tried to criticize him.

It can be seen that Lu Chengyu’s popularity on the Internet is high.

Song Junyan brushed the web page, watching someone in the forum joking about Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu, he raised his mouth. I heard that his good brother is rigorous. If he knows that someone is joking about him with a man, would he be disgusted with this man?

Lu Chengyu is Yan Mu’s assistant. If there is a conflict between the two, it will be lively.

Didn’t Yan Mu favour the talented Lu Chengyu? Didn’t he tell the police to protect the interests of his employees?

He was about to see. Someone joked about them on the Internet. He wouldn’t mind at all. As for Lu Chengyu’s side…

Song Junyan’s smile became more and more gentle, so he picked up the phone and notified the previously contacted water army to start spreading some remarks on the Internet.

For example, are Huading CEOs and Lu Chengyu true love?

When Lu Chengyu went home in the evening, he just ran into Song Junyan who had come back from a run. Just when he thought that the other party was still just saying hello to him, this one finally started to change the way of communication.

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