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Song Junyan looked closely at Lu Chengyu in front of him. It seemed that he was only in his early twenties, but he pitted Liang Deyou to death. Even Liang Guoming was affected. The whole Liang family was torn apart, by the wind and rain brought down by him. Had it not been for this turmoil, he would not have been able to join Liang’s board of directors and become one of the major shareholders.

Counting this way, he is grateful to Lu Chengyu, at least without him, his plan could not be implemented so quickly.

“I saw you on TV today,” Song Junyan scratched his head with a smile on his face, “You said those words in the show well. I would have been nervous.”

“I was also very nervous. “Lu Chengyu look lingering on his face, “I just looked calm on the surface.”

“Really?” Song Junyan noticed that Lu Chengyu was still wearing the white suit he wore on TV. He guessed that although Lu Chengyu seemed indifferent on the surface, but there was an intention to show off in his heart, and he said, “You look so good in this outfit. Many people on the Internet are saying you are handsome.”

“Haha, I picked this one yesterday,” Lu Chengyu smiled happily, “Even the makeup artist  said that my outfit was good.”

“Well,” Song Junyan realized that the topic seemed to be far from what he had expected, so he made the bright smile on his face a bit unnatural, “Then what, I saw you on the show… you took a picture with your boss. How about your boss…?”

Lu Chengyu said with no change on his face when he heard the words: “He is pretty good, but he is more rigorous at work, and I don’t dare to make comparison.”

“Oh,” Song Junyan grinned reluctantly, “How is he doing now?”

“Very good,” Lu Chengyu seemed to not see the worry in his expression and walked upstairs with a smile, “Boss is the one with a villa and a car, how can he have a bad life?”

“Really?” Song Junyan and Lu Chengyu entered the elevator together, and their smiles became dazed, “He has a good life…just fine.”

Do you think that I have my boss’s secret in my heart? Come and ask, and I will come back to tell you obediently?

Haha, Lao Tzu is not so blind.

“That is, the boss not only has a car, a house, and a deposit, but he can also cook,” Lu Chengyu said with envious emotion, “This is a model of a successful man. I only look up to ordinary humans.”

Song Junyan felt his expression darken. But he was trying to take advantage of him, so he laughed and said, “Yes, people like him are too far away from us.”

“Ding”, the elevator door opened, Lu Chengyu walked out of the elevator, smiled, and said goodbye to Song Junyan. Under the complicated smile of the other party, he turned and walked towards his house.

As the elevator doors were closed, the smile on Song Junyan’s face suddenly became cold, and he kicked the elevator wall with anger: “Pig brain!”

In the security room, Uncle Liu and his colleague Xiao Yang looked at the footage of the surveillance video. The two exchanged glances, and Xiao Yang was a little worried: “Mr. Song has something wrong with his mind?” He usually behaves in a sunny and upright manner, and he is also very normal when talking with Mr. Lu. But when Mr. Lu leaves, and he is alone, why is he so scary?

“He may not know that we installed surveillance in the elevator today, and accidentally showed his true nature,” Uncle Liu snorted calmly. “For such a young person, there should be no problem in his mind, otherwise it would be a pity. “

Xiao Yang nodded, and then said again: “Let’s remind Mr. Lu, if this Mr. Song suddenly becomes abnormal someday, what should we do if he attacks him? It’s not worthwhile.” Mr. Lu was like that. He shouldn’t be hurt by this weird Mr. Song.

Uncle Liu nodded, and this matter should be mentioned to Mr. Lu again. This matter was already a little weird. Before Mr. Song had moved in, he liked to inquire about Mr. Lu, and now he is even closer to Mr. Lu. It would be strange if there were no conspiracies.

So, when Lu Chengyu went out the next day, he was held by Uncle Liu with a mysterious face, and he was told Song Junyan’s behaviour in the elevator.

After listening to the words of uncle Liu, Lu Chengyu’s expression changed, then he felt indebted to Uncle Liu said: “Uncle, thank you for telling me. I did not know he could be so terrible; I’ll certainly pay more attention.”

“I know just pay attention. I saw this guy dangling downstairs all day long, and when I saw you, he leaned forward. I knew there was a problem with his mind.” Uncle Liu patted Lu Chengyu on the shoulder and then asked him to drive. After being careful, he smiled and watched Lu Chengyu’s car leave.

Lu Chengyu came out this time to make an appointment with Zhang Shuo and Qu Lingbei. After the three met, they found a box in the teahouse to sit down and began to talk about the shooting of the new script.

Lu Chengyu listened to Qu Lingbei’s complete summary of the story and was very interested. Although there was no such movie in the memory of his last life, he feels that if this movie is made, it should have a good reputation.

The theme of this movie was not new, but the plot is attractive, the scene structure was not big, and the investment was not too much. The only problem was that this movie is a bit fresh, and it’s affirmative to be well-liked, but not necessarily popular.

Probably this is also the reason why this movie did not exist in the previous life because investors were afraid that the money will be thrown into the water. After all, a well-received movie is helpful to enhance the reputation of screenwriters and directors, but for investors, it is nothing good if it did not make money.

Zhang Shuo and Qu Lingbei also felt embarrassed to let Lu Chengyu invest in this script. Although they both liked this theme very much, they still prepared a more commercial script for Lu Chengyu. If Lu Chengyu didn’t like the small and fresh script, they would themselves consider investing in this business-oriented script.

“These two scripts are good,” Lu Chengyu listened to the two stories. The former explored human nature from the perspective of a child, while the latter viewed society from the perspective of a humorous adult. Each has its advantages. “It’s not as good as two. I want to invest in both the scripts, but you two will be very tired, I don’t know you…”

“No problem,” Zhang Shuo said with joy suddenly, “Chengyu, don’t worry, I will make these two films!” He looked back at his friend, who also looked happy they didn’t expect Lu Chengyu to talk so easily.

Although they have made a popular movie, there was no shortage of dazzling but fleeting meteors in this circle. It was really hard to see a straightforward investor like Lu Chengyu.

Lu Chengyu naturally saw the joy of the two. For him, even if the small fresh script does not make money, it was an emotional investment. At least in the hearts of Zhang Shuo and Qu Lingbei, he valued the two, and he was not the type who crossed the river and demolished the bridge[1].

What’s more, the commercial script introduced by Qu Lingbei at the back of the film could produce a very good box office. Even if Xiaoqing’s box office income is zero, he will not lose money.

The two parties discussed the budget, and Lu Chengyu immediately signed the contract with the two of them, and the three of them got together for lunch. Although it was not a high-end hotel, the three of them were happy and relished the food.

Perhaps, the three were so compatible, and another reason was that the taste was also very compatible.

When Lu Chengyu returned home, he bought some fruit on the road for Uncle Liu and other security guards before returning to his home. Looking at the messy house, he felt that he should call the cleaning company to get someone to clean up the house.

As soon as he looked at the time, it was less than two o’clock in the afternoon, and he was about to lie down on the bed for a while, when he received a call from Zhuang Yu, saying that a few people were going to have a picnic by the river in the afternoon and asked him to join in.

As the second-generation official and the second-generation rich kids, these people did not go to play other things, and they like to go to farmhouses or riversides, which was amazing. You must know that some of the rich second generations he had contact with in his previous life for work were most likely to get together to play around with some messy things in various clubs. Self-discipline like Yan Mu and his companions had never been seen by him.

“Okay, I’ll come over right away.” After Lu Chengyu asked about the location, he hung up the phone and picked up the car key to go out. When he went downstairs, he met Song Junyan who was coming back from the outside. He greeted the other party and waited for the other party to speak.

“Mr. Lu is going out?” Seeing Lu Chengyu dressed casually, Song Junyan smiled when he guessed that he was going out to play, “Are you going out with colleagues in the company?”

“No, some friends of the boss asked me to go out to play,” Lu Chengyu looked at his watch and smiled apologetically, “I’m are in a hurry, so I’m leaving first.” Song Junyan smiled and watched Lu Chengyu leave.

Seeing Lu Chengyu’s back, the smile on his face gradually cooled. “He’s just a snob who climbed up through Yan Mu, and Yan Mu’s vision is nothing more than that.”

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[1] Used people and discarded them.

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