MTaFB Ch. 40.2

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When Lu Chengyu drove to the riverside, he saw Zhuang Yu and several people sitting around a table drinking tea. There was also a mess of snacks on the table.

Seeing him coming, Zhuang Yu was about to greet him, but seeing Yan Mu who was beside him had already gotten up and walked towards Lu Chengyu, he had to touch his nose and continue to peel the figs on the table to eat.

“Boss, you’re here too,” Lu Chengyu glanced around with a smile. There were people everywhere in the antique-style buildings. He couldn’t help but said, “Picnic here?” Uncle Security will not beat them with a broom, right?

“They said that the picnic at night was boring, and they were going to wait for the boat to eat fish,” Yan Mu pointed to a large boat not far away. “I heard that the fish on this boat tastes very good. We will try it together later.”

“Ok”, Lu Chengyu nodded and walked around Yan Mu. Seeing his look, he did not seem to be serious, “The scenery here is really good.” “Ah, “Yan Mu pointed at a barbeque stall not far away, “It was run by a friend of Zhuang Yu’s bodyguard. Zhuang Yu said it tasted good. Would you like to try it?”

“Well, you didn’t eat it?” Lu Chengyu smelled the barbecue in the air. He couldn’t help walking towards the barbecue stall that seemed to have a good business. When he approached, he saw that Zhuang Yu’s bodyguard was talking to the stall owner, and he said, “A Dong, this is your friend?”

 A Dong looked up. He saw that it was a friend of the boss, and he hurriedly smiled and said, “Mr. Yan, Mr. Lu, are you here to buy skewers?”

“Yeah, I’ll try it.” After Lu Chengyu chose some of his favourite skewers, he found that the stall owner’s hands seemed a little stiff, thinking that there was something wrong with the other’s hands and feet, he looked away and chatted with Yan Mu. God, if you always stare at people’s inconvenient places, it would be too disrespectful to people.

When Mingzi saw Lu Chengyu appear, he remembered the scene where he was kicked by the opponent, and he felt pain in her abdomen inexplicably. Seeing that Lu Chengyu hadn’t noticed himself, he couldn’t help asking his buddy A Dong next to him, “A Dong, how do you know this evil god?” A Dong looked at Mingzi puzzledly, and then at Yan Mu with an expressionless expression on his face. He lowered his voice and said: “Mr. Yan just looks serious, he is very nice.”

“It’s not him,” Mingzi said carefully while flipping through the skewers, “It’s the one next to him!”

“Mr. Lu?!” A Dong was even more puzzled. Mr. Lu always smiles, is gentle, and easy to talk to. Mingzi used the words “demon” to describe Mr. Lu, which is too inharmonious. “Mr. Lu is gentle and literate. He usually treats us well. The bodyguards are also polite to him, do you have any prejudice against him?”

Mingzi almost couldn’t get up in one breath. What, who is a good gentleman, can kick two big men who are about 1.8 meters high?!

“Don’t make it too spicy,” Lu Chengyu said when he saw the stall owner sprinkling chili peppers, “Don’t make it too salty.”

“Okay, no problem,” Mingzi responded hurriedly, acting more carefully as if he was afraid that if he sprinkled a little more, he would be kicked.

The skewers were quickly set up. Lu Chengyu took the fast-food box with the skewers. After tasting a chicken wing, he remembered that he had forgotten to pay. When he was about to pay, he saw that Yan Mu had already paid for him.

Lu Chengyu did not pretend to be sentimental for twenty or thirty yuan, and handed the box to Yan Mu, “The taste is not bad, you can taste it occasionally.”

Yan Mu glanced at the skewers sprinkled with various condiments, and picked one. After tasting the chicken wings, the taste was not bad, and the oily fume was a bit heavy, but seeing that Lu Chengyu seemed to like it, he nodded, “Not bad.”

Mingzi watched the two sit among the rich people, and he was relieved, and said to A Dong, “I knew I would meet him. I might as well set up a stall at the night market.”

“Why?” A Dong looking at Mingzi suspiciously, “What the hell did Mr. Lu do that scared you like this.”

Mingzi sighed, remembering Lu Chengyu’s thin look, and then looked at his arm with large biceps. He didn’t have the face to say that he was kicked to the corner by the other party, and he couldn’t get up for a long time.

Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu didn’t know that the skewers boss had once served as Yan Lao San’s bodyguard, so they couldn’t appreciate the complicated mood of the stall owner. After the two sat down, they ordered tea and started chatting with the other three.

In addition to the two of them, Zhuang Yu, Zhang Zeyun and Qi Jingfeng were out to play this time. So when the other three people saw Yan Mu eating the barbecue that Lu Chengyu bought, their expressions were a bit complicated.

After being friends with Mu Ge for so many years, while having fun they saw Mu Ge holding a bamboo stick gnawing on the chicken wings, and only Zhuang Yu was the only one who can do this kind of thing. When did Mu Ge become so grounded?

“Ah, Xiao Lu, these skewers taste good,” said Zhuang Yu, who was the first to react. As he said, he took a skewer of grilled mushrooms from the fast-food box, “He said just now why Mu Ge asked whether grilled skewers taste good or not. It turned out to be pretty good to eat.”

“My boss is good, this is something you can’t admire.” Lu Chengyu smiled and passed a bunch of light-flavoured turtledove eggs to Yan Mu. “This tastes light.”

Yan Mu silently took the bamboo skewers, ignoring the eyes of hsi few friends, and immersed himself in the barbecue that was not nutritious for him: “I heard that there is a restaurant selling yellow pea soup that tastes very good. Do you want to buy a bowl later and try it?”

“Huh?” Lu Chengyu nodded when he heard the food, “Okay, okay.”

Zhuang Yu looked at Yan Mu helplessly. What age is this? He is very anxious as a bystander while the person is using such a small and fresh trick to chase people.

Zhang Zeyun smiled beside him and said: “Yes, I also heard that yellow pea soup is very good, and you two can go and taste it together.”

Qi Jingfeng wanted to say that he wants to go too, but he doesn’t know why, under Zhang Zeyun’s smile, he was stunned that he could not say so, and instead smiled and agreed: “Yes, I have eaten it before. It is delicious. Go and taste it.”

“Well, that must not be missed.” Lu Chengyu felt Yan Mu as a friend is still very accomplished in eating. How can people like Yan Mu who are not proficient in eating come with them?

After the barbecue, the few people chatted together for a while, and Yan Mu said, “Now let’s taste the yellow pea soup? Otherwise, I won’t be able to eat after dinner.”

“Ok”. Lu Chengyu greeted the others before talking to Yan Mu. They walked slowly along the riverside together, looking for the yellow pea soup shop.

The fence next to the road is made of marble with auspicious cloud patterns carved on it. It has a very ancient flavour. There are various antique-style shops next to it. It is a famous leisure and entertainment area in Beijing, so many tourists came to play at any time on the riverside. It also created a lot of consumption.

When, they came to a small shop selling yellow pea soup, Lu Chengyu bought two bowls, holding a bowl with Yan Mu, leaning on the fence while eating and enjoying the river view. Although the posture is not beautiful, it feels quite pleasant.

In his previous life, after graduating from university, he ran around, knowing where to eat food, but he didn’t necessarily have time to eat. This life now makes him extremely satisfied.

“My father and mother brought me here when I was a child. At that time, it hadn’t been built yet, but many people would come to play.” Lu Chengyu frowned, pointing to a large Huang Ge tree in the distance, and said, “I remember that an old woman was selling handmade cloth shoes under the tree. My mother bought me a pair of shoes embroidered with tiger heads. At that time, I didn’t want to wear cloth shoes because they were old-fashioned. Now I regret it a bit, but no one has given it to me again.” At this point, he reluctantly smiled.

“Let’s go take a look.” Unwilling to see the smile on Lu Chengyu’s face drop, Yan Mu held his wrist and led the person under the Huang Ge tree without any explanation.

Lu Chengyu was taken aback for a moment, and then followed Yan Mu’s footsteps forward. When he walked under the Huang Ge tree, he saw several old ladies selling handicrafts under the tree. There were shoes, fans, sachets, satchels, hats, etc. in front of them. They were very beautiful and delicate in traditional style. There was no such rusticity in his memory at all.

Lu Chengyu didn’t know whether his memory deceived him, or he didn’t appreciate it at all when he was a child.

Just when he was in a daze, Yan Mu stepped forward and bought a pair of shoes, a hat, and a safety sachet that was hung on the car by an old lady. He stuffed things into Lu Chengyu’s hand. “Ohh…, it’s pretty.”

Looking at these three things in his arms, Lu Chengyu slowly laughed, his eyes burning. He said: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Yan Mu tilted his head and didn’t look at Lu Chengyu, “Although the shoes are not tiger shoes, the patterns on them are quite interesting.”

“Well, they look good.” Lu Chengyu blinked, looking at the patterns on the of entwined branches, and felt that it was simple but with a touch of unsurpassed beauty.

When Yan Mu looked back at Lu Chengyu, he saw that his face was full of smiles, and his smile was extraordinarily gentle and beautiful.

His heart trembled slightly, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

Just when the atmosphere was right, an unexpected person appeared.

“Mr. Lu, it’s such a coincidence that I met you here,” Song Junyan walked with two peers with a surprised expression on his face, as if he didn’t expect to meet Lu Chengyu.

“Mr. Song?” Lu Chengyu glanced at Song Junyan and the two behind him, “What a coincidence.” He suspected that Song Junyan would catch up as soon as he went out, otherwise, how there would be so many coincidences in the world.

“Yeah, this is…” When Song Junyan looked at Yan Mu, his expression suddenly changed. It seemed that because Lu Chengyu was there, he could barely maintain the smile on his face. He looked at Yan Mu and said, “You are here.”

Yan Mu looked at Song Junyan blankly, without saying a word, as if the other party was not talking to him.

“Junyan, this is not…” The friend behind him wanted to speak but was stopped by Song Junyan’s eyes. He turned his head and smiled at Lu Chengyu, “I won’t disturb you, let’s go.” He turned around and left, but accidentally bumped into the friend behind him, staggering in embarrassment.

Lu Chengyu cared: “Mr. Song, are you okay? Are you in a hurry now? Don’t be too anxious. Look at your feet.”

“I’m fine, thank you.” Song Junyan stood still and hurriedly dropped a goodbye.

When his two friends saw him leaving, they turned their heads and screamed at Yan Mu, before hurriedly chasing after him, as if they didn’t look at Yan Mu.

With this action, as long as a person had a normal mind, he would guess what there was a past or contradictions between the two, what Song Junyan wanted strictly was Lu Chengyu’s suspicion.

He expected him to think that Yan Mu had a disgusting personality. If Lu Chengyu asked about him, Yan Mu would be disgusted.

Who in Yan Mu’s eyes was an illegitimate child who was hated and couldn’t get on the stage?

But this illegitimate son just got close to President Yan Mu’s assistant. What would President Yan Mu think?

Lu Chengyu looked at Song Junyan’s hurried departure, and said with emotion: “This is the conscience of the industry.”

Yan Mu looked at him blankly.

“To make us feel bad, he used his life to act,” Lu Chengyu sighed and shook his head, “And has the energy to play with these things, that don’t do well. It’s a pity he is not in the industry with his good acting skills and that beautiful face. “

Yan Mu hesitated for a moment, and finally asked, “His face is good-looking?”

“Not bad,” Lu Chengyu turned around and walked back with Yan Mu, “But compared to you boss, it’s a far cry. I like your look better.” Of course, if the expression was a little bit more lively, it will be even better.

The corners of Yan Mu’s mouth moved, and he decided not to worry about such superficial things as looks.

“You said he’s an illegitimate child, why is he looking for trouble?” Lu Chengyu frowned. “If your dad went out to find his mother, you and Aunt Mu are the biggest victims, okay?”

Yan Mu said indifferently: “Perhaps he thinks that I have the power of Huading, and he is not reconciled.”

Lu Chengyu frowned and said after a long time: “Really boring.” Hearing that Yan Mu’s mother was beautiful and intellectual, she met a man like Yan Mu’s father and passed away early, it was extremely unlucky.

Fortunately, she was not an ignorant woman. Before she died, she used to mean to force the mistress to be unable to enter the door of Yan’s house and arranged the best way for her son.

Maybe if it weren’t for her being sick, Yan Mu’s father might end up the one dying because of illness, but it was a wasteful death.

 It was a pity that there was no fairness in the world. As a result, Aunt Mu died of illness and Yan Mu went abroad to study. Then the Mu family suppressed the Yan family and made Yan Mu the final winner.

However, no matter what Yan Mu finally got, he doesn’t have a good memory of his youth, and he was not a winner.

Seeing Lu Chengyu frowning, Yan Mu persuaded him: “I’m fine.”

Lu Chengyu turned his head to look at him, and said for a while, “It’s fine.”

He patted Yan Mu on the shoulder. No wonder Yan Mu’s expression is so little. It must be the bastard dad!

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