AMEG Ch. 1: Snow God

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The setting sun looked like melting gold, and the evening clouds merged in the midsummer dusk, the rays of light poured down, the shadows of the trees swayed on the golden ground, and there was a puff of heat in the air.

The sweetheart cake shop near Nancheng No. 1 Middle School ushered in the busiest time of the day. The store was full of students after school, gathered together in groups of three or four, full of loud laughter and whispering.

The cashier bowed her head to collect money and change and was so busy that even though she had to raise her hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead from time to time, she didn’t even have time to raise her head to relieve her sore neck.

On such a hot day, her stingy boss wouldn’t even turn on the air conditioner, and he didn’t hire more people, so she couldn’t be too busy.

She was hating herself for not being able to grow eight arms like an octopus, when the shop suddenly fell silent tacitly, and even the sound of breathing could be heard clearly for a moment.

Following the slight sound of footsteps, a clear and moving male voice fell into her ears from above her head.

“Hello, I’m here to pick up the birthday cake I ordered at noon.”

The cashier was taken aback for a moment, and when she raised her eyes, she met a pair of gentle eyes.

The young man’s face seemed to be carved out of ice and snow, and he looked better than any big star on TV. The complexion was cold and white, the temperament was elegant, and his whole body looked soft like spring water, as if the ice and snow had melted in him.

The cashier was stupefied, the heat on her body disappeared in an instant, and the room suddenly felt cool as if the air conditioner was turned on.

The other guests reacted the same way. This young man seemed to be born with the ability to attract everyone’s attention. Anyone who saw him would take a few glances and be stunned for a while.

“Miss?” Seeing that she was sluggish and did not respond, the young man showed no displeasure on his face, but just reminded her in a gentle voice.

“Ah, yes.” The cashier came back to her senses, and hurriedly checked the appointment list at noon, “Are you Mr. Qi?”

Qi Baicha nodded: “Yes.”

“Wait a minute, the cake is ready, I’ll get it for you.” The cashier turned around, feeling her cheeks burning badly, and her heart pounding uncontrollably.

It was the first time she met a handsome guy of this level in reality!

Qi Baicha stood waiting at the same place, and the other guests also returned to their own matters and continued to choose their own desserts, but many girls still secretly looked at this tall and handsome man from the corner of their eyes, and even boldly raised their mobile phones to take pictures of him and posted them on Moments.

At this time, another group of students opened the door, and they all showed joy when they saw Qi Baicha in front of the display. The leading girl was surprised and said: “Hey, Teacher Qi, are you here to buy cakes too?”

Qi Baicha looked back and saw that it was his student.

He simply replied: “Yeah.”

His voice was sullen and cold, but even a single word from him could make people’s ears feel pregnant.

The cashier was coming back with the cake box, and she was even more surprised when she heard the students calling him “Teacher Qi”. The young man looked too young. If he put on a school uniform, she would believe that he was a student in No. 1 Middle School, but she did not expect him to be a teacher.

Being a high school teacher at such a young age meant he was really beautiful and talented.

Appreciation for his appearance was now mixed with admiration for his talent. When she handed over the cake box, she couldn’t help saying: “Happy birthday to you.”

Qi Baicha smiled: “Thank you. But it’s not my birthday, today is my lover’s birthday.”

The cashier was directly hit by this smile, and her blood tank was emptied, so that by the time she realized that the young man had a lover, Qi Baicha had already pushed the door open with the cake box in hand.

Before going out, the young man carefully told the students: “Don’t stay outside for too long, go home early.”

The students all replied obediently: “Okay, Teacher Qi.”

The cashier suddenly felt a little disappointed. Such a young and promising man, actually married young.

She didn’t know what kind of woman was worthy of such a handsome man…

When the girls were paying the bill, she asked them curiously, “That was your teacher just now?”

“Yeah, he’s still our head teacher, the most handsome male teacher in the school!” A girl said proudly, “No other class is not envious of us.”

“Graduated from a prestigious university!” Another girl added, “He teaches history, and our class ranks first in history on average.”

“But we only found out today that Teacher Qi is married. Teacher Qi is so beautiful. His wife must be very beautiful too…”

Speaking of Teacher Qi’s goodness, the girls couldn’t finish it even in a hundred sentences.

As the cashier listened, the look in her eyes changed from envy to admiration, and finally she smiled in relief. A handsome man could always attract the attention of unmarried girls, but such a godlike figure could only be seen from a distance and not be blasphemed.

Qi Baicha carried the cake box and walked to the parking space not far away, opening the door of a white Chevrolet sedan, he looked back at the sky dyed red by the setting sun before getting in the car.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the beautiful sky was covered with a thin layer of gold thread, and at sunset, it was full of rays of light. What Qi Baicha saw was a cloud of dark green mist covering the northeast corner of the campus, with a strange shape and a stench that disgusted the gods.

Recently, the evil spirit in the school had become more and more intense. He had to find some time to check it out.

He looked away, put the cake on the passenger seat, started the car, and drove away.

The car drove through the busy city and gradually entered the rich area with few people and a quiet environment. Behind the maze-like rose wall was a magnificent luxury villa.

Qi Baicha drove the car into the underground parking garage. Among the expensive Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and other luxury cars, the Chevrolet worth hundreds of thousands looked particularly shabby.

But it didn’t matter, the entire underground parking garage belonged to his family.

To be a teacher, you should keep a low profile.

Back home, Qi Baicha put the cake box on the table. The living room was empty, and Fu Mingye hadn’t come back yet.

Compared with Qi Baicha’s status as an ordinary high school teacher, Fu Mingye’s status was much more impressive. He was the president of a listed company and was number one on Hua Kingdom’s Rich Person’s List, so he was always busy.

Many people regretted that he was buried as a high school teacher with Qi Baicha’s education, but Qi Baicha didn’t think so. He had lived for too long. He had been an emperor, a prime minister, and a general. He had experienced all kinds of lifes, and the lifespan of a god was still endless. The richest man or still a beggar, it made no difference to him.

Those old friends of his who lived from ancient times to the feudal dynasty chose to sleep because of the boredom of eternal life. Qi Baicha was one of the younger ones among the ancient gods, and he didn’t intend to waste time on sleep, so he and his remaining two or three friends tenaciously continued to wander in the world. Every few decades, he changed his personal name, went to another place, in order to experience a new life.

In this way, he traveled to many places, changed many names, met many people, and said goodbye to many people.

Why did he want to change his name? Since every time he changed his identity, he would definitely be a famous big shot, and some of his names would go down in history, so naturally he could no longer use his original name.

During the period of the Republic of China, his last good friend, Rain God, also fell into a deep sleep, and since then he had been the last god in the world.

That day, he watched the Rain God go to sleep forever in the God Realm. If he didn’t sleep until the sea changed, he might not wake up.

The last god felt lonely.

He went to the busiest teahouse and restaurant in the world again, picked a table and sat down, this time he was really alone. Some people saw his handsome appearance and came over to strike up a conversation, then they asked him what his name was.

It just so happened that the guest at the next table asked the waiter to make a pot of white tea. He had a thought and said a new name: “Qi Baicha.” With his fighting spirit, he chose to live in anonymity, and the name had been used up to now.

As for his real name when he was a god, it didn’t matter if he didn’t mention it, everyone who might have known it had fallen asleep, and no one could call it out.

After the Republic of China, Qi Baicha also wanted to sleep for a while, because the eternal life of a god was really boring. It was just a last thought, and he waited until the establishment of Xinhua Kingdom, the rapid development of science and technology, the 21st century, and… until he found the person he loved.

He fell in love with a mortal.

Now he was his husband.

His husband was Fu Mingye.

Before meeting Fu Mingye, Qi Baicha never thought that he would really fall in love with someone, and that too a mortal.

The real world of the gods was not as forbidding as in human storybooks. There were as many gods who came and went in pairs as crucian carp crossing the river, and there were not a few who appeared in the love stories of immortals and mortals. Qi Baicha forcibly overwhelmed all the beautiful goddesses in the past and was awarded the title of the number one beauty in the God Realm, but he never had any suitors.

There was no other reason, it was because Qi Baicha was a god transformed from the snow collected on the top of the snow mountain for thousands of years. When transforming into form, he chose the body of a young man with a pure and beautiful face. Even among the gods who also didn’t eat the fireworks of the world, he was still too cold.

God of Ice and Snow, Beauty of Ice Mountain, Flower on High Mountain, countless names were crowned on the head of Snow God, even the gods who were also gods felt that he should not be insulted or blasphemed.

Later, it was discovered that Snow God was actually a gentle and cute boy, and the goddesses raised him as their son, and none of them wanted to fall in love with him.

Therefore, after living for tens of millions of years, Qi Baicha had never tasted love. Later, he entered the world to practice, and had seen countless winds, flowers, snows and moons in the world, but he had never had a dirty mind. He had seen the consequences of love between immortals and mortals. After the death of her mortal lover, the Flower God chased him to the next life. When she found him, the lover who had sworn to stay with her for always in his previous life had already married a wife and had children.

Qi Baicha knew that the life span of ordinary people was short, and ordinary friends would regret it when they died. If you have a true love, you could see how sad it would be to see him live, grow old, get sick and die, and not be able to violate his destiny. Even if there was an afterlife, the people in the next life were no longer the people of that time, how desperate should they be.

He told himself, love is this kind of thing, so don’t touch it.

It’s just that he never thought that he would break this precept for Fu Mingye.

He was like a moth to a flame when it came to love, it is hard to restrain, and it easily made him lose all his persistence.

Thinking of his lover, Qi Baicha couldn’t help curling his lips into a smile, but there was a hint of sadness hidden in his clear eyes.

When he met Fu Mingye, Fu Mingye was twenty-four years old. Today, Fu Mingye was twenty-seven years old.

How many twenty-seven years could a mortal have?

The days he could be with him in the future would become less and less.

Thinking of this, Qi Baicha’s joy in celebrating his lover’s birthday also faded and turned into an inexplicable boredom.

Qi Baicha put aside those troubled thoughts, opened a bottle of red wine, put on an apron, and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Holding the kitchen knife with slender and beautiful fingers, he made a series of delicious dishes: braised carp in brown sauce[1], sweet and sour pork ribs[2], braised spring bamboo shoots in oil[3], mapo tofu[4]… If a person’s life was long enough and he was not too stupid, he could take endless time to learn different things, then he could really become omnipotent.

This was the case with Qi Baicha, with the eight major cuisines at his fingertips, he could grab the job of any chef.

He was really not a qualified snow god, as he was not cold at all.

Qi Baicha liked the smell of fireworks in the world, especially eating home-cooked food with Fu Mingye on an ordinary night, the taste was even better than fairy nectar.

A table of hot and fragrant dishes was ready, Qi Baicha put them on the table, took off the apron, just waiting for the sound of the key turning in the villa gate.

Fu Mingye was back.

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