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Su Ran watched Nuan Nuan go home, then patted Xingyun’s head, and walked back to his home with him.

His grandfather was playing chess. Su Ran walked over and sat opposite him, and put half of the basket of strawberries in front of him.

“Went to Lao Liu’s house again?”

Elder Su knew where the kid had gone with a glance.

Su Ran nodded faintly, holding a white piece with his knuckle fingers, he dropped a piece on the chessboard.

The older one and younger one started to play chess, Xingyun lay down quietly by the table and no one said a word.

Until the end…

“Grandpa, I lost.”

Su Ran put down the chess pieces and stood up, tall and elegant like a green bamboo.

“You eat the strawberries first, and I’ll do my homework.”

Mr. Su smacked his lips looking at the strawberries in the basket and muttered, “Why did you bring so few back today? What did you exchange with Lao Liu?”

Su Ran after a pause said something vaguely and casually.

However, he turned around and dug an orchid in the small yard where his grandfather raised flowers and left quietly.

When Mr. Su finished eating the strawberries and strolled around to admire the flowers in his small garden as usual, he fell silent looking at the pit.

After a few seconds…

“Su Ran!”

The old man picked up his crutches and went to find the culprit, and the someone who had expected it had already taken Xingyun to hide somewhere.

It’s just that after going back again, although he was not beaten, he was inevitably punished to copy the family rules and ancestral precepts. There were more than 10,000 characters, all of which had to be written with a brush.

Su Ran, who was kneeling on the cushion, straightened his back, holding a brush with one hand as he fought the night battle with his upright body.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know what happened here with Su Ran.

Bai Mohua stayed in the studio for several hours. When Nuan Nuan brought the washed strawberries and milk over, not only his hands and clothes were covered with paint, but also his clean and fair face.


The little girl tugged at the hem of his hoodie, and he finally recovered from the world he had become lost in.

“Nuan Nuan…”

Bai Mohua held up the paintbrush and moved his stiff body, then stretched his waist, clenched his hands into fists and beat his shoulder.

“It’s so sore.”

Nuan Nuan held a strawberry in her little hand, raised it on her toes and handed it over softly.

“Cousin eat strawberries, this one is delicious.”

Bai Mohua bent down and bit off half of the strawberry in one mouthful, with just the right amount of sourness and sweetness.

“It’s delicious, where did you buy it?”

It looked fresh.

Nuan Nuan replied crisply, “Brother Su Ran and I went to Grandma Liu’s house to pick them.”

Bai Mohua: “… When did you go? Su Ran has been here before?”

He was so dazed that he didn’t know anything.

Nuan Nuan nodded, and she ate a strawberry happily. Her moist and beautiful eyes stared at her cousin’s painting. It was almost finished, and the little girl was amazed again.


She felt that she was seeing someone else, as the halo hit her body in the painting through the bamboo curtain, adding a bit of softness to the picture.

“Better than Nuan Nuan!”


Bai Mohua came over and pinched her cheeks on both sides, “Obviously Nuan Nuan is the prettiest.”

Nuan Nuan felt a little shy eating strawberries, she was not so good-looking, but her cousin’s words made her happy.

The painting was finally finished after dinner. Bai Mohua put away all the tools and carefully took the painting down.

“I’ll give it to you tomorrow after I get the painting framed.”

“Thank you, cousin.”

Nuan Nuan happily hugged Bai Mohua, watching the painting so much that her eyes were shining like stars.

Seeing that she liked it so much, Bai Mohua was also very satisfied.

“Cousin, Nuan Nuan will squeeze your shoulders.” The kid who received the gift felt sorry for her cousin who had been sitting for almost a day.

She took her second cousin’s hand with her two small hands and made him sit down. Then she ran behind him, formed a fist with her two small hands, and began to hammer and pinch his shoulders in a decent manner.

The strength was just right, Bai Mohua squinted his eyes comfortably, and asked in surprise.

“Little cousin, how do you know how to do this?”

The little girl massaged Bai Mohua’s shoulder and said, “When grandma had a headache and shoulder pain, Nuan Nuan would help her press it.”

Bai Mohua thought for a while before he realized who the grandma she was talking about was, then he felt a little distressed, his mother had told him about the place where his little cousin had lived before.

He thought in his heart that he must treat his little cousin very well in the future. Of course, the obedient and soft little cousin deserved his kindness to her.

After pressing it for a while, Bai Mohua took her to eat a lot together, the two sat cross-legged together, and there was a little fluffy orange cat sitting beside them.

Bai Mohua fed his little cousin for a while and fed the little orange cat for a while, feeling like a winner in life!

She stayed at her uncle’s house for two days, and on the third day, her parents dressed her and combed her hair and said they would take her to see her granduncle.

As early as when she was at brother Su Ran’s house, she heard Grandpa Su mention her granduncles and grandpa. She was going to see them today. Nuan Nuan was a little nervous. After getting in the car, she held her parent’s hands the whole time.

Father Gu hugged her to comfort her, “Nuan Nuan’s two graduncles will definitely like you very much.”

Nuan Nuan held his fingers in both hands and asked eagerly, “Really?”

Father Gu nodded affirmatively. He didn’t know about others, but he knew the feelings of his two uncles for his mother. Seeing Nuan Nuan must be better than their own grandson and so they would surely be kind.

After driving for a while, they came to an independent ancient villa. Perhaps because they had notified the owner of the villa in advance, they drove in smoothly.

Gu Linmo got out of the car with his daughter in his arms, and immediately saw a group of people standing not far away, among which two old men with silver hair were standing at the front.

Looking older than her grandpa, they looked at the direction of Nuan Nuan with wise, majestic and elegant eyes.


Father Gu walked over with his daughter in his arms and called them both respectfully.

The eyes of the two elders only stayed on him for a short moment, then they nodded and their eyes fell on Nuan Nuan.

One of the old men’s eyes became dazed, looking at Nuan Nuan and calling softly.

“She’s back…”

Nuan Nuan was dazed for a while, and then called out politely and obediently.


The eyes of the two old men turned red. When they came back to their senses, an embarrassed smile appeared on their serious faces.

But just this shallow smile made the juniors of the Qin family show expressions of astonishment and even disbelief.

These old men who were stern and majestic in front of everyone actually smiled. They had never smiled so kindly to their own grandchildren!

Several young people suddenly felt a little sour in their hearts, so they couldn’t help but look at the little girl a few more times.

Looks good, uh… strangely good-looking?

“Come and see uncle.”

Nuan Nuan stepped in front of them with small steps, obediently grabbed the hand that the uncle stretched out, and softly called granduncle.

The smile on the old men’s face became more obvious, “Good girl.”

There was a faint gasp from behind, as they laughed again and again, this time it was more obvious, and they spoke so lightly and gently, as if they were afraid of scaring the person in front of them. Like a little girl, they even praised her for being good. It wasn’t that they were hallucinating just now!

As if they didn’t notice, the two old men walked home holding Nuan Nuan’s hand, and a group of juniors followed behind them in a daze.

When the two old people were holding Nuan Nuan’s little palm, time seemed to go back to when they were young. The two brothers spoiled their pink and jade-carved sister into a little princess. They gave her whatever she wanted, and they often took her with them. When she went out to play, she made a mistake and the two elder brothers quietly held her back, reluctant to let her be punished in the slightest.

But now…they were old, and they would never see their younger sister again. Now that they saw their younger sister’s granddaughter, who was so similar to her, the two brothers couldn’t help but want to pamper her, as if returning to the time they spent with their sister.

It’s just that they also clearly realized that the obedient little girl next to them was not their younger sister after all, and the two’s personalities were too different.

“Nuan Nuan, we are getting old, and your second uncle is still sick, so we couldn’t fly to Lincheng to see you. You should come and see us two old men often in the future, okay?”

Following by their side, very obediently, Nuan Nuan replied, “Okay.”

The second uncle smiled gently, and gently pressed the top of her head with his palm.

“Good girl, uncle is getting old, it’s great to see Nuan Nuan again…”

The little girl tilted her head and smiled at them with crooked eyebrows.

When they met for the first time, the two uncles gave her a lot of gifts, but what Nuan Nuan received were small gadgets, and she was unwilling to accept many valuable things.

“Uncle, Nuan Nuan likes these, you don’t need to give her the card and money, my big brother and dad have saved me a lot and I can’t use it up.”

The uncle even wanted to transfer some of his company’s shares to Nuan Nuan. Father Gu was so frightened that he almost hugged their thigh and begged for mercy.

Could these things be given casually? They were here to visit relatives, not to start a feud.

The uncle who was rejected was very upset, and Nuan Nuan took his hand and persuaded him softly.

“Uncle, Nuan Nuan will earn money by herself in the future. The things that Uncle gave to Nuan Nuan are much better. Nuan Nuan can’t be greedy or she will become a bad child in the future.”

The little face looked wrinkled and troubled. It really made the old man so happy that he didn’t insist on it anymore.

He also knew in his heart that it was a bit too much to say about giving shares, but he just couldn’t help it.

This man… the older he got, the more confused he became.

The younger generation who had been watching nervously, especially the daughters-in-law of the two old men, breathed a sigh of relief, and their appreciation of Nuan Nuan became better.

It was not that they were greedy for money and valued the shares in their father’s hands. If they really gave the shares to Nuan Nuan, firstly, it would be unfair to their sons and daughters, and of course they would feel uncomfortable. Secondly, Nuan Nuan was an outsider for them after all, if something happens in the future, it would not be good to anyone.

Nuan Nuan stayed at the two uncles’ houses until the evening and left. She waved goodbye and returned to her uncle’s house. She saw Bai Mohua with his head propped up at the door at a glance.


Nuan Nuan got out of the car and ran into his arms, her furry head arched twice on his body.

“I’m back!”

Bai Mohua, who was a little drowsy at home, smiled happily while hugging the little girl in his arms.

“Did little cousin miss me?”

Nuan Nuan smiled softly, and nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, then she hugged his neck and pressed her small face against his delicate and clean face, her voice sounding soft and sweet.

“Yes, I missed you.”

Everyone in the yard laughed, and Father Gu looked at it a little bit sadly, it was obviously his daughter… why did so many people want to rob him!

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