WMPLT Ch. 22.2

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After finishing speaking, he pretended to look at the soup in the pot, but his peripheral vision swept over the three male protagonists one by one.

This time he was finally caught.

He found that the expressions of Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng were a little subtle.

Very good!

This was what he wanted.

The program had been recorded for several days, but there was still no obvious spark coming out. It may be that he was too Buddhist as a tool.

It was obvious that he liked Duan Yihua in the original novel.

If the male supporting role was more active, the male protagonists would surely feel a sense of crisis!

In the next room, the staff asked Guo Bing: “I don’t understand. If Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi sent flowers to Zhai Xingchen, who did Zhai Xingchen buy flowers for?”

“Since he said to leave a little…”

“Then he didn’t want to give it to Pei Xu, nor to Huo Cheng. Lin Qingning and Wen Nuo were also there, and Yan Zhi, all of these can be PSSS.”

“Then Hu Ying and Duan Yihua are left.”

“… Zhai Xingchen still likes Duan Yihua.”

“It’s hard to say, it may be Hu Ying. He has had the most contact with Hu Ying in the past two days and they have talked the most. Did you forgot that they talked heart-to-heart all night?”

The program team fell into silence for a moment.

Zhai Xingchen took a spoon and carefully stirred the golden corn grits. The soup was already boiling and bubbling.

At this moment, the main character appeared.

Hu Ying was wearing his flamboyant pink T-shirt, and came downstairs with his slippers on.

“Wow, who bought the roses!” Hu Ying shouted.

“Xingchen bought it.” Lin Qingning said.

Hu Ying said: “Fuck, it’s so pretty, so pink. Fuck, I like it so much. Is it Pink Snow Mountain? I like Pink Snow Mountain the most!”

Well, Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi’s expressions became even colder.

Lin Qingning suddenly let out an “oh” and stretched the tune.

“What do you mean?” Huo Cheng asked lightly.

Lin Qingning shook his head with a smile and said nothing.

The smell of gunpowder in the kitchen was a bit obvious, but Hu Ying was the only one immersed in the joy of pink roses: “I like pink roses the most. Look, they are the same color as the T-shirt I’m wearing.”

Yan Zhi didn’t speak, and exited the kitchen alone.

Huo Cheng said in an unclear tone: “Show-off.”

Hu Ying didn’t hear the hostility in the words, and smiled and twisted his buttocks when he heard the words.

Seeing Hu Ying’s upturned butt, the smile on Huo Cheng’s face disappeared completely.

The vixen.

Wen Nuo found a chair and sat down, lying on the dining table with a faint smile.

He had been guessing to whom Zhai Xingchen had sent his heart-pounding text messages.

He guessed it was Duan Yihua before, because when they were chatting together, Hu Ying hinted at it, Duan Yihua was a little embarrassed, but he didn’t deny it.

But now he discovered that Zhai Xingchen liked Hu Ying.

That’s right, Hu Ying was so beautiful.

Hu Ying was really so good-looking that even he couldn’t take his eyes off him. Such a beautiful, lively, yet cute man was actually rare.

Among the four guests on the blue side, it was not surprising that anyone liked him.

Wen Nuo suddenly felt that he had dimmed all of a sudden.

In fact, this was completely predictable. He originally thought that among the four blue guests, he didn’t need to think about the three tall, rich and handsome guests, but Zhai Xingchen was similar to him, so he could think about it.

Looking at it now, it seemed that he was too good at fantasizing.

He was not sad, but he felt a little bit lost. He felt that he didn’t fit well with this show, and he was afraid that he would be left alone and walk through the rest of the journey in embarrassment.

Not only Wen Nuo thought so, but Lin Qingning also thought so.

He had been thinking about who Zhai Xingchen liked.

Because Zhai Xingchen was really the one with the least emotional tendency among them.

Different from Pei Xu’s indifference, Zhai Xingchen treated everyone very well and was too balanced, like a…male mother.

Now he suddenly smelt the smell of love from Zhai Xingchen.

That shy, prim look.

So he liked Hu Ying!

Hu Ying couldn’t put it down, and asked: “Have you all finished the distribution? If you finish the distribution, I will take the rest to my room.”

“Brother Duan hasn’t come back yet.” Wen Nuo said.

When Duan Yihua was mentioned, Hu Ying laughed, and looked at Zhai Xingchen: “Should I take all of them for myself, or give half to Brother Duan? Hmm? Alright, alright, I’d better keep all these flowers. Wait for you to distribute it slowly.”

Zhai Xingchen liked Duan Yihua, he knew that.

He had such a good relationship with Zhai Xingchen, he would definitely help him!

Seeing Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen chatting and laughing, Huo Cheng didn’t want to watch anymore, so he said to Pei Xu: “How about playing chess?”

Unexpectedly, when Hu Ying heard this, he immediately turned around and said, “Brother Huo, you want to play chess with Pei Xu? What, are you not in a good mood today, do you want to be abused?”

Huo Cheng: “…”

Pei Xu said, “Let’s go.”

Huo Cheng had always been good-tempered, but now he showed a bit of a provocative ruffian manner, pressed his tongue against his cheek, glanced at Hu Ying, and held his back up.

That look made the program crew cover their mouths in fright: “Fuck, Brother Huo is so murderous.”

But what Hu Ying said was right.

To play chess with Pei Xu, he was going to find abuse.

Pei Xu’s logical thinking was too strong, and he was good at chess.

Huo Cheng played with the chess pieces in his hand while sighing.

Pei Xu raised his eyes slightly and glanced at Huo Cheng. Because of the angle, the pattern on his chest was completely highlighted by the light.

It was two four-pointed stars.

The doorbell outside suddenly rang, Wen Nuo got up and said, “Did Brother Duan come back?”

He ran over to check, and came back with an envelope after a while.

Lin Qingning asked: “Did the program team send out another task?”

Both Huo Cheng and Pei Xu turned their heads to look over.

Wen Nuo looked at the card in the envelope and said, “…Tuesday Date Scramble.”

The first official date of “Red and Blue Signal” finally came.

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