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During the mid-autumn festival, it so happened that Teacher Ling Xuan was going to Esmera’s Haicheng district to hold a ballet-related exchange seminar with the principals, so she simply decided to bring Jiang Yu with her.

She could see that the little girl was absent-minded during dancing practice, after careful questioning, it was nothing more than the sadness of boys and girls talking about love.

What a normal and beautiful emotion it was to meet a boy who left your heart throbbing at the right age of youth, to be brooding and never forgetting him.

In the quiet first-class cabin, Ling Xuan softly said to Jiang Yu: “I used to have a little apprentice. She was your age, she fell in love with a boy who didn’t match her status.”

Jiang Yu fastened her seat belt, and asked: “Is it Bu Tanyan and my godfather?”

“It seems that your father really loves you that he told you such a secret.”

This acquaintance.

“At that time, my apprentice Xiao Tan really loved him to the point of being obsessed with him. She said she would stop dancing ballet and go out into the world with him to work hard. Later, she even gave up rehearsing for an important performance for half a year and went to Shenzhen, to live with him in an underground rented house for half a month, and guess what happened?”

Jiang Yu held her chin and listened with interest: “Well, what happened next?”

Ling Xuan took the coffee handed by the flight attendant, and said slowly: “Later she came back in despair, and wrote me a 2,000-word letter of guarantee, promising to learn ballet well and never play truant again.”

“The ballerina queen who is so famous was someone forced by her teacher to write a guarantee letter.”

“No, don’t look at her fame, she was skinny, but you are completely different from her, Xiaoyu.”

“Others say we are similar.”

“You just look alike.”

Although Ling Xuan had confirmed that Jiang Yu was Bu Tanyan’s biological daughter, the two grew up in very different environments, so their personalities were also very different.

Bu Tanyan lived well since she was a child, her family was well-off, and her parents loved her and regarded her as the apple of their eye.

She didn’t think about the consequences when she did things, anyway, the Bu family and her mother, a strong career woman, would cover for her.

But Jiang Yu’s living conditions were not that good, so whether she was learning to dance or doing things, she was always down-to-earth and hardworking, because she knew that opportunities were hard to come by, and she cherished them all the more because of that.

“What happened later?”

Jiang Yu continued to ask: “Did student Xiao Tan abide by the content of her guarantee?”

“She complied, danced well, and never ran away again.”

Jiang Yu was slightly surprised: “It doesn’t fit her personality.”

From Jiang Manyi’s few words of memories, the Bu Tanyan that Jiang Yu saw was not an obedient Xiao Tan, on the contrary, she was very rebellious.

“I also thought it was weird at the time.”

Ling Xuan smiled: “So I asked her if Xie Yuan treated her badly, or the two had conflicts. She told me, no, she was just scared.”


“When she went south to Shenzhen, your father booked the best hotel for her to live in. Xiao Tan was reluctant to spend his money and wanted to share weal and woe with him and live in his basement rented room.”

“Your father was absolutely unwilling, he knew your mother too well… no, he knew classmate Xiao Tan too well, she was not a woman who was full of love and drinking water.”

Jiang Yu was so fascinated by this that she didn’t notice Ling Xuan’s slip of the tongue at all: “What happened later?”

“She checked out of the hotel, secretly followed him home, and lived on the street if she couldn’t live at home. There were only two options.”

“Your father had no choice but to let her live at his home. In those days, the basement he was living in was damp and dark, the light could not be turned on and there was no sunlight all year round, it was full of business debris, and there were mice gnawing on the wall at night…Student Xiao Tan couldn’t sleep much that night there.”

Jiang Yu listened to Ling Xuan’s description, and put herself in Bu Tanyan’s shoes, even if her living conditions were not so good since she was a child, she wouldn’t be able to bear to live in a basement full of rats and cockroaches.

Not to mention it was Bu Tanyan.

“So Xiao Tan gave up on my dad and chose ballet?”

“No, this trip to Shenzhen made Xiao Tan deeply realize that she and your father have a unique love, even if the whole world is against them, she has to stand with him and fight against the whole world.”

Jiang Yu: “…”

Mom was right, Xiao Tan was really good enough for the second grade.

“Student Xiao Tan made an appointment with your dad. They will not meet or contact each other for a short time. Even the parents of the Bu family thought they had broken up. They will fight together to become a better version of themselves and meet at the summit.”

“Wait for them. When they had both become strong, in this world, no matter whether it was parents or poverty, there would be no power to stop them from loving each other.”

Jiang Yu was shocked for a long time.

Become strong and meet at the top, then there would be no power in this world that could stop them from falling in love.

The relationship between Bu Tanyan and Xie Yuan was really legendary.

“I told you the story of classmate Xiao Tan because I hope you understand that in the face of cruel reality, love is actually very powerless. For example, your Dad Xie, no matter how much he loved classmate Xiao Tan, there was no way for classmate Xiao Tan to take off her Prada, put on a commoner’s garb, and live an ordinary life with him. You see, even this can’t be done, how can you hope that love can change someone or save someone from drowning in a quagmire?”

Jiang Yu suddenly understood Ling Xuan.

Yes, what love can do, a moment of tenderness, a night of joy… In the face of a more powerful collapse, her love for Qiu Li was not worth mentioning at all.

She couldn’t help him, and she couldn’t save him.

Seeing each other at the summit was probably the best solution for Xiao Tan.

Xie Yuan had indeed fulfilled his promise and reached his peak.

But fate tricked them, and the separation between heaven and earth forever made him taste the most bitterness in the world.

Jiang Yu hadn’t found her own solution yet, maybe this trip to Haicheng would give her the answer.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the south was slightly warmer than the north. Jiang Yu took off her jacket and only wore a retro-style V-neck tie-up little white dress, but she didn’t feel cold.

The wind in Haicheng was salty, and you could smell the sea in your nose.

Jiang Yu checked into the Haicheng Hotel, put down her luggage, and strolled to Haicheng University at dusk with the afterglow of the setting sun.

The girls in the south all looked delicate and fresh, with elegant gestures and smiles…they were full of summer’s coolness.

Jiang Yu stood at the gate of the university, not daring to step in.

There were already a hundred possibilities in her mind.

Because she couldn’t get in touch with him, if they met by chance at the intersection and she saw him not doing well, saw him ugly, fat, haggard, or looking even more handsome, or see another girl beside him…

Jiang Yu had no way to cope.

She was so scared, so nervous, and so apprehensive…

Qiu Li left Beicheng because he wanted to say goodbye to his past life. If she went to him with a straight face again, would she be hated, would he feel that she was stalking him.

Jiang Yu wanted to run away more and more. It wasn’t until this moment that she realized that in the past Qiu Li always said that she didn’t like him as much as he did.

No, as early as every morning and midnight, in each good morning and good night, countless likes had accumulated and piled up.

Love was deeply rooted, and it was hard to die.

Jiang Yu walked back a few steps and paused again.

Just like what Ling Xuan said, compared with the reality, the little worries of talking about love at this age were nothing.

If she didn’t even try, how would she know what the solution was?

Jiang Yu finally entered the campus, walked beside the green road, followed the roadside signs, and found the location of the library.

During this time, Qiu Li usually read books in the library.

At dusk, it was the time when his memory was most efficient.

Jiang Yu asked a classmate in Esmera’s Haicheng district to borrow a campus card in advance, and successfully entered the study room of the library. She searched every floor one by one, but failed to find the familiar figure of the teenager.

Jiang Yu was inexplicably relieved.

In fact, she had a strange mentality, she wanted to see him, but was afraid of seeing him.

Walking out of the library, passing the club activity center on the first floor, by the floor-to-ceiling windows of the dance classroom, Jiang Yu saw a girl practicing 32 whip turns of the black swan in front of the mirror.

However, she was a complete amateur, basically had no ballet skills, and it was even difficult for her to stand on tiptoes, let alone finish 32 difficult whip turns without stopping.

Zhen Xuxu spun around five times on tiptoe, feeling dizzy and unable to stand still.

“Xuxu, why do you say you are doing this? You have to dance such an old-fashioned dance. Doesn’t Jazz look good? Isn’t break dance good?”

Zhen Xuxu looked at herself in the mirror, gritted her teeth and said, “He wants to watch me dance ballet, I will definitely be able to learn it.”

“How can you learn it just by watching the instructional video, the dance will not look good at that time, maybe he will dislike it even more…”

“What is more disgusting, when did he dislike me.”

The girl who spoke was Zhen Xuxu’s roommate and best friend for several years, and she was very familiar with her, so she simply said some things: “Don’t you think it’s disgusting, your jazz dance is so good, he didn’t even look at it, and he asked you to learn this!”

“What a broken ballet. I think he is deliberately making things difficult.”

Zhen Xuxu said stubbornly: “Then I have to dance better, to show him, I, Zhen Xuxu am not easy to mess with!”

“Apart from being handsome, there is nothing good about him.”

“You don’t understand, he is a man with a story.”

“Oh, I don’t understand.”

Zhen Xuxu continued to follow the video to practice movements.

Seeing that she was really struggling to learn, Jiang Yu said casually, “You need to push the ground with your toes to create rotational force. You can’t rotate with your toes alone.”

Zhen Xuxu turned her head and saw Jiang Yu by the door.

She had a beautiful face, with a refreshing ball head, bright and clear black eyes, and looked like a very good girl.

“Can you dance ballet?” Zhen Xuxu asked.

“A little bit.”


She quickly pulled Jiang Yu into the classroom as if she had found a treasure: “Can you show me how to do this broken whip?”

Jiang Yu put down her shoulder bag, took off her shoes, stood on tiptoes and began to circle her hands.

She was wearing a very textured retro-style little white dress, dancing ballet, she really looked like an aristocratic girl who had walked out of the court of Versailles.

Zhen Xuxu was stunned. The girl in front of her was performing such stunning and beautiful dance steps. She did not look old-fashioned. She was clearly extremely beautiful, and her temperament… was amazing!

After Jiang Yu made a simple demonstration, she told her: “The 32 whip turns of “Swan Lake” are the most difficult part in ballet. If you don’t have the basic skills, it is almost impossible to perform this part.”

Zhen Xuxu sighed ,”I know it’s difficult, but my boyfriend wants to watch, so I have to learn to dance this for him.”

Jiang Yu laughed: “Your boyfriend still likes to watch ballet?”

“Isn’t it? His hobbies are drinking, smoking, playing cards and… ballet.”

“That’s quite unique.”

“Can you teach me?”

Zhen Xuxu begged Jiang Yu: “It doesn’t have to be so good, you can just teach me how to turn. It’s fine if I don’t get dizzy and fall to the ground, just give me some fur, so I won’t be caught blind here.”

“It’s not that I can’t teach you, but I’m looking for someone here, can you find a way to help me find him.”

“That’s no problem, it’s a little case.”

Zhen Xuxu said: “I belong to the student union, and I have the roster and contact information of all the students in the school, but I can’t just disclose the information of my classmates, you have to tell me what your relationship is.”

Jiang Yu smiled helplessly and said: “He is my boyfriend, there was a little awkwardness between us, and his mobile number has changed, so I couldn’t get in touch with him.”

Zhen Xuxu said generously: “It’s easy, just tell me his name.”

“His name is Qiu Li, and he asks for his clothes, and he is stern.”


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