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The news about Yu Siyang’s culinary art defeating a famous French chef dominated the entertainment, social, and even news pages in China. It was not just a headline. For a while, he became the glory for the country and was hailed as a hero.

Fashion week was still going on. The people who were eating melons didn’t care about which celebrity and which brand was watching the show, which beauty and what street shots. Their words were all used up on Yu Siyang, boasting that there was nothing in the sky and nothing underground better than him.

Although the Chinese people in the new era had the problematic perception of “foreign moons are rounder”, but once there were people who won over the foreigners, they would act as if they were the party who defeated the foreigner.

At the same time, Yu Siyang also made the Panda popular at home and abroad. The image of the beloved panda had been sublimated to the level of gods. The China Giant Panda Conservation Base also specially posted the picture of a Panda on its official platform. Comparing the picture with the Panda made by Yu Siyang, everybody praised him for the vividness of the dish.

While the melon-eaters in various countries were enthusiastically pursuing Yu Siyang, Russell was restless. Thinking of the bet he had made before; he wanted to go back to the day of the reception and beat himself up. God knows how Yu Siyang was so good in cooking at such a young age, but even Nino was convinced in his defeat.

However, Russell still thought that Yu Siyang was opportunistic. Knowing that everyone liked pandas, he deliberately made the dish look like a panda. As long as it was not unpalatable, others would find it delicious, so they would naturally vote for the panda. It was so scheming.

The problem was, no matter what he thought in his heart, it was a fact that Nino lost. Was it true that he really would have to kneel down and call him father?

The more Russell thought about it, the more frustrated he became, and he didn’t have time to “connect with Phil.”

Before Russell had even thought about whether to honour his betting contract honestly, Philip Hill brought him the news that Yu Siyang had left Paris and returned to China. He breathed a sigh of relief. Before he had time to rejoice, he saw Philip Hill frowning. Looking at him, his heart that had just been put down immediately came up to his throat again.

Philip Hill said, “Russell, I’m really disappointed in you.”

He turned around and left, leaving Russell dumbfounded.

The flight information of Yu Siyang’s return was revealed somehow. Before the plane landed, the airport was already full of thousands of fans and various media outlets waiting for him.

Since Luo Peng could now handle things alone, Wei Xiaofeng had stopped teaching Luo Peng anymore, and let their team run independently. Only when Luo Peng came to ask him or borrowed his contacts, would he mention something.

But this time, the unexpected fans coming to pick Yu Siyang up at the airport made him feel alarmed, and he urgently transferred several bodyguards to the airport, and he also took his own people to the airport.

When he saw that the exit of the international arrival terminal was already crowded with people, the middle-level manager of All Star Entertainment who came with Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t help but sigh: “There are so many people, I am afraid that even the combination of the popular Zhong Fei and Bang Ziguo are not better than Yu Siyang. Yu Siyang’s popularity is going up.”

Wei Xiaofeng raised his eyebrows and sneered: “Don’t always compare these Bangguo and Niguo to the people in your own family, don’t you feel embarrassed.”

The middle-level manager suddenly shut up honestly. Most of the management of All-Star Entertainment knew that Wei Xiaofeng disliked artists from Bang Country and Ni Country coming to China to make money. If such a person came into his hands, he would be sniped and made to flee back to his own country in embarrassment. Some years ago, there was a foreign actor who was trying to steal Zhan Heng’s hype. Wei Xiaofeng made the other party cry and run away from China, and he still did not dare to return to China. His methods were so trivial that they could be regarded as a classic teaching case for entertainment industry agents.

“That… that, when will the plane Yu Siyang took…” The middle-level manager who had accidentally stepped on Wei Xiaofeng’s minefield, quickly changed the subject.

Wei Xiaofeng pointed directly to the huge LED screen in front of them, as he was too lazy to say anything to this kind of IQ, he did not know what the human resources thought at the beginning, that such people were recruited.

The middle-level manager stopped talking completely, pretending that he was in another dimension, holding his mobile phone and dialling Luo Peng’s phone non-stop.

As soon as Luo Peng got off the plane, his phone was turned on and he received the calls and immediately stopped the whole team.

There were no less than a thousand people watching the exit of the airport, and there were dozens of media outlets. The surrounding area was full of leaks. The airport security, the police on duty, and the bodyguards sent by the company were all on the scene to maintain order. Without seeing Yu Siyang, these people were unwilling to leave, and some of them even had magical powers and were able to guard the VIP passage.

With so many people, breaking out of the siege was simply a fierce battle. Wei Xiaofeng also deliberately took a live video to scare the small team that was standing on the tarmac.

The small team burst into tears when they saw it and shouted at the phone: “Please don’t make trouble!!!”

“How do I get out now?” Yu Siyang asked worriedly.

None of the members of the small team had experienced such scenes. They all looked at Tang Hang in silence. Tang Hang immediately shook his head: “Don’t look at me, I have never encountered such a situation.”

Everyone was discouraged and thought that they expected him have experience since he followed Wei Xiao before.

“Otherwise, find someone to put on Xiaoyu’s clothes, we pretend to protect him, and rush out together, and when the crowd disperses, Xiaoyu will come out from behind.” Makeup artist Vivian suggested.

“Then who will pretend to be Xiaoyu?” Luo Peng asked.

The small team was silent for a while, and then moved their gaze to Ning Weigong.

Ning Weigong was shocked, “Why me?”

Luo Peng: “Except for Xiaoyu, you are the thinnest.”

Tang Hang: “Your height is about the same as him.”

Vivian: “You are a man.”

Their reasons were so logical that Ning Weigong couldn’t refuse. He cried and said, “I don’t look like Teacher Yu at all.”

The stylist Rhett said, “Don’t worry, I will cover your face strictly.”

Ning Weigong felt that he was not at ease at all, but looking around, really only he could pretend to be Yu Siyang.

“Brother Ning, thank you.”

Being watched by Yu Siyang with his sincere eyes, Ning Weigong couldn’t refuse at all. Thinking that he was going to be ravaged by his fans in various ways, he seized the opportunity to ask: “I want to eat delicious food.

” Okay.” Yu Siyang nodded: “What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever, as long as you make it.”

Vivian and Rhett looked at Ning Weigong contemptuously-they didn’t expect this man to be so scheming.

Yu Siyang agreed very readily, Ning Weigong didn’t get entangled anymore, took Yu Siyang’s clothes to the bathroom and changed into them, and was then armed by Rhett with a hat, sunglasses and mask. Apart from the clothes that didn’t fit well, there was nothing wrong with his getup.

Chen Li accompanied Yu Siyang inside and waited for the crowd to disperse before leaving. The others surrounded Ning Weigong and came out with him.

Fans and the media were waiting at the airport from early in the morning. As time went by, more and more people arrived, no matter how the security and police discouraged them, they just didn’t want to leave, guarding the exit of international arrivals looking forward to Yu Siyang’s arrival.

Finally, after waiting for seven or eight hours, people saw Luo Peng who was particularly eye-catching from a distance, and immediately became excited, screaming and shouting Yu Siyang’s name.

Ning Weigong was guarded by the tall Luo Peng and the slightly taller Tang Hang, while he lowered his head and rushing forward tremblingly.

Then… it was a disaster.

The media wanted first-hand news, and fans wanted to get close to their idol. The wall of security personnel struggled to resist the fanatical crowd, and finally got the small team into the nanny car.

The car drove away, still a fan especially drove after it.

“The sunglasses were almost caught, and it scared me to death.” Ning Weigong stretched out on the seat, looking like he had been ravaged.

The situation of the other people was not much better. Luo Peng’s windbreaker was ripped to pieces. Tang Hang didn’t know who gave him a scar on his face. Rhett’s hair was messed up into a chicken coop, only Vivian was safe because of her height. So, her situation was better than the others.

“It is estimated that antis were mixed in.” Luo Peng sighed.

Vivian took the medicine out of her bag to help Tang Hang treat the wound on his face, frowning and said, “This must be to disfigure Xiaoyu, you have to go to the hospital to get it treated.”

“Fortunately, Teacher Yu didn’t come out together,” Ning Weigong let out a sigh of relief, “The antis are getting crazier now.”

Yu Siyang, who escaped the catastrophe waited till the airport crowd all dispersed, and then calmly came out of the VIP aisle with Chen Li. Rhett had helped disguise him before he left. So, the way he looked now, let alone the fans, even Mr. Xue could hardly recognize him.

“Where did you get the wig?” Xue Chengxiu waited for his lover in the parking lot and was dumbfounded by his appearance.

Yu Siyang tucked at the long curly hair that was draped on his body, “Vivian lent me the wig.”

Xue Chengxiu opened the car door to let Yu Siyang go in first, and then got into the car by himself, and Chen Li silently sat in the co-pilot seat. The black Bentley drove out of the airport parking lot and headed for the Xue family villa.

After getting in the car, Yu Siyang took off the long wig and packed it in a bag. He explained to Mr. Xue: “Vivian said, I look like a lonely, decadent and poor street singer when I wear that, and no one would connect me with Yu Siyang.”

Xue Chengxiu recalled his look just now, but he didn’t see the feeling of loneliness, decadence and poverty, but the sloppiness was real.

However, it was indeed a successful disguise.

Xue Chengxiu patted the hair of his lover’s head and said: “Everyone is waiting at home to celebrate your success.”

Yu Siyang said with curled lips: “Sister Rui told me that they are waiting for me to celebrate, but obviously they are waiting for me to go home and cook.”

“Then we won’t go back.” Xue Chengxiu said.

“…That’s not good,” Yu Siyang hesitated. “After all, everyone came purposely.”

Xue Chengxiu snorted, “That’s a bunch of locusts.”

At the same time, the “locusts” were in full swing at the Xue family villa. The party was set up and panda dolls were hung everywhere. Xue Yunmu, wearing a panda jumpsuit, happily ran around and outside the house.

Pei Ziteng grabbed the Mumu Panda and picked him up. Mumu Panda kicked his legs in his arms and laughed at he was lifted up high.

The chubby child Xue Yunmu was taller and heavier than a four-year-old child of the same age in terms of height and weight. Pei Ziteng felt his hands get sore after he lifted him up for a while and felt that the Mumu Panda in his arms was getting heavier and heavier. It was like lifting a huge weight.

The weight still didn’t let him stop and rest and kept saying: “Even higher.”

Pei Ziteng wanted to cry without tears.

Dad Xue, was he crazy, making his darling son so fat? Children who were too fat would have high blood lipids, coronary heart disease, and fatty liver!

Of course, even if it killed him, he would not admit that his strength was too weak. Anyway, it was Dad Xue’s pot.

When Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang returned home, they saw the giant inflatable panda in the yard.

“Mu Mu.”

Xue Yunmu heard the voice of his Yangyang brother, and immediately twisted to get down to the ground in surprise and ran towards Yu Siyang. The fat child wore a Panda jumpsuit, and really looked like a panda.

“Brother, you haven’t been home for a long time.” The little fat man hugged his brother’s neck and complained.

Yu Siyang squatted down, touched the child’s head, and said distressedly: “Mu Mu has become thin, have you not eaten properly.”

Pei Ziteng’s eyes widened in astonishment, and he wanted to say “Yu Siyang, are you serious?” But seeing the threatening eyes of Dad Xue, he swallowed what he wanted to blurt out decisively, suffocating a mouthful of blood.

The couple wanted to point out that the deer was a horse, what could he do, he could only cooperate.

The people who were sitting in the room heard Yu Siyang’s voice and ran out rumblingly. After all kinds of congratulations and compliments around Yu Siyang, they brought him inside the house.

The decoration of the house was more exaggerated than the courtyard. There were panda dolls everywhere, and everyone had “want to eat” written on their faces. Pei Ziteng was still holding a basket full of lion mane mushrooms.

Yu Siyang: “…” Mr. Xue sincerely did not deceive me, these people are indeed locusts.

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