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Mi Wan originally wanted to take Fan Chen to eat at the Cantonese restaurant she often went to, but when she walked into the restaurant, she found that all the people waiting at the door had already reached 60, and it wasn’t just this restaurant, all the nearby restaurants seemed to be full.

“How about… I’ll treat you to a snack, so we don’t have to wait for a table.” Mi Wan said awkwardly.

“It’s up to the host.” The two turned to the snack bar next door, strolled along the way, and got their ordered meat skewers, chicken chops, pancakes, and milk tea in a short while. It was human nature to like to join in the fun, and Mi Wan, an ancient person, also liked it very much. She took Fan Chen to a crowded place. Fan Chen didn’t like to be lively, but since the host had said it out, he could only squeeze forward with the host.

“I haven’t attended a festival for a long time.” Mi Wan looked at the night market stalls on both sides of the road which were nearly twice as many as in the past, and said with novelty and joy.

“There must have been a lot of festivals in the past.” Fan Chen asked casually.

“No way, at that time on the mountain, there were only two festivals a year, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the New Year.” Mi Wan shook her head and said, “And there were not so many novel things for sale.”

After she was reborn, she also went shopping in the shopping mall a few times, there were many novel things that she saw there, but the development and civilization of human beings for 500 years could not all be seen in a few months. At this time, looking at all kinds of beautiful little gifts on the night market stalls, she only thought that all of them were beautiful.

“Student, do you want to buy earrings, fifty per pair, buy two and get one free.”

“Student, do you want to buy a hairpin, sixty per pin, imported from country H.”

“Student, do you want a hat, a special price of 80 yuan just for you.”


Mi Wan went shopping all the way, and every time she saw a new thing, she piled the things in her hands into Fan Chen’s arms. Before he knew it, Fan Chen already had more than a dozen jewelry bags in his hands. He couldn’t help but think of what his assistant had complained to him: “Women are born shopaholics.”

“Hey, this looks good.” Mi Wan held a snow globe and held it up to Fan Chen happily, “It’s so delicately made.”

Fan Chen lowered his head and found that it was a Christmas snow globe with a Christmas tree inside. Under the tree, a man and a woman were holding hands and looking at each other. The light blue light was shining, and there was fine snow falling from the sky. The workmanship was really exquisite. Fan Chen had to admit that although human beings had a short lifespan, their inheritance and craftsmanship were much better than other races.

“Student, this snow globe is one hundred and twenty. It’s very cheap. Let your boyfriend gift it to you.” The owner of the stall was a young girl, and she looked at Fan Chen with a little surprise.

Wow, this man was the dream boyfriend with the best temperament and appearance she had ever seen at the stall today.

Fan Chen heard that he was misunderstood as her boyfriend, but he didn’t say anything, he just subconsciously glanced at the stall owner.

“I’ll take it.” Mi Wan didn’t care, she just took out her phone and paid the money by herself.

“Let me wrap it up for you.” The female stall owner’s purpose was to let the customers buy the things. Seeing that the girl had paid for it herself, she didn’t talk too much, she just took out a plastic bag to help the customers pack the things.

“No need, I’ll just hold it.” Mi Wan refused the packet, held the snow globe in her hand, took two steps to take a look, saw that the snowflakes in the crystal ball had stopped, and immediately shook it to let it float again.

Suddenly, Mi Wan’s arm was pulled by someone, she raised her head in doubt, and saw that the crowd in front of her seemed to be pushed back, so everybody took a step back, if Fan Chen hadn’t pulled her just now, she would definitely have bumped into someone.

“Watch the road.” Fan Chen let go of her hand and reminded.

“Why are there so many people here?” If the crowd just now was still flowing, then this place was almost completely blocked. Mi Wan tiptoed curiously, but in front of her was a dense wall of people, she couldn’t see anything.

“Probably because there is a Christmas tree here.” Fan Chen raised his head and pointed to it.

Mi Wan took a step back and looked up, and sure enough, she saw a very tall Christmas tree in front of her. This was a fake Christmas tree, and she didn’t know what material the merchant used to make it. The whole tree was white, and it was covered with various colored balls and gifts.

It was the first time for Mi Wan to see such a big Christmas tree, and she couldn’t help but want to go over and have a look: “I’ll go ahead and have a look.” Saying that, she happily squeezed into the crowd.

Fan Chen originally wanted to wait for Mi Wan to watch the fun before coming back, but there were too many people around him, so when he stood still, the congestion around him became more serious, so he had no choice but to follow the flow of people and continue in. When he finally squeezed to the front, Mi Wan was taking selfies frantically under the Christmas tree with the snow globe in her arms, he didn’t understand the point of taking dozens of pictures with one look.

“Fan Chen.” Seeing Fan Chen, Mi Wan happily waved at him.

Fan Chen walked over and saw that her cheeks were flushed on both sides, and he didn’t know whether it was because of happiness or because of the cold weather.

“Beauty, let me take pictures for you.” Under the Christmas tree were all couples waiting for a group photo. Fan Chen was too tall, standing there he blocked many people’s shots. A couple standing next to them thought they had no one to help them take pictures, so they volunteered.

“Okay, okay.” Although with the selfie, she could grasp the angle, it couldn’t take in her whole body. Mi Wan, who had fallen in love with clicking selfies after losing weight, immediately handed her mobile phone to the other party, and carefully adjusted her pose.

Fan Chen didn’t like taking pictures, so when he saw this, he subconsciously took a step back.

“Aren’t you going to take pictures?” asked the girl who took pictures of Mi Wan.

“No, thank you.” Fan Chen shook his head with a smile, and was about to back away a little more, when he was suddenly squeezed by someone behind him, and a tall boy looked at him embarrassedly.

“Brother, let us take a photo.” Then, he pulled his girlfriend and squeezed forward.

Fan Chen couldn’t stand left and right, and when he was thinking about whether to leave first, Mi Wan stretched out her hand and pulled him over and said with a smile: “I’m done filming, let’s go.”

Fan Chen immediately heaved a sigh of relief and nodded with a smile.

“Beauty, returning your phone.” At this time, the girl who helped her take the picture returned the phone to Mi Wan, “The last photo is very emotional.”

“Thank you.” Before he had time to think about what the other party meant by “emotional”, Mi Wan pulled Fan Chen away in a hurry, and as soon as they left, another group of people crowded up behind them.

“It’s really a lot of people, there are even more people than in the previous Chinese New Year.” Mi Wan couldn’t help but sigh.

“Yeah.” That’s why he didn’t like to go out on holidays.

“The arrangement of this tree is quite beautiful, but it’s not snowing, what a pity.” Mi Wan shook the snow globe in her hand, looked at the little snowflakes floating inside and said, “They just laid a pile of white foam in the form of snowflakes under the tree, pretending that it had snowed, so boring.”

“It rarely snows in the south, you have to go to the north to see the snow.” Fan Chen looked at the time and said, “It’s almost time to go back, it’s already past eight o’clock It’s okay.”

“It’s okay, Uncle Ye said that it’s Christmas today, and I’m allowed to go back at ten o’clock.” Mi Wan said, “But I’ve finished my shopping, and I’m a little tired after treating the little koi today. I’ll go back when I’m young.”

Little koi? Fan Chen suddenly remembered the scene he saw when he came there at noon today. It was people from the Water tribe and the Wei family. He couldn’t help asking: “When I came there after noon, the people from the water tribe had almost got into a fight with a demon hunter. Why? What’s going on?”

“The Water tribe people said that someone built a chemical plant and polluted the waters, which caused half of their Water tribe’s cubs to degenerate. The Water tribe couldn’t help but get angry and caused a flood. Wei Ji, that’s the demon hunter you saw today. His family obeyed orders and went to stop them, and the two sides fought, but the Water Clan did not win, probably this was the process.” Mi Wan briefly explained the cause and effect.

“Then who do you think is right and who is wrong?”

“Both sides are right.” Mi Wan said, “The Wei family is naturally right since the duty of demon hunters is to protect humans. As for the Water tribe, if someone poisons my family, I will definitely kill them too.”

Fan Chen smiled slightly, and seemed to be pleased by Mi Wan’s last words: “Since neither party is at fault, who is at fault?”

“I really thought about this issue.” Mi Wan said after a moment of humming, “Originally, I thought that the person who opened the chemical plant was wrong, but in today’s society, the laws are strict. Since he can open a chemical plant, it proves that there is nothing wrong with him opening a chemical factory, after all, people also want to make money to live. But as long as a chemical factory is opened, there must be chemical waste gas, what should I do?”

“Yes, what should one do?” Fan Chen frowned, as if he was also worried about this problem. If human beings wanted to develop, they must develop, and in this way they would definitely pollute the environment, it was a knot that could never be solved.

“Is there anything that can quickly purify those chemical wastes and turn them into harmless things?”

“As far as I know, there is no such thing.”

“Then we can only solve this problem in another way.” Mi Wan said suddenly.

“Oh? Do you have a better way?” Fan Chen asked with some expectation.

“Make money.”

Fan Chen was taken aback, making money?

“I’ve thought about it, if I were a water tribe member, and I knew the importance of the waters to me, I would try my best to protect the waters where I live.” Mi Wan said, “If you can’t kill people, then follow the rules of human society. Whenever someone wants to open a chemical plant or other bad things near the waters where I live, I will spend money, I will buy it, and it will be fine.”


“What was said on TV.” Mi Wan recalled the TV series she had just watched recently, imitating the tone of the domineering president, she waved her hand, “It’s not a problem that can be solved with money. Just like you hoard land to build a park, you can make money and protect the environment. That’s good.”

“Then you protect the waters where you live, what about other waters?” Fan Chen couldn’t help but ask again.

“I’m not a god. I don’t want to manage so much. I just need to manage the one-acre three-point land in front of me. You see, there are so many chemical plants in the world. Why did the water tribe just flood that one? Isn’t it because the waste from that family had flowed into their clan land.” Mi Wan turned her head, seeing Fan Chen frowning and seemingly disapproving, she couldn’t help but bump him with her elbow, and say when Fan Chen looked over, “People who worry less can live happily.”

“Like you?” Fan Chen smiled.

“That’s right.” Mi Wan raised her head triumphantly, looked at the Christmas tree not far away, and couldn’t help but regret, “It would be great if it snowed, and I can take a snow scene picture.”

She wanted to see snow so much?

Fan Chen looked at the girl’s hopeful face, thinking about the way she loved the snow globe just now, he guessed that she might have some good memories in the snow from five hundred years ago.

“Look.” Fan Chen raised his hand and pointed to the sky. The moment Mi Wan raised her head, his palm grabbed forward violently, and a whirlwind suddenly rolled up under the Christmas tree, bringing white foam all over the sky and flying to the sky, and then it fell down eloquently.

“It’s snowing!” After a burst of exclamation, everyone looked at the white foam falling from the sky and shouted happily.

Mi Wan’s eyes suddenly lit up, she stared at the sky quietly for a while, then turned to look at Fan Chen, although she knew it was the handiwork of the person in front of her, she still couldn’t hide her surprise: “It’s snowing, help me take pictures.”

Fan Chen helped Mi Wan take several “snow scene” photos before ending the “reception for the opening ceremony”.

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