SLDH Ch. 36.2: Little Koi

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Yu Feihang and his wife, Jin Yanyan, were already waiting in the bathroom. Jin Yanyan had also turned into human form, she was leaning in the bathtub wearing a pink top, and when she saw Mi Wan coming in, she was about to get up excitedly.

“Don’t move.” Mi Wan knelt down, looked closely for a moment and said, “You seem to have lost some of your demon power.”

“Yes, Feihang and I lifted the child’s seal, will it affect the treatment?” After getting to know that the child could still be rescued, Jin Yanyan couldn’t bear to let her child stay asleep, and couldn’t wait to ask her husband to find the elders of the clan to lift the seal that stopped its growth.

“No.” Mi Wan shook her head.

After saying that, Yu Feihang and his wife both heaved a sigh of relief at the same time, they had been thinking that something would happen again.

“However, you should not have unlocked the seal in advance. The more demonic power the child absorbs, the more serious the demonic poison will be. Fortunately, your demonic power is not high. If you had your husband’s cultivation, it would not be so easy to talk about.” She must add urgency on the spot to show them.

Jin Yanyan’s face turned pale, she stretched out her hand to caress her slightly protruding abdomen, and said quietly: “I just want him to come out earlier.”

For Jin Yanyan, the seal on the child was the child’s grave, and she didn’t want to keep it even for an extra moment.

“It’s okay.” Yu Feihang reassured his wife.

Compared with the little cat demon’s parents, the Yu couple’s love for their child was much stronger, and Mi Wan had a better impression of them. She signaled them to stabilize their emotions and started the treatment.

During the last inspection, Mi Wan already got to know the location of the little fish demon embryo, so she directly attached her hand to the skin on the right side of Jin Yanyan’s tail, sending spiritual power through the cold skin. Because of the release of the seal, the lifeless embryo regained its rhythm, and the round fish egg expanded and contracted to breathe, swallowing the mother’s demon power, also making it easier for Mi Wan’s spiritual power to enter the egg.

When Mi Wan’s spiritual power soaked the entire embryo, Jin Yanyan’s tail suddenly trembled, the bright red color gradually faded, and the shape of the legs was vaguely revealed.

When Yu Feihang saw it, he wanted to scream in excitement, but he was afraid of affecting Mi Wan’s treatment, so he could only hold back, but his eyes never left his wife’s tail. He knew that as long as Jin Yanyan’s tail was completely transformed, Mi Wan’s treatment would also have been successful.

The golden-red scales gradually receded, the tail split into two, and the fair skin fell all the way down, and when it was about to turn into ten toes, Yu Feihang suddenly felt his arms loosen. His wife who was still in his arms just now had suddenly changed back to her original shape and dived to the bottom of the water.

“What’s going on?” Yu Feihang looked at Mi Wan anxiously.

Mi Wan was wiping the water droplets on her hands with a paper towel, when she heard the words, she replied, “I’ve already cleaned up the demonic poison.”

“But…” Yu Feihang wanted to say more, but at this moment, a wave of demonic power that was somewhat different from his suddenly appeared in the bathroom, to be precise, it should have appeared in the bathtub in front of them.

Mi Wan and Yu Feihang looked down together, and saw Jin Yanyan turn into a goldfish coiled up, and under her body, a milky white fish egg with red dots was lying there quietly.

Yu Feihang watched the scene in front of him quietly, his eyes turning red instantly.

“Congratulations, you are now a father.” Mi Wan congratulated, and without waiting for an answer, got up and left the bathroom, leaving space for the family of three.

After walking out of the room, Mi Wan found that the sky was getting dark. She was a little tired, so she didn’t go out, she just sat down on a stone in the yard, and sent a message to Sparrow Spirit, asking him to buy a drink for her.

Sparrow Jing had been waiting in the store, and when he received Mi Wan’s news, he immediately ran to buy a cup of milk tea and delivered it to the backyard himself.

“Boss, you’ve worked hard.” Seeing Mi Wan’s pale face, Sparrow Spirit knew that she must have spent a lot of spiritual energy this time.

“Five million, remember to collect the money when he comes out.” Mi Wan took the milk tea and asked Sparrow Spirit to help her collect the bill.

“En.” The sparrow spirit responded happily, he knew that if Mi Wan asked him to collect the money, it meant that the illness had been cured.

Mi Wan took a sip of milk tea and felt that she had regained some strength. She turned her head to face the beaming sparrow spirit, and suddenly asked, “Are you interested in coming to my place as a cashier? The monthly salary is 5,000, and the commission is 1%.”

“Cashier?” The sparrow spirit was stunned for a moment, and after he understood the meaning of Mi Wan’s words, he nodded excitedly, almost hitting his head on the ground, “Yes, yes, I am willing.”

One percent. It didn’t sound like much, but taking Yu Feihang’s case as an example, he could raise 50,000 yuan at once, the monthly salary could not be ignored completely as well. Moreover, money was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that he would become a member of Mi Wan Pet Hospital. In the future, those demons who wanted to see the doctor would have to curry favor with him, wouldn’t they?

He was a little sparrow spirit, but he would become the target of all the demons’ praises in the future. Just thinking about it, the sparrow spirit couldn’t wait to laugh three times. It felt unreal like a sparrow turning into a phoenix.

“Then you come to work from tomorrow.” Mi Wan’s store really needed an employee who could distinguish between demons and ordinary animals. After all, the charging standards of the two were very different. Usually Mi Wan was not in the store, so it would be much more convenient to have the sparrow spirit there to register for consultation and then notify her to come for treatment.

The Sparrow Spirit nodded hurriedly, and just as he was chirping to express that he would definitely work hard in the future, Yu Feihang and his family came out of the room.

At this time, Jin Yanyan had already turned into her human form, she was wearing a rose red overcoat and was supported by her husband, as she held a transparent glass fish tank in her hand. They walked up to Mi Wan and bowed to Mi Wan very solemnly.

“Master Mi, thank you for saving my daughter.” Jin Yanyan said gratefully.

Daughter? Mi Wan glanced at the golden fish tank in surprise and found that it no longer held a small fish egg, but a small golden-red fish the size of a fingernail was swimming happily in it.

“Hatched so soon?” Mi Wan was taken aback.

“It may be because the child stayed in it for too long, and it was exhausted.” Speaking of her child, Jin Yanyan had a loving mother’s look on her face.

“Huh, it’s a little koi?!” The sparrow stared at the fish tank for a while, then suddenly exclaimed.

“En.” Yu Feihang nodded with a smile.

“Birth of a koi must bring good luck. Congratulations, Brother Yu.” The Sparrow Spirit was really happy for Yu Feihang.

“Thank you.” Yu Feihang didn’t expect his child to be a koi. It inherited her mother’s beautiful golden red color, and inherited his own carp body, becoming a very rare golden koi in the fish family. The golden koi came with good luck. They would surely be lucky.

“Master Mi, I will take my wife and daughter back to the Water Clan territory to recuperate first, and I will thank you for your kindness later.” Yu Feihang thanked Mi Wan again.

“Remember to pay first, there is no signal in the water.” Mi Wan reminded.

“Definitely.” Yu Feihang smiled, turned his head and said to the sparrow spirit, “Give me the account number later, and I will transfer the money when I get back.”

The sparrow spirit nodded, and Yu Feihang used his demon power to prepare to leave.

“Wait.” Mi Wan called to stop the two of them, and said, “The cubs degraded by chemical pollution you mentioned earlier can be brought over and shown to me. If it can be cured, I can give you a proper discount.”

Yu Feihang and his wife looked at each other, and then bowed deeply in the direction of Mi Wan, before they turned into mist and disappeared into the air.

“Boss, does Brother Yu’s treatment fee for the aquatic cubs count as my commission?” the Sparrow Spirit, who had already entered the role of an employee, couldn’t help asking.

“Get out~~” Mi Wan cursed angrily.

The sparrow spirit didn’t care either, he chased after Yu Feihang and left with a smile.

The yard finally quieted down, Mi Wan sat back on the stone again, feeling a bit cold, and didn’t want to go back to the house, so she leaned against the sycamore tree in the yard and planned to finish her milk tea before leaving.

At this time, a few green vines broke out from the ground under Mi Wan’s feet without a sound, and grew rapidly as if no one was there, until they reached the thickest branch of the sycamore tree, entwined tightly, and then hung down… …

Mi Wan watched with a smile, until the vines turned into a swing, and then she sat on it, and her feet swayed a little.

“Is this the opening gift you gave me?”

Fan Chen appeared beside the swing out of nowhere, and when he heard the girl’s question, he smiled and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Hmm! I just said that there are no chairs in the yard, and you gave me a swing.” Mi Wan nodded heavily, and when she looked up at Fan Chen again, she raised her eyebrows in surprise, “You are wearing something different today.”

Today Fan Chen wore a black coat, the style of the coat was very ordinary, but the cuffs, neckline, and waist of the coat had intricate and exquisite embroidery patterns, as if they were some kind of flowers, making him look luxurious and solemn.

“My assistant said that to attend other people’s opening ceremonies, you should dress more formally. This is a social etiquette in human society.” Fan Chen replied.

“But you’re late.” The opening ceremony was in the morning, and now it’s afternoon.

“When I came here before, you were busy.” When Fan Chen first arrived, Mi Wan was in the yard preventing Wei Ji and Yu Feihang from fighting. It was inconvenient for him to show up, so he backed out quietly.

“Okay, I guess you’re not late. But they probably put away the food prepared for customers in the store. Since you’re here, I have to entertain you.” Mi Wan smiled and swung forward on the swing then jumping down, she turned around and said to Fan Chen, “I invite you to eat outside.”

“No need.”

“It is also a social etiquette of the human race to entertain guests.”

“Okay.” Fan Chen responded with a light smile.

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