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Seeing that these guests didn’t follow the routine at all, the servant choked for a long time and didn’t know how to deal with it.

Ji Muye pointed to Jiang Zheng, “She’s my wife. You are mistaken.”

The servants: “…”

The strange thing was that the servants here had come to arrest people, while the full moon banquet was still going on over there. Holding the baby with a smug smile, the third lady didn’t even look towards them. It was as if the space had been cut off.

Jiang Zheng suddenly caught a glimpse of a ferocious purple-red wound flashing across the neck of the servants in front of her. No wonder the collars of these servants were extraordinarily high.

These human-looking servants were high-level zombies.

Liang Xiaoduan couldn’t believe her ears, woo woo woo, she shouldn’t blame herself for coveting the appearance fee, she earned a lot by coming here today! Although she didn’t know the reason, the CP she was rooting for was calling each other husband and wife in front of her, and she was even willing to give them both an appearance fee now.

The barrage was divided into two waves, one wave was crazily celebrating the success of eating sugar, and the other wave was analyzing and praising Jiang Zheng’s operation, which changed the plot set by the original program group, thus creating opportunities for their group.

Sure enough, when the servant was thinking about how to answer the call, Jiang Zheng suddenly pushed him, grabbed Ji Muye’s wrist and ran away.

Others followed.

Liang Xiaoduan cried and looked at the backs of Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye, why, why were they left behind again?

With such a rush and run, the full moon banquet became a mess, the servants shouted to arrest people, and the guests ran around like headless flies.

The director vomited blood: ah ah ah ah ah ah, let me die. My full moon banquet plot is completely scrapped.

Jiang Zheng took Ji Muye to pass the door and rushed into a long corridor. The courtyard was deep, there was a pool under the patio, the bamboo forest was quiet, and the white walls were serene.

Jiang Zheng turned around as she ran, she looked beyond Ji Muye’s shoulder and saw that no one was chasing after them for the time being, seeing this she couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, and then smile at him.

The tail of her hair was flying, her eyebrows and eyes were curved, there was fine sweat on her forehead, along with the bright and decisive smile, it made Ji Muye’s heart stop suddenly.

#MomMom, this scene is so beautiful.

#The first time I saw Jiang Zheng smiling softly and sweetly.

#Director can’t you arrange another camera to shoot Ji Muye’s face? I want to see his reaction.

#what. Am I reading this wrong? The big devil also had such a sweet time?

#wsl. too sweet. Who says you can’t eat sugar in suspenseful horror variety shows. I love this scary and sweet picture.

#excited my armpits are sweating!

The six guests made a mess of the Full Moon Banquet. According to the plot set by the director, the servant would have arrested Ji Muye as the son-in-law. After being disturbed by Jiang Zheng, the servants captured Xiao Cheng and Ke Cancan instead. After Liang Xiaoduan was “abandoned”, He Xiao dragged and rescued her, and the two rushed out of the city lord’s mansion and ran away.

The director urgently asked the assistant director to divide the shots into three parts. Fortunately, they were prepared in advance, and the three big cameramen immediately followed their assignments. At the same time, they introduced the cameras at each intersection to transmit the pictures of the three groups of guests and stabilize the situation.

The City Lord’s Mansion was very large, with at least five courtyards, and the scenery under each patio was different. Strangely, the mansion was empty, and there was not a single person in sight.

The two escaped very fast, and the servants behind them chased and shouted, but they couldn’t catch up. The director was exhausted just sitting in front of the monitor, watching them. Was it because the daily salary for the group performances was not high enough, or because the lunch box had no meat, or were the two big guys just too athletic?

Jiang Zheng said as she ran: “We have to find the eldest lady’s boudoir.”

#kopedi is here. In ancient times, the boudoir was generally in the innermost part of the deep house compound, and the ladies lived in the so-called boudoir.

#jiangzheng is very smart, she knows to look in the innermost yard.

#Just now there was a bird’s-eye view, I saw a small two-story building in the innermost part of the City Lord’s Mansion. It should be the lady’s boudoir.

Jiang Zheng smiled, “The director of the first episode of the first season shouldn’t be too embarrassed by us. Otherwise, who would want to come later.”

The director who was cued: ??? Sister, can you spare me my life?

The barrage went crazy with laughter. They had left messages feeling sorry for the director and the show team.

The two rushed into the fifth yard panting, went around the stairs, and entered into the boudoir on the second floor.

There was no one inside, and it was completely different from the boudoir that Jiang Zheng had imagined. The room was plain white, the curtains and bedding were all white, there were several strips of white cloth hanging from the roof, and there was a white porcelain vase on the wooden table with a plum blossom in it. When she opened the closet, there were several sets of white mourning clothes hanging inside.

The props group carefully arranged the furnishings here and should be providing them with information.

#There is a feeling the eldest should be mourning for someone. For father or for mother?

#eldest lady’s mother is definitely not the third lady, she should be the daughter of the first lady or the second lady.

#Isn’t this weird? Until now, the city lord has not shown his face. Has the city lord also turned into a zombie?

#I think there must be something wrong with the third lady.

While the barrage was full of guesses, Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye made new discoveries in the boudoir.

There was a folded note hidden at the hook of the bed curtain, which contained a poem when opened.

“Mother leave the child, child leave the mother, empty tears shed silent bitterness. New people come, old people pass away, no more birds and swallows flying.” The poem was signed with a seal, with two words engraved on it: Tan Wu.

Was Tan Wu the eldest lady’s name?

Jiang Zheng frowned and thought for a while, “This is a verse to pay homage to her mother. Perhaps the eldest miss’s mother died and her father married a new woman. She lamented her deceased mother and resented her father’s ruthlessness.”

Ji Muye nodded, “It makes sense. This is the handwriting of the eldest lady, that means she did not write the poem on the mountain temple. The handwriting on these two pieces of paper is different.”

Jiang Zheng: “Yes. There should be someone else who hung out with the people in the temple.” She originally thought that the eldest lady was dissatisfied with the fact that her father was recruiting a son-in-law for her, and then something unexpected happened that caused Wuyou city to become a zombie city. It didn’t seem so now.

The two finally found a title deed in the dark compartment of the bed.

The title deed stated that Tan Wu had bought a yard a month ago. Why did the unmarried daughter of the city owner secretly buy a house?

Ji Muye said that this yard was in the fourth alley of Ping’an Square in Wuyou City.

Jiang Zheng stretched out her thumb and praised him. This memory was great. Just now she was worried that the map was on He Xiao’s body. Even if she knew the information of the title deed, she couldn’t find it. With Ji Muye’s memorized map, everything was easily solved.

Just then, shouts came from outside. The servant had finally chased after them.

Jiang Zheng rushed out and glanced down quietly, her face changed, and she said softly, “These corpses have changed.”

The servants, who were just like normal people, were almost torn to pieces at this moment, with blood on their necks and mouths. Their slanted face was crooked, no different from the wandering zombies they had encountered outside.

Ji Muye silently pointed to the window in the gable of the boudoir, motioning to jump out of the window to escape.

#ahahahah the show team will not stop until the guests are forced to death.

#Brother this is the second floor, don’t self-harm.

#These NPCs make up so fast.

Ji Muye quickly opened the window, tore off the white cloth strip hanging on the beam, knotted it skillfully, tied one end to the cabinet, and threw the other from the window.

It was too late, but the zombie servants had already climbed the stairs and were rushing over.

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