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Yu Feihang saw that the water arrow that contained 80% of his demon power was held back by someone’s palm, and he was shocked. After seeing who was blocking him, his pupils shrank violently for a moment, and then he retreated holding the fish tank in his arms. Without the support of the demon power, the water arrow turned into thousands of water mist particles and disappeared in an instant.

“Sister Mi, you…” Wei Ji, whose magic weapon was taken away, was stunned. Although his own cultivation was only at the fourth level, the fish demon opposite him was at the sixth level. Mi Shao’s sister could easily block the attacks from both sides, how high was Mi Shao’s sister’s level?

“Why do you attack as soon as you meet and that too in my yard?” After confirming that the jade flute belonged to her master, Mi Wan didn’t rush to ask about it, but she didn’t return the magic weapon to Wei Ji immediately either.

“I noticed the fluctuation of the demon’s power, and thought there was a demon clan sneaking in to harm people, so…” Wei Ji carefully explained, if he had known that Mi Wan was so powerful, he would definitely not have been as impulsive as before. After all, he could find out that there were demons infesting, so Mi Shao’s sister must have discovered it long ago.

“I asked the sparrow spirit to come in to say hello in advance.” Yu Feihang explained that he came in after waiting outside for two minutes. He thought that the sparrow spirit had already greeted her, and he didn’t want to cause a misunderstanding.

Mi Wan waved her hand, expressing that she didn’t mind.

“You seem to know each other?” Mi Wan asked curiously. At first, Yu Feihang just dodged and did not fight back. He only moved after seeing Wei Ji’s appearance clearly.

“People from the Wei family, us, the water clan, will definitely remember them.” Yu Feihang stared at Wei Ji.

“If you water clan didn’t cause the flood, our Wei family wouldn’t have taken action.” Although Wei Ji was young, he didn’t flinch from the aura of the demon clan who was two levels higher than himself.

“Caused a flood?” Mi Wan frowned. A flood was no fun. Whether it was five hundred years ago or now, the people along the coast would suffer heavy casualties in a flood.

“That’s because you human race went to our waters to excrete chemical waste first.” Yu Feihang said angrily, “Even a demon with a strong cultivation base will be poisoned if they drunk that kind of thing, not to mention that the waters are the habitat of our aquatic cubs, because of your one ton of chemical waste, half of our aquarium cubs have degenerated. We set off the floods to protect ourselves.”

“But…but…” Wei Ji hesitated for a long time before reluctantly saying, “Forget about the chemical plant you ruined, but the villagers along the river are innocent.”

“Innocent? Then we live well in the river, how did we offend them?” Yu Feihang snorted coldly.

“Then…you should also approach the Demon Hunters Association first, and not directly cause the flood.”

“Approach?” Yu Feihang sneered, “Later, the Demon Hunters Association found out, and the result? They sent your Wei family over directly, forced us to give up that piece of water, and injured our two elders of the water clan.”

Wei Ji was speechless when Yu Feihang said these words. How about the water clan, he never seemed to have thought about it carefully.    

Mi Wan almost understood the matter and didn’t want to hear the two of them quarreling anymore. She glanced at Yu Feihang and said, “Mr. Yu, you and your wife should go in and get ready first, and I’ll be over later.”

He only then nodded, holding the fish tank that he had been protecting in his arms, turned around and entered the back room. After Yu Feihang left, Mi Wan returned the jade flute to Wei Ji.

“Thank you.” Wei Ji thanked her in a low voice, he knew that if Mi Wan hadn’t saved him just now, he would have been injured.

“Your magic weapon is good, where did you get it?” Mi Wan asked without any trace.

“This is a magic weapon that has been passed down from our master.” Wei Ji replied.

“Master?” Mi Wan was taken aback, a little unable to believe that the inheritance of her master’s sect was still there.

“Xuanwu Mountain, sister Mi, have you heard of it?”

Of course she had heard of it, but their sect was not big, and there were less than twenty disciples from the head of the sect to the sweeper. During the war between demons and humans, the brothers and sisters died one after another, but they didn’t want the inheritance to stray from their hand.

“Who is your head?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking.

“The current head is my grandfather.” Wei Ji said.

“I just saw that there seems to be a name on your magic weapon. Was he also your head?” Mi Wan knew that the answer she got must be no, because before she died, her Shixiong[1] had already died in battle.

“No, Bai Yifeng was the eldest disciple of the sixth generation head, and the Shixiong of the seventh generation head. He fell in the great battle five hundred years ago.” Wei Ji replied.

“Then who was your seventh generation head?”

“Yan Xiu.”

Shidi[2]? Mi Wan’s eyes softened, when the war between demons and humans broke out, her Shidi had still been a beginner even after three years, because he was lazy and didn’t like to practice martial arts on weekdays, so his cultivation base was the worst. Before the head announced that the whole faction would join the war, the master sent the Shidi back to his mortal family, falsely claiming that he was his illegitimate child, and asked their Shixiong to take care of him. After that, they never saw each other again, but she had never expected that it was this Shidi who would pick up the inheritance of Xuanwu Mountain in the end.

“Sister Mi?” Seeing that Mi Wan fell silent suddenly, Wei Ji couldn’t help calling out in a low voice.

Mi Wan came back to her senses, looked at the young man in front of her again, and suddenly felt a kind of intimacy with the disciple of her younger generation. She smiled and said to Wei Ji: “I can give you two eggs.”

“Really?” The surprise made the boy’s eyes light up.

“I’ll tell Butler Ye, you follow him to get them.” After speaking, Mi Wan took them to the front hall and explained to Butler Ye, “Uncle Ye, take them back and give him two eggs.”

“Okay.” Butler Ye nodded with a smile and left the pet shop with the three teenagers. From far away, Mi Wan could hear Mi Shao asking Wei Ji, what did he say to her?

“Boss, Brother Yu said he will wait for you in the backyard first.” Seeing that Mi Wan was absent-minded, the Sparrow Spirit hurried over.

“I know.” Mi Wan glanced at the sparrow spirit and handed him a copy of the price list that she had handed to Xiang Zhen before, “Take it, and help me promote it.”

The sparrow spirit glanced at it unclearly, only then did he find out that it was the price list for demon treatment, and it said: physical examination 500,000, local demon poison removal 600,000, degeneration reversal 1 million, demon prenatal care 300,000 once.

The Sparrow spirit was confused for a while and asked: “Boss, I can understand the previous ones. What does the last item mean?” He had only heard of postpartum care, but not prenatal care.

“Oh, this.” Mi Wan explained, “Isn’t it true that you demon races can’t tell whether the child is poisoned before giving birth? What I provide in this is the screening service in advance, and it costs 300,000 per visit.”

She didn’t include this in her original business, and she only added it when Yu Feihang told her last time that the demons couldn’t know if the cubs were poisoned in advance. Anyway, it was just checking which didn’t waste any spiritual power, thus the fee was the lowest.

“You can tell when the cub is still in the eggshell?” The sparrow spirit was surprised.


The sparrow spirit grinned, took out his phone and took a burst of shots of the price list: “I’ll post it to Moments now.”

The sparrow spirit was the first demon clan member to come into contact with Mi Wan, and the news that Mi Wan opened a pet shop was also broadcasted by the sparrow spirit. With his relationship with Mi Wan and first-hand information, the sparrow demon had now become the red demon among the demon clan. All the patriarchs took the initiative to add Sparrow Jing’s WeChat, so when Sparrow Jing’s circle of friends were updated, the various patriarchs immediately forwarded it to the group.

The first few items were not bad, after all, everyone knew that Mi Wan had the ability to cure demon poison, but the last “prenatal care”, after understanding what prenatal care was, the demons of all ethnic groups went crazy. Among them, the demons of the viviparous[3] demon clan were the happiest.

You must know that the viviparous demon clan needed to pay a huge price to give birth to a cub. During pregnancy, the mother’s demon power would be swallowed by the fetus in large quantities. They had to stay in the house for a while, such that the father could also help them. But if the cub was unfortunately a defective product, the demon poison was likely to remain in the mother’s body, causing the mother to also have the risk of degeneration. For this reason, for hundreds of years, the development of the viviparous demon clan was far inferior to that of the oviparous[4] clan.

With the prenatal care provided by Mi Wan, their viviparous families could safely and boldly conceive. The patriarchs of each viviparous clan immediately contacted the elders in the clan, planning to launch a series of methods to increase the fertility rate in the near future. For example, the money for prenatal care could be reimbursed with the invoice.

Mi Wan didn’t know what kind of uproar the prenatal care she added had caused in the demon world. After she handed the price list to Sparrow Spirit for free publicity, she went back to the backyard to find Yu Feihang.

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[1] Senior Martial Brother, Senior Apprentice-Brother in a Wuxia setting.

[2] Junior Martial Brother, Junior Apprentice-Brother in a Wuxia setting.

[3] (used about animals) that produce live babies from their bodies rather than eggs.

[4] Animals that give birth through laying eggs.

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