SLDH Ch. 70.2: Expelled

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At five o’clock in the afternoon, Mi Wan returned to the pet shop after class and found that the five little frys that had been sent away at noon had come again.

“Why are you here again?” Mi Wan frowned and asked condescendingly.

The five little frys shouted out sister, and then looked timidly at the rest area of the pet shop.

Mi Wan looked suspiciously, and then saw a familiar demon, the fish elder Yu Feihang.

“Master Mi.” Yu Feihang also saw Mi Wan. He came out of the rest area and greeted Mi Wan politely.

“Elder Yu, why are you here?” Mi Wan said strangely.

“There is one thing I want to confirm with Master Mi.” Then, Yu Feihang took out two talismans that Mi Wan was very familiar with from his pocket, and then brought it before her eyes, asking, “These two talismans were given to them by Master Mi.?”

Mi Wan suddenly had a very bad hunch: “Yes … yes.”

“Oh, it seems that the few of them did not lie.” Yu Feihang sighed and put away the talismans.

“Excuse me… what’s the matter?” She drew two talismans, and Yu Feihang wouldn’t come to her directly for this matter.

“It’s nothing, just … the few of them were expelled from the school.” Yu Feihang said lightly.

“What?” Mi Wan suddenly had a guilty conscience, “Is it related to my two talismans.”

Although she didn’t want to think so, Yu Feihang came over specially and showed her the talismans to confirm. This was obviously related.

Yu Feihang looked at Mi Wan with a complex face. He didn’t dare to offend Mi Wan, but it did have something to do with Mi Wan: “They used these two talismans to fix other cubs in place, and then beat them up.”

“Was a demon’s life lost?” Mi Wan felt nervous for a while, and these little **** wouldn’t have used her talisman to do anything harmful, right.

“No, it’s just a beating, just skin trauma.” Yu Feihang replied.

“Then … why were they expelled?” She remembered that the demon school encouraged fighting. Before the little frys said, Xiao Hai didn’t get up from bed for three days after being beaten, and there was no school intervention. Why was there just a light wound today and these five little frys were expelled from the school instead?

“…” Yu Feihang’s look became more complicated, but he still said the reason, “because they used the talisman you gave.”

“What do you mean?” Mi Wan groaned in her heart, it was really related to her.

“We demons …” Xu Zhuang just came out of the medical room at this time, so Yu Feihang paused and changed his words. “We have regulations there. It doesn’t matter how the children fight in the school, but you can’t use your power …”

What he meant was self-evident.

That was to say, it didn’t matter how they fought inside the demon clan, but the demon hunters couldn’t intervene, and because she sent two talismans to the little frys and the little frys used it, so they violated the taboo of the demons, resulting in these little frys being expelled?

Aigoo … Why didn’t the sparrow demon remind her.

“I … I didn’t know this would happen.” Mi Wan explained quickly.

“I know, I just came to confirm it.” Yu Feihang nodded and expressed his understanding.

“Then … what will happen to them? Can they switch to another school?” Although they were expelled, they were internally discriminated against in that school, and it was good to transfer.

“Yes, but only in ordinary kindergartens, they will not accept them in school there.” Yu Feihang said.

“Oh, that’s okay. I think they are quite stable when transforming. There would be no problem in ordinary kindergarten.” Mi Wan nodded with confidence, and thought it was good to go to human kindergarten.

At this time, Xu Zhuang took what he needed and returned to the medical room. Upon seeing this, Yu Feihang no longer needed to conceal his speech, and directly said: “But the school of the demon clan will teach a lot of knowledge about the demon clan’s practice. If they go to human kindergarten, they will not learn it, which is not conducive to growth.”

“…” So what do you mean, asking me to ask the teacher for an apology?

Well, she did have a little responsibility.

“Then … is there room for recovery?” Mi Wan asked quietly.

Yu Feihang shook his head: “Okay, I was just here to confirm the talisman. After confirming it, I won’t delay you. I will take them back. Goodbye.”

After finishing talking, Yu Feihang left the pet shop with five small fish frys straight, he walked extremely chicly, but Mi Wan suddenly suffered from a heart attack.

“What do you mean, to make sure about the talismans, why did you not make a phone call or send a WeChat message, but ran over with those five small ones specifically, why did you do it in such a detailed way?” Mi Wan poured herself a sip of tea.

At this time, the sparrow demon came in with a pack of dog food from outside. The person was still standing firm, and he was scolded with his head covered.

“Your demon school does not allow talismans, why didn’t you say it?”

The Sparrow demon said that he was very wronged: “I, I didn’t know, and … before, there was no demon hunter who would send a talisman to the demon race.”

“…” Mi Wan turned even more embarrassed, and even had a little liver pain.

At ten in the evening, after thinking about it for a long time, Mi Wan still felt that she could not let a few frys become out-of-school children because of her. So, she squatted by the window, ready to wait for the next door demon king to come back from work, and then walk through the back door.

As a demon king, it should not be difficult to open this kind of back door.

At ten fifteen, Fan Chen finally returned home, and Mi Wan waited for him to park his car and walk into the yard, then she could not wait to dial the phone.

Seeing the caller ID, Fan Chen looked up suspiciously and glanced at the girl who was waving her arm at him.

“Wan Wan, what’s wrong?” Fan Chen loosened his tie and didn’t continue to walk into the house. Instead, he found a stone in the yard and sat down leisurely.

“I have something to ask you for help.” Mi Wan smiled flatly.

Fan Chen was a little surprised. Wan Wan actually asked him for help. He immediately got up: “You tell me.”

“That … I drew two talismans today, and then gave the talismans to the few frys, and then they went back to school to fight with their classmates, and then …”

“They were expelled.” Fan Chen answered naturally before Mi Wan spoke.

“Yes, you know ~~” Mi Wan accosted.

“I read it when I set this school rule, so I know it naturally.”

“Then … is there any way for them to go back to school again?” Mi Wan asked. “I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know if they would use the talisman, they would be expelled. If I knew, I would definitely not have drawn them. I mainly saw that a few of them were beaten so badly that I moved my heart for a while.”

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” Seeing Mi Wan excited, Fan Chen softly soothed.

“Can you ask the principal to explain it, and then ask them to go back to class?”

“No, I can’t do this.” Fan Chen shook his head.

“Why?” Mi Wan was puzzled. Fan Chen was the demon king, why couldn’t he do such a thing?

“As I told you, the Demon Clan and the Demon Hunter Association are only superficially peaceful, and they are actually opposites. It is a taboo for the Demon Clan to fight against the same family with the power of the Demon Hunter, even if I am the demon king, I can’t ignore this, unless……”

“Unless what?” Mi Wan was excited, seemed like there was hope.

“Unless …” Fan Chen suddenly remembered that in the office today, the fox demon Quan Juncai had teased him.

(Boss, Master Mi wants to selectively ignore your confession, and then pretend that nothing has happened. You must not let this happen. If you still want to chase her, you cannot be fooled by her. Remind her at all times so that she can’t ignore it anyway.)

“Unless you are my girlfriend, this way, I would have an excuse to open the back door.” Fan Chen said.

“You … I … I’ll try my own way.” After that, Mi Wan slammed the window, then rushed back to the bed excitedly, wrapped her head in a quilt and screamed wildly.

“I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I can’t carry it …”

In the yard across the wall, Fan Chen listened to the screams on the phone, then he smiled and hung up the phone quietly. If someone waited to calm down and found that she didn’t hang up when she screamed, she would probably start avoiding him again.

Then … this night the willows on the other side of the river bloomed buds again.

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The next day, Quan Juncai received a big red envelope as soon as he arrived at the company.

Quan Juncai: It’s not time for dividends yet?

Finance Department: The president said this is bonus to you.

Quan Juncai: What did I do?

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