SLDH Ch. 70.1: Expelled

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In the Cantonese restaurant next door to the pet shop, Mi Wan opened a private room and took the five small frys to eat. Shortly after they finished ordering, the little sparrow who received the news from Mi Wan also came back.

“Brother Sparrow.” The five little frys were very happy when they saw the sparrow demon. When they were in the pet store before, it was always the sparrow demon who took care of them, changed water for them, bought them delicious food, and even bought them clothes, so the five little frys liked the sparrow demon very much.

“How did some of you little frys come out of class?” The sparrow demon asked pretentiously.

“We, we were wrong, we will go back after eating.” He didn’t know if it was because the girl Yaya was the cutest, but she was always the one who apologized for the five little frys. Every time they admitted their mistake, it was the little girl of Yaya who put on a pitiful little face, so that you couldn’t bear to send out any fire.

“Okay, okay, if you know you are wrong, I will send you back in a while.” The sparrow’s face was swollen with blood, and he could no longer become angry.

“Well.” The five little frys nodded together.

The Cantonese restaurant served food very quickly. Soon afterwards, the dishes they ordered were delivered one after another, and everyone chatted while eating. Halfway through the meal, Mi Wan suddenly realized something and asked with some doubt: “When did you run out of school?”

“At half past eight,” Xiao Hai took a bite before answering. “We got out of school at half past eight and walked to the pet store which took a little over an hour.”

“You walked here?” Mi Wan was shocked again. The five little frys just walked on the road, and they were lucky that they were not trafficked. Of course, if they were really trafficked, it was estimated that the hapless person would still be the trafficker.

“We know the way.” Xiao Hai said.

“Yes, we looked at the map, University City is very easy to find.” The little fat man also said.

“Awesome.” Mi Wan couldn’t help but admire them. These little frys actually knew to look at the map. She still didn’t understand it. Wait, it’s not right. She didn’t want to ask about this. She pulled her biased thoughts back, and asked again, “You haven’t been in school this morning, didn’t the teachers in your school try to find you?”

The five little frys looked at each other and shook their heads together.

Shaking their head could have a few meanings, were they not found, or did they not know.

“Every demon cub has a mark on them. As long as the mark doesn’t respond, the school’s teacher would not control it too much.” The sparrow demon answered Mi Wan’s doubts in a timely manner.

“So even if the teachers of the demon school know that a student ran out, they won’t care?” Mi Wan was surprised.

“Well.” The sparrow demon nodded. “Anyway, when school is over, as long as you can find the cub through the mark, you can’t lose them.”

“You demons’ heart is really big enough.” Mi Wan couldn’t help but sigh, didn’t they say that the demon’s birth rate had decreased, and the cubs were extremely precious? Was it really good to raise them like this?

“In fact, it’s okay. There is a ban on the periphery of the school. Generally, the cubs that can come out of the ban will have the ability to protect themselves. And now that the Demon Hunter Association and the Demon Clan have an agreement, they will not harm the Demon Clan without reason, so in general there will be no danger.” The Sparrow demon explained, “Again, most cubs will not skip classes if they are fine.”

“Why are you guys skipping class?” Mi Wan glanced at the five little frys who just went to kindergarten and started skipping class.

“We, we don’t like going to school.” Little girl Yaya grumbled through her mouth, looking unhappy.

“Don’t like it?” Mi Wan was stunned. “Didn’t you shout every day to go to school? You also said that you want to go to school with the one in your water … what?”

“Ling Ling,” the chubby head fish rushed to answer.

“Yes, you said you wanted to go to school with that spirit, in short, did you not really like going to school?” Mi Wan asked.

“The school is not good.” Little Yaya said sadly, “They don’t like us.”

“Yaya, don’t be sad.” Xiao Hai saw her child bride being upset and quickly comforted her.

Looking at the five small frys that suddenly fell into a sad atmosphere collectively, Mi Wan looked at the sparrow demon in doubt, and asked with gestures: What’s going on?

The sparrow demon pondered for a moment, and soon realized something then he asked the five little frys: “Are the other cubs in the school bullying you?”

Another little girl among the five little frys, a little fry called Duo Duo sobbed and said, “We are all cured and can transform, but they still don’t like us, don’t play with us, and often laugh at us saying we are defective.”

“They also joined together to bully us.” The chubby head fish also said.

“We have just gotten cured, and the practice time is not long. We can’t beat them at all. Xiao Hai fights a little harder, but Xiao Hai can’t beat any of them.” The last one named An Ren also said.

“Last time, Xiao Hai couldn’t get out of bed after being beaten by them for three days in order to protect me. I don’t want to go to school anymore.” Thinking of Xiao Hai getting injured in order to protect her from being injured, the little girl Yaya couldn’t help crying again.

“Don’t cry, I’m okay. The elder said, as long as our demon bead is still there, it doesn’t matter if I am seriously injured.” Xiao Hai comforted again and again.

This was campus bullying!

Mi Wan looked at the sparrow demon and asked, “That’s all, the school teacher doesn’t care?”

The sparrow demon smiled embarrassingly: “The demon clan advocates strength and they feel that fighting is a way to increase cultivation, so as long as there is no loss of life, teachers and parents rarely care.”

It sounded familiar to her, and Mi Wan thought for a moment, and quickly remembered it. Not long ago, she heard this from the gardener No. 1 in Wanwan Park. It seemed that the brother of the gardener No. 1 also bullied Guan Tong in the school. The five little frys just said that the students in the school called them defective products, and Guan Tong was also cured by her after degeneration. So, the demon school even allowed for such discrimination? Were those cubs who were born healthy discriminating against the cubs she cured?

Suddenly Mi Wan was a little unhappy, even if you discriminated against defective products, why do you discriminate against cubs that I have cured, do you look down on my medical skills or what?

“They besieged you?” Mi Wan asked.

“No, it was five on five, but the strength of a few of us is too bad, and five on five can’t beat it at all.” The little chubby said. Although Xiao Hai could fight one or two but the four of them were too weak. The other party sent two to come and beat them down, and then the other three went to fight Xiao Hai alone, so every time they lost, even though they were five.

“Why are you so weak?” Mi Wan heard five on five, so the other party didn’t bully them, and suddenly felt a little distressed. Not because the enemy was too strong, but because her friends were too weak.

“We … we …” The five little frys didn’t expect even Mi Wan to say so to them, and suddenly there was a burst of sadness, tears falling down.

“What’s the use of crying, fight back.” Mi Wan felt wrong after finishing the speech. If the five of them could win, they wouldn’t come here to cry, so she turned to look at the sparrow demon, and said, “Little sparrow, you teach them to fight.”

As soon as Mi Wan’s voice fell, the five sobbing fish frys suddenly stopped crying, and five pairs of eyes stared at the sparrow demon.

“I … I …” Sparrow panicked, “Boss, who do you think I can beat?”

The sparrow demon was a demon born for more than 20 years, but his cultivation had only reached the second-order cultivation practice, even the third-order was not broken through, this was simply beyond description.

“Yeah, it’s estimated that you can’t even beat Xiao Hai.” Mi Wan’s brain hurt for a while. Why did she hire such a weak chicken employee, the little fish Xiao Hai had already broken through to the second order in two months, and Xiao Hai was only five years old.

“Boss, why don’t you teach them one or two tricks? Aren’t you a demon hunter? You should be an expert in beating demons.” The sparrow demon suggested.

The five little frys turned their heads all at once, staring at Mi Wan brightly.

“You also know that I am a demon hunter, can they learn my kung fu?” Mi Wan sneered.

Also, they were from the demon clan, and the skill of a demon hunter could certainly not be taught to them. Seeing their last hope was gone, the five small frys frowned and pulled their heads down, and the low air pressure started flowing on the table again.

“Cough … what about it, or should I draw two talismans for you? If someone wants to bully you, you can swell their faces with talismans?” Anyway, they were small frys that she had raised for fifteen days. Mi Wan couldn’t bear them being bullied.

The five little fish frys were suddenly happy again, and they raised their faces in excitement.

“Then … boss, the cubs in the kindergarten are very weak.” Sparrow Jing couldn’t help reminding her since with his boss’s talisman, even a sixth-order demon can be restrained. He didn’t want it to cause the tragedy of a cub when it was taken to the kindergarten.

“Relax, I will draw two talismans, which will not hurt the demon cubs.” She saw that the five little frys were too miserable. She would just draw two talismans for their self-defense. When the time came, they could use the talisman to hold the other party before running. Well, at least they could avoid the situation of not being able to get out of bed for three days because of being beaten so miserably. Besides, daring to discriminate against her medical skills, this group of demon cubs were too unlovable, and suffered from lack of lessons.

As soon as the sparrow demon heard that it was fixed that there would be no harm, it didn’t say anything more.

So after eating, Mi Wan returned to the backyard with a big stroke and drew two talismans. When the souvenir was given to five little frys, she allowed the sparrow to drive the car and send the five little frys back to the demon kindergarten.

At the school gate, the five little frys said goodbye to the sparrow demon and entered the school gate by themselves.

It was still early at this time, the afternoon class had not started, and the little cubs in the kindergarten were still playing on the playground. Sliding on the slide, swinging on the swing, except for some cubs who were not stable in transforming yet and occasionally showed their tails and ears, it looked no different from ordinary kindergartens, and was extremely harmonious.

Until … the five little frys carrying their school bags came to the playground.

A little cub with a yellowish color who didn’t know belonged to what kind of breed pulled the little girl playing with the Barbie doll on the grass: “Ling Ling, Yaya and them are here.”

“Aren’t they afraid to come to school?” The little girl named Ling Ling turned around holding the Barbie doll and saw the five little ones standing on the edge of the playground. Especially Yaya, who was standing in the middle, she was very angry when she saw her face, which was even cuter than herself. This Yaya was too annoying, couldn’t she keep her colorful fish head forever, why should she suddenly become humanoid.

“Go call Sha Sha, let’s beat them.” Ling Ling ordered the little boy Huang.

The little boy immediately ran to the other side of the playground, and soon notified another buddy named Sha Sha and her two bodyguards and gathered five demons in front of five little frys.

“You still dare to come to school?” Ling Ling showed her disgust with a little glance.

“You give way, we are going to the classroom.” Xiao Hai replied without showing any weakness.

“Do you dare to shout, believe it or not, I won’t let you get up from bed for half a month.” Ling Ling also hated Xiao Hai, this guy had always been protecting Yaya but hated them, and they were still in love, and they said they would get married when they were only five years old. It was said that there were even plans to have a baby.

“We are not afraid of you.” With the talismans, the chubby fish got some guts and shouted with his neck and face raised.

“You fatty, you’re too bored, right? Believe it or not, I will pull all the fish scales on you.” The girl named Sha Sha stared fiercely at the fat man.

The little fat man hated Sha Sha the most. In the past, Sha Sha wanted to deceive him with food, until he was cured, then she bullied him at school. The little fat man got angry, and for the first time he actively pushed the other party hard.

“Dare to push me? Beat him up.” When the words fell, ten cubs started to fight on the playground.

Xiao Hai’s first reaction was to protect Yaya first, and then resist most of the other’s attacks with one against three. The other four little fish frys were divided into groups of two, one holding the waist, the other taking the talisman, and snapping two times to seal off the two cubs that threw themselves over. The four little fish frys saw that the talisman was effective, and subdued the two enemies with one paste, and they were very happy. Then the two little boys, Chubby and An Ren, suddenly shot out to help Xiao Hai and started a three-on-three showdown.

They couldn’t beat five to five, but they could beat three to three, so Xiao Hai fought one on two, while An Ren and Chubby went two to one.

Suddenly, the cubs on the playground became ignorant.

Did these five defective products actually win? This was not scientific.

“Let you bully me all the time and see if I don’t pull out all your hair.” Yaya wowed up, pulling Ling Ling’s beautiful blue hair and pulling, the hurt Ling Ling wowed and cried. Duo Duo also had a kind of learning, so she rushed up to grab Sha Sha’s hair and she also pulled desperately. Until there were two little girls suddenly crying on the playground.

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