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In the library, Qiu Li was irritated by Jiang Yu’s provocation… There was no way to calm down and read a book.

Jiang Yu was not responsible for what she had just done, and she was sitting beside him watching a ballet video with headphones on.

Qiu Li took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

The little girl only liked to tease, but was never responsible for venting the fire, if he took it seriously, he will lose.

Amidst the sound of rustling of books, time passed quietly, and the two of them seemed to have returned to their third year of high school. In the library, they were always so warm and quiet, working hard for a common future.

At that time, it was great.

Qiu Li wanted to go back to that year, to the year when he still loved her so purely and passionately.

But he couldn’t go back…

Being in hell, he didn’t dare to think about it.

Jiang Yu tilted her head to look at Qiu Li. He was sitting at the table by the window. The sun shrouded him, his skin was fair, so that every tiny strand of hair became transparent. His facial features were as beautiful as a god.

She couldn’t help but stare at it.

Qiu Li noticed that the little girl was peeking at him, and gave her a sideways glance.

She immediately pointed to her lips, and gently pursed: “Kiss me.”

Qiu Li reached out and pinched her mouth, squeezing her into a duck’s mouth.

Jiang Yu shook off his hand, took the initiative to attach to him, kissed his chin, and returned to the position with satisfaction and continued to watch the video.

Qiu Li reluctantly stabilized his mind and did two reading multiple-choice questions, and then he saw the little girl unfasten the handcuffs, take out a sanitary napkin from her schoolbag, and stuff it into her pocket.

Seeing his scorching gaze, she simply said confidently: “Why, do you want to follow along too?”

Qiu Li looked away, took the water cup, and turned around to drink a cup of warm water.

At this time, his phone rang, and a text message was sent from a number without a name recorded–

“Mr. Huo is here, let me introduce him to you, and if you want to help him in the future, come over immediately.”

Qiu Li put down the phone, and his relaxed expression suddenly disappeared.

Jiang Yu returned to the study room, but found that the original seat was empty, Qiu Li… ran away!

The thermos on the table was still steaming, and a note was stuck on the quilt with a pig’s head painted on it, leaving a message– “Drink hot water.”

Qiu Li just walked out of the school gate, when he saw that under the sycamore tree at the school gate, his mentor Song Yuhe seemed to have been waiting for a long time: “Xiao Li, do you have time to talk?”

“Teacher Song, I don’t have time now.”

After speaking, Qiu Li left without waiting for him to react.

“Yesterday I talked with classmate Zhen Xuxu once, and she said that your girlfriend is here.”

Qiu Li’s footsteps paused slightly.

Behind him, Song Yuhe continued: “At first I thought classmate Zhen was your girlfriend, but I didn’t expect…you young people’s emotional world is quite complicated.”

Qiu Li turned around and looked at him blankly: “Teacher Song, what do you want to say.”

“Qiu Li, do you really think I don’t know what you are doing and who are you in contact with?”

Qiu Li knew that Song Yuhe had actually been investigating him, but he knew what, without evidence, he couldn’t help it.

The only thing Song Yuhe could do was to cancel his place in the postgraduate program, but Qiu Li didn’t care.

“Don’t you see that Li Yanghui has been using you and using your hypnotism to help him achieve his goals?”

“I know.”

“You know, but still…”

Qiu Li sneered and said, “In this world, there are many freaks who bully the weak, many are bullies who bully others, and many are demons who cannot control themselves and want to hurt others… Teacher Song has such a sense of justice, you should go influence those people, instead of talking nonsense with me here.”

“Qiu Li, I have no way to empathize with everything you have experienced in the past. But I know that you can still look back.”

The only time he successfully hypnotized Qiu Li was when Qiu Li was drunk in Thailand.

It was also after that hypnosis that Song Yuhe learned a lot about Qiu Li.

The perverted man who always pretended to be blind to peep in the toilet after disguising himself was found after he had poked his eyes blind in the women’s toilet.

A college professor who harassed female students and used them at a school meeting suddenly stated his crimes publicly, then committed suicide. A colleague with fast eyes and hands snatched a pen and pierced his own aorta.

After Song Yuhe hypnotized him for a short period of time, he found out that these events were all related to him.

Qiu Li’s self-will was extremely strong, and other things, such as the case related to Li Yanghui, he could no longer detect.

But only these two items were enough to make him handcuff Qiu Li.

“Qiu Li, what do you think you are doing? Do you think justice in this world should be enforced by you?”

“Justice? What justice is there in this world.” A sneer broke out from the corner of Qiu Li’s mouth: “And what the teacher said, does it have anything to do with me, I don’t understand.”

“Don’t pretend, I am your supervisor, you can’t fool me. I am not interrogating you today, just as a teacher, I hope you can turn back.”

“Does Teacher Song’s hypnosis help people clean up their crimes?

“I can, as long as you are willing to believe me.”

“I do not believe.”

After Qiu Li finished speaking, he turned and walked away. Behind him, Song Yuhe shouted at him: “Do you want to harass the people around you? Duan Bo is innocent. You used your consultation room to find the targets. These years he followed you, do you think he can get rid of this stain?”

Qiu Li did not look back.

What did the life and death of others have to do with him?

Song Yuhe said again: “Then what about your girlfriend! Do you want to drag her to hell?”

Qiu Li’s hand suddenly clenched into a fist.

Was he dragging her… to hell.

Seeing that he had stopped, Song Yuhe seemed to have an effect, so he continued: “Qiu Li, it is not irreversible yet, you let me help you.”

He said solemnly, “I can’t look back, Teacher Song.”

After all these years, it was not that he didn’t think about turning around.

In order to avenge the injustice of the world, he used hypnosis, played with people’s hearts, and did whatever he wanted.

From the first wrong thing he did, he couldn’t look back, let alone go to her.

“The person you are going to meet is Huo Shanglin. I know a little bit about the cooperation between him and Li Yanghui.”

Qiu Li looked at him.

“They used overseas trade to transport cultural relics via Thailand to Europe for high-priced smuggling. The police have been watching him for a long time, but they have not been able to obtain any evidence of stolen goods.”

Song Yuhe walked to Qiu Li and took out his police officer ID: “I have been cooperating with the police and am responsible for interrogation matters. At the time, your father was sent in by me.”


“It’s really hard to look back at the mistakes you made.” Song Yuhe stared into his eyes and said firmly, “If the teacher helps you find another way, would you be willing to come back?”

“Be open and honest, and return to the one you love.”

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