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After the two had eaten the hot pot, it was already the beginning of the evening.

After eating, they naturally wanted to digest the food. Neither of them rushed home but walked slowly along the sidewalk.

At 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening, the neon lights of the shopping mall were flashing, vehicles were passing by, and pedestrians were standing next to each other. Jiang Lan hugged the bag in front of his chest, and Suan Ni pushed up his small head from the bag, one big and one small, both their eyes were shining seeing the lively street scene.

Jiang Lan liked the feeling of being surrounded by excitement very much. He felt that it had a kind of popularity. It was the freshness he had never experienced in those past times. This kind of feeling was only available in human society.

Ying Qiao looked down at him, only feeling that he was easily satisfied. A lollipop, a hot pot meal, an ordinary excitement… he could be easily pleased.

When he smiled, his eyebrows became crooked, his eyes were clear, and seemed to reflect the whole bustling world.

The two walked slowly along the sidewalk. Jiang Lan did not take the initiative to mention the unpleasantness from last night, but Ying Qiao wanted to say something, by the way, to verify his guess.

He started talking first: “What I said last night…I was too one-sided and narrow. I shouldn’t have reached a conclusion on Taotie based on the words I heard.”

Jiang Lan was slightly startled, so he turned his head to look at him slowly, his eyelashes fluttered blankly, and then a small arc of a smile appeared on his lips: “It’s okay, after all, you don’t know Taotie. If someone is to blame, it is those people who spread the rumors.”

His reaction just verified Ying Qiao’s guess-this little monster really liked Taotie.

With one hand in his trouser pocket, his chin dipped slightly, and he asked in a casual tone: “You seem to know Taotie well? Do you like him? I heard that many ancient big monsters not only have believers among humans, but also many demons would also worship and follow them.”

Of course I understand, after all, I am Taotie.

Jiang Lan snorted triumphantly in his heart, but said: “In fact, I don’t know him very well, I just don’t like to hear others talking bad about him. I feel that Taotie should not be as cruel and brutal as the rumors. In fact, he must be very kind and easy to get along with. And…and Taotie is so powerful, if someone likes him… it should be normal too, right?”

He actually wanted to say a few more words, but he was really ashamed to praise himself. After holding back a few words of praise, he pursed his lips in embarrassment and did not continue. But if you looked closely, his cheeks were still a little red.

Ying Qiao noticed his slightly flushed cheeks, but thought it was because the little fan mentioned the big demon he admired and was too excited.

He looked down at the little monster, not only happy about his innocence, but also worried about how easily deceived he was.

He wanted to know, how could it be possible to get along well with the Taotie of ancient times?

Although Ying Qiao had never dealt with Taotie, the notoriety of the “four evils” was really good.

In ancient times, there was no distinction between humans and gods. At that time, the human race was weak, and gods and demons still ruled this land. In the eyes of the ancient human races, gods and demons were collectively called shaman gods.

The shaman gods were powerful and arrogant, and their rule was to eat the weak. Therefore, the shaman gods often fought freely, and the ending was either you or me. In the eyes of the powerful shaman gods, the human race and the weak shaman gods were akin to ants and food.

And the “four evils” were even more incisive and vivid.

As a result, not only the human race, but even the weaker shaman gods had become disgusted with them.

And the most frightening of the “four evils” was Taotie. Taotie was fierce and hard to kill and was born to swallow all things. Except for the ones he couldn’t beat, the rest of the human race and shaman gods were his food reserves.

This was why thousands of years had passed and the notoriety of Taotie still existed. Anyone who knew the history of the ancient times would not believe that Taotie could correct his evil ways and return to the right path.

Ying Qiao even guessed that Taotie joined the Secret Service Team, because he was forced to pretend due to the situation.

Now that the gods had fallen, the age of the shaman gods had also already ended. The surviving big monsters, no matter what their position, who was not a monster with their tail sandwiched between their legs under the eyes of heaven?

Taotie being good, should be nothing more than a disguise.

But the little monster believed it.

Ying Qiao sighed, met his serious eyes, remembered the admonition in the book, and did not refute his words.

After pondering for a moment, he changed his euphemism: “It is a good thing to have an idol of your own, but there is a saying in the human race that “no one is perfect,” and the same is true for demons. You should find more examples to learn from and choose whichever you like the best. Only by removing the essence and the dross can we continue to make progress.”

Jiang Lan was stunned by what he said, and started frowning.

Then he carefully thought about it, and it made sense.

But apart from the eldest brother and the fourth brother, he didn’t seem to have met any big demon that he particularly admired?

Seeing the look of his eyebrows, as if he was concentrating and thinking, Ying Qiao couldn’t help but curl his lips, and say in a persuasive way: “Besides Taotie, do you have any other role models to learn from?”

Jiang Lan shook his head honestly: “There’s none.”

Ying Qiao: “Then I will give you Amway on one.”

Jiang Lan looked at him seriously: “Who?”

“Ying Long.”

Ying Qiao said with a slight complacency: “Ying Long is a god of the lower realm and also a beast of auspiciousness. He is no less worth learning from than Taotie.”


Jiang Lan looked weird and he hesitated for a while before he spoke carefully: “I heard that now in the Ying Long clan, there is only one Ying Long left…”

Ying Qiao nodded: “Between Heaven and earth, there is the only one.”

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