RCFS Ch. 165: Junyao High School 6

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Even my heart trembled, okay?

This freshman is too crazy and domineering!!

After being shocked, many people frowned, and then looked at Ye Yunxi with disgust in their eyes.

The sword of the empire didn’t have the surname Ye, what was there to be proud of as a non-member?

They will let her experience Junyao’s strictness!

Of course, Jiang Baichuan was about to cry.

This was definitely Junyao’s weirdest start-of-term speech ever!

What did all this say?

This was simply provocative!

Miss, let me say… why don’t we have some normal opening remarks?

Greetings to the principal and seniors, how good it is to draw closer to the classmates, and look forward to the future, let’s live together!

What a perfect opening line?

But what are you talking about!

Originally, he was expecting Ye Yunxi to have something to say more, but who would have thought that the child would just turn around and leave, just like how she came, so indifferent that it made people feel chilling.

The old man’s words really echoed, talented children, they are all a little different from ordinary people.

Forget it, let him smooth things over for her!

Jiang Baichuan had no choice but to continue to add, things like looking forward to the future, that Ye Yunxi didn’t say.

When Jiang Baichuan was speaking, Ye Yunxi was about to walk back to her seat, when suddenly someone stretched out a leg and gave Ye Yunxi a provocative look.

It was a boy who she had never seen her before. He was probably agitated by what she said and deliberately found fault.

Wanted to trip her?

Ye Yunxi smiled, kept her eyes fixed, and continued walking.

Then she stepped on his leg hard, the boy was in so much pain that he almost jumped up, but Ye Yunxi didn’t give him a chance, she just crushed him hard, raised her leg and continued walking.

That boy was about to go crazy, he stood up and said angrily: “You stepped on me!!”

Ye Yunxi looked back innocently: “Ah? Did I step on you? Why don’t I feel it? It doesn’t hurt or itch!”

The boy was so angry, “You stepped on me, what do you want to feel!”

“Besides, do you always put your feet on the path? Aren’t you too immature?”

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows, sarcastically.

Junyao paid attention to etiquette and reputation, and the elites it educated should sit like a clock, walk like the wind, stand like a pine, not leaning all over, and if their legs were out of place, they would be said to be very lacking in quality and manners!

The boy’s face turned red in an instant. Anyone here could say that he had no quality. How could this person who was changing shoes on the rostrum have the right to say that he had no quality!

“Freshman, you’re too arrogant!”

Ye Yunxi looked away, and said lazily, “Hey, these days, you can meet people who touch porcelain wherever you go, so just touch it, and I’m still entangled. I’m sorry, senior. You are not my type.”


The boy was about to go crazy, after a few words, the so-called self-cultivation he had moulded in Junyao collapsed, leaving only the ugliest anger.

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

“That’s enough, sit down!”

Jiang Baichuan said, and the boy came to his senses and sat back quickly.

Ye Yunxi also went to her seat and sat down.

In the distance, the gaze with which Ming Siye looked over had become even hotter.

This was a talent, he would definitely take his brother’s advice and dig people to Ming’s house!

In another direction, Ye Wanru also looked deeply.

Ye Yunxi?

This trash was indeed different from when she was a child. She used to at least know how to be a girl with her tail between her legs, but now she was so stupid that she wanted the world to hate her?

Wanting, you can’t even deal with this kind of trash, how can you take away the position of the heir?

It’s too ridiculous, right?

She didn’t even need to deal with Ye Yunxi. After today’s opening ceremony, there were definitely many people who would want to destroy her.

Heh, when the time comes, all she had to do was hand over the knife.

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