RCFS Ch. 166: Three Major Clubs 1

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Junyao welcomed the student with the highest grades ever, and of course also ushered in the most exciting opening ceremony.

After the show, even Helian Moxie couldn’t help but say: “Yunxi, will he trouble you in the future?”

Ye Yunxi smiled: “Anyway, he is also a student of Junyao, so it would be too bloodless not to make trouble.”

“Then you still…”

Still making provocative statements?

“Since they look down on me, it just so happens that I don’t like them too. It’s better to draw a clear line earlier, so that the two will not be disgusted with each other.”

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The host is big and handsome!

Everyone: “…”

God, probably only Yunxi could have such a heaven-defying thought…

Helian Moxie was speechless, but Fang You was obviously excited: “My God, goddess, Miss, why are you so eye-opening every time you speak?”

The graduation ceremony of the Imperial High School was the same, and the opening ceremony of the Junyao High School was also the same.

“It’s because you have too little experience.”

Fang You smiled even more happily, he liked Ye Yunxi’s character, just like she knew that he was an undercover agent, and she still used it well, only with absolute confidence, could one do such a thing!

Miss Yunxi, you are awesome!

I am convinced!

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“Hello, I’m Ming Siye.”

While speaking, a handsome boy blocked the way of Ye Yunxi.

Around, many girls gathered very quickly.

Junyao had three major school grasses, and Ming Siye was one of them.

But the girls were very curious, why did Ming Siye go to find this crazy woman who boasted like she didn’t pay taxes.

Ye Yunxi glanced indifferently.

She knew this boy, the young master protected by Brother Dao on Mopan Mountain and who lost 600,000 to her in one night, and he was a very rich master.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Yunxi looked at him with a half-smile.

Ming Siye subconsciously felt that this smile was very familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it before, but he quickly showed his signature smile, causing the fans around him to scream.

“New students have to join a club. Are you interested in coming to our Sky club?”

Maximize personal strengths and ensure that every member has the best future.

Sky Society, one of Junyao’s three major clubs, did not have many members, but they were all Junyao’s elites, so the conditions given by Ming Siye, were indeed very tempting, plus she could afford it.

He admired Ye Yunxi very much, not only for her grades, but also for her arrogance. Generally, there were two types of crazy people. One was those who pretended and the second who really had the strength and could abuse people every minute!

He knew that Ye Yunxi must be the latter.

“Come on, Sky Society welcomes you!”

Ming Siye smiled and stretched out his hand to invite her, very sincerely, the girls around her screamed.

Junyao had several club, and every year the admission clubs would posture to attract new students to join the clubs.

But such an awesome big club like Sky Society never actively recruited people, only others frantically submitted them their resumes to squeeze in!

Now, Sky, one of Junyao’s three major clubs, had taken the initiative to invite Ye Yunxi?

And the person who threw the olive branch was still the president of Sky Society, the school grass Ming Siye himself!

Many people looked at Ye Yunxi with envy, and even many people were secretly jealous.

That’s the Sky society, not to mention how powerful this club was, even if it was for Ming Siye alone, they would immediately agree!

Join the club!

Join the club strongly!

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