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Opposite Qiao Xi, Yu Xiuran glanced at Jing Yan indifferently, clenched his fists secretly, and said, “Qiao Xi, when are you going to go home?”

Qiao Xi was startled.

Jing Yan put away his smile and swept his eyes towards him lightly.

Yu Xiuran’s friend coughed lightly and reminded, “It’s not that Qiao Xi can just go home if he wants to…”

Jing Yan’s eyes darkened upon hearing this.

These two people know Qiao Xi’s situation, he was afraid they were not ordinary birds.

When Lin Chu and Ji Yang heard this, they were concerned about Qiao Xi’s mood.

Most people in the class didn’t take Qiao Xi seriously, only those who were close to Qiao Xi could realize that Qiao Xi’s origins were somewhat mysterious. They understood that Qiao Xi may have his own difficulties, and it was inconvenient for him to tell them some things, so sometimes they could only worry about him, but Yu Xiuran and his friends seem to have an intersection with Qiao Xi’s family, and they seemed very concerned about Qiao Xi’s situation.

Hearing this, they thought to themselves, could it be that Qiao Xi was kicked out by his family?

Qiao Xi took a sip of water from the water glass, paused, and said, “I don’t plan to go back for the time being.”

The answer was simple and indifferent.

But at the same time, it was crisp and clear.

It was not like the answer that Qiao Xi from the past would have given.

He had really changed.

Yu Xiuran’s friend was a little emotional.

And Yu Xiuran just stared at Qiao Xi.

Jing Yan stretched out his hand to straighten the hair around Qiao Xi’s ear, Qiao Xi’s attention was immediately drawn away, and he bent his lips towards him.

Jing Yan also smiled at him, then glanced at Yu Xiuran.

Yu Xiuran’s gaze also turned to him.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang quickly settled down: “Let’s see what to eat, I haven’t ordered food after sitting down for a long time!”

“That’s right, look at the menu!”

Chris and Jing Yi came quickly and were very happy.

When the two of them rushed in, Lin Chu and Ji Yang saw a little leopard and a little black wolf, and they were completely taken aback.

“Qiao Xi, you really are, tsk tsk!” Ji Yang gave Qiao Xi a thumbs up, and then Qiao Xi smiled and waved to Chris and Jing Yi, “Come on, sit with us!”

Jing Yan also waved his hand indifferently and said: “Past.”

Chris shouted: “You are joking, you and Qiao Xi are just sitting on one side, you are too greedy! I want to sit next to Qiao Xi too!”

In this regard, Qiao Xi also did not agree with it, but he had an empty seat beside him.

As a result, the little leopard and the little black wolf fled to the other side of Qiao Xi, and they leaned in front of Qiao Xi, looking innocently into the collar of Qiao Xi’s coat.

Qiao Xi was taken aback, but fortunately Jing Yan rushed over and protected Qiao Xi, baring his teeth: “Go away, hand over the clothes!”

Qiao Xi blushed and said shamefully, “I want to change my clothes!”

“Let us take a look! Just one look!” Chris said coquettishly.

“Take a look, take a look!” Jing Yi’s tail flicked happily.

“No!!” Qiao Xi shrank into Jing Yan’s arms.

This hooligan game was unsuccessful in the end, Jing Yan put his arms around Qiao Xi with one hand, reached out with the other and grabbed his brother, pulling the small burden off his brother’s back.

Qiao Xi grabbed the clothes and hurried to the toilet.

“Ah, I didn’t see it!” Chris and Jing Yi burst into tears!

Jing Yan brushed off his hair and sneered: “Ha!”

This farce made Lin Chu and Ji Yang almost die of joy. They greeted the two little animals with cheerful dispositions, and the four of them started chatting very quickly.

“Qiao Xi has really… changed a lot.” He had also made a lot of friends.

Hearing his friend’s murmuring, Yu Xiuran fell silent.

His friend said to him in a complicated mood: “Don’t think about it, you still can’t accept Qiao Xi’s animal shape? Your family can’t accept it either.”

If they could accept it, the two of them would not have become like this today. It was related, wasn’t it?

Yu Xiuran still didn’t speak.

After a while, Jing Yan answered the phone, got up and went to a quiet corner to answer, then Yu Xiuran also got up and left.

Qiao Xi put on the clean and neat men’s clothing, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He struggled for a while, stuffed the sailor suit into the trash can, and walked out of the toilet holding Jing Yan’s windbreaker jacket.

Seeing the man leaning against the wall, he was stunned.

Yu Xiuran was very good-looking, so he was also the school grass at his previous school.

No one knew that he was a nobleman from the bird clan, and even among the younger generation of noblemen, he was the leader.

This man stood very tall, so when he bent down and talked to Qiao Xi, Qiao Xi was very surprised.

He never thought that this person would treat him differently.    

It was a pity that Qiao Xi didn’t understand Yu Xiuran’s intentions as it was like a flash in the pan.    

Lin Chu and Ji Yang could feel that the atmosphere between them was very strange, and they were worried that they would not get along well, so they paid special attention to this aspect, but he didn’t actually hate Yu Xiuran, he just didn’t understand him.    

He didn’t understand that when Yu Xiuran was so good to him at the beginning, why did he become suddenly indifferent, and he didn’t understand what Yu Xiuran was thinking now.    

He looked at the man suspiciously, and the other person stood up straight, looked at him and said, “You really don’t plan to go back to the Bird Clan?”    

Qiao Xi shook his head and said, “You know the situation in my family.”    

Yu Xiuran was silent. Then after a while, he said, “If you go back, I can ask my grandfather to talk to the bird king.”    

Qiao Xi was a little surprised, and then laughed.    

That old grandfather…

Every time he saw him, he either frowned or treated him like nothing, he didn’t think that old grandfather would say something to his father in order to protect him.    

What’s more, if he really wanted to help him, he didn’t have to wait until this time, right?    

Qiao Xi had indeed needed help countless times, but now he no longer needed it.    

He shook his head again, thought for a while, and said, “Yu Xiuran, although I can transform into a human form, my animal form cannot be changed.”

Yu Xiuran’s face slightly condensed.

After thinking about it, he felt that Yu Xiuran’s sudden change of attitude was because he saw his human form and felt that he had become “normal”?

Qiao Xi said gently: “You can’t accept my animal shape, right?”

He used to be nice to him, probably because in terms of personality, he thought they could be friends.

But in the end, he turned around and left because he cared about his appearance, right?

Not only caring about his appearance but maybe he thought that being with him, he was destined to be pointed at. For Yu Xiuran, who was at the center of the aristocracy, there would be even more strange eyes.

In fact, Qiao Xi could understand, but there was still disappointment.

But for him, that was all in the past. He didn’t care anymore.

Yu Xiuran pursed his lips and said, “…As long as you can stabilize your transformation, you can always keep your human shape.”

Qiao Xi said, “But my animal shape can’t be changed.”

“As long as you can keep your human shape forever, many problems can be solved.” Yu Xiuran said solemnly.

“Yu Xiuran,” Qiao Xi said, looking directly into the man’s eyes, “I don’t hate my animal shape, and I don’t want to exclude any aspect of myself. Although I want to make friends and I try not to add any more trouble to my friends, but I won’t give up a part of myself for others.”

“You—” Yu Xiuran said with some anger, “You clearly know how much criticism your animal shape will attract!”

“I’m not afraid of those criticisms, I’m used to it,” Qiao Xi frowned, “You are the one who cares about and fears those criticisms, then you can just stay away from me, why would you ask me to make this change for you?”

He was currently beside him. All his friends must interact with him under the condition of accepting all his appearances.

It was true that they should not receive the strange gaze brought by Qiao Xi’s animal shape, so if Qiao Xi could transform steadily, in fact, he would stand with them more in human form outside – this was also Qiao Xi’s yearning for human form. The reason was that in many occasions, it was indeed more “convenient” to be in human shape.

But his animal form couldn’t be changed, and it was impossible for him to maintain his human form all the time, completely abandoning his animal form, so those who were friends with him should at least not hate the other side of him.

They should be accepting of all of him, and he would be considerate of them, this would allow them to get along in a more harmonious and happier way, so that the friendship could last.

And Yu Xiuran obviously couldn’t become such a friend with him.

Yu Xiuran still wanted to speak when a lazy voice came from behind them.

“What are you doing here?”

Qiao Xi saw the person coming, and immediately walked over and said, “Jing Yan!”

Jing Yan dragged the person to his side, gave Yu Xiuran a warning look, and said, “The food is on the way. The one who got up from the dining table didn’t go to the toilet, what kind of meeting is being held here.”

He answered the phone and came back, and the man had disappeared, so he thought that he must have been waiting for him to leave.

There were guards in the restaurant, Jing Yan was not worried about what this guy would do to Qiao Xi, but thinking of the atmosphere between the two, he was afraid that Qiao Xi would be bullied, so he immediately looked for them, and it turned out—

What were those words he accidentally heard?

He pulled Qiao Xi and turned around.

“Qiao Xi!” Yu Xiuran also stepped forward to hold Qiao Xi.

But at this moment, Qiao Xi noticed something strange.

He groaned, staggered a step, and almost fell.

Jing Yan quickly supported him: “Qiao Xi!”

Qiao Xi was about to change back into his beast shape!

The change was still very fast, Qiao Xi’s body shrank down and was covered by the clothes, Jing Yan quickly took the clothes off, and a little chicken appeared from below!

Yu Xiuran frowned when he saw the chicken and took a step back.

Qiao Xi turned to look at him.

This gaze made Yu Xiuran stagnate.

The next second, the little chicken was picked up by Jing Yan and held in his arms.

Jing Yan picked up the clothes that fell on the ground by the way, and muttered: “It’s still good, it saves a lot of trouble.”

Qiao Xi didn’t understand what Jing Yan said, and only echoed: “I think so too!”

Although the human shape was good, but it took too long to wear clothes today!

Yu Xiuran opened his mouth but said nothing.

Jing Yan glanced at him coldly, and without saying a word, turned around and left with Qiao Xi.

After walking out a few steps, and distancing himself from the person behind him who he didn’t know was following them or not, Jing Yan asked dissatisfiedly, “What is your relationship with that person?”

Qiao Xi confessed: “He is a nobleman from the bird clan, I had a relationship with him before.”

He briefly explained the matter, and Jing Yan sneered.

Heh, who still didn’t understand? It was because they saw that their Qiao Xiaoxi was cute and couldn’t help but be attracted, but they felt that the appearance of the little chicken was not in line with their aesthetics, and couldn’t bear the gossip and strange eyes, so they automatically chose to give up Qiao Xi.

Now that they had given up, what were they doing now?

Anyway, in his eyes, whether it was Chicken Qiao or Beauty Qiao, they were all perfect!

The changes of Yu Xiuran were also ironic to Qiao Xi, and he said depressedly: “So when you said that I was cute in animal shape, I didn’t believe it, because there are really not many people who can accept my animal shape, in fact, I have always been moved that Ji Yang and Lin Chu can withstand the gazes of others and make friends with me.”

Later, he met Yan He. The appearance of these three people was really a lucky thing for Qiao Xi in the past.

“That’s because your bird family’s aesthetics are too rigid and boring, right?” Jing Yan complained unceremoniously, “How can the bird family’s stereotyped flamingo beast shape be as cute as you are now! If you leave the bird family, maybe you will be very popular!”

“That’s not true,” Qiao Xi said with a smile, “I used to have other orc royal families as guests, and when they saw me, they didn’t like it very much…”

“They are all blind, right? ?!” Jing Yan did not dare to believe.

When he and Qiao Xi first met, although he regarded Qiao Xi as a real chicken, he really thought Qiao Xi was cute!

He looked cute just standing there dumbfounded!

Jing Yan firmly believed that this kind of cuteness came from Qiao Xi’s soul, which was why he could be so cute and so perfect!

Qiao Xi blushed when he was praised.

He raised his head and looked at Jing Yan with bright eyes.

In fact, he was not greedy, and he did not need many people to like him.

It was enough for a few people to treat him sincerely, and he would also take this kind of sincerity seriously.

T/N: This part was really emotional and told so much about self-love…. And QX does love himself while still being pragmatic and JY as usual is just a sweetie pie, however people like YX who are fixated on appearances shouldn’t really talk about feelings and ask for things as if they are owed something….Such people make me sick….

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