PPM Ch. 103

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Mo Nianchen saw Tan Qing standing beside Li Shengxia…

Li Shengxia followed Mo Nianchen’s eyes and found that he was looking at Tan Qing, and suddenly felt a little bad.

Mo Nianchen’s smile was cold, his pupils stared at her tightly, and said, “What you were talking about was to accompany other men to my birthday party?”

What? The protagonist of today’s birthday party was Mo Nianchen?

Today was November 13th?

Li Shengxia remembered that Mo Nianchen’s birthday was exactly the opposite of her own. She was born on May 31 and he was born on November 13, as if the two of them were destined to always walk in two completely different directions. In any case, it was difficult to coincide…

So, the reason why today’s banquet had been continuously postponed was because Mo Nianchen had been waiting for her to come?

Li Shengxia was both surprised and embarrassed. Now, in this situation, anyone could imagine things, not to mention Mo Nianchen…

She quickly explained, “I didn’t know you were holding a birthday party here, I originally wanted to accompany my friend to this event. After the banquet, I would have rushed to you as soon as possible, but the banquet has been delayed, so…”

Mo Nianchen’s expression became more and more ugly.

Li Shengxia also felt that her explanation was superfluous. Because it was so pale and unbearable.

He would definitely feel that in her heart, he was very unimportant!

But she knew that he was waiting for her to come to the banquet tonight, so after the delay, her mood became very complicated.

Mo Nianchen pulled her away from Tan Qing, and took a step to stand in front of Li Shengxia, looking at Tan Qing coldly.

The atmosphere of the venue suddenly became very special…

Tan Qing said, “My father has a close relationship with your father, so he told me to come to this dinner, this is what he asked me to pass on to you. “

Mo Nianchen didn’t even look at it, he just shoved the things to the bodyguard next to him, then he hugged Li Shengxia and said to Tan Qing, “Since you are here to attend my birthday party, then the good show has just begun. You don’t have to rush out of the arena for now.”

Tan Qing had seen Mo Nianchen and Li Shengxia quarrelling, so naturally, he wasn’t too surprised that there was a special relationship between them.

“It’s hard to be kind,” Tan Qing said.

Mo Nianchen took Li Shengxia to the center of the hall, and everyone in the venue focused on the two of them.

Mo Nianchen suddenly stopped, turned around, put one hand on Li Shengxia’s shoulder and put one arm around her waist.

This belated opening dance… was successfully completed under everyone’s attention.

Tan Qing thought that Li Shengxia had refused to dance with him, but was able to dance with Mo Nianchen so naturally, and a wry smile of unknown meaning appeared on the corner of his lips.

Li Shengxia was very close to Mo Nianchen, and she could deeply feel that Mo Nianchen was holding back his anger. The reason why he danced this dance with her was probably because he wanted to declare his ownership.

However, it seemed that others just regarded her as his dance partner…

After all, Mo Nianchen always brought different women to various banquets in the past.

“Look, the prince dances so well. He’s so handsome…”

“The prince has another female partner. When will it be my turn?”

“I heard that this female partner was with the great designer Tan till now.”

“What’s so special about this woman?”

“Ah, I remembered, do you think this woman is inexplicably similar to the previous female companions of the Crown Prince.”

“Really, yes! Does the prince like this kind of face? If I get a similar one, maybe I can get the prince’s favour…”

Li Shengxia could occasionally hear the voices of the women around them talking, and gradually, her face gradually became less and less good-looking.

Mo Nianchen had brought many women to various banquets before, but she was only one of them.

She really thought too much!

She heard that Mo Nianchen gave an order that everyone present was not allowed to bring cameras. That was to say, what happened at the banquet today would be kept secret from the media.

No one would investigate who she was, and no one would care who she was. Today’s protagonist was just him, Mo Nianchen.

She felt a little fortunate, but also a little embarrassed…

Even though she was standing by his side, no one would put the two of them together.

Was it because they never seemed to match?

At this moment, Mo Nianchen’s icy Satan-like voice came into her ears: “Li Shengxia, you are really kind. I waited for you for so long, but you ended up coming with other men.”

After spinning her, he pulled her into his arms.

“He’s just a friend of mine, don’t think too much, I didn’t even touch his finger. You saw it yourself.”

“Oh, so I’m making trouble out of nowhere?” His eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Whether you believe it or not, he’s really just my friend.”

The two of them clenched their fingers and raised them above their heads, as she spun, spun, and spun under his arm…

The beautiful dance made the audience applaud.

His voice still came into her ears clearly: “If my friends were all women, what will you think?”

Li Shengxia replied, “A friend is a friend, not a relationship, so why do you have to separate men and women?”

The atmosphere instantly became very weird!

With the perfect ending of an opening dance… And at the moment when the last note fell, Mo Nianchen took Li Shengxia away from the venue…

He stopped in the open-air courtyard, where the promenade was clinging to the beautiful high-flying flowers, which seemed to be able to block the noise of the rest of the world. He pressed her onto the pillar of the courtyard promenade, with one of his hand imprisoning her on the pillar behind her, and the other hooking her jaw, leaving her nowhere to escape.

“I heard that all women have no resistance to this action, is it the same for you too?”

His voice was a little cold, and she felt a little flustered.

“Mo Nianchen, didn’t we say we should not quarrel?”

“Quarrel? No, I don’t want to quarrel with you here.”

“Then let me go.” Li Shengxia breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s fine if you don’t get angry.”

“Li Shengxia, do you think I’m stupid? Which man won’t get angry when he sees his woman getting entangled with other men?”

“But didn’t you say no to quarrelling?”

“What I want to do is not to quarrel, but to let you know who is your man!”

“Mo Nianchen…” Li Shengxia’s body trembled.

One of his hands had slipped under her dress.

Her skin was very delicate and fair, and because the skirt was stained with wine stain just now after being transformed by her, it had become very short…

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