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Mo Nianchen called Li Shengxia, “There are only ten minutes left, where are you?”

Li Shengxia received a call from Mo Nianchen, and she couldn’t help but feel nervous, so she said apologetically, “I’m sorry Mo Nianchen, I was leaving but something delayed me, I might not be able to make it within ten minutes.”

“You dare to let me down?” Mo Nianchen’s voice suddenly became cold.

Li Shengxia bit her lip and added: “Give me another half an hour.”

Mo Nianchen seemed to think of something, and his tone softened a little: “Don’t bring me gifts, I have already prepared things for you.”

“What??” Li Shengxia was puzzled.

Also, what gift? Why bring a gift?

The male voice on the other side of the phone was silent for a while, and then said coldly, “…the last half an hour, I can only wait for you until 8:50.”

“Okay!” Li Shengxia promised Mo Nianchen.

Mo Nianchen had hung up the phone.

She looked at the phone that was hung up, and then said sincerely to Tan Qing: “Although I’m sorry, but I really have something important to do, no matter whether the banquet can start before 8:50 or not, I may have to go first.”

“Yeah.” Tan Qing was not an unreasonable person, so he readily agreed.

It could be seen that delaying for half an hour had already made her very embarrassed…

Tan Qing had some doubts in his heart.

Don’t know what’s going on with this banquet today? Actually delaying the opening for so long…

On the other side, Mo Nianchen who hung up the phone was very upset.

She really didn’t remember that today was his birthday?

Originally, he thought she was preparing a gift for him, so she wouldn’t let him pick her up, but now it didn’t seem to be the case?

What was she so busy with?

Forget it, he had already told himself that he had to consider the issue from her standpoint no matter what, maybe she really had something to do.

Although he was a little unhappy about being put out by her.

However, he was still looking forward to tonight.

Time passed by minute by minute…

The night was getting deeper and deeper.

Mo Nianchen just waited patiently. He never thought that one day, he would actually feel that waiting was such a sweet thing…

Because the person he was waiting for was someone who had always gotten what he wanted, so he felt that everything had become sweet.

He thought of this, and there was a slight smile on the corner of his lips. It seemed that such sweetness was difficult to hide, and he did not intend to hide it.

After that, he called Ouyang again, “Continue to postpone the banquet, I will be there before nine o’clock.”

“Again?” Ouyang on the phone felt that Mo Nianchen was just playing with him.

But Mo Nianchen hung up the phone before he could protest.

He didn’t need to be so wilful!

Imperial Hotel.

Ouyang reluctantly looked at the screen of his phone and waited again, hoping it was just a prank, but soon, he came back to his senses.

Presumably Mo Nianchen really won’t show up until nine o’clock…

There were some things, even if he bit the bullet, he had to do it, such as this one…

So, the sorry announcement of the delayed banquet sounded again in the hall…

Delay again?

Li Shengxia was speechless.

Why was it so coincidental? She just told Mo Nianchen to wait for her for another half an hour, but this inexplicable banquet was actually delayed again ‘wilfully’!

If she dared to let him down again, her end would surely be miserable! Moreover, she would also feel very sorry. After all, she actually wanted to go to Mo Nianchen’s side…

Although she was sorry to Tan Qing, she really couldn’t accept another delay.

So she said to Tan Qing seriously: “Sorry, Tan Qing, it’s already this point, I really have to go. Next time I will definitely invite you to dinner!”

Tan Qing also felt very embarrassed, today’s banquet was so weird, with the constant delays. It seemed that today’s plan had been in vain.

“I understand. It’s been a long time for you. I can take you where you want to go.” Tan Qing replied in a gentlemanly manner.

“No need, you haven’t met the person you want to meet yet. Why don’t I go ahead myself.” Li Shengxia refused with a smile.

Tan Qing said: “At least let me take you outside for a taxi, anyway, I’m afraid the banquet will not start for a while.”

Li Shengxia couldn’t refuse anymore, so she nodded and agreed: “Okay. I’ll trouble you then.”

A VIP box at the Imperial Hotel.

Ouyang paced back and forth in the room, what time was it, the banquet hadn’t started yet. Mo Nianchen was self-willed. After all, everyone who came today was a celebrity. It was not good to delay for too long.

He thought about it and decided to go out to help Mo Nianchen deal with it first.

As soon as Ouyang walked into the hall, he found that many people were paying attention to the same direction, not knowing what they were talking about. He followed the eyes of the crowd unconsciously…

He couldn’t help being stunned…

Why was Li Shengxia behind the crowd?

No wonder so many people looked at her, she was wearing the latest work of Master Eocy, but the hem of this work was actually cut off.

As expected of Li Shengxia, only she could do this kind of thing.

Then again, she was already there, what about A Chen? Why hadn’t anyone seen him yet.

Thinking of this, Ouyang quickly called Mo Nianchen and asked, “A Chen, where are you now?”

“Waiting for someone.”

“Li Shengxia?”


“But, I saw her just now. She is already here.” Ouyang said.

Mo Nianchen’s voice couldn’t help but rise up: “What? She’s already there?”

Ouyang’s lips curled up, and he continued: “Well, it’s also very special!”

“Okay, I see, I’ll immediately come.” Mo Nianchen immediately hung up the phone and turned on the engine.

He turned his face and glanced at the rear seat. On the seat was a gift he had picked for Li Shengxia to give to the old man.

He hoped that she could make a good impression on Grandpa tonight.

He came back to his senses, stared ahead, and couldn’t help thinking:

Why did she arrive at the scene first?

Did she remember his birthday? What surprises had she prepared for him?

He was still a little depressed just now, but now he was suddenly enlightened, and the luxury car was flying all the way.

He just hoped to get back to the scene soon…

On the other side, Li Shengxia and Tan Qing walked out of the hall.

At this moment, Mo Nianchen’s car had already arrived at the parking lot of the Imperial Hotel. He parked the car and walked towards the lobby of the Imperial Hotel. Then he quickly took the elevator to the top floor…

He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t wait to see her…

But just as he pushed open the hall door, Li Shengxia and Tan Qing were about to leave.

The two of them bumped into Mo Nianchen.

The gift bag in Mo Nianchen’s hand almost fell to the ground. He looked at the person who bumped into him with some displeasure. At the same time…

Li Shengxia’s voice came into his ears: “Mo Nianchen? How could you be here?”

She was surprised to find that the person she bumped into was Mo Nianchen…

At this moment, the smile on Mo Nianchen’s face disappeared…

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