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Huo Yunshen looked cold and hard on the outside, but his lips were soft. Today, he had a faint smell of alcohol around him, which was very intoxicating.

Yan Qing kissed him for a moment, and felt a little drunk, so she couldn’t help but back away to observe his reaction.

Huo Yunshen’s sharp edges and corners seemed to have been smoothed out by her comfort and she had become very good.

He blinked honestly, the haze in his pupils dissipated, and was replaced by a clear and gentle look, with a touch of red, a look different from drunkenness, was added to his face, which was too cute.

Yan Qing’s heart was astringent and sweet, the cognition of “this man was hers from beginning to end” became more and more established, she couldn’t help but feel her heart throbbing, so she cupped his cheeks and kneaded.

Huo Yunshen frowned deeply, pointed to his lips in dissatisfaction, and asked for a kiss.

Just kissing for a little while was not enough for him.

Yan Qing laughed, looking at his haggard appearance being tortured by panic and alcohol, she was also very sad, she hugged him seriously and kissed him again.

She coaxed softly: “Shenshen, you are drunk and you are not feeling well, so you can’t sit on the floor all the time. Let’s go upstairs and sleep, okay?”

Huo Yunshen said slowly, “Sleep…what?”

Yan Qing repeated patiently “Sleep.”

He shook his head resolutely, raised his hand to clasp her chin, and said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t sleep, I want to sleep with you.”

Yan Qing choked on her words and shook him with red ears: “Don’t make trouble, you have to rest.”

Mr. Huo was extremely stubborn, and with a sense of oppression in his eyebrows, he approached her aggressively, but his tone was soft, as he begged: “Wife, I won’t rest, I want to sleep with you.”

Yan Qing was seriously endeared by him, not to mention his hot breath, which was extraordinarily sultry.

She gave up, thinking that he was not awake anyway, it should just be talk, so she indulged him: “I will sleep with you, okay?”

Huo Yunshen raised the corners of his lips contentedly. He was full of energy. He directly pushed the person down on the sofa, leaned over and leaned against her ear and promised, “Okay, I’ll sleep with you a few times tonight.”

When he got upstairs, he couldn’t stand straight, but he still wouldn’t let her go and had to hold her.

Yan Qing was worried, but his arms were extremely strong, even if he stumbled, he was carefully protecting her, crashing all the way into the bedroom and falling onto the big soft bed.

She didn’t fall asleep until the early morning. In her dream, the figure who had appeared through the curtain and called her “Qingqing” was finally clear in front of her eyes.

Huo Yunshen stood behind the curtain in a messy and dejected manner, his eyes full of madness, he rushed up to kiss her fiercely, and she accepted it enthusiastically, but as far as she could see, in the mist behind Huo Yunshen, there was an erratic shadow, tall, thin, gloomy and cold, his eyes twisted, and he stabbed at him resentfully.

Yan Qing suddenly woke up.

She tried her best to recall the person’s specific appearance, but to no avail when she thought of it, she started getting a headache, and even the outline was like a reflection in the water, and it dissipated as soon as she touched it.

Then she searched her memory but couldn’t find anyone who gave her a similar feeling.

Yan Qing turned her head and looked beside her.

Huo Yunshen took advantage of her indulgence for a long time, and it was rare for her to fall asleep. She couldn’t bear to quarrel with him, so she stood up and rubbed his face affectionately, quietly got out of bed, and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

When Yan Qing went downstairs, her legs were still soft and she wanted to complain deeply, but she was reluctant, so she simply educated herself.

What about you, it’s not the past, you are in a happy marriage now, your husband is awesome, and you still have so much demand. After three years of separation, how much sweetness filled the gap for him, so don’t shout that you can’t stand it, but instead you urgently need to increase your physical strength and treat him well.

Yan Qing clarified her future goals, raised her knife and cut a pumpkin on the chopping board, intending to cook porridge, but accidentally pierced a small hole on her fingertips.

She watched the blood gushing from that spot, the vein in her temple jumping without warning.

It seemed that in the past… She also had a lot of blood on her hands, as she held such a knife against her cheek, and scolded someone coldly: “Don’t say you like me, all you like is this face, if I scratch it, you won’t even dare to have a glance at it! But Yunshen, he will treat me as always, and you will never be equal to him!”

It was… who.

Yan Qing pressed her forehead, and the blocked memory revealed a little clue, but it disappeared immediately.

The words she remembered became vague when she opened and closed her eyes.

Yan Qing leaned on the cooking table and wanted to wait for the uncomfortable feeling to pass. Suddenly, footsteps sounded behind her. He strode over and hugged her, pushed her to the sink, and rinsed the wound with warm water.

“You’re awake,” she waved away the discomfort, raised her face and said with a smile, “I’m fine, just a little bit dizzy.”

Huo Yunshen’s face was very heavy, he picked her up and sat down at the dining table, took the medicine box and handled it carefully, without saying a word.

Yan Qing touched his leg lightly with the tip of her toe: “Shenshen are you unhappy?”

“Well,” he whispered, “You don’t need to cook, you’ll get hurt when you do it, and you shouldn’t take it seriously.”

She was like his treasure, but she was bleeding in the kitchen early in the morning while being in a daze.

Yan Qing lengthened her voice: “How long will Shenshen be unhappy?”

Huo Yunshen endured it deeply and replied, “…Five minutes.”

“So short?!” Yan Qing was surprised.

He glanced at her, lowered his head again, his lips tensed: “Five minutes at most, I’m afraid that after a long time, you will ignore me again.”

Hey, still holding grudges.

Yan Qing hurriedly explained to him the reason why he disappeared for two days. Seeing that his expression had improved, she said impulsively, “Otherwise, you can put a locator on me, so that you don’t always feel insecure, and I still feel bad.”

She in fact told a half-truth, this half-truth was more of a joke.

As a result, Huo Yunshen raised his head deeply, with excitement in his eyes, and asked, “Is it alright?”

Yan Qing was startled, but after a long time she really thought about it.

Before she could speak, Huo Yunshen lowered his eyelashes again and shook his head actively: “No, if I tied you like this, you will want to escape, and when that day comes, I will be even more aggressive. I would rather wait, no matter where you go, I will always wait for you to come back.”

From the day he fell in love with her, he wanted to tie her wings and keep her in his cage.

But she knew him so well and still landed voluntarily, not thinking that he was dirty and perched softly beside him.

After she was lost and found, she opened her wings that had been folded, and was surrounded by countless people, and his desire to lock her up kept skyrocketing.

But on the stage, in the crowd, his Qingqing was so beautiful.

He was willing to suppress his urges, but he couldn’t bear to hurt any of her feathers.

As long as Qingqing was happy, loved him, and didn’t leave him, he could bear anything.

Yan Qing leaned gently on his shoulder: “I understand, you don’t want to control me, you just don’t feel safe, I’ve left you alone for too long.”

She put Huo Yunshen’s hand up and wrapped it softly: “Mr. Huo, although I don’t remember the past, I will treat you well in the future—”

Huo Yunshen laughed silently.

Yan Qing tilted her head to look at him, her brows full of sweetness: “Are you ready?”

Huo Yunshen lifted her up on his lap, pinched her face and said, “It depends on how you treat me well.”

“Grab every clue and try to find my memory as soon as possible.”


“Meaning,” She blinked and the topic turned sharply, “I want to meet He Xiangjin.”

Huo Yunshen laughed angrily this time.

The best way for his wife to treat him well was to ask to meet a man who had ulterior motives, drugged her, pursued her, hugged her, and had been close to her many times in the most heart-wrenching three years of his life.


Yan Qing really wanted to see He Xiangjin.

She knew that there was definitely a deeper grievance behind the tampering of her memory, and she was always worried that there would be hidden dangers in her body, causing Huo Yunshen to be hurt again.

Even if the memory was not so easy to retrieve, she hoped to get more clues about the accident three years ago and protect him as much as possible.

Her parents in Canada were fake, but they were already dead and she couldn’t ask them.

Her parents restricted her from making friends and going out because of her poor health. She had very few friends, and the only one who she could hold accountable was He Xiangjin.

Huo Yunshen still arranged to meet them in the end.

“Rise It! Girl” was coming come to an end. Yan Qing would return to the program team at noon to prepare for the final debut match. The final 9 would officially form a group.

Because of her tight schedule, Huo Yunshen thoughtfully put the location in the program group, and found an empty room in the small building where the props were stored. In addition to safety, the most important thing was that there was a hidden small suite.

“Shenshen, are you really willing to let me see him alone?” Yan Qing asked on the phone, “You won’t come over and stare?”

Huo Yunshen was very calm: “No, I have to give my wife appropriate freedom.”

Yan Qing confirmed: “Don’t you mind? Don’t be jealous? Then can I go?”

Huo Yunshen was sitting in the secluded small suite at the meeting place at the moment, calmly: “Go.”

Come on.

Husband is here.

It’s just because he just said that he couldn’t tie her to death and that he needed to give space.

See him alone?

How was this possible.

Yan Qing asked for leave during the recording interval. Everyone else was busy. She was able to avoid being discovered, so she was not too nervous. She put on a long coat to cover her body and ran out.

She didn’t notice that Su Li’s gaze was aimed at her, and when he saw her leaving the team, he followed her quietly.

When Yan Qing saw He Xiangjin again, she was surprised by his decadence.

The traffic star sought after by so many girlfriend fans seemed to be in a sluggish state and had lost his original style.

In the empty room, there was only one set of sofas placed opposite each other. He Xiangjin looked at Yan Qing sitting opposite him, with a moved expression: “I thought he wouldn’t let me see you.”

Yan Qing said the truth: “I asked him, because I want to know if there is anything you haven’t told him about the past three years.”

The light in He Xiangjin’s eyes dimmed, as he looked at her with nostalgia, unable to overcome the guilt in his heart, he answered nonchalantly: “Yanyan, do you believe that I didn’t mean to do it? I didn’t mean to harm you, I thought the medicine I gave was for your good, and I really like you.”

“But is your liking enough to make you face your heart?” Yan Qing smiled beautifully, “It was an anonymous medicine, the other party threatened you with your weakness and you gave it to me every year. If was good, why would there be so much trouble? You actually always knew in your heart that it was more likely to hurt me, but you didn’t want to admit it. You thought if you knew nothing, I would even think you are a victim, right?”

He Xiangjin’s face changed dramatically.

Huo Yunshen stood quietly behind a small door in the room that was covered by a screen.

His Qingqing was the most transparent and understood everything, which was really reassuring.

But he was still displeased when she faced other people’s “like” like this.

After a while, He Xiangjin slumped his shoulders in defeat, and turned to ask: “Yanyan, he said you are his wife, is that true?”

Yan Qing nodded frankly: “Really?”

Outside the corridor, just after arriving at the door, Su Li, who was frowning and looking in through the crack of the door, suddenly heard this conversation, and his pupils shrank in shock.

Su Li originally thought that she was going to meet Huo Yunshen, so he followed her. No matter what she said, he still refused to believe that the little fairy he had admired for many years would voluntarily love Huo Yunshen, a well-known lunatic.

He wanted to save her.

But he saw and heard something shocking.

Not only was she ambiguous with He Xiangjin, but she was actually married!

Su Li gritted his teeth and completely subverted his heart. He subconsciously raised his mobile phone and pointed the camera at the crack of the door.

He Xiangjin asked bitterly, “Did you marry him voluntarily?”

Yan Qing was helpless: “Of course, it’s too late for me to be happy to marry him.”

She glanced over to the crack of the door inadvertently, so Su Li outside was startled, and for fear of being caught, hurriedly saved the video, put away his phone, and left with a sullen face.

Yan Qing lost her patience and said to He Xiangjin, “I didn’t come to talk to you about this. If you don’t have anything to hide, or you don’t want to tell me, then forget it.”

She stood up.

He Xiangjin eagerly wanted to pull at her, but she avoided her.

With a sigh, he said sorry and handed her a folded piece of paper with a fake gesture.

He always carried some important information and didn’t disclose it to Huo Yunshen’s people at all, but Yan Qing asked in person, so he had to tell her, and he was worried that there were surveillance monitors arranged by Huo Yunshen in this room, so he used this method.

Yan Qing took it strangely, but did not look at it immediately, she just decided to go home with Shenshen.

This was in case there was any poison powder in it, she had suffered enough to stop being stupid.

The whole world was dangerous, only her husband was reliable.

He Xiangjin knew that it was time to leave, so he finally asked, “Huo Yunshen’s rumours… are very complicated, he has too many negative things, and has a terrible temper. Is he really good to you?”

Huo Yunshen was still standing behind the suite door, his eyebrows covered with haze.

Yan Qing brushed her long hair, cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and answered his question with words that no one was willing to believe.

“Please listen carefully–“

“Huo Yunshen is unique in heaven and earth, with good looks, good stature, gentle personality, loves me, is able to make money, and even gives me flowers, such an immortal, willing to descend to my side, that is the fate that I have worked hard to cultivate for several lifetimes.”

The room was quiet.

He Xiangjin was stunned.

Yan Qing was very proud of her very realistic rainbow fart.

Across the door, Huo Yunshen was stunned for a while, the corners of his tight mouth did not hold up, then he slowly raised his head and smiled sweetly.

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